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This blog will help me to help better love him. He is my everything. Thank you. I feel the same way about my guy. He has been so hurt and I love him too with all my heart. This article helped me with patience with him and understanding why he does some of the things he does. It has taken me two years to realize how hard my guy has been on himself too, but my constant love and reassurance that he is a wonderful giving, loving man is paying off.

He is opening up like I never thought possible. I have been with my boyfriend for three years.

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However, I know who he is deep inside and want to keep giving him the chance to love it. I want it to work. We wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. What and how did you change your thinking and behavior? How did you come to that point of self-love? I think you guys loving someone like this is so beautiful. Two different things. Respecting someone is not the same as loving someone.

I myself have to also put my boundaries down because I am learning how to draw the line as well. I hope you have left him. Do NOT marry this guy. It is not going to get better. You should not take one more minute of one sidedness.

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  • Not one more…. It sux to be alone but better that temporarily than to sign up for a committment that will likely lead to an even more painful divorce. There are too many good guys out there. I was in a relationship with a man for several months who was incredible. Our kids got along we loved to do all the same things he was incredibly affectionate and loving constantly kissing me showing up at my house cooking me food very loving and giving. However he had been cheated on by his ex-wife and ex-girlfriend and he would constantly bring up an ex-boyfriend of mine even though I had ended it- that boyfriend was a contractor working on my kitchen.

    He would bring him up a lot and not believe me when I assured him nothing was going on- I even fired the ex and got someone else to finish the kitchen. Then out of the blu he looks at me and says there should be fireworks by now and again brings up the ex even though I cut off contact! To say there were no fireworks between us was ridiculous and a slap in my face. I will say it all happened between us it very quickly and I wonder if it just terrified him.

    I also wanted to mention I caught him crying one night because the ex had called about the kitchen and he had seen it in my phone. I begged him to stop that I only cared about him- he said now you see the real me this tough guy is just a facade. Do you guys think this sounds like low self esteem?

    1. Letting Some Conflicts Go Unresolved

    He even took me to a wedding and I met his whole family. But unlike the other women, you have been so understanding and all you did is to shine light to your man, unlike me who fucked up everything from the start. Staying in a relationship that has turned toxic is never a good idea. Sorry but this just made me feel sick… you deserve better. Understand that like attracts like and that you too have low self esteem if you choose to remain in the dynamic as described above. Breaks my heart! I am 61 and have YET in my life to find a two-way love.

    I have had relationships, including once being married, but never where we BOTH felt it. I want that badly but fear it will never come to pass. He also has low self esteem and I did not know how to handle it. It kept pushing and that drove him away. Now he is seeking validation from other women and his friends by drinking and partying.

    He told me that he hates me but he thinks I deserve better. He said we could still be friends and see where it goes. Do you have any advice on how to build his self esteem and in the process maybe win him back?

    Self care self love meditation saying in mindset in your mind and in the mirror your enough. Mind body and soul take care what you came with once you love yourself thr spell is broken. Maybe am not what he wants, or am not worthy of love. Am so sad! Am crying! I tried. I never see any articles about a man trying to do his absolute best to understand and help his autistic or traumatized girlfriend.

    You know why? Women are always supposed to, and potrayed as self-sacrificing angels who should put up with so much crap from their husbands. And if they are not fitting into this mold that society has given, then they are portayed or viewed as complete heartless monsters, lesbians, or crazy catladies. There is nothing wrong with either lesbians or crazy catladies though for that matter, i am only reflecting the comments of what has been heard over the years in society overall.

    Thank you for posting this. I feel terrible now for doing that. He was more than enough, he was wonderful. And I can tell from your writing that you are the same, and also have a big heart. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your story. This article helped me understand my guy but I already knew about much of his low self esteem. This article confirmed it. Then there was the flirting with other women and he said he was just being a nice guy. He also lied a lot. I left him and I am glad I did. My boyfriend is extrememly self concious and depressed. He just thinks that he is going to fuck up our relationship simply because he is being himself.

    He has a rough life at home he is 18, I am It hurts to see him in constant distress. Any advice? I can totally relate to what you shared. My boyfriend says the same thing periodically. He says, you are just going to get sick of me and leave. Everyone does. I have made great strides with him in the past 6 months. I just reassure him that he is wonderful and I love him.. I tell him I accept him exactly as he is and love being around him.

    I call him a limited edition. He calls himself strange. He is very introverted and that makes situations awkward sometimes. If you are willing and patient, keep telling him that he is your life and you love him for the man he is. My boyfriend is completely healed in my opinion after repeatedly telling him, he is great. He started thinking that this relationship didnt make him happy anymore, when it was really him being overwhelmed and pulling back emotionally from the relationship and not putting in effort.

    Nothing happened in the relationship, yes we had our small argument, as every healthy relationship does, but he just completely stopped putting in effort and I believe he is going through some type of depression. He seems like a completely different person even within a month. We are currently taking space but I am still in this in between where I want to be there and help and and reignite our love that is still there. I dont know what to do and I am in so much pain.

    So how can make him get into marriage? Just came here after a scene with my boyfriend during which he looked at me with undiluted hate in his eyes and actually clenched his fists and jaw repeatedly whie I was asking him what was going on. He is going through a period of joblessness and deep depression and is putting a lot of the blame on me. I can deal with a lot, but being looked at with hate in his eyes just hurts so much. I am heartbroken. This article makes so much sense. I am the man with low self esteem. What this article did for me was clear up my relationship is struggling and that it is not my wifes responsibility to fix it.

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    Holy Crap/Quotes

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