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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Here are two sample poems from this distinguished collection of poetry. Ella Wilcox is known for her Poems Of The Younger Born But Father Time grew restless and longed for a swifter pace, And our mother pushed out beside him at the cost of her tender grace, And life was no more living but just a headlong race. And we are wild - Yea, wild are we, the younger born of the World Into life's vortex hurled. Now for the second poem. War Mothers There is something in the sound of drum a Here are two sample poems from this distinguished collection of poetry.

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War Mothers There is something in the sound of drum and fife That stirs all the savage instincts into life. In the old times of peace we went our ways, Through proper days Of little joys and tasks. Lonely at times, When from the steeple sounded wedding chimes, Telling to all the world some maid was wife - But taking patiently our part in life As it was portioned us by Church and State, Believing it our fate.

Our thoughts all chaste Held yet a secret wish to love and mate Ere youth and virtue should go quite to waste. Vicki rated it liked it Nov 21, Ronn rated it liked it May 03, Sian Jackson rated it it was amazing Oct 29, Moe rated it really liked it Jan 13, Vegetarian rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Crystal rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Kcbanks rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Wayne rated it liked it Oct 17, Fenia rated it it was amazing Feb 07, Joe Gonzales rated it liked it Jul 04, Chantelle Trowbridge rated it it was amazing May 24, You might also utter the phrase when given a diagnosis with a slim margin for survival.

Then we were quiet for a while. Later, the wife dozes off and the speaker rummages through her jewelry box. When she wakes up, she immediately fears a thief has taken something. It could be stolen at any moment. These poems consistently depict the dailiness of life—petty quarrelling, absent-minded reverie—as subject to sudden, sometimes comic, ultimately terrifying interruption. Jane accuses Craig of submitting error-riddled work:. Everybody knows that. They belong to the New England intellectual tradition of looking for signs and portents in thickets of happenstance, but they usually stop short of facile meaning.

You can ruin these poems by adding too much weight; even the saddest of them contain their own charm. But I found two poems especially devastating. So I reached in his aquarium and pulled him out. I placed my mouth on his and put my thumb and forefinger on his abdomen and started breathing on his mouth. What is love? What is hidden in our chests? What else? Believe that you have what it takes to make your world better.

Start over. Whatever customs humanity had Becomes waves of compassion. Nothing with shape and dimensions can keep still when passions move. Start your lives over. Everyone is totally forgiven, no matter what.

Instead of living vicariously, how can you live a life that is truly yours? Because there is no day in a calendar that is not there for the taking — for you to proclaim carpe diem.

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You can live your dreams instead of dreaming to live. You need only to align your purpose with yourself. This is not a day for asking questions, Not a day on any calendar. This day is conscious of itself. This day is a lover, bread, and gentleness, More manifest than saying can say. Thoughts take form with words, But this daylight is beyond and before Thinking and imagining.

Unfortunately, there are more lost souls coming and going from this path because it was actually never meant for them. Everyone has a unique voice, but not everyone can sing. Unfold your own myth, Without complicated explanation, So everyone will understand the passage, We have opened you.

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One form of intelligence takes shape in acquiring knowledge, while the other comes from within. Share your life lessons with the world. There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired, As a child in school memorizes facts and concepts With such intelligence you rise in the world. There is another kind of tablet, one Already completed and preserved inside you.

This other intelligence does not turn yellow or stagnate. This second knowing is a fountainhead From within you, moving out. The first step from within is always the hardest. poems-of-purpose-and-sketches-in-prose-of-scottish-peasant-life-and-character-in

But taking this step is one that could be enough to create a chain reaction for every life decision you make going forward. Become your own catalyst — do it now. Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall Escape. Walk out like someone suddenly born into color. Do it now.

Retreating into our comfort zones and nests are survival instincts. It becomes counter-intuitive if we start falling back or making decisions based on fear to stop change from happening.

16 Poems About Life And How To Be Human By Rumi

By accepting events as they happen and refraining from building resistance, we are more likely to move flexibly in the face of fear. And why is this so hard? If you live with mice, The cat claws will find you.