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Many Older Adults Fear Falling

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We do not store details you enter into this form. Please see our privacy policy for more information. Click here to return to the Medical News Today home page. Even though it can be frightening, a fall from a bed does not usually cause any serious harm. However, injuries are possible, so caregivers should be aware of signs indicating that a baby needs a medical check after a fall. Read on for information on what to do if a baby falls, the possible injuries that it can cause, and how to care for them afterward.

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When a baby or toddler falls off a bed, it is vital to remain calm and quickly assess the situation. Moving a baby with a head or spine injury can cause serious complications. However, if the baby is in a place where there is a risk of further injury, it is okay to move them gently to a safer location. If the baby is vomiting or having a seizure, gently turn them onto their side. Make sure to keep the baby's neck straight while rolling them over. It is fine to pick up the baby and comfort them if they are conscious and do not appear to have any serious injuries. Gently check them over, paying close attention to their head for bumps, bruises, or other injuries.

Check the rest of the baby's body, including the arms, legs, chest, and back. If the baby does not show any visible signs of injury and does not appear to be acting differently, it should be sufficient to monitor them closely for a short time to make sure that nothing changes. A concussion is a type of head injury that typically occurs when a blow to the head causes the brain to jolt inside the skull.

It can be difficult to detect a concussion in a baby or toddler because they cannot easily tell a person their symptoms.

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The scalp is the skin covering the head, and it contains many small blood vessels. Even a minor cut or injury can bleed a lot, so it can look more serious than it is. Sometimes, bleeding in and under the scalp can cause a bump or swelling to appear on the baby's head, which may take a few days to go away. The skull is a bone that surrounds the brain.

It is possible for a fall from a high place to break it. Infants with a skull fracture may have:. The brain is a delicate structure that contains many blood vessels, nerves, and other internal tissues. A fall can damage or injure these structures, sometimes severely. It is important to call or go to the nearest emergency room if the baby shows any of these signs after falling off a bed:. Parents and caregivers have a powerful intuition. If something seems wrong with a baby, it is essential to take them to see a doctor. It is always better to be safe and to make sure that no serious injuries occurred.

You may also need to call for help if you're unable to get up yourself. Having a personal alarm, or mobile phone, on you at all times will help you to call for help when you need it. Ensuring that a family member or neighbour has a spare key will allow people to get to you quickly.

Prevent Falls and Fractures

You should also attempt to keep your body moving as best you can. Lying in one position for too long can make you stiff, sore and damage the skin. Moving your body, even gently, will keep you warm, focused and calm until help arrives.

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  • If you can, try to rock from side to side. If it hurts to move, stop. Regardless of whether this is your first fall, or you fall regularly, it's important to tell your GP practice, or other health professional - such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Many underlying causes of falls can be treated or corrected. More about when and where to get help. If you've hurt yourself during a fall, you can find treatment advice for muscle, bone and joint injuries.

    Visit the Telecare Self-Check online tool to find the right support for you in your area. This easy to use online tool allows you to find helpful information on telecare services that could help you live independently at home for longer. Home Healthy living Preventing falls Dealing with a fall What to do if you fall.

    What to do if you fall. Checking for injuries The first thing you need to do after a fall is work out if you're hurt. Section Navigation. Facebook Twitter Email Syndicate. Falls can be prevented.

    If You Fall or Witness a Fall, Do You Know What to Do?

    These are some simple things you can do to keep yourself from falling. Talk to Your Doctor Ask your doctor or healthcare provider to evaluate your risk for falling and talk with them about specific things you can do. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to review your medicines to see if any might make you dizzy or sleepy. This should include prescription medicines and over-the counter medicines. Ask your doctor or healthcare provider about taking vitamin D supplements. Do Strength and Balance Exercises Do exercises that make your legs stronger and improve your balance.

    Have Your Eyes Checked Have your eyes checked by an eye doctor at least once a year, and be sure to update your eyeglasses if needed. Make Your Home Safer Get rid of things you could trip over.

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    Add grab bars inside and outside your tub or shower and next to the toilet. Put railings on both sides of stairs.