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Speakers will discuss the challenges pedestrians are facing when the approach the curbside. Relax and breathe. Join us for the calm and balance you'll need for a busy convention week. Every committee should be represented, either by its chair or a designated committee member. GDB grads connect with friends and staff; those considering the guide dog lifestyle welcome.

Start your convention in high gear by learning how Aira has assisted individuals to master the job-seeking challenge. From formatting your resume, proofreading your cover letter and submitting your application, to matching your attire, and traveling to the interview, this session will present strategies for using Aira to find employment. Hear from Aira staff and Explorers about Aira's Employment Program, an Aira initiative to provide free service to Aira Explorers who are undertaking any task related to finding work. The session will also include a brief overview of Aira's program for students, as well as our support for small business owners.

Join us and find out how to make the dream real. Presenter: Douglas Gerry. Spectrum is committed to accessibility and a great customer experience for all our customers and we hope to work closely with our ACB partners to meet this goal. Presenter: Petr Kucheryavyy, Sr. Manager, Accessibility Outreach. Find inspiration on how people use Aira every day to accomplish tasks and do more at work, impressing their bosses along the way. Learn pro-tips for office efficiency, hear what others use Aira for in their day-to-day work life, and get a chance to speak with the Aira team about how to bring Aira into your workplace as a reasonable accommodation for you or for a group of blind employees through our Employer Access Program.

Aira and employment — a dynamic duo. If you choose a bulky device with a built-in screen to accommodate the sight dependent people in your life, we celebrate that you can make that choice. Choice drives innovation, and HIMS has many innovations to choose from. Check out what we're about. Excellent choice! This provides a greater sense of empowerment and choice and allows each and every one of us to be able enjoy the outdoors with greater confidence and less stress.

Soundscape can be considered a map that is delivered in 3D sound, i. Most importantly, Soundscape allows you to do these activities on your own terms. This session is designed to allow us to hear from our users, discuss the feedback in detail, while sharing our own insights and learnings from the past year. To register for the focus group, please email soundscapefeed microsoft. Learn how you can use Aira Access to do more every day and how you can help bring Aira Access to your community to level the playing field for all.

You will also hear about Aira's upcoming promotions, along with the power behind the new free trial, open to anyone who uses Aira for free. The BrailleNote Touch is the first and only Google- certified Braille tablet which blends powerful and intuitive apps for managing, accessing and creating information from KeySoft with millions of apps that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Join us as we review new features such as full QWERTY support, the ability to directly emboss graphics, as well as the implementation of onehanded operation in addition to many new and exciting features. We will also have the opportunity to discuss the much anticipated Brailliant BI 14 which is now shipping.

Time will also be set aside for your questions and feedback. Share stories and tips on downloading and playing back books and periodicals from favorite websites. Learn what is new with both the Stream and Trek. We will also set aside time for live demonstrations of features as well as time for your questions. The latest Bookshare updates; answers to your Bookshare questions. Designed specifically for the blind; real life situations with practical applications.

Hands-on workshop; open to all. Learn basic releases from non-threatening situations to handling severe assaults. Basic education on personal safety. Must have completed 1Touch beginner session. For those not available to complete the survey at the ACB convention, access to the survey will be sent via ACB listserv with a link to the survey which you can complete and submit at your convenience. Members of our Digital team will be on site to show you how we make digital products accessible and usable by all.

We would like your input on our Chase mobile checkout app. For this study, we are seeking iPhone VoiceOver users who are also small business owners or have a side business where they accept card payments. In these sessions of 11 user testing, we will ask you to complete common tasks using a test device to get your feedback. The study will not require you to log into your personal phone. Your personal information will remain protected. Sessions are expected to last approximately one hour.

To attend one of the sessions, please contact eCAT. Communications chase. Express Scripts a Cigna company is conducting a usability study focused on improving the accessibility and inclusivity of their website and mobile app. Participants will complete a number of tasks and provide feedback regarding the experience.

Individual sessions will last about an hour and are by appointment only. Seeking individuals for testing new digital information access products using multisensory feedback on smartphones and tablets. Our team at UNAR Labs is motivated by the mission of making all aspects of digital media accessible to everyone beyond their sensory limitations.

