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Men", ca. October Dylan Thomas, and Now Matthew Mead. October 24, April 11, - ca. April For Mac Hammond. The Gonfalon Raised Tonight. April 7, The Intended Angle of Vision. August 4, - August 8, The Loves of Anat, 1. Not to permit himself to be a civilized man October 23, Snow White was always waiting for The Prince Some partial cloudiness will flow locally September 12, August 20, Carbon copy.

The Drum World. Written on "Sum No. An "Enthusiasm". October 9, And Now: The World! Folded TS signed, sent R. Souster, returned in his letter dated February 2, See also Dan Rice's letter dated ca. February 6, Birth's Obituary. See also "Key West II" notebook. March 9, Black Mt. June 16, For the Children, in the Novel, Mr. Willie Francis and the Electric Chair. May In Answer to a Request for Dirge Words June 24, July 21, Backward it compells Gloucester Written on "Delta Poetry Magazine, October ".

As cats who come in the night Spring - Spring Art is an imitation of the cosmos, we are divided in purpose between God and Nature - a soliloquy out loud. While the dream of giving over to the Earth's greatness Also see the following letters separated from the manuscript : 1 dated April 8, , from Richard P. April - May Southmead where Pearce was From notebook "II May ". May 18, Throw the pigeon up The Sun hides Moon's Pieces in a hollow log Ammonius says Existence is Solely God's Life December 13, Possibility that the one mystery proper is that one that anyone of us 'happens' at all??

December 23, The name, on a ship tied up at Fulton Street slip October 8, In the West the advantage, of the idea and society of millenia Is what they were talking about, the whole covering of the Earth The lady of Gloucester, our lady of Gloucester October - November I gave her for her whole soul her fervent love I've got my pieces of it, Aricia November 9, Woods, gardens in the woods, roads John Parsons On her head she had a red wool hat Planted the fruit 2" into the ground December - February In the precinct of Gloucester I buried her, the wedding of Venice with the sea, squashy islands my olive Tuscan girl Monday: Thursday: Where Nandanandi ever played with the Gopi women If that damned woman was betraying me with some salesman - a man's honor Frances called it An uninterrupted line of extension or continuity.

January - February January 25, May 15 and October 19, May 15 and October 9, Smallmans now dwelling house September 24 - October 3, I'm serious now in wonder and in awe Written on "Synapse 4, San Francisco ' The Beloved - to be alive at all follow into the colors of her dress up October 6, Otherwise one contributes to the contest instead of any change As youth and woman and myself the Judges will strip me March 26, April 1, For things are perfected by their like and therefore the operator must himself participate in the work May - October May 30, For it was nearer this withdrawal than the boy had reached June , The seas air brought on the evening's own Original in notebook "Record".

Partial Index of Articles, 1957 - 1999

July 15, The farther try me to get his day 11er - when I am about to marry? July 19, There was a big fog on the mountain And across the pelvis runs of perforated animal teeth August 17, The world, which is the same for all, is an ever-living fire July 24, Added precisions on the "new" sciences. Prose No. The advantages of literacy is that words can be on the page. December 9 Again Eastward [essay on Melville]. The Animate versus the Mechanical, and Thought.

February 15 The Area, and the Discipline of, Totality. The Attack, Now, in Painting and Writing. A bibliography on America for Ed Dorn. January November Civilization and the soul. Also see Notebook "Gloucester - Spring The concept of danger as voiced by Max Lemmer. March 15, December 26, The Crisis of the Third Foot. Also see CO to Layton, August 1, July 31, Culture - A Stab at its Present Shape February 20, Cy Twombly.

Lawrence and the high temptation of the mind. Depriapo or notes for an historian of a suppressed religion. Fate will control meaningless chance sort person love. March A first draft of a reading list in the new sciences of man. May 6, Genuine missing pieces in the "thought" of the west. The world is larger than any of its places Grandpa, goodbye. March ? Boldereff, 30 January The great origins of European thought note.

He peopled his world with their giant characters. He was a player [Shakespeare introduction]. The Hinges of civilization to be put back on the door. December 7, History and selfconsciousness have won. November 4, Photocopies of letters in folder. February 15, A house built by Capt.

