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A Girl Named Rose

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Perhaps its time for copyright awareness. I am with you. It would be helpful to know of actual legal clause that pins this as crime. If you seek any legal help, enlighten us too. I will twitter this. Damayanti Datta, Shame on you, and also on India Today for having someone like you as their deputy editor. Welcome to the online plagiarized creative people club! Hindustan Times stole my photos. Hope you get some money out of it.

Dont stop at only recognition. Poonam: Thanks for tweeting it. I will update you on the legal situation once I have more information. BTW, how was your case resolved? Do email me. There is no word by word lifting of content.

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They might have taken your idea but as long as they are using their own words it does not classify. I am not debating whether the article was inspired or not. I am just talking about what can be called plagiarism. It does seem heavily inspired but as I said as long as they are using their own words…. Tearsndreams — plagiarizing is defined as stealing ideas as well as just words it does not have to be a pure cut and paste.

Are you seriously saying that if I publish a document in Nature or Science or some publication and someone takes my article and changes the words it is now their idea? This is bad. When I read your first comparison I thought I dont see much but from the second comparison onwards it is quite evident the India Today article is a total lift off.

And again it is not the words that make a work of art it is the ideas — this is for tearsndreams who has commented otherwise…. If you do not mind, Niranjana, I would like to re-start my blog with this theme. Above, Ankur Banerjee talked about Creative Commons.

Technically, you can sue the company even if it is under CC. I think the only issue that can come is that Niranjana is using a Canada jurisdiction version of the license — which spells out in Canadian legal terms. CC comes nowhere in the picture then.

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Ankur: She contacted me the first time to use my publication in a print mag The Smithsonian Magazine. That piece also appears in gulp! Hence the copyright issues… Oh, and she wanted to use my piece as a personal voice.

“India’s Number One Magazine” copied my work. | Brown Paper

That was the rub. Thank you Shripriya! Judging by the disarray that the Indian mainstream media is in and the travesty of justice that the Indian Judicial system is turning out to be, I hardly think you will get any reprieve from the India Today side. It is a shame that publishers are getting away with information highway robbery in this way.

You can sue them, or better claim all the revenue that Damayanti Datta would command via her article in IT. There are plagiarism detection software packages that would help too like plagiarismdetect. BTW, two textbooks too? Shriniwas Kulkarni: Gaurav Sabnis case had absolutely nothing to do with plagiarism. She followed up with them, and actually won compensation. This Datta person was obviously desperate, and unfortunately became a thief in order to be recognized once again. I say that not only should you be recognized for your own creative genius, but you should also receive monetary compensation.

Fight for it because you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely shocking to be honest with you. But the similarities ended with a couple of paragraphs and I was more flattered than upset. But this takes it to a whole new level. I am glad that you have mailed Prabhu Chawla and I hope you hear from him. What annoys me is the most is how many main-stream journalists never pass an opportunity to criticize blogs and bloggers for their stupidity and their trivial posts and yet never find it hard to plagiarize content.

Damayanti Datta has done this before. Go there. Do a search for Damayanti Datta. She took at least two paragraphs from in the Observer. One more case of stealing creativity. You should make them shy. God is with you. You have the right to get compensation for it. These days plagiarism is infesting the Indian Press including the daily newspapers. Fight it out…you will have support from a lot of us here…. Niranjana — cant help but echo Saad — welcome to the club :P.

His case isnt solved as yet BTW. Will respond to your email in detail via email only. Shrinath — forget CC in India or anywhere. India very much has laws respecting copyright, even though they are kinda outdated. Niranjana, if Ms. And of course you have already posted stuff about the theft. Please do spread the word, write to the marketing department of India Today not editorial. Prepare to send in a legal notice in a few days. Mentally prepare yourself to go to court. This is awful. All the best to you!

Hope you get an apology, or something, at least a decent reply. I think as bloggers we need to publicize this incident and make people aware of the incident. The collective response can have a much more impact. I will soon write a post on my blog about it. Rahul: Okay, this changes everything. She obviously casts her net rather wide. Cross Blogged here. Lame, I know, but hope that gives some silver lining in this rather annoying situation.

Wishing you the best and a positive response from India Today. From what I know using an opinion and saying it in your own words is not plagiarism. It hurts, it sucks but its not a crime. Its called paraphrasing. The World Wide Web has become a more popular source of information for student papers, and many questions have arisen about how to avoid plagiarizing these sources.

In most cases, the same rules apply as to a printed source: when a writer must refer to ideas or quote from a WWW site, she must cite that source. If a writer wants to use visual information from a WWW site, many of the same rules apply. Copying visual information or graphics from a WWW site or from a printed source is very similar to quoting information, and the source of the visual information or graphic must be cited. These rules also apply to other uses of textual or visual information from WWW sites; for example, if a student is constructing a web page as a class project, and copies graphics or visual information from other sites, she must also provide information about the source of this information.