We are building new technology to enable multisensory access to digital media information and to bridge the gap between disability and opportunity. Towards our mission, we would like to understand the current needs and problems of BVI users in supporting your educational, social, and vocational training as well as in everyday life activities. We would greatly appreciate for interested people to take a brief minutes of your time during the conference to talk with us about your experiences and perspective of accessibility problems related to information access.

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We also want to show you some of the exciting development of new access products to get your input on where we are going. All participants will be entered into a raffle and four lucky winners will be selected on July 10th. To get more details about the interview and to sign up, please send an email to unarlabs gmail. You will be ready for a break and a little fun after all those workshops, seminars and business meetings.

Below are some activities and events that take place during the convention. For more fun ideas, see Convention Tours, the Recreation Zone and the agendas of the many affiliates and groups for more mixers, luncheons and parties. Come spend a relaxing evening with us before the busyness of convention week begins. Be entertained by our DJ, Phil Farda.

Buy a drink or two at the cash bar and enjoy some snacks as you say hello to old friends and meet some new ones. If you're lucky, you just might win a fabulous door prize! We're looking forward to greeting you and getting your week in Rochester off to a great start! Join Joel Snyder for the audio-described screening of the Academy award winning best picture "Green Book," a biographical comedy-drama film directed by Peter Farrelly. Important Tour Information: Please read the following information completely. It will answer many of your tour-related questions and will help you have a more enjoyable tour experience.

Should you not be present at the convention the day after the tour, or if the convention has ended, please call the Minneapolis office by July 31st to arrange for a refund via check or credit card. A huge thank you to JP Morgan Chase for their diamond sponsorship, because of their generosity tour pricing was significantly reduced. This tour is not wheelchair accessible. You will be immersed into the 19th century as you explore this living, breathing historic village. Guests will spend the day interacting and learning through hands-on activities and experiences, tasting, touching, and smelling your way through history.

Activities include: period dressed, knowledgeable interpreters escorting you through the entire village on a guided trolley tour. Visiting our stateof-the-art facility, the John. Wehle Gallery where you will be welcomed by our Lead Curator, Patricia Tice before experiencing our 'Working like a Dog' exhibit as well as our 'Victoria's Closet' exhibit to learn about the fashion and the origins of these extraordinary garments — maybe even trying them on.

During luncheon you will also have the chance to taste 19th-century beer recipes, as well as Heritage Chocolate recipes! There will be time to visit the gift shop and bakery. Climb on board and enjoy a narrated tour of the rich history of the "Flower City. No stopping. Join your pals on a narrated three-hour Erie Canal boat cruise.

Our group will take over the entire boat, the Colonial Belle. We will be served a plated dinner with a cash bar available. Explore the Erie canal including a trip through the famous locks. There will be times during the tour when everyone will be asked to sit down, as the song says "Low bridge, ev'rybody down". What a great start to convention week. Travel to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame. You will be able to touch the plaques of each player selected for the Hall of Fame.

Enjoy a hands-on tour of uniforms, bats, gloves, balls and other gear used throughout the years. Listen to recordings of famous moments in baseball history including Hank Aaron's th home run, Jackie Robinson's appearance on first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Lou Gehrig's farewell speech. We'll sit-down to share a movie showing many of the baseball greats and their reactions to the game; this movie will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

The tour will include time for souvenir shopping. The bus ride will be long but we will keep you entertained with audio and video clips, games and snacks. This tour will involve a lot of walking in a very crowded museum. If you have difficulty keeping up with a large group in this type of environment, this tour isn't for you.

Boxed breakfast and a late afternoon meal included. Portions of this tour are not wheelchair accessible, there is walking from the museum to the Leroy house plus throughout the venues. You will find out why they came from New York City and settled here. Displays include an 's open hearth kitchen, a 's kitchen, land office sitting rooms and the LeRoy family bedrooms. It has a large back porch and beautiful gardens. Why did the inventor sell his rights to Jell-O and who bought the rights and made millions of dollars.