John Sores, Human universe. I am engaged in rather a different work entirely I am not the first poet who happily find material October 11, Ideas for series of lectures at Richman's Institute of Contemporary Art. Immediate and preliminary statement for whatever use. December 27, Introduction to the Sutter-Marshall lease with the Yalesumney Indians for monopoly of the gold-bearing lands.

Judson Crews' The Anatomy of Proserpine. February Literary criticism in Emerson term paper. A man's life is a continual allegory. December , The materials and weights of Herman Melville. March-August Melville and Homer: notes vis-a-vis V. More notes toward the proposition: Man is prospective. The mother acquires the definite sacrificial sublimity of a heroine. My faith is, It is possible to know what your are doing November 5, December January The New Sciences of Man, The cave's recesses New sense from a flood of suddenly increased young persons Photocopy of manuscript.

December 12, No slow and flow the way in each instant. November 7, Note on type-face. Notes for a lecture on Corrado Cagli and the 4th Dimension. December 15, Notes for a response to "A Letter From Italy. Notes for the Proposition: Man is Prospective. Notes on the Source of the Imagination. August 21, Outline for new sciences of man. Creeley's Stories. Phoenician History, 1st Essay on the. Handwritten manuscript.

February 5, A poem is a presented duration note on poetry. Possibilities for the Institute of the Sciences of Man, 1st draft. The present state of knowledge, or, The area, and the discipline of, totality. The principle of measure in composition by field. A review of Eric Havelocks' Preface to Plato. November-December The search in art, or Notes on the New Dimension lecture notes. November 16, Also included, Life article "J. Robert Oppenheimer," by Lincoln Barnett. March 21, The principle extrications and new coordinates now called for.

September - December Quantity in Verse and Shakespeare's Late Work. Shakespeare Essays: Notes and Fragments. A Valuable Book despite the Attacks on it, and its own Staleness. June 13, Journal of Swordfishing Cruise on the Doris M. Hawes, Capt. Cecil Moulton. July Key West II. Filed with a typed transcription. February - April Washington, Fall II. Fall - Spring June - September The Period. Includes notes from August 7, , February 15, , and March 6, I begins after "a begin a plant". September 15, Even though the land policy of the Mass. Bay Co. Includes poetry. A world or life view to contest the classical-representational and confirm the primitive-abstract.

April 1, - July 19, Notes July ? Removed from inside back cover of notebook below entitled "Gloucester Persons Book," dated July - June Gloucester Persons Book. Additional notebook removed from back cover, entitled "Notes July ? January on. Psilocybin experiment with Timothy Leary and Arthur Koestler. To select Lane's drawings. With note from 1 June inserted. September 23, - January 21, It is all rests on nothing.

Also includes letter draft from March 30, , and "West 6" from March 4, Book 1.

Also includes notes for January 24, , and March , December 11, - January 23, Monday January 18 Also includes notes from "Sunday night Dec. January 18, - February 18, ; December 15, July 4, Written on pad from the Mayfair Hotel, London. Includes Poetry. March - July Wait till the Judgement is past, till the Creation is consumed. If I had had more faith I wld have married her July - August G'l book. May also include notes from Winter August 20, - December 7, Poem off to Stonybrook.

September 18, - September 25, September 7, - October 24, Winter - Spring Continues beyond April. March - April 16, Key West I. January - February 4, Washington Spring. April 25, - ca. June 26, File cards restored during the Melville Project. Card numbers Cards in this box are either oversized, or could not be separated during restoration.

Card numbers 15, 69, , , , , , Unknown hand. Unsorted manuscripts and fragments. Materials are foldered and some are titled. Unsorted fragments. Merk's History Westward Movement. February 8 - May 7, Notebook of Susanna Hara on Egyptian and Mesopotamian archaeology; folder of 18th-and 19th-century historical documents. Painting by Joe Fiore, ; unidentified painting; "Song 8," film by Stan Brakhage; unidentified glass shard.

Born December 27, at A.

