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There are some subjects which are hard to find covered well in French, so don't forget Canadian publications if, for example, you're into sports only played in North America because you won't find too much on MLB or the NFL in France-based publications.

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  • French levels of CEFRL : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
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Also, carry around a phrasebook or a smartphone with good French apps to look at when you're stuck wasting time such as standing in line. Lastly, find yourself a good app for French jokes search under "blagues," you'll find plenty of apps and many are free and start trying to read them. Understanding French humor is great insight into the culture and a great way to pick up vocabulary through context, and eventually you'll see which plays on words from English work in French and which ones don't.

Thank you for the helpful advice! I'll definitely look for some good French apps that can help me pick up vocabulary :. Hi, I am twelve also and on level 8. My mom is half French and her mother is completely French, so I am part French. I have been to France and have seen the Eiffel Tower. You really get a lot of practice there and if you don't know French well enough, they help you because they have to know English for when the tourists come.

It's really nice to get some practice there.

My mom isn't fluent yet and neither am I, so we get a lot of practice together. My little sister also has started catching on to it a little from hearing it so much. It really helps if you hear people speaking the language your learning. Slowly you start to get what there saying. By and good luck! You make some great points. Keeping yourself motivated and being persistent are very important. I especially like that you emphasize that getting things right is important.

When somebody only rushes through trees without a deeper understanding of the grammar they will usually have problems later on. Of course that can be fine as well, it really depends on your goals. Thank you lots! I don't know how many people there is out there learning languages without knowing the most important tips like motivation and persistence.

You know, these are really important stuff. I used to rush through my tree back then but that's when things got complicating and this is why I always make sure I redo my lessons regularly and understand them completely. Hi Mai! Congratulations on all you've achieved with French, I hope you'll keep going and reach your goals.

2. Create Your Own French Phrasebook

Thanks for the great advice, I especially appreciated the tip to imagine oneself in France speaking fluent French, very inspiring! Documentaries are usually very clearly enunciated and I find them much easier to understand that tv shows. I also like reading french books on kindle, the built-in dictionary makes it much easier for me to understand. There are some easy readers and also some books that have both english and french, that I've found helpful.

Hey Maria! And you are welcome, I am happy to help at all times :. I love to watch French YouTube videos too! Thanks for your advice ModyDj!! My family and I will visit Europe at the end of the month and we might go to France ;. Great job!

Do you know the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL)?

What a motivated and self-disciplined little girl! You should be proud of yourself! I'm proud of you--keep up the good work! You are one motivated girl! Keep at it, you'll be speaking French like a native in no time. Another trick I use is keeping a journal or diary in French, and trying to use as many new words as possible. It helps you find a use for them and the practice helps you remember them and start to think in French more, which is key to becoming fluent.

Good luck! Your awesome! Continue practicing and you'll become flunet in French in no time good luck I'll totally take your advice into consideration I just started practicing French today so thanks! My gosh, I wuz stil tlking lyk dis xDD when I was twelve. You're amazing, good luck on your journey to learn French :. Je suis la meme que tu et donc si tu veux une partenaire pour discuter quelque chose francaise tu me suivais. Very well said, Mai. I can tell you are extremely intelligent.

Your advice is very astute and clear. I look forward to getting as far as you have with my practice. Bon travail! Je ne suis que 10 et je vais sur seulement une fois par semaine! Je suis seulement dix, mais je suis dans le niveau Good Job though! This goes for any language you are learning. Studying only goes so far.

LEARN FRENCH FAST: How to Become Fluent in French - Follow My Action Plan!

You have to immerse yourself as much as possible. To one of your points watch French TV and listening to French radio I would like to add, reading online news or any website in the language you are studying. This helps with improving your vocabulary and grammar. You wrote Je suis vraiment heureux , but heureux is the masculine form of the word, used for boys.

Since you're a girl, the correct word to use is the feminine one : heureuse. Hi Mai, thank you for your post! I have been trying to find things to read and listen to that are about my level, so I'm interested to know where you are on the Duo French tree and how much of the BFMTV you understand? I'm on level 8 but I find it a bit overwhelming if I can only understand a little bit of the French I am hearing.

Do you find that since you're listening to a lot of French every day that you are gradually understanding more and more? Merci beaucoup :. I have some amazing tips that I think can also help you. It is to get a notebook. What I do is I actually write down the stuff I learn on Duolingo. You can write down the most important vocabulary and grammar. You can also watch movies or TV shows in French and add the English subtitles. Thank you! This is extremely helpful! I accidently took a 7 month break after not practicing, oops, and I am so glad I am getting back into it!

Get started. Topic: French. So this is what I learnt from my experience to help people achieve their goal: Try to find French videos or simply watch your favorite English videos in French or with French subtitles. Start listening to French music. Try to convince somebody you know to learn French with you!

Sometimes there are things you don't understand and need a face-to-face communication with someone to help you so if you know someone that speaks French fluently , ask them if they can help you. Practice daily and do at least 3 lessons a day. Why did you decide to study French? For example, I study French because I love everything about it so I will keep that in mind to motivate me.

How to Speak French: The Faster Way to Learn French

If you keep forgetting to practice, failing to remember a word, or if it gets too complicated, don't get discouraged. Instead, try to imagine yourself in France, speaking French fluently with other people. I'm sure you'd love it if that was true, so go back and practice! When you mess up, instead of being too hard on yourself, simply learn from your mistakes. And if you answered a question correctly, praise yourself. I know it sounds stupid but you will feel proud of yourself even if it's a really easy question and this will keep you motivated. If you are not so active, try leaving little reminders in your bedroom.

June 30, Thanks a lot! July 1, Describing pictures seem fun! I'll try that out : Thanks for your advice kimojima. Kimojima My Irish Teacher sometimes does a similar approach where he puts up a slide of maybe a forest with rivers and grass growing on the banks of them. Dropping them into conversations with native speakers is a great way to do this, but there are things you can do on your own too.

When I learn new words or grammar points, I put them in real life contexts by writing example sentences. Next, I try to think of sentences people might say, like. Because I spend more time on passive activities, I need a strategy to make them more active. Possibly the most important resource in language learning is time. The closer I feel to a culture, the more motivated I am to learn the language. This will happen a lot.

French levels of CEFR

To manage all 5, I have one sprint language that I learn intensively and 4 marathon languages that I study in a more relaxed fashion. I took the C2 Italian exam last month — fingers crossed I passed! Next, I want to work on gradually closing the gap between me and a native speaker.

Vocabulary: The best and most enjoyable way to learn vocabulary is through reading. I feel like I blinked and June disappeared, and I forgot about Chinese. My plans for June were:.

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French learners, I need your help! Can you recommend any good resources? Thanks in advance! What are your goals this month? This post was part of clearthelist, hosted by Lindsay Williams , Kris Broholm , and Angel Pretot , who share their monthly language goals and encourage you to do the same. Head over to Lindsay does languages for more info on how to take part. Katie is a teacher, blogger and all round language nerd.

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