What happened to the Jell-O factory in LeRoy. What do brain waves and Jell-O have in common? There is also a great gift shop with lots of Jell-O branded items and memorabilia. Transportation Exhibit On the Road. The transportation exhibit is in the basement of the Jell-O Gallery and houses eleven vehicles. The exhibit starts with an ox cart and finishes with a Cadillac that was driven by a woman in LeRoy. You will also have the opportunity to see and touch sleighs and horse drawn carriages. We will stop for dinner on the way back to the hotel. This tour will require a lot of walking, the gallery is quite large, very echoey and open, you must be able to keep up with the group, there is no seating.

Gift shops. This tour involves a lot of walking with minimal places to sit. Exclusive, hands-on tour of the only museum in the world dedicated to the study of play, and home to the world's largest collection of toys, dolls, games, and video games. Break off into guided groups to explore The Strong - from the world's largest pop-up story book, where you can try to pull King Arthur's sword from the stone or spin the wheel on a whaling boat, to a superhero exhibit where you can try on capes, play a memory game, and be zapped with super strength.

Spend minutes in the museum's indoor butterfly garden and get up close to the animals that call it home along with special, tactile encounters hosted by the museum's biologist. The shop will be open exclusively to members of the American Council of the Blind from 5 to 6 pm. Luncheon will be included in this tour. This is more than a candy tour, make your own truffles, enjoy a cheese and cracker plate, learn about chocolate making including samples.

Gift shop. All are welcome. The Genesee Brewery is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in America. Once a centuryold packaging center, the Genesee Brew House has transformed the 9, square-foot space into a beer destination, featuring interactive exhibits, multi- media content, gift shop, pilot brewery and pub-style restaurant.

A production tour will be included after luncheon. For 35 years the Colaruotolo family has been committed to producing superior, award winning wines, and creating a unique experience for all vineyard guests. You can't help notice Casa Larga's stunning vineyard as you taste their diverse portfolio of their award winning wines.

Each week Black Button makes bottles of world-class gin, vodka, moonshine, bourbon and more. Every batch is distilled, aged, bottled, labeled, and hand numbered. A production tour will be included with your tastings. Rohrbach Brewing Company: Rohrbach began when beer lover John Urlaub, returned to Rochester after an assignment in the village of Rohrbach, Germany in Rohrbach's newest facility and tasting room recently opened in Rochester's historic public market district.

Rohrbach's has become one of Rochester's signature brewers with many award-winning varieties to choose from year-round. You'll sample some of the most incredible flavored beers in Rochester. Susan B. Anthony was famous for saying "agitate, organize, educate. Stand in the front parlor where Susan B. Anthony was arrested for the crime of "voting as a woman," and hear the stories of her partnerships with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frederick Douglass.

Tour the bedrooms belonging to Susan, her sister Mary Stanford Anthony and their mother. There will be time for shopping in the gift shop. Being the standards gets you plannability - less surprise. Surprises cost money by causing you to react, respond, scramble. Your customers do your marketing for you. You know Brand is working when a consumer says, "I only drink Coke" even-though blind tests show consumers are often unable to distinguish the difference between Coke and its competitors. The dyestuff business had been a specialty product business like big pharma. Lots of little unique patented products with huge margins.

The profit model shifted from specialty product to cost-and-cycle management. Key is to develop new niche products. Difference from Blockbuster is that this is niche: specialty foods, specialty papers, etc. Finding a legitimate need or variation and addressing it.

Risk occurs when these companies fail to recognize they are a local business model. Purchasing costs are lower, capture most better traffic locations, recruiting and advertising work better. Every store is like a billboard. Slightly higher pricing. Fill a county. Paid attention only to that market. What kind of people.

The Art of Profitability - by Adrian Slywotzky

Studied for 7 years. You get to the big transactions through great relationships. NOT: "You take whatever business you can get. But you can't get to the big transactions just by wanting to : you have to take risks to bias yourself toward the big business. Turn small business away to concentrate on the big accounts. Needs skill, persistence, reference development.

How many doors did you refuse to enter? Drawn to the shiny lure of the next thing that came up. Losing sense of long-term self-interest, strategy, the smart thing to do. Revenue increases proportionately with transaction volume but materials, construction, and or distribution costs do not. There are places in the value chain that are 10 times more valuable than others in terms of profit, power, control.

