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Your dog just loves being himself. Silly one day, happy or sad the other day. Be as adorable as your dog, be you! Pretending to be something your not will never make you happy. Who said you had to stop playing at a certain age? Have fun! Just like your dog, your body needs to exercise and keep moving throughout all your life. Playing can include doing a sport like biking, running, hiking or walking. It can also include playing with your kids or grandkids. Not only is it good for the body, but playing is good for the mind and soul. It is part of what will help you keep young at heart throughout all your life.

If you refused to give your dog a treat because he begged you too, will he be mad at you the next day? Your dog is already back to happy only a few moments after you made him a little unhappy.

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What about you? Do you hold hard feelings for a long time after someone hurt you? You have two options. Hold grudges or forgive. In any case, your the one who it will affect. Chose to be happy and forgive. Life is beautiful. Who is most often the first one to come to you when you are crying or feeling upset? Your dog. He is often the first one to comfort you in the first place. These small things are the ones that enrich your life. Remember, everyone around you is going through something. Always be there.

Toggle secondary navigation Pets News Newsletter Follow. Dogs know a thing or two about living life to the fullest. By Best Life Editors February 13, Courtesy of Diana Bruk. Latest News. Celebrate your independence Meet the countries where land space still reigns supreme.

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Latest News from Best Life. Smarter Living. Don't believe everything you learn in school, kids! Elizabeth connects with animals in spirit and assists with reincarnations. Shalini Bosbyshell P. Box , Elverson, PA shalini. All species. Communication coaching and workshops.

Anita Curtis P. Box , Gilbertsville, PA amicom aol.

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Gift certificates available. Specializes in solving problems with animals. She offers animal communication sessions including typed transcripts , workshops, intuitive spiritual guidance for people to enrich and enhance their quality of life, and other services, all on a worldwide basis. Currently accepting all species alive or in spirit and situations except lost animals. Box , Perkinsville, VT jeannielindheim gmail. Phone and in-person. Everyone has their own unique way of receiving telepathic communication.

Discover what yours are as you deepen your heart to heart and soul to soul connection with animals and all that is.

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She has been a practicing animal communicator and massage therapist since Holli offers compassionate interspecies consultations via phone, e-mail, Skype or in person. She also offers basic instruction in animal communication in person only and in home massage for horses and dogs.

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Box Amboy, WA morgine tds. In communicating, Morgine also inspires confidence offering easy techniques to improve Your Own Skills in connecting with your animals friends. Personal messages from animals and nature, training, in spirit, lost animal coaching and more.

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Especially helpful with End of Life issues: www. In helping You, I also transform Myself and our World! Thank You! She specializes in behavior, health, past circumstances, communicating with animals in spirit, and resolving all kinds of human-animal needs. Her animal "clients" have included horses, cats, lizards, dogs, a stork, frogs, squirrels, llamas, ducks, a male goose and too many more to mention. Her website shares lots of experiences to help people shape their animal telepathy questions, as well as many testimonials: Have a look.

I also find lost pets, assist with end-of-life issues, and work with pets who've already passed. I've been practicing professionally for over 20 years. People frequently call me because nothing has previously worked, and they feel stuck. I provide energetic healing treatments, practical information regarding helpful changes clients can make themselves, and shamanic ceremony. Specializing in emotional, mental and spiritual issues including behavioral, fear and anxiety, end of life concerns and animals who have transitioned. Connecting by phone or in-person. My Mission is to help strengthen the bond between animals and their human families.

Creating a safe environment to communicate and advocate the needs and desires for animals and their guardians. Guiding animals and people in creating huge shifts in their lives on a deep soulful and cellular level. Stacy Krafczyk Milwaukee, W I www. She also offers phone consultations, in-person sessions, barn visits, private and group readings. Box , Jackson, WY heidigrengg gmail. All species, all issues welcome.