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David's grandparents now.. David's Decision.

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As he studies to be a veterinarian's assistant, the time away from loved ones and everything familiar, is a time of questioning his future. His love for Kayla Evans, a college student from the English world back home, is strong, but will distance and time change his heart? Or hers? Kayla has her own questions about their long-distance relationship. As she delves deeper into her new-found faith, she ponders her own prospects.

The Mary Reader: November

Her parents have separated and her concern for her brother, Andy, draws her closer to him. Then after a short-term mission trip to Haiti, she finds hers.. Eve's Christmas Blessing. Eve Gingrich has only been married a few months to a widower with four children. It's not easy to try to take the place of a beloved mother who passed away in her thirties, but Eve has a wonderful heart and puts everything into her marriage as she attempts to bond with each of the children.

When Hosea proposed, it was more for the children's sake than for himself. The couple knew each other for only a brief time. After a disappointing relationship earlier in her life, Eve had accepted the single life, though now she had an opportunity to perhaps find love. The holidays are a difficult time for all, but two years have passed since their mother died and the childr.. Ruth's Dilemma. Life is complicated for Ruth Zook when her older sister, Emma, stakes her claim on Jeremiah Fisher, the man Ruth secretly loves.

Confused, Ruth decides to leave Lancaster County to stay with her Aunt Esther, who left the Amish community as a young woman and now teaches at the university in Philadelphia. Ruth is introduced to a handsome young lawyer, who finds her enchanting and wants to be part of her life. Will Ruth leave all that is familiar for an easier life -- one filled with modern conveniences and luxury, or will she return to her plain Amish life and settle for a marriage, perhaps one without love? Emma's Choice. Emma, the eldest Zook sister, finds her emotions tossed between two available suitors. John Troyer is a handsome single Amish man looking for a wife.

He is the same age as Emma and sought after by the other available girls. Gabe Kuhns, is an attractive widower concerned for his two young children and their need for a mother. Emma is not only their teacher in the one-room schoolhouse, but finds herself involved in their personal lives as well. Is there more drawing her to the family than just her concern for the children? Who will win Emma's heart? Waiting for Belinda. Belinda Glick, a lovely Amish girl from Ohio, decides to explore the other world during the time of her Rumspringa.

In her desire to 'just have fun' she risks having her naivet challenged by Dan, a young college student. Her parents are distraught over their daughter's rebellious behavior and decide to send her to Lancaster County, PA, to stay with her Aunt Emma and Uncle Gabe until she learns to behave with more maturity.

The Zook family takes her under their wing and she finds herself needed when one of the Zook sisters gives birth. While in Pennsylvania, Belinda discovers a new crowd, but will she fit in with the English ways? How firm are her moral values? Bitter Crossroad. Belinda Glick enjoys her time with the Zook family, but it's time to return to Ohio. Her Aunt Mary is strong enough to take over the care of Oma. Though she will miss everyone, Belinda's heart is with Jeff Richardson, a young man back home. Things become complicated when her parents realize her feelings for Jeff go beyond friendship.

He is still an Englisher in their minds, though he plans to adopt the simpler ways of the Mennonites. Katie, the youngest Zook daughter, finds herself questioning her own future with Josiah Stoltz. Events outside her control bring her face-to-face with her own mortality Where does Josiah fit in her life?

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Belinda must return to Lanca.. An Amish Cradle. Decisions need to be made about Madison's future. Will the beautiful English girl remain in the Zook's Amish home where she feels loved, or will she return to her home in Ohio to live with her father and his new wife? Mary Zook must learn to accept the many changes in her life. Then Benjamin, a young Amish man, shows interest in Madison as well as the father of her child. Mary's daughter, Katie, continues to deal with health issues.

How will the test results affect Katie's future? The Inn Game. Eve Robinson, a young ambitious interior designer, leaves her comfortable life in sunny Florida to recover from a painful broken engagement. She decides to get away and spend time with her married sister, who lives in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. She accepts a decorating position from Vince Taylor, a single man with a troubled past, who has recently purchased a large inn needing a complete overhaul-a challenge Eve would love to take on.