When earthquakes or floods happen, the location of these special places changes, making some vulnerable and others blessed. Intel and Microsoft as suppliers to the industry. Would you rather be Wal-Mart or a supplier to Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart Would you rather be Tom Clancy or his publisher? Tom Clancy Note pre-existing control points. There are none: they're conditional depending on the circumstances: relative value added, trajectory.

Wal-Mart vs suppliers. Creation of scarcity. Capturing bottleneck. Connection to the customer: a better connection than the other value-chain players have. Profit from predictability. The company that owns the control point sets the pace. Its business plan defines the future. The others react, always a step behind.

Note radical shifts in control points. Note new control points that will arise in the next 2 years. Partner with other members of the value chain suppliers to provide a more complete customer oriented service. The company can not control the cycle, but it works to maximize its position within the cycles grip. As capacity tightens the companies lead price increases, as capacity loosens, its lag price declines. Drive down the breakeven point. Reduce fixed costs. When others lose money, they break even.

When others break even, they profit. Permanently ahead. For a TV it's high: people price-shop relentlessly. Airfare and cars: the highest. But people will pay top dollar for a car in big demand. Price sensitivity is lowest when ticket price is low and there are few options. The action starts with the high-visibility big-ticket sale.

Computers, cars, equipment. Buyers go to the wall to get the lowest price. Their zeal drives the profit out. But the initial transaction creates a new situation: a need for follow-up stuff that did not exist before. You didn't need the service contract before you bought the elevator, PC, pickup truck.

Didn't need the replacement parts or accessories. A whole new minimarket created by the initial sale. Ticket prices are tiny. Frequency of purchase is greater.

Uncensored advice for a better life

Similarities to Installed Base model, except in this one, lots of different companies can benefit. Big-ticket companies should customize the after-sale stuff to the original sale product, so the customer has a compelling reason to buy the after-sale items and services from them. Work hard to turn the after-sale profit model into the installed base profit model. But selling this after-sale stuff is so unglamorous that many less are shooting for it : you can quietly sell service contracts and insurance for a lot of profit.

Needs a very different organization focused only on that. Company sells financing and services to support equipment and goods originally purchased from other suppliers. Margins are fat and volume is skyrocketing. Multiply these two and you get a growing ocean of profitability. Problem is: during the Gold Rush, swept into the psychology, into the zone where even weak producers make money because demand is so strong.

You can't think clearly about how to manage strategically. Step 1: admit this is all true. It's like a year-old admitting he'll get old and impotent. Step 2: manage Parabola strategically: Overinvest by a factor of 3 on the left-hand side, and underinvest by a factor of 3 on the right-hand side. On the left-hand side fight for mindshare, be seen as the leader. Be everywhere. Start measuring things that will give you clues you're at Pike's Peak. Growth rates. Customer excitement or boredom.

Then reverse the investment ratio a year before hitting the peak. Not getting out of the market, just managing the business to maximize cash flow and minimize the risk profile on the other side. Start building flexible plants instead of dedicated ones. Look for opportunities to sell dedicated plants to inevitable latecomers who still wanted to get into the game. Be in a great position when things start getting ugly. Clearing up another mystery, this ledger also resolves the identity of Frank H. Stewart, who appears in the Chapman bid books — was this the same Frank H.

Stewart who worked in Philadelphia and owned the first United States Mint property? Remarkably, no. The Chapmans list only Frank H. Stewart of Grand Rapids, MI, a warning that matching less common names does not always confirm identity. Digital-content specialist Exact Editions of London, England, is providing the platform that gives more than 24, American Numismatic Association members access to the archive. Walsworth worked closely with ANA to aggregate all of the print issues from the ANA library and private collectors, managed the entire digitization process, and worked with Exact Editions and ANA to create a customer experience that allows ANA members to access this benefit.

In addition, Walsworth and Exact Editions will continue to provide user experience enhancements and member support to ANA. The main screen looks as below with older listings set up in decades and the current decade by year. The individual editions for that year appear as shown below and are clickable to select. If you select a decade, that decade is expanded so that each year appears separately. I selected s and the 6 Numismatists for and appear.

