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Want more sexy sporting romance? Don't miss the rest of this steamy series which began with The Perfect Play. And check out Jaci's gorgeously romantic Hope series beginning with Hope Flames. Pinterest Twitter Facebook. Du vil kanskje like. Play-by-Play Bill Mercer. Chords by Key for Guitar. Tim Wemple.

Taking A Shot

Oh Crap! Potty Training Jamie Glowacki. Tarmens medisin Berit Nordstrand. Vis flere. Henter kundeanmeldelser Blogget om boken. Play-by-Play Bill Mercer ,-.

Shotgun Trick Shots - Dude Perfect

She did not like this guy. He was a jock, a hockey player, and she most definitely did not like sports players. Especially not Ty. She planted her palms against the side of the bar, sucking in a quick breath. The crowd thickened around the bar as soon as Ty made himself at home back there. He filled drink orders while Jenna stared dumbfounded. He popped the tops off bottles of beer like a pro, poured hard liquor, fixed mixed drinks, and operated like he knew what the hell he was doing behind a bar.

Jenna rolled her eyes and watched as Ty ate his steak standing up while he visited with the guys at the bar, then went back to serving drinks. By two thirty she called for last round and everyone began to make their way out the door. Jenna started cleaning up while the last of her patrons left. She called taxis for those who needed them, helped the waitresses bus tables, and cleared her bar registers. She let the waitresses go, locked the front door, and headed into the kitchen.

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The kitchen had been cleaned up, the other cooks and the busboys had left, and only Malcolm remained—with Ty—the two of them talking about football. Malcolm narrowed his dark brown eyes on her. She found him in the bar pouring a whiskey. He smiled at her, tipped the glass to his lips, and downed the drink in one swallow, then put money on the top of the bar. She grabbed the money and slipped it into her pocket. Why did he have to be so gorgeous? She jumped, not realizing he was right behind her until his breath swept across the back of her neck.

She resisted the urge to move in close to him. She bent down to grab her purse and sweater, brushing her butt against his crotch. He felt solid. He turned her around to face him.

The light from the full moon cast him in grayish shadow. She could see his face, though, as he cocked a grin. You know why. I like you. Go pick up another girl. His body was hot and as he folded her against him, she felt that heat seep into her. His mouth was firm and demanding, a hint of whiskey on his lips. He just took the kiss, sliding his tongue inside her mouth to wrap around hers. She tingled all over, her toes curled, her panties got wet, and her sex pulsed with a roaring need.

If he put his hands down her pants, in two or three strokes she could come.


The kiss was that good. He reached up and cupped her breast, and she moaned against his lips, pressing her breast into his hand. She wanted more, wanted it all, and wanted it right now. Her mind was filled with images of him lowering her to the floor in the back of the bar, or bending her over the pool table. Not this guy. Not ever this guy.

She pressed her hands to his chest and broke the kiss. She turned away from him and with shaky hands she set the alarm, walked outside, and locked the front door, Ty right behind her. She started to walk away but he grabbed her wrist, burning her with a look that melted her to the cold cement sidewalk. She pivoted and walked to her car, conscious of him standing there watching her.

He waited, hands in his coat pockets while she got in and drove away. Her body was on fire from his kiss and she was going to have to take care of herself when she got home tonight. Ty waited until Jenna pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street before he climbed into his car to head back to his place.

The Brotherhood by Fire Series

Oh, she was beautiful, all right, but she was skinny with small breasts. He liked his women full and lush with big tits. He liked his women with long hair he could run his fingers through. Jenna had short, spiky black hair that had weird purple tips at the end, which was kind of wild and funky. Jenna had multiple piercings in her left ear and that tiny little diamond on her nose.

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It always made him wonder what other parts of her body were pierced. He wanted time to explore them, to study them, to strip her down and see where else she was tattooed. But her eyes were what really drew him to her. They were an amazing sapphire blue that were so expressive and so vulnerable, even though she liked to play the tough chick.

The Boots and Bouquets Series

Okay, so maybe she was a little different. And maybe he was drawn to how utterly different she was. So he played with her, irritated her, and baited her because he knew he could get a rise out of her. Not interested? That kiss had told him just how interested she really was. Just the thought of getting into her panties made his cock throb. He could still taste her on his lips—peppermint and some kind of cherry-flavored lip gloss.

He licked his lips, wanted more.