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I love road trips.

Book Reviews | Ronda, the City of Dreams in Andalusia, Southern Spain

This way you get to see so many things in a short amount a time. Andalusia was high on my bucket list, so in September I flew to the south of Spain, rented a car and hit the road.

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This overview is compiled based on all the research I did beforehand. It will give you lots of information, tips, traveling distances and inspiration. I hope it helps you in planning your trip! We get up early and after a delicious breakfast, we continue the road trip.

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This poem is so exquisitely crafted in terms of its sound quality. Everywhere the poem confounds through subversive word usage. A capis window!

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And from its diversity the contents of Panorama converge and dialogue perhaps more than ever with the other sections in the Festival. It surprises us with its voluntary attempt to explore new narratives and aesthetics without giving up a certain very well filmed local iconography.

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Shot in New York, it keeps in almost continuous focus its two young protagonists, played with great self-confidence by Ana Loig and Sergio Moral. The formal care with which it protects its indie militancy produces the miracle of revisiting with fresh eyes the cinematic capital par excellence and two classic themes: the dizzying sensation of becoming an adult and commitment in personal relationships.

Its distorting and at times magic realism connects with some of the films by Emir Kusturica or Javier Fesser.

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And that correct, well achieved strangeness makes the film breathe and gives it an attractive identity. And he places it in relation to the historical memory of this French city and specifically to the famous incident with its burghers in the 14th century, at the start of the Hundred Years War. With a fascinating 4K photography, the first timer Manuel Blanco draws in AL SUR DEL SUR a visual and sentimental cartography that documents the connection between landscape and population in a territory, the Bay of Cadiz, which for decades has suffered the battering of successive economic crises.