If you select just from the top, you still get all 6 editions oops!! As this is a small edition, it shows all of the pages on the screen. If you pick a larger edition like below, you get several pages. Clicking on any page opens and enlarges it, I had to click a second time for full screen so that I could actually read it on my laptop.

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You have to use the arrow buttons to scroll from page to page. Using the windows scroll bar only lets you to scroll through the page. Unfortunately, it creates only the active page as a. Finally, as editor of the uspatterns. The listing defaulted to best match which gave a rather random listing of the editions. My preferences showed Newest as the default but that does not appear to be in effect for the search button.

Bundle of Holding - Bundles of Yore

I clicked on newest and the listing did sort properly. It lists 8 editions per page, with the next and prev buttons. There are bugs here as my search notes that it returned more than rows but the page scrolling ended at page 25 ie records which got me to about If I went back to the top and changed the sort from Newest to Oldest, I got the first listing all the way back in !!

What they need are more buttons allowing one to go back to the very start or go to the very end of the search. In any event, if you select one, it brings you directly to that page. From there you can scroll forward or backward within the edition. Overall, I would say it is a good start, but it still needs some work to make it more user friendly. To call the ANA's project to make available digital copies of every issue of The Numismatist a boon to scholars and collectors alike is an understatement.

Coming as I do from the perspective of one who has only comparatively recently joined the ANA, access to older issues has presented some difficulties, especially when researching some of the more arcane corners of our hobby. For writers, this resource is particularly helpful to see what others have written on a particular topic and find avenues that are not as well traveled so as to provide a deeper understanding of your area of interest. For collectors of all levels of experience, the ability to quickly put your hands on articles on all aspects of numismatics will help you gain an appreciation for pieces in your collection.

Once you create your account and login - make sure you have your ANA Member Number handy - the site is easy to navigate. The home page shows the covers of the most recent issues and you can leaf through back to older issues easily. Quick links up at the top will permit you to access the five most recent years, but after that it is broken down by decade all the way back to the s.

The Search functionality is quite simple and robust, though using keywords to quickly locate relevant articles was helpful. More generic searches such as on Humbert slugs or double eagles will generate hundreds of results, you can sort the results by best match, newest, or oldest appearance of that search term. Helpfully, there is functionality to allow you to print or save a PDF version of the page you are viewing. In addition, at the very bottom there is OCR optical character recognition text of the page. As is typical with OCR, often the text is somewhat garbled, though perhaps if the ANA is so inclined, perhaps a crowdsourced volunteer effort to correct and clean up any misreadings could be a future project.

All in all, the clean uncluttered interface gives this IT professional welcome relief from the rampant packing in as many bells and whistles as possible - sometimes a minimalist approach to web design is preferred. I have not tried using the archive on a mobile device or a tablet yet so I cannot comment on usability there, but I would think for tablet user or "phablet" users this will be an incredible resource to have on the go.

Probably one of the most important online resources available to the numismatic community and one that should be readily utilized. Let me start by saying that having The Numismatist available online is a real treasure for anyone interested in doing numismatic research. Instead of spending a fortune in money and time to acquire, read and index the issues, I now have them available for no cost above my ANA membership.

Last night I finally had the chance to peruse the digitized issues of The Numismatist. I found the log-in process to be a breeze and was impressed by the quality of the digitized pages. First off, I looked for a copy of the April issue. Once the issues for that year appear, one can just click on the cover of the April issue and find the pages one wants.

The one advantage to waiting for a few days to start using the digitized issues is that I could rely on the collective wisdom of the PCGS and NGC discussion boards. Of course, having only a basic search function available is also a gift to a researcher: in only a few searches, I found articles that I never knew existed and would never have found in a well-targeted search.

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For example, with a better-targeted search, I would have never known that Cole Danehower wrote an article for the February issue that told the story of the political struggle to establish the San Francisco Mint. I will now resist the temptation to discuss the results of my Google search of Mr. Danehower — other than to note that he became a subscriber of The E-Sylum in September and that he passed away in August I logged in to the ANA website on the morning of December 1, , to check out the digital archives for The Numismatist. It was not available then but I received an email later in the day confirming that it was now available.

