Guide Exclusive Pumping: A Breastfeeding Mothers Unconventional Approach

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This thing is a milk collecting monster! This hospital grade breast pump has a letdown mode that helps you collect more milk by getting more stimulation. You can use this for pumping both breasts or pumping one breast at a time. It does all this while being extremely quiet and easy to use.

Supplementing a Breastfed Baby

Unlike other Medela pumps, this one is a closed system. It can be multi-user because the actual mechanism is totally separate from the collection kit. The breast pump parts are protected from overflow by a special Medela membrane.

That means that this pump can safely be used by more than one person. How the Symphony pump operates is really cool. It comes with a symphony 2.

That means less work for you each time you plug in to use this because it will remember your maximum comfort vacuum level. Directions and settings are easily identified on the LCD display screen. A big warning: this breast pump is extremely expensive. Even though it costs an arm and a leg, it is one of the most efficient pumps out there.

What to pack in your pumping bag

It just might be the best breast pump for low milk supply. It it also a great breast pump for flat or inverted nipples. Everything from the silicone breast shields to the tilted design helps mom to be more comfortable, which results in better milk production. The breast shields, which come in a larger 25mm size, are more like cushions. The breast pump machine has 3 different settings: low, medium, and high. It also has a stimulation or letdown mode.

Just 5 buttons for turning on and adjusting suction. This lightweight, 2 pound pump features a closed system for more hygienic pumping as well. These bottles make it so easy to go from pump to fridge to baby. You have to hold the bottles, which like to come loose from the shields, in place to keep them from slipping since the suction is so low. But for those who will trade a tiny bit of discomfort for more efficiency, there are better pumps on the market for the same amount of money.

Robyn Anthony (Author of Exclusive Pumping)

Experienced Mommy has done the research for you! Do I have the breast pump for you! The Haaka Manual Breast Pump is so unique and a wonderful solution to simple pumping. When you squeeze the bottle and place the nipple inside the flange, you get natural suction. This can help to gently relieve engorgement or to collect letdown as you pump or feed from the other breast. This inexpensive breast pump is made from all natural and safe materials. This will only work well for a mom who needs to pump small amounts occasionally. Since it only holds 4 ounces more like 3. You can upgrade to a bigger one, but it does cost a bit more.

Another concern is that there is no lid or anything, so you have to be very careful not to spill. So you either have to be on your A game and dump any milk you want to save directly into a milk saver bag or bottle, or you can pay extra for the model with the lid. Other complaints are that this manual breast pump is hard to clean because of the shape, although you can dishwash it or sanitize it in boiling water. I love this option for collecting milk that would normally be wasted. This pump works without you having to operate a frustrating and painful hand pump and instead uses natural suction and gravity to stimulate let down.

Give this unorthodox manual breast pump a try! Most breastfeeding moms know and love the Lansinoh breast milk storage bags. So I was excited to take a look at a Lansinoh pump. The breast pump itself has 2 modes: letdown and expression. There are 8 suction levels. With all those settings, you can customize this to get out as much milk as possible with each pump! This breast pump is a hygienic closed system. There is a diaphragm that helps to keep the milk from flowing back into the motor system.

There are a lot of parts that come with the bottle and pump assembly, but they are easy to clean and put together. The LCD display screen is backlit and shows you the modes, the pumping time, and all other settings. This makes it easy to use at night without being obnoxiously bright. Overall, this is a good and very comfortable breast pump.

And sometimes, you get what you pay for.

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This pump is often times less than reliable. It also features lower suction than some of the other brands, like Medela. The suction works best if you only pump on one breast at a time, which defeats the purpose of buying a double pump! The Lansinoh Signature Pro breast pump can also be pretty noisy, which is embarrassing at work and frustrating during the night.

This is a decent choice if you struggle with pumping soreness. With most traditional breast pumps, you have to hold the pump in place while you are using it. Not so with the Freemie Liberty Breast Pump! No pumping bra required! The hands-free breast pump unit itself if super small and light. It weighs less than a pound and can be clipped to your pants or to your purse. The tubing then goes up into the Freemie cups, which pump out milk while you do what you gotta do.

You can even customize the tubing length for whatever you are doing. It runs on batteries and can also be charged via USB cords. This breast pump is programmable. It has 3 program buttons to save your settings.

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This makes it so nice to have a setting for nighttime, daytime, and even power pumping. It even has a programmable auto-off, so you can set it to turn off after 5 to 40 minutes at your nighttime breast pump. But back to those amazing cups. The Freemie cup is big enough to hold a 25mm or h28mm breast shield. The parts are protected and separate from the acutal breast pump, making it a closed system. But there are some drawbacks. You can wear it under a loose-fitting top, but since the front of the cups are flat, it gives your breasts a weird shape.

This makes it a little intimidating to wear out into public, but it can still be done. You just have to pump until the cup is full or until you are done expressing. One final con- it pumps less and takes more time. You might pump 5 ounces per side instead of 6, and it might take you 30 minutes instead of This breast pump is probably my least favorite on the list, and yet it continues to be one of the most popular breast pumps out there. This simple double electric breast pump allows you to adjust the speed and suction however you want using 2 dials.

The rhythmic waveform it uses is meant to mimic a hospital grade breast pump. Both of these together are meant to help you get the milk just like your baby would. The pump itself is a closed system. Ameda prides themselves on having an Airlock Protection barrier that helps keep the milk sealed and away from all tubing. The result is no buildup or condensation in the tubing. This breast pump runs on either batteries or electrical power. The pump motor is only 1 pound, and the kit comes with a carrying tote bag, so this is a very portable pump. The breast pump has 2 built in bottle holders, which is so nice for holding full bottles while you take the flange assemblies off.

The Ameda Purely Yours has a 1 year warranty. Now to the con list. This breast pump is just not as reliable as others. It tends to get weaker over time before giving out all together by year 2 or so. The suction is okay, not great. This was a very useful information even though I am not an exclusive pumper!! I went a long time using the wrong size shield! Thank you for the supply increase tips! I think these are great tips not only for exclusive pumpers but women who need to pump several times a day for whatever reason like work or non-traditional parenting arrangements.

Great job, you seemed to cover everything! Your email address will not be published. I did not intend to be a pumping mama. I intended to nurse my child, put him to the breast and nourish him the way nature intended. I planned to breastfeed him until at least a year and then play it by ear after he turned one.

Then, use hands-on pumping to get even more milk from each session. After your pumping session is done, turn off the pump, and hand express any remaining milk directly into your pump flanges. Sooner or later, your body will respond by producing less. But before you jump to that conclusion, rule out pump failure first. Swap membranes: The easiest thing you can do is to install new membranes on your pump assemblies. See your user manual or a troubleshooting guide on the website for your pump for instructions.

Membranes are generally supposed to be replaced every months anyway, and you may see your production bounce back pretty quickly after replacing them. Find out your ideal flange fit and re-evaluate from time to time. Your flange size can change through the course of lactation or even vary between your breasts. If you have a hard time finding the right size, you can try Pumpin Pals, which offer an alternative with more flexibility in sizing.

In many cases, moms are pumping enough, but the babies are being overfed by their caregiver. Most breastfed babies will take an average of The most effective way to increase milk production is to increase demand.

Another method is to cut a slit in the bottom side edge of the gift bag and reinforce the opening with tape. Add newly-frozen milk to the top, and slide the oldest milk out of the opening at the bottom.