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But grandpa was getting sick, losing his memory and the ability to even cut the mangoes. Mary wants to play with her friends Clara and Ana, but they're playing with their dolls, and Mary doesn't have a doll. Her mother suggests that she make one using wool and cotton and other things that they have around the house.

So Mary makes a beautiful doll, but then she realizes: Her doll has to breathe, and how will it sneeze? What can she use for her lovely doll's nose? Matthew wanted only one thing on Earth: a dog. He lived in a children's home, and they weren't allowed to have a real dog.

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The toy dog he got for Christmas was broken; the other animals he tried out as pets didn't live up to his expectations. He never ever thought about wanting a Mother or a Father-but one day, when a couple comes to adopt him-he decides to keep an open mind.

When Jimmy's mother brings home a bag of five beautiful oranges, he wants to keep them all for himself. But his instinct to share with his family and friends is too strong to resist-until he has no oranges left at all! This day, Jimmy will learn a lot about the gift of generosity.

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A question scritches and scratches at the back of Emma's throat. Emma is a curious kid.

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She loves to ask questions - and she loves the silly answers that her grandmother always gives. How's Grandad?

He went for a walk in the park today. She went for a walk in the park and then she sat on a bench to read her newspaper. Isabel went for a walk in the park with her dog, as she does every day.

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