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Then we started having tiffs about money. Sarah seemed to have a neverending supply, whereas I was on a strict budget. One time, I remember walking back to our motel after disagreeing over what restaurant to go to — expensive versus cheaper - and, afterwards, there was a strange and unsettling feeling between us.

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The tension was seriously mounting, and I realised the differences we'd celebrated and loved about our friendship at home were driving us apart. In fact, the only area we didn't seem to clash over was meeting guys, as we were both in relationships. Towards the end of the trip, I wanted to draw a line under the arguments and make the most of our last few days.

I found it so false.

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By the time we had that final, colossal row where those fatal mic-drop words were said, I knew we had reached our limit. Sarah blamed me for being rubbish at directions, and after hours of bickering, she pulled the car over. Our heated conversation escalated into full-on, friendship-busting fireworks.

I felt so angry and shocked at the way she had acted; my body trembling with adrenaline. After she screamed and came back into the car, the awkwardness was palpable: every sound - a window screen wiper or a body shuffle — was amplified.

I knew nothing I could say would take away the tension, so I sat there biting the insides of my mouth as she silently drove, snapping at me when I continued to give directions. In the end, we found a motel and paid for two separate rooms instead of sharing a double bed like we always would. Mine was dingy and cold, and I cried myself to sleep that night, wondering if she felt as hurt as I did. The final couple of days of our trip seemed to drag on for what felt like an eternity.

On the last day, I bought her favourite pastry from a gas station as some kind of peace offering, but she rejected it. I wanted to crack a joke about how she must be pissed off with me but, by then, I had nothing left to give. On the flight home, we barely spoke, and it went beyond being awkward. I think we were both too exhausted to interact. Culture Night, dlr LexIcon, 16th September. Through the established Chill Out Zone Group in Southside Travellers, a handful of Traveller women came up with the idea to recreate a miniature replica trailer with the help of a local community arts facilitator.

The group designed and built the trailer from scratch and have made and hand sewn all of the interior furnishings. They speak of the freedom and peace; the harmony, solidarity and sense of plenty of those times. They also discuss the situation as it stands today, where there is little space or provision for a nomadic culture and how Travellers are being forced to move into settled housing.

The women talk of the loss of freedom, the loneliness, the separation from friends and family and the impact of this loss and isolation on health, particularly mental health. They express their fears that Traveller culture is being wiped out and highlight the importance and challenges of passing on Traveller ways to the younger generations. Southside Travellers Action Group works to respond to the needs of the Traveller community in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area and for the civil and human rights and distinct cultural identity of all Travellers.

Skip to main content. I started my trips with hiking at the beginning of my travels but today it has evolved into cycle travels and bicycle touring. It made me feel strong, and I loved the challenge of going longer, farther, faster, as well as the seemingly endless options of routes, highways and tracks in the world.

Starting the year with a trip along the Taiwan coastal roads made everything 10 times more interesting.

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The simplicity of a two-wheeler bicycle appealed to me. In Taiwan, it was fun to bear all the unrelenting elements at one go, such as crazy headwinds and watching the coconut trees waving aggressively across the shore. The need for speed continued further when I cycled along the Danube path from Vienna to Budapest and hit the highest motorable road in India. The intense but short cycle travel trips bouts was my cue to get going. After travelling during an intense heat wave from Budapest to Vienna, I went to Slovenia.


Kindred souls who you meet on the road, and during your trips can truly change your perspective about life. Here, I met Tomaz and Mojca, two Slovenians who stay in the Bovec alpine region of Slovenia where we talked about life, their love for the wilderness and veganism. I was inspired by their willingness to host solo travellers and how they found a modicum of peace on doing things on their own terms. They were simple people with a huge heart and an intense drive to share their lives with others.

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Another encounter with Jan Zajec who is smitten by the mountains shared the same sentiments about his exhilarating climbing trips in Slovenia and how accepting he is of others who strive to do things differently. If the grass is greener somewhere else, all that matters is how you choose to deal your cards.

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Instead of letting me experience the ups and downs of life, I found that I had to constantly find replacements to satisfy this reality that closely meets their vision of life. It took a lot of self-talk, reading and meeting people to know that my newfound sense of freedom could mean an avenue to discover new things, a time for learning not neccessarily a job placement.