Strategies for Avoiding Plagiarism. Write out the idea in your own words without peeking. Check your paraphrase against the original text to be sure you have not accidentally used the same phrases or words, and that the information is accurate. This was at best, one of those movies that draw inspiration from another movie. And I am not contesting that it happened esp if the editor had contacted BP earlier but I think you should be very sure before making an accusation. Because just like plagiarism, slander is a crime too.

Again, nothing personal, I would be happy to be proved wrong. Pingback: Plagiarism: A growing disease on the internet??? Hi folks, If you check out other sites and reviews on mills and boon, they will all appear to be the same to you. Niranjana, no offence, but all you ladies talk about the same issues…how much you loved some authors, how you all went by the book covers, how you all read in class and all that, how it helped girls of those years to grow up. There are thousands of such stuff all over the internet. I am sorry but not a single piece is original. Came here through DP. Reading your post my first reaction was dismissive.

But I guess there is more to it than that. There are many ways of analysing a body of work. But then when you are talking of s of books, however similar, you are definitely come up with different issues. Still I might have thought that it could have been accidental. But your mention of the previous request of use of your article made me read the fine print. And both read the same!

A careful inspection gives it away. However, I am skeptical of whether anything will come out of the entire exercise. It is sad- and very frustrating. All the best. Tearsndreams: You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I believe you have been misinformed. The bulk of your comment actually stresses the need for source attribution.

Mills and Boon, 1970's - Film 6942

If the IT writer had included a line mentioning the source of her piece, this situation would not exist. You can check this with academics and other writers if you need any more clarification. I did, before sending out my post. Your insinuation that my post might be slanderous is so off-the mark that I am not going to respond to it. And by the way, I think you are referring to libel, not slander. Ameena: thanks! Behenji Nancy Drew.

My mind is busy boggling. It almost sounded like active is turned into passive. I feel so sorry for India today. Even if it is done by any of there author , this is no way near to ethical. I am so sorry to read about your blog being plagiarized and printed by India Today. What is even worse, in my opinion, is the very POOR writing style of the plagiarist — perhaps because of translation?

Despite that, the India Today article clearly has stolen your intellectual property and amends should be made. Himadri: You are mistaken in both your assumptions and your facts. This is not technically plagiarism. This is plagiarism because it is the same ideas that have been stolen.

Every single girl I know that grew up in the 70s, 80s and 90s feels exactly the same way about Mills and Boon. Where are these so called original ideas.. I can safely title this piece.. Thank god for small mercies! Niranjana, A couple of points. You have given the impression that the article appeared in the India Today magazine.

The only place it has appeared is on a personal blog on the digitaltoday website, which is owned by the India Today Group. Being a writer yourself, I hope you know the difference between a magazine and a website. Now, Ms Datta may or may not have copied your article, but i just feel it would be a lot easier for a writer to write her own stuff than painstakingly change words in every line that you have written. She makes several points in each paragraph. Are you telling me that completely coincidentally Ms. And yes, each one is just reworded — not a single new thought by the brave Ms.

The proof is there for all too see. So obvious that Ms. Datta should hang her head in shame.

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  5. Sure, it is probably easier to write something original, but Ms. Datta is clearly not capable of that. To address your other point — if India Today hosts plagiarism, they are responsible. The blog is hosted on their site and is written by their Deputy Editor.

    Who is behind a Mills & Boon novel?

    They make money off it since the page is filled by advertisements that are sold by the India Today web team and the revenue is collected by IT. And the url is, oh, surprise, surprise IndiaToday. They are therefore responsible. Try making any comment disagreeing with Ms. I did — several days ago. The brave IT web team has not even approved the comment. What a joke. Just because someone belongs to the mainstream media does not make them right. This is not the first time Ms.

    Datta has been accused of plagiarism with proof. We can of course choose to disagree with everything and call everything copies.. Do allow us the privilege. Sabyasachi, Tara, N. R Nair and others who believe this is not plagiarism : When five paragraphs resemble my writing in terms of the argument structure, the sequence of ideas, right upto the disclaimer in parenthesis and elipses at the end of the piece, are you seriously suggesting this is a coincidence because the writer and I might feel the same way about Mills and Boon romances?

    I repeat, I showed the two pieces to several writers and academics before sending out my initial post. Please check the definition of plagiarism with such people of your aquaintance. Shripriya : Thank you. I appreciate getting this opinion from a person with so much expertise and authority in matters concerning the internet space. You have articulated my thoughts exactly.

    I am upset at the insinuation that paraphrasing is OK. Disclaimer time: I am friends with Niranjana. Sorry: I meant to say paraphrasing without acknowledgement, which constitutes a form of plagiarism. Ana: Thank you for your detailed comment. You make the very important point that a similarity of opinion in no way equates a similarity of expression.

    As Ana mentioned, she is a friend. But she also taught at Journalism school at a leading American university for several years, and knows more about plagiarism than most of us including me viewing this thread. Please note before you flame. Hey Niranjana, the entire tone of the discussion here is very angry. I do not doubt that your article was copied — and I mentioned as much in my comment.