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Barret, Cassandra R. North Carolina: Warren Wilson College. Bennett, Andy; Peterson, Richard orgs.

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Hispania. Volume 74, Number 3, September 1991

An account of the negotiation of the debt crisis. Brazil presented a proposal of debt securitization which represented a turning point in the debt crisis, and was the Brady Plan 18 months later. Non revised version available in French. The Collor administration is approaching the debt crisis in a correct way under the direction of Zelia Cardoso and the ambassador Jorio Dauster.

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The solution requires a reduction of the debt. Testimony to the Commission of Finance of the Brazilian Senate. Collection of articles analysing the rights and wrongs that characterized the first two extraordinary years of the Collor administration. After that, a change of ministry inaugurated the rendition of Brazil to the Washington consensus. Editora Nobel. The debt crisis is without solution, and may require unilateral measures on the part of Latin American countries.

The idea of free trading area in the Americas is welcomed. Brazil is since in the situation of default. Note: Folha de S. The hesitating motivation to solve the debt crisis There is a consensus that it is necessary to offer a solution to the debt crisis but not the necessary determination to do something.

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Paper presented to the Peace and Development Foundation. I receive the finance ministry when the Great Debt Crisis of the s reaches its peak with the failure of the Cruzado Plan. The emergence "Bresser Plan", and the negotiation of the foreign debt. Available in Portuguese , and in an extended version. The third world debt: a dangerous game Third world debt is so high that only its securitization with a discount in the line proposed in by me as finance minister of Brazil will solve the problem.

The discount offered by the Brady Plan to the highly indebted countries is insuficient. Article: Exame. The Brady Plan is a correct but incomplete policy to solve de debt crisis. Edited book on the debt crisis and proposed solutions.

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Book: Editora Brasiliense. A debtor's approach to the debt crisis The Brazilian crisis in the s as a debt and a fiscal crisis. A summary of the negotiations. The solution of the debt crisis requires that creditors accept the seccuritization of the debt with a discount. Portuguese version available. Paper in book edited by Christine Bogdanowicz-Bindert. The perverse macroeconomics of debt, deficit and inflation in Brazil There is a perverse logic in the Brazilian macroeconomic system involving foreign debt, fiscal deficit and inertial inflation.

Paper in book edited by Fukuchi and Kagami. United Nations' proposal is insuficient. Only a general solution for the debt crisis based on the securitization of the debt, as Brazil proposed in , will solve the problem. Article: Jornal do Brasil.

Available in French , and also an extended and revised version.