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Couples in England and Wales may be given the option of tying the knot at sea, in the woods or even at home after a review of outdated marriage laws was kicked off by the prime minister. The NSS suggested allowing couples to marry anywhere when it wrote to the government on this subject in A vicar in Rotherham in South Yorkshire has resigned as a primary school's 'anti-bullying' governor after describing classes teaching children about LGBTI relationships as "state-sponsored child abuse".

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Parents have overwhelmingly backed plans to make a small Catholic primary school in Co Antrim officially integrated. This editorial says a report from a child sexual abuse inquiry has killed the idea that the Catholic Church can police itself. Disclaimer : Links are provided to external websites for information and in the interests of free exchange. We do not accept any responsibility for the content of those sites, nor does a link indicate approval or imply endorsement of those sites.

We campaign for the law and the administration of justice to be based on equality, respect for human rights, and on objective evidence. Blasphemy to intimidation, we've always robustly challenged religious threats to free expression. Public services that are intended for the whole community, especially those funded by public money, should be provided in a secular context.

We campaign on a wide range of topics where religious privilege impacts public life. For over years we have campaigned for disestablishment, the separation of the C of E and state. You can support the NSS by buying from our Shop.

Thousands In Iran Protest Against Saudis As Hajj Begins

All rights reserved. National Secular Society. Search For:. Donate Join us. Get your daily media briefing 'In the Media' is available in your inbox as part of our our daily media briefing. Fri, 05 Jul Church Times. Schools Week. Sky News. Evening Standard. The Courier. Daily Mail. The Telegraph. Gay Star News. The Guardian. Thu, 04 Jul Chester Standard.

New Statesman. ITV News. New Humanist. Yahoo News. Our churches are feeding on too many aggressive, polemical, and fearful writings about Islam and Muslims. Many books written by evangelicals in recent years contribute to fear and xenophobia instead of fighting these feelings and reactions with the loving and peaceful attitude that our Lord Jesus taught us and modeled for us.

The church at this juncture has to work aggressively on fighting these perceptions by putting out new research and writing that emphasizes the common ground and heritage of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. We must inaugurate a new trend of thinking and writing that sees Muslims as neighbors, and Islam, its prophet, and its holy book as grounds for dialogue and peace-building in celebration of what unites us and serves as bridges between us.

It is on common ground that we will be able to work towards multifaith societies built on coexistence in search for the common good. It is in the context of such societies that we will be able to proclaim the uniqueness of Jesus and his love that attracts us to God and invites us into his salvific Kingdom. I am just heartbroken for the families—innocent men, women, and children—many of whom fled to New Zealand for refuge, a majority Christian country with all the biblical teaching and injunctions about caring for strangers and the vulnerable. And yet, that was the place 50 of them were slaughtered, in their places of worship.

What can anyone, any Christian, say about this except to cry out maranatha come quickly, Lord! As a Christian, I am very worried about the radicalization of Muslims and the discrimination, persecution, and hatred directed towards Christians around the world. But what troubles me more is the way radical Islam is radicalizing Christians along the way. In fact, it seems to me that radical Islam is now defining Christian witness and filling Christians with fear, hatred, and even violence. This is what deeply troubles me. I am not sermonizing that Christians should love Muslims.

I am troubled about what fear and hatred is doing to our witness—and even more importantly, what it is doing to our congregation members. These are unhealthy emotions which do not hold well for the wellbeing of individual members and the whole body of Christ. We have to resist the temptation of deploying the same weapons the enemy is using: be it conspiracy theories and outright falsehood to preach fear and hatred, or the use of violence against anyone, least of all the most vulnerable.

Otherwise, we become the mirror image of the enemy we say we are fighting. Rather than demonizing Islam and all Muslims, the church needs to identify and work with Muslim scholars and leaders who oppose the radicals and militants in their midst. Just as the extremist elements within Islam have hijacked the Islamic faith, Christians need to be mindful not to allow extremist fringe groups like white supremacists to highjack the Christian faith and witness.

First, Christians should unequivocally condemn this as a terrorist act that is wrong.

How and Why Muhammad Made a Difference

No quasi- or weak supporting statements that could be construed as less than condemnation of this act of terror. Let there be no doubt where we stand. This should be a moment to reach out to your Muslim neighbors and invite them to your home and build those bridges. Third, Christians should stand up against hate speech any time and any place they hear it. Dehumanizing, labeling, and the belittling of races, religions, and hurting people at the lowest levels of society is the ultimate sin of arrogant and self-centered people.

Social media has taken hate to new levels. Fourth, your church should visit a mosque on Friday and pass out flowers or statements of support. The pastor could also invite the imam to church Sunday and publicly tell him they support their right to religious freedom—and pray for them.


While we lament the terrorist attacks in New Zealand as yet another tragic reminder that the world is not as it should be, we must remember the words of 1 John There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. There is no better response to violence rooted in hatred and fear than a persistent commitment to love God and love all neighbors.

We can do this by speaking out against Islamophobia around the world, as well as by showing compassion and support for Muslims in our own neighborhoods and communities. May our words and actions promote the peace of God throughout the world and cast out all forms of hatred and fear. I felt sick to my stomach. Then I thought about how often I have been the recipient of condolences from Islamic leaders around the world at the first news of an extremist attack on a church, as well as other profound actions of Islamic solidarity with persecuted Christians. Yet these are the stories that we must tell; and these are the friendships we must build, as Christians, and especially as evangelicals.

Though Saudi authorities allocated around 64, places for Iranians, none are taking part this year because of a breakdown in negotiations last May over arrangements, including safety measures needed to avoid a repeat of a September stampede that killed over 2, pilgrims.

Iranian and Saudi leaders escalated a war of words this week over Iran's absence from the hajj, which all able-bodied Muslims are expected to complete at least once in their lives. Demonstrators in Tehran on September 9 waved signs depicting Saudi King Salman holding a bloody sword, his head wrapped in an American flag, and his shirt bearing a blue Star of David similar to that on the Israeli flag.

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State media reported similar protests across the country. Demonstrators also shouted slogans against the United States and Britain but saved their harshest criticism for Saudi Arabia.

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The Saudis have "blocked the path to Allah. It's a crime and they must be tried," said Javad Zolfaghari, a cleric who joined the protests. They are fighting proxy wars against Shi'ites and against all Muslims. Iranian officials have called on Muslims flocking to Mecca from around the world to punish the Saudis for allowing the September 24 stampede and crush of pilgrims last year that killed at least 2, people, including Iranians.

The official Saudi toll of people killed and injured has not changed since September