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Science Fiction From cyber thrillers to space operas, your stories of genetic engineering, aliens, futuristic tech and more belong here. Young Adult Recommended audiences is 6th grade and up. Not the category for New Adult. This book is Free on July 6, Kindle. Kindle 2. The four Revenant families also provide the Tzimisce with a very diverse "breeding stock," giving the clan much flexibility in its membership.

Although there are other Revenant families in the World Of Darkness, the four Tzimisce families the Bratovitches , the Obertus , the Grimaldi , and the Zantosas are the biggest and most well established. What follows is a description of the four families:. The Tzimisce are unique in how much their culture is centered around their signature Discipline, Vicissitude.

This unique and quite disturbing Discipline allows the Tzimisce to shape flesh and blood both living and unliving into practically any shape they can think of. Their exploration of it rivals some people even say surpasses that of the Tremere towards Thaumaturgy, and the Tzimisce ascribe a spirituality that contrasts with the Tremere's practical view of their own Discipline.

This results in most Tzimisce not looking at all like humans, having shaped themselves into alien or monstrous forms, or even looking beyond human, having sculpted themselves into paragons of mortal beauty canons, more beautiful than any human created by nature. Rumors of [Tzimisce]'s godlike proficiency with the Discipline have given way to the Fiends giving it an almost religious importance.

While other clans may have their own personal Disciplines like the Gangrel 's Protean , or the Assamites ' Quietus , none base their unlives around them like the Tzimisce do with Vicissitude. Many Kindred would understandably prefer to ignore or gloss over this aspect of the clan.

Psychological preparation is vital for any torture session and Tzimisce disciplines are admirably suited to this. Vicissitude allows the torturer to assume a shape appropriate for the situation. Perhaps an incredibly beautiful member of the gender to which the victim is attracted, to heighten their shame; or an impossibly hideous one, to heighten the revulsion and terror; or even the form of the victim's worst enemy, or closest friend.

Auspex allows the Tzimisce to discover the victim's phobias and dirty little secrets, and to discern which areas of the victim's body are particularly sensitive. Tzimisce disciplines also vastly aid in the actual torture session. Vicissitude allows the torturer to become his own toolkit, reforming his extremities or the victim's extremities into a variety of intrusive implements, perfectly shaped to fit the victim or, not quite fit, as the case may be.

Then, too, the sight of one's bones heaving of their own accord through one's skin is always disconcerting—and it becomes difficult to find release in a scream when one's tongue has been grafted to the roof of one's mouth. Animalism allows for a variety of noxious creatures particularly those inspiring panic in the victim to be summoned and precisely directed around, on top of, or even into the victim. Of course, common physical torture has its limits, and this is particularly true concerning Kindred.

Most Elders worthy of that title have experienced massive body trauma at least once during their unlife and thus, are somewhat numb to the usual concept of pain. Moreover, Kindred scoff at threats that would break many mortals, such as amputation or castration, given their regenerative capabilities. Moreover, how does one threaten a Nosferatu with disfigurement? Sometimes even mortals display surprising resilience. Unfortunately for such victims, Tzimisce are equally skilled at emotional torture.

Centuries of unlife have given Tzimisce torturers an uncanny degree of psychological insight into the way the human, and Kindred mind operate. Furthermore, Tzimisce control over the Blood Bond provides torturers with a variety of fiendish new ways to hurt their victims. For example, two Kindred may be forcibly Blood Bound to one another and then one painstakingly disfigured before the other's eyes.

Alternatively, the Tzimisce may break one victim's Bond, while leaving the other still Bound; then the un-Bound victim may then be re-Bound to the torturer and induced to inflict physical or emotional pain on the other remaining victim. Tzimisce may also, through rituals, can cause already Bound beings to feel emotions other than love. A victim capable of bearing the most atrocious wounds without flinching may be utterly broken by a contemptuous slap from the hand of the now hostile love or childer.

The rights and treatment of guests forms an indelible part of Tzimisce culture. There are many archaic rules concerning deportment, manners, greetings, goodbyes, allowances, and settlement of grievances, but there are a few Clan-wide obligations that are always honored. A guest of the Tzimisce is entitled to several things:. The balance of these laws is to ensure that no advantage is taken of either the host or guest — a Fiend's honor can be completely shattered by infringing upon either one of these sets of rules. Given the warfare that exists between lineages of Tzimisce, exercising patience and honoring these laws is a way to ensure that there is always a sort of "neutral ground" where combative families can meet and prevent any further outrages.

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The older a Tzimisce is, the more seriously they treat these laws, for they remember the nights when the only shelter to be had was in the domain of a rival voivode, when travel was arduous and only undertaken when necessary. Most elder Tzimisce respect these laws in the modern nights, but their grandchilder may not even be aware that these laws exist, much less still enforced in their ancestors' domains.

Minor breaches can be forgiven, though some effort must be made to show that the trespasser is apologetic. Major breaches can fix a Tzimisce's reputation in a very bad way — slaughtering guests during the day is a sure way to make sure no one comes to visit you, or ever wants to make a deal. Historically, the Tzimisce have viewed mortal life as largely irrelevant before the Embrace. While they do look for specific mortal characteristics, they tend to see this as the barest flicker of potential rather than a compelling argument. Tzimisce Embraces are supremely selfish — often based on specific obsessions or interests of the sire, rather than any distinctive characteristic of the childe.

Those with interests matching their own are particularly prized, and many Tzimisce childer were masters of their field in life — whether this field was medicine or serial murder is a trifling distinction though.

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That said, the Tzimisce have a reputation for choosiness, largely from a general disdain for mortals. The Tzimisce have partly addressed this by instituting breeding programs among mortals, resulting in ghoul families such as the Bratovitch or Zantosa line, which serve as the preferred fodder for an Embrace. It seems curious that the Tzimisce are a clan that has Embraced many non-humans.

Among their childer were magi , shamans, prophets or some other exotic creatures particularly the Shadow Lords kinfolk and some even speculate about fairy blood running through Tzimisce veins. We can assume that this disposition may emanate from the Elders who refused to define themselves in mortal terms, or even from those sires in search of a better symbiosis between their vampiric powers and those of magical blood. Vampire: The Masquerade clans. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Dark Ages Tzimisce. Tzimisce from Revised Edition. Old Clan Tzimisce from V Tzimisce from V Categories :. Cancel Save. Tzimisce Antediluvian "The Eldest". Vicissitude , Animalism , Auspex. Animalism , Auspex , Koldunic Sorcery. Animalism , Auspex , Dominate.