The archives are not on the ANA site. Users are directed to a site hosted at www. They have a simple procedure to log-in that requires an ANA member number, an email address and a password. This was quite easy and instructions are on the ANA site. The user enters a search term and results are shown. On the left is a thumbnail image of the cover of that issue of the journal. To the right of that is a thumbnail image of the exact page. On the right is a preview pane showing the search term and nearby text. A user can ask for results from newest to oldest or oldest to newest.

If you know the issue date and page for an article, it is also possible to search for just that issue and the desired page. There is a magnification tool to enlarge the image. My results indicate that the site can search through various fonts and size of text to match the desired search terms. I have probably spent more than ten hours this week doing research on the site. I have found many gems of information not previously discovered or easily forgotten. I hope I do not give the wrong impression when I mention a few things that I wish were better. The search will produce no more than results.

There is no way to know how many more results are not listed or how to access them. I know that I can include a phrase within quotation marks. There are Boolean search tools that allow for a search of two phrases within the range of a few words. These tools are not mentioned in the instructions. I wish there was a way to search with a date range. Sometimes the preview pane is blank or contains fragmentary images that do not include the search term. I also found searches where the search term cannot be found on the page shown. With one of my searches, I was looking for exhibits that included a half disme.

I found several references to the piece donated by Steve Contursi and exhibited at the ANA convention in I discovered an error in the way some pages were scanned out-of-sequence.

Special Interest Affiliate Meetings

I do not see any instructions on how to report problems to the site host. As I am searching, I am also keeping notes in another document. If I switch back from that document to the search results, I lose the original image. That is annoying. Now I face a dilemma. I have a string of 75 years of issues in my library. The digital archive is much more convenient. What do we do with paper when it represents obsolete technology?

Mobile version available In addition, the Exact Edition app is available for smartphones and tablets, putting all , pages in the space of one page or less. Once inside the ExactEdition format, users will see the publication accessible decade-by-decade, with further access available to individual years within each decade. Each year will launch a fresh screen showing the respective issues for that year, identified by the publication date. Tools allow viewers to enlarge each page, clip content and even save individual pages as PDFs.

A search bar allows text searches within the issue, and a search of all issues is available on the main page as well. Results are displayed with three elements: the cover image at left, the page image in the middle and an enlarged focus on the search term at right. To read the complete Coin World article, see: American Numismatic Association launches digital archive of The Numismatist magazine www. Ancient coin website Coinvac. Totaling over 35, individual lots, the effort was accomplished over several months of painstaking scanning and parsing of old auction catalogues. These were then reconstructed joining each lot's text description to their corresponding plate images, tagged according to period, weight, etc.

Among the dozens of auctions now archived are found some of the most legendary sales ever held including the Samuel Pozzi collection dispersed in by Naville Ars Classica, Montagu by Sotheby's in , the Walter Niggeler collection by Bank Leu in the mid-sixties, Imhoof-Blumer by Adolph Hess and Jacob Hirsch in the early s and the best of the run of printed auctions carried by the notoriously doomed firm Numismatic Fine Arts.

Coinvac's 1. Together with an array of sophisticated tools and a user-friendly interface the sum effect greatly lessens the need for researchers to rely on keyword searches alone or having to sift aimlessly through countless records as is often the case. The online community is fortunate to enjoy strong growth in the quality and quantity of sites devoted to ancient numismatics and in particular to the ever-widening list of projects involved in digital archiving.

By directing increased resources into making readily accessible the absolutely massive amount of coin sales data from the late 's through the whole of the 20th century, Coinvac opens a needed front in a time where virtual repositories house increasingly overlapping information gleaned from the same data streams.

It is the expectation that if the current pace of growth can be maintained the site will be able to claim within a few months a fully comprehensive record of the trove of sales of all major auctioneers from the dawn of the illustrated catalogues in the 's through to the present day. To visit the CoinVac website, see: www. While publishing is what I love to do, unfortunately, at this time, I have no plans to continue publishing new books. It just did not make sense to carry it on as a separate business entity. We will continue to reprint existing titles under the Zyrus name, as well as the Cornerstone Album line.

