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Offer ends midnight CST, July 2nd. Offer ends midnight CST, February 11th. Successful children's book illustrator Holly Seaton is no stranger to the paranormal. With her artist's hand, she creates magical beings of myth and fantasy.

Little does she know some of these creatures actually exist and she just met one in the supermarket. Stryker Cain is a vampire on a crucial mission to save his people from extinction.

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For years he's been settling small enclaves of vampires amidst human communities all over the world. Stryker has deadly enemies, people who will stop at nothing to destroy his dream. He doesn't have time to deal with the complex feelings Holly engenders within him, but some things can't be pushed aside. She's his bloodmate. The one person a vampire cannot deny.

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When innocent people close to him are murdered, Stryker is forced to pull Holly into his world in order to keep her safe. But is Holly the one who will need saving? Always have and probably always will. I think it's a terrible pity they can't sun bathe because I love a man with a tan. The white-and-sickly-looking need not apply. I'm intrigued by the idea that maybe they're out there living amongst us. Sure some of them are predators, but what if humans were the real threat? We've managed to make a mess of just about everything else.

Look at what witches have endured over the years. Is it possible that we've misunderstood the vampire? Maybe their stories don't have to be so filled with darkness. So, with all of that in mind, I wrote Drawing Blood, a vampire story with a little sunshine mixed in. Abigail is determined to get justice for her dad, even if it means learning the secret of a man with eyes that cut straight through the wall around her heart.

After making a mysterious discovery that costs him his job, Ryan Newberry is happy to accept any position he can get. BookStrand Romance Collection Award-winning mainstream romance, intense and exciting But when she meets the man who was supposed to be her nemesis, Lilah is tempted by a passion far stronger than the desire to see her name in print There was no doubt in Lucas's mind that eliminating his father's new executive assistant--namely, the bastard he's hired to help steal Project Gemstone--would be effortless.

Though Lilah may be the one person capable of bringing him to his knees, Lucas will stop at nothing to keep his empire secure. When he must travel to Wyoming to settle his deceased father's affairs, he expects a quick trip with little or no disruption to his exciting Vegas life.

He does not expect to learn his father was murdered. He does not expect to be beset by disgruntled ranchers or targeted by the mob. He especially does not expect to fall in love with a debutant, the polar opposite of his ideal woman, or to discover she is spying on him and he has placed her in danger. How much will he give up? How much can he forgive to have the woman he loves? Deception is everywhere.

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Morgan Michaels, a DEA agent, goes undercover to expose a drug ring. The question is can they make their way through all the lies to regain trust and find love? Engaged to re-marry the man responsible, she is determined to do whatever it takes to be in her children's lives. But when she has a dream about her once-coworker Jack Madera, Corinne's plans of securing her future go up in smoke. Add to Wishlist.

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. He cultivates Heather Graham, Grayson's secretary, anticipating she will prove to be a valuable source as well as a pleasing diversion. What Manny doesn't anticipate is that he'll fall hard for Heather, just as she falls for him.

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He gives into the attraction, unable to wait until the investigation is over, when he plans to tell Heather the truth and ask for her understanding. Manny seduces her.

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Accidentally finding out Manny isn't who he says he is, Heather retreats and inadvertently tips off Grayson. The man has already killed once to cover his tracks, and her boss needs something from his secretary, something Heather doesn't know she has. Manny searches for the love of his life, desperate to protect her and be her everything. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Recovering from near fatal wounds, he's not easy to live around.

The Bear Essentials (Bear Essentials, #1) by Stormy Glenn

Hiring a private physical therapist goes against the grain, especially a View Product. A chance A chance encounter with a mysterious man in black casts doubt over her decision to come to America, but a train robbery brings them together in ways Bama Bride Bookstrand Publishing Romance.

He's tall, dark, and handsome, and wears a Stetson like nobody's business.