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I needed to find my calling. I wanted more from life. Started looking. And it was scary as I moved into the unknown. So… What was my passionate purpose? It took me decades to find it. Along the way there were tears, pain and challenges. The big question So how do you discover your passionate purpose?

My journey was mine alone. But maybe I can provide some hints. Because you like watching Netflix that you become a movie critic.

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You love running you and so you become a professional athlete. It will evolve. What do others say? So how do you discover your passionate purpose? Here are a few clues. Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg has followed his bliss and his contribution to the world is there for all to see with Jaws, ET and Jurassic Park just some of his creations. This is what he had to say about following your bliss and discovering your dream. You need to listen. So what is a hero? A hero is also someone who has given his life to something bigger than themselves.

But according to Campbell there are 2 paths. It is chosen for you…. Or you choose it yourself. But the most powerful insight from Joseph Campbell for me?

1. Discover the life skill of discovering and nurturing your passionate purpose

Some insights It starts with being aware of who you are. It is a simple overview of an ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism. And you are who you are. And I was not an accountant. Then limitations can be your strengths. A chicken is a chicken. Trying to be an eagle is not going to work. The brain can be fooled. Inner nature, when relied upon cannot be fooled. But many people do not look at it or listen to it. And consequently do not understand themselves very much. And it is not what your parents of friends tell you.

Drifting is not a program for success. Learn the life skill of falling in love with the process There is a myth that has been centuries in the making. It is a lie that has stopped many from starting their dream. Stopped people succeeding. The myth? That being an artist, a creator or successful is only for a special few. And that it is only for the chosen few. It is mundane. It is a process. Listen for the whisper But where do you begin? It starts with an inkling. A feeling. The busyness of life often drowns that whisper. That still small voice. It is lost in the noise. We see it everywhere.

Headphones on. Ear buds plugged in. White cables hanging from heads. We are filling our heads with noise, buzz and tunes all the time. So what is the process? How does your genius emerge? Consume for inspiration Stephen King had this to say about writers. We need to stop, read and consume. Even when it feels like a distraction. And we may feel that reading is a guilty pleasure. And even Tim Ferris often has the same feelings of guilt.

And the work ethic is often what drives us to success. But in a knowledge world the need for consuming information and being inspired is mandatory. We have all been beginners and amateurs. Act on the whisper As you consume there will be ideas and insights that will show up.

That consumption maybe reading. It maybe consuming a conversation with a friend. Nudge you. Tingle your mind. Touch the edges of your consciousness. Write it down. You may need to….. Interrupt a conversation. Pause a movie.

Stop the car. But act on that still small voice. Start creating But the difference between success and failure comes down to this. I have heard many ideas over the years but an idea without action is just an idea. The act of just sitting down to do the work is where genius emerges. One word at a time One stroke of the brush. One piece of code. A routine that puts you at your chair, stool or desk is the start of the magic.

The habit of creating requires you to confront the demons of procrastination. So start. Persist So you have started. The next piece of the puzzle is persistence. Showing up every day is a pre-requisite. Persistence and playing the long game is key.

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One brick at a time. The only way to write a book? One word at a time. At first your creation will be imperfect and malformed. Doubts will creep in. But it all starts with a rough draft. Notes for readers: 1. The book starts on page Everything before then is irrelevant. In fact, the book almost ends on page 52 also, because the summary is given there in seven steps.

If you don't understand one of the points, skip to the relevant chapters. The actual first instructions are given on page Step two's instructions are on page There doesn't seem to be instructions for step three. Page talks about the feeling focus of desire step four instead of the thought, Notes for readers: 1. Page talks about the feeling focus of desire step four instead of the thought, and is most practical.

Step five is represented by a whole fascinating chapter. Does this prose manage to capture the captivating and mesmerising loveliness of Divine Grace?

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I don't think it does. In fact, I think it misses something Mysterious about the creative power of the universe, personally. Pages talk about how to work with the solar plexus to produce results in the outside world. This is really the mechanics of the book, after all, and step six also. Finally, the book closes with suggestions for adding lovingness to the mix.

I suppose this book is really about how to get to know the god of the solar plexus, the god of the ego. And as such, it is perhaps successful. Apr 07, Cj Sime rated it did not like it Shelves: nonfiction , attraction. It was largely a summation of Charles Haanel's Master Key System-- which they were up front with, but I am not sure why I would find any of their insights useful for myself. Often when I read books on this subject I am inspired to take action, this book didn't offer me that.

An excellent system in tapping your source. These three authors, Gladstone, Greninger, and Selby spell it out in easy to understand, easy to implement terms. A must read if you're seeking answers to Self. May 27, Ursula rated it liked it. I found this very hard to get into and tried both the Kindle and audible versions.

The idea sounds great but I found it far from easy and simple to grasp and when listening on audible I would replay bits several times as it was not always clear what point was being made. Jul 24, Amit Malhotra rated it really liked it. Mind Opening book. Will recommend a read.

Jan 16, L rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritual. I haven't read about the original but I felt this book was more fluff than tangible actions. The intro was very long and it touches on basic meditation.

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Doesn't seem like a real "update" to an old text but more like a brief summary without much value added. I'll read the original to see. Nov 05, Ann rated it it was amazing Shelves: metaphysics. I will read this book again.

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