Once Upon A Time: When We Were Colored (1995, trailer) [Al Freeman Jr., Phylicia Rashad, Leon]

Picture taken February 26, See The Post Office, cover. Mounted by Charles Olson? Includes copy negative. Sent to Ed Dorn, 14 July Annotated on verso by CO. See Call Him Ishmael, plate 2. Gift to the Archives from Ed Dorn. With copy prints and copy negative. Stayed at Phi Mu Theta Fraternity. On steps of the chapel or library"--verso.

Thomas, , Ten Pound Island. Olson, Jr. Grammar School. Charles Olson formally dressed, shaking hands with a professor.

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Charles Olson formally dressed formally, talking to a professor. Charles Olson with unidentified group, including Mary T. Formal portrait, gift to the Archives from Philip Hedges. This one Charles against a palm, with the patio between her house and owns in the rach ground [? It's supposed to be the loveliest garden in Key west. This side is part of Pauline's house. Charles Olson in hayfields. Summer Includes some copy prints. Summer, Charles Olson in hayfields.

Taken in Virginia, by Murray Morgan or his wife, Rosa. Summer, 'Enniscorthy', Keene, Va. Charles Olson in hayfield with two other men. Charles Olson in Washington, D. Also includes unprinted variant negative. Charles Olson in Washington D. Charles Olson in various solitary poses, probably in Washington D.

With 1 copy print. Photograph by Marc Riboud. See Charles Olson Robert Creeley, v. Copy print only, courtesy of Jean Riboud.

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  • Lesson Plans Death and the Kings Horsemen.

Charles Olson standing in front of vine-covered barn. Photofinisher's date on the verso. Photo taken by Richard Wirtz Emerson on a view[?

Partial Index of Articles, 1957 - 1999

Photograph by Jonathan Williams, Black Mountain. Photograph by Jonathan Williams. Charles Olson at writing table front view. August Copyprint only, courtesy of Jonathan Williams. Page Charles Olson wearing serape. Closer view. Copy print only, courtesy of Jonathan Williams. Charles Olson with Constance Olson his head resting in her lap. Charles Olson with Constance Olson, his head resting on her lap. Includes several enlarged copy prints. Pianist David Tudor and M. Richards, Black Mountain College. Filed with copy print and identifications by Michael Rumaker For a variant print with identifications, see The Arts at Black Mountain, p.

Community gathering to announce the closing of the college. Charles Olson in San Francisco. With 3 copy prints. Charles Olson in a recording studio, probably in San Francisco. Charles Olson inside a house smoking. Photograph by Karen Tallman. Charles Olson, in Buffalo, with Ginsberg at Tallman's house. In kitchen with Betty. With 3 copy prints 1 dated July by the photofinisher.

Photographs by Charles Stein. Note: Some original prints are missing. Stewart Brown and Nick Ceppi. Black and white picture of Charles Olson, lecturing, teaching. Annotated on the back. Charles Olson in a classroom, among students. Portrait of Charles Olson with a bird on his head. Charles Olson with a bird on his head, a woman feeding the bird. Taken in New Paltz, N. Copy prints only. Gift to the Archives from Philip Hedges. Hedges, Topsham, M. Original taken in St. John, N. Mounted prints of unidentified family members in frame bearing a Gloucester frame-maker's label.

Taken by self, very bad, focus, etc. Flattering, etc. Without glasses. Tom Field. Polaroid print of wife and infant child. Rainer Gerhardt. Includes family. Summer , other dates. Helen Stein- Painter. Gloucester Mass. Given to me by her brother in Boston Unidentified photographs of people. May include members of Olson's family.

Icludes pictures of Kate Olson. To aunt Betty, with love, Lionel Josguise. In this picture he is eight months old, he is going to be a year old this month. Olson, October 23rd "--verso. Gift to the Archives from Frank Ballard. With Charles Olson's annotations. Destroyer Flusser[? To Dearest Alice on her umptieth unbirthday. From Humpty D. Question: Did an anty miss even live in the Hunters House? Photograph of Charles Olson. Manuscript on verso reads "Elizabeth Howard coming into Gloucester Harbor.