To visit the Transline web site, see: www. Studies in the Aman ur Rahman Collection Volume 4. Vienna, Austrian Academy of Sciences, His research was based on numismatics, which takes account of the fact that the past of those peoples that once settled in Afghanistan and neighboring India, in parts of Iran, Turkmenistan and Pakistan, could only be reconstructed by accessing numismatic material because only a few other sources have come down to us. With all those shocking news we keep hearing since October , the average Western European at least roughly knows how to pinpoint Afghanistan on the map.

But he hardly knows anything about the history of the one so rich region, particularly when this history refers to events that occurred prior to the Russian occupation. The comparatively low scholarly interest, at least until the turn of the centuries, may also have contributed to this.

Then, in , an international research project was established which focused on the history of the Western Himalayas. Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, it promoted archaeology, history, history of art, epigraphy, and linguistics. Of course, numismatics added to this. Above all, the special collection of Aman ur Rahman constituted the material basis for Klaus Vondrovec.

Or, to be more specific, one of the many special collections of Aman ur Rahman of which some have already inspired research in the past. To ensure that his catalog achieves universality, as intended, the author has integrated further material from a number of renowned coin collections, such as Berlin, London, New York, Oxford, Paris, and Vienna, as well as a few special collections, such as Bern, and a range of private collections, like the Righetto Collection, for example.

The material is cataloged in 10 individual chapters. Kidarites 2. Dinars: Kidarite and Alkhan Periods 3. Alkhan 4. Tobazini 5. Hephthalites 6. Sasanian Coinage and Imitations 7. Nezak 8. Alkhan-Nezak Crossover 9. Western Turk Period Gandharan Copper. Every chapter begins with a detailed comment.

Marginal Costing 6 PV Ratio

Broadly speaking, the coin imagery is carefully analyzed first, followed by a historical overview which helps to put the coins in the overall context. At any rate, the catalog is lavishly illustrated, with special care devoted to the photographs. It is sometimes hard, particularly with the bronze coins, to recognize every detail of coin by a look at the photographs alone. Where necessary, the author thus provides clarifying drawings, which are all highly welcome! To be frank, the reader would appreciate if more of these drawings were given.

Although Klaus Vondrovec chose the best possible image available of the best preserved specimen of every single series, any non-initiated reader will spend some time on searching. To read the complete article, see: The coinage of the Iranian huns and their successors www. So I acquired this book about two months ago to identify Olympic medals. The following metals: gilt silver, silver, silvered bronze and bronze were offered to the other participants. The books covers Olympic coins and medals known to the authors from the Greek coins minted in Olympia in B.

C to the Centenary of the first modern Olympics. Gadoury in Monaco for 29 Euros. It also exists in a French version. To read the complete article, see: Olympic Medals and Coins www. I took this recently in trade, only to find out that reader Chris Buck also had an example and had not yet reported it to me. The latter is particularly significant, as it features the deeply marbled face printing so prized by collectors. It also has a correct date span pasted over incorrect dates. Rather than damage the board by removing these additions, it may be presumed that the underlying dates are those intended for the concluding board for the Barber Quarter series.

The annual updates to both my coin board and coin album books are also included with this newsletter. There are relatively few changes to the former, but there has been some upward price movement. I expect it to be in print by the spring. My website is still down, awaiting the time to put together an entirely new version.

As soon as the new book is off to the printer I can begin working on this. Franklin Institute Medal , 50mm. The date on the obverse is the founding date for the Institute. The dies were provided to the U. Mint which struck the medals. Interesting to note that this example also appears to be overstruck on a reverse of the Franklin Institute Reward of Skill and Ingenuity medal. The date on the ob-verse is the bounding date of the Society.

Gobrecht himself was awarded the first of these medals for his skill and excellence in the creation of the dies. This medal was also struck by the U. F on both obverse and reverse. It is considered a scarce and important U. Mint medal. This piece is a silver example issued in to Mrs. Edward Brooks, for her embroidery. Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association Medal , 39mm. F punched on the obverse design. This piece is a silver example awarded in to Mrs. Coindreau, for her specimen of embroidery. For more information on the Liberty Seated Collectors Club, see: www. They had a quite a fan in the stands.

