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It will take place as soon as it can be arranged and approved by the appropriate financial authority in your location often the Resident Representative or Coordinator.

Medical evacuation is usually to the nearest recognized regional medical centre from the list of facilities maintained by the UN Medical Director. In cases of illness or injury requiring a long period of convalescence, psychiatric condition or high-risk pregnancies the medical evacuation will be to the country of home leave or the country of family leave travel.

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Please note that medical evacuation covers only travel and related expenses. It is not an authorisation for medical treatment costs. Returning to the duty station. The medical evacuation will be approved for a limited number of days initially.


By the end of this time you will have to submit documents from your treating physician as to your condition. If MSD determines from these that you still require further treatment in the evacuation location, your evacuation may be extended. Once you can return to you duty station however, you will be asked to do so, even if you are still unable to return to work itself. In the event that evacuation services are not organised by Allianz Partners, we reserve the right to decline all costs incurred. Please contact us before talking to any alternative providers, even if approached by them, to avoid potentially inflated charges or unnecessary delays in the evacuation process.

Note that we will need your name and policy number to identify you in our system and be able to respond to queries on your cover, your claims, etc. This benefit covers you if the necessary eligible treatment that you require is not available locally: in that case, you can choose to be medically evacuated to your home country for treatment, instead of to the nearest appropriate medical centre.

Medical Evacuation Insurance

This only applies when your home country is located within your geographical area of cover. Following completion of treatment, we will also cover the cost of the return trip, at economy rates, to your principal country of residence. The return journey must be made within one month after treatment has been completed.

You must contact Allianz Partners at the first indication that repatriation is required. From this point onwards, Allianz Partners will organise and coordinate all stages of the repatriation until you are safely received into care at your destination.

C-130 Hercules - Global Medic 2013 Aeromedical Evacuation in Flight

In the event that repatriation services are not organised by Allianz Partners, we reserve the right to decline all costs incurred. Please check your Table of Benefits to confirm if this is listed as one of your benefits. Go back.