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Psychological counseling is also available to address any emotional eating that may be preventing you from implementing life style changes. Classes are offered that bring dieticians, exercise physiologist together with you to develop a weight loss plan that provides you with the tools that you need to make a successful change. William Lee Dubois. Before you do anything radical, be sure your diet is really a diet. In the absence of unusual and funky medical conditions, the relationship between food and weight is a pretty simple formula.

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If you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight. If you eat the same number of calories you burn you hold your weight. If you eat fewer calories than your burn you lose weight. Due to the cruel nature of mathematics, an extra calories a day, not really that many as you can see, will add up to 10 pounds a year.

In fact, it’s pretty clear our love for “Life-Size” transcends culture and language.

So before you do anything else, I want you to keep a food log for a week. But get a little note book and write down everything that goes into your mouth all day long. Do it in real time, not at the end of the day. Make sure you are really eating as little as you think you are. You may be surprised. Food logs accomplish two things. And just maybe you can find ten calories to kick to the curb. Mehmet Oz, MD.

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Cardiology Cardiovascular Disease. I know exactly what you think. When someone mentions they're using a medical "aid" for weight loss—be it a drug or even surgery—you view the options as cop outs.

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But for some people, these so-called cop-outs are real answers. If you've hit the wall, or if you have a mental block to lose the last 15 pounds, or if you've completely lost control, there are medical solutions that can help—or even reverse—obesity problems.

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They range from the relatively tame like temporary prescription drugs to the massively major like gastric bypass surgery. And, depending on the situation, they can work for the person who has a handful of pounds to lose or a few hundred to lose. While I believe that the majority of weight issues can be handled with proper diet and exercise, I also want to make you aware that there are people who can benefit from medical interventions. And those procedures fall into three categories: Prescription Drugs: Used as a jumpstart, or to help people when they've reached a weight-loss plateau.

These weren't just structures with a little cake on top. They were all cake, with circular boards and small wood poles to maintain structural integrity. The impressive cakes are the work of Dinkeydoodle Designs by Dawn Butler, a specialty cake maker in England. It took Butler and a team of three assistants a week of constant work to make the cakes.

4 Fad Diets That Don't Really Work

The groom's Dalek cake alone is made from 24 layers of vanilla cake. The Dalek wedding invasion was short-lived. One cake was for eating during the celebration, while the other was for promotion.

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  • 4 Fad Diets That Don't Really Work.
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