Eric Newman was there when the school opened. And at years old he is still there. To view the complete video, see: year-old man loves his high school, John Burroughs www. Week after week you keep posting the most interesting numismatic items. I would like to comment on some of them from last week's post.

Dollar Sign About the dollar sign, I have a question. As a young boy I learned to make it with two vertical strokes. Now it is only made with one. When did this change? Gies Connected to the post on the Western Pennsylvnia Numismatic Society, I am happy to say that I recently acquired a hard bound copy of the half dollar collection of A. Over the years I had bid on this sale several times, but was never successful until now. Bell On the Col. Green proof set, and the three gold proof coins sold to J. His real name was Jacob Shapiro.

Over the years he assembled, and then sold several collections of gold coins. The proof coins were sold individually as part of date sets. Interestingly, I believe that this was the first really major numismatic sale held on the west coast. The two-dollar bill has a shady past. The bills, affectionately called "Toms" nicknamed for Thomas Jefferson's image were once associated with gambling, bribes and prostitution. While rare, they are still passed around today, and kept in the wallets of uncles everywhere.

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The SSDI was created because so many people tried to steal the identities of the deceased, so the Social Security Administration actually publishes the name and social security number of everyone who dies in order to prevent their being given loans, credit cards, etc. Death records go back to at least the early s, possibly earlier. It is used frequently by genealogists too. I searched for a Don or Donald Taxay an unusual name , and none was found. Anyone who worked in almost any job in the US after has a social security number, so therefore Don Taxay is either still alive or died overseas in such a way that his death was never reported to the Social Security Administration perhaps as an overseas permanent resident who never collected social security.

The first photo has a notation that it was taken at the ANA convention in Cleveland. Everyone's wearing a convention badge and posing for some award. Zooming in, I think I can read the words "Fifty Years". Neither of us recognized the fourth man. However, finding the answer was a lot easier using the new Numismatist online archive.

Here's what I found in the November issue p :. The second photo was taken at the same event as the third photo, where we can see that it is marked DEC 66, meaning the film was developed in December , so it could have been taken that month or earlier. Mercer It seems reasonable to assume that his last son was named after the well-known Cincinnati numismatist and collector Thomas Cleaney. We shall see that Mercer was a self-made man and, as some, went the way of a self-destructive man as well.

He mustered out with the rank of Private on 9 November After the Civil War he became a merchandizer specializing in stencils. Over time he added other items and eventually included items typical of the classical curiosity cabinet. On December 27, he advertised as R. On January 20, he advertised in the Cincinnati Daily Enquirer selling stencil brands at 5 cents per letter with an address at Main Street, Cincinnati. In September he was elected a member of the Ohio Archaeological Society. Though an amateur archaeologist at best he fancied himself a real archaeologist though he had no formal training or experience whatsoever.

He was, however, considered by many including experts to be an authority on Indian relics and artifacts. Unfortunately his notoriety as an expert and dealer in Indian relics caused him to create a black list and controversy among the other dealers. This is the least of his crimes. In the July issue of Numisma we find the notice of the coin sale of lots of R. Mercer catalogued by himself held at Cincinnati on May 23d. In the January issue of Numisma we find the report that his collection was catalogued by W. Thick paper copies with the plate, and priced, can also be obtained of Mr.

Morgan, was sold by D. Henry, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Cincinnati Enquirer , Thursday, December 24, , page 12 tells us more profoundly about the character of Robert Wood Mercer in a public notice of divorce titled "Mercer's Misery". Mercer, the curiosity dealer on Central avenue, near Fourth, would probably like to dispose of his wife, Rosetta, "as a relic".

This is based upon the allegations of a petition for divorce filed by him yesterday. He says that for seven years they have not lived together as husband and wife, though he has provided for her. He alleges that she has refused to cohabit with him, refused to prepare his meals, mend his clothes or in any way attend to her household duties.

She beat him with a poker, called him a libertine, a drunkard and accused him of having a vile disease. He says she sent him and his friends vile letters and postal cards, and called at his store and abused him.