Photograph of audience watching dance performance in a park. Taken from set of Olson family photos. Photograph of Robert Creeley. Photograph of the Eaton portrait of Herman Melville. To Charles P. Olson jr- This photograph of Eaton's portrait of Herman Mellville, from his Cosmic Egg, Egg gold-leaft. Photographs by Sam Rosenberg, Washington, D. Unidentified stage set or model. Original manuscript for "The City Hall as is now was burned" with print reproducing the painting by Jerome Elwell. See Olson 1 Spring : 41, Original manuscript for "The Secret of the Black Chrysanthemum.

Original manuscript for poem beginning "there on the City's Front" Maximus, p. See Editing the Maximus Poems, Appendix 1, p. Original manuscript for poem beginning "I have been an ability" Maximus, p. Original manuscript for unpublished poem. Original manuscript for poem beginning "I was bold, I had courage" Maximus, p. Original manuscript for "Short Possible Poem" Maximus, p. Original diagram for proposed reorganization of Black Mountain College, ca.

See Olson 2 Fall : See A Guide to the Maximus Poems, plate See A Guide to the Maximus Poems, plate 4. See Olson 5 Spring : See Olson 1 Spring : The oversized materials are part of their respective series and do not constitute a separate series in this collection. Some static at the head in the background. Cross talk from previous recording detected at beginning of tape as well as middle of tape. This is not content from alternate tracks or imprint from previous winds. It is recorded on the same tracks as the poetry tracks. It appears as if this was content that was previously recorded on the tape and the erase head ahead of the record head didn't fully erase the previous content.

Problem apparent through The quality of the Charles Olson content is good. Content goes to end of tape. Single sided. Motors outside? It's minimal. Occasionally speaker sounds slightly muffled - possibly turning away from microphone? Because at the start of a new sentence he seems clear again. Content goes to end of tape but speaker finished in time - hear, "We just made it". Begins abruptly. Some rumblings in track - probably microphone movement and ambient sound in room. Ends abruptly, content goes to the end of the tape.

Single Sided. Lots of microphone noise when it is finally turned on. Probably a single microphone shared between interviewer and interviewee. Lots of rustling on the microphone at the start of the recording. Overall quality is good. This collection also includes some administrative records of Black Mountain College. Call Number Epigraph to the Maximus Poems. June 1, I, Maximus. May 17, Notes on the Maximus Poems "from 22 on. I, Maximus, of Gloucester, to you. The Maximus Poems I, Maximus of Gloucester, to You. Galley Proof. Maximus, to Gloucester: Letter 2.

June 2, Maximus, to Gloucester, Letter 3. The Songs of Maximus. Maximus Letter 5. Tyrian Businesses. Letter 9. Letter To Gloucester - Letter Maximus, to Himself. The Song and Dance of. Maximus to Gloucester: Letter Maximus, to Gloucester, Letter The Twist. Letter 20 - not a pastoral letter. Maximus, at Tyre, and Boston, wherever.

A Plantation a beginning. Maximus, to Gloucester [I don't mean, just like that, to put down History is the Memory of Time. So Sassafras. The Picture. The Record. Stiffening, in the Master Founders' Wills. Capt Christopher Levett of York. John Burke. Letter, May 2, Maximus, to Gloucester, Sunday, July April Today Main Street. Letter 41 [broken off]. Maximus, From Dogtown - I. November 20, A Note on the Above. Maximus, From Dogtown - II. For "Moira. Maximus to Gloucester, Letter The River - 1. October 21, The River - 2. November 14, The Poimanderes Spring Dogtown the dog town Like Mr.

Pester acknowledges his sinfulness A Maximus. December, Maximus Letter No. Maximus, March - 1. Maximus, March - 2. The Account Book of B Ellery.

Szeemann (Harald) Papers

A Maximus Song. March 13, Later Tyrian Business. March 12, O John Josselyn you. Further Completion of Plat. Bohlin 1. Bohlin 2. Gee avenue, what I call the upper road Ellery Cinvat Bridge aer. The winning Thing. Bailyn shows sharp rise