She uses her artistic talents to transform the neglected building into a sophisticated inn. She finds herself attracted to her complicated employer as he confides to her about his past and makes her a part of his new ven.. The Black Veil. Life was good-predictable-for the lovely Rebecca Gingerich, a young single Amish girl living in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

With a marriage planned for her near future, her dreams would be fulfilled. She'd follow the tradition of wedding a good Amishman, bearing his children and keeping his home.

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Clayton Miller was a desirable mate, admired by many a young Amish maed. Then tragedy struck, and her life was turned upside down. Things would never be the same, but as she puts her trust in God and family, she slowly makes a recovery back to normal living. How would things end for Rebecca? Would her life be fulfilled as she'd hoped, or would she need.. An Amish Secret.

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Cannot combine other item s in one order. Julia's Search for Independence. Julia Montgomery, a beautiful young socialite spends a year in Rome, Italy, with her domineering mother and doting father who is there temporarily on business. Deeply affected by a childhood tragedy, Julia has recurring nightmares and suffers from guilt and insecurity.

While studying art at the local university, Julia becomes friends with a group of young people including an attractive Italian professor and historian named Antony Scarpelli. She and Antony grow close through the group's regular get-togethers at a local caf , and Julia finds herself enjoying the closeness and acceptance of Antony's family. Unknown to her Italian friends, Julia is engaged to a weal.. Julia's Search for Love.

Julia has just returned to the States from India, where she helped at a Christian Orphanage, when she receives word of Antony's Aunt Lucia's serious illness. Since Julia did not plan to return to college to complete her degree until the following semester, she offers to help the family by returning to Italy to help care for the dying woman. Their mutual love of art, and of a certain young man, has drawn them close. Naomi Bawell is head over heels in love with her boss, Marcus. Instead, they are worried that she will become a spinster since at the age of twenty-four she is yet to start courting.

They devise a plan to match Naomi and Elmer Fischer without her knowledge. Can Elmer make Naomi see that he is the better man? Will Levi always remain in the shadows? Find out in this clean Amish romance and let your heart be taken on a wild ride of romance, deceit, and loss. When the boy that broke her heart returns to Lancaster County, can Lovina learn to fall in love again? Lovina fell in love with Noah Zook when she was just nineteen, she was planning a future with him, waiting for the proposal when he suddenly broke her heart and left Lancaster County.

Heartbroken and mistrusting of love Lovina vowed never to fall in love again. Her parents want nothing more than to see their daughter happily married and arranges a courtship between her and Stephen Ropp. When she becomes friends with quiet and shy Aaron Graber, Lovina is surprised to find how much she enjoys spending time with Aaron. As their friendship grows, so does her feelings for Aaron.

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  6. Until the day of the barn raising when Noah returns after two years. Confused and surprised Lovina is faced with Noah for the first time again. He declares he never stopped loving her, but can Lovina believe him after he let her down once before. As she tries to shy away from her parents arranged courtship with Stephen, trying to decide how she feels about Noah, Lovina spends more and more time with Aaron. When disaster strikes a second time, Lovina is forced to face her feelings and make a decision that would determine the rest of her life.

    Enjoy this heartwarming sweet Amish romance as Lovina Raber learns to love and trust again. Will she fall for the boy her parents have arranged, or will she rekindle her feelings with Noah? Can her friendship with Aaron possibly turn into something more?

    Katie's Discovery

    Find out now and enjoy the ups and downs of falling in love in Lancaster County. A compelling Amish family story about three very different sisters told over three different Christmas seasons. Katie, Elizabeth and Hannah Schwartz are three sisters that love their Amish lives, but one by one they are tempted by the outside world and love. When their mother died Katie, the eldest, took it upon herself to take care of her sisters and her father. In a twist of events, Elizabeth and Hannah plan a trick to prove to Katie that they can.