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If you found one in the woods, packed in the topsoil, hiding Threat of drug resistant Staphylococcus A functional peptidoglycan hydrolase aureus to health in Nepal characterized from T4SS in 89K Staphylococcus aureus is the most commonly pathogenicity island of epidemic isolated organism from the different clinical Streptococcus suis serotype 2 samples in hospital. The emergence Streptococcus suis serotype 2 S.

They fulfill important roles Or just what I eat? The experts: Susan Kleiner, all knew that. What sells even more are sex toys! Efficacy of statins has been extensively studied, with much less information reported on their unintended effects. Diet-induced increase in plasma The impact of clinical research oxidized LDL promotes early fibrosis in activities on communities in rural a renal porcine auto-transplantation Africa: the development of the clinical PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf! The utility of N-heterocyclic bases to obtain molecular complexes with carboxylic acids is well studied.

Depending on the Black Students in U. Constitution and must girl is to me. Adelman, Ph. Or you walk into another which has seemingly Around up your sexual These employees look forward to advocates the opportunity to celebrate the lives of and are passionate about their Donating Kidney To M other Are you awake all night, and then dragging through Ronald Phillips lost a request to donate his kidney the day with toothpicks holding up your eyelids?

By Kim Then try not to snooze Obesity and depression linked in teen Critical illness polyneuropathy and girls says new Rutgers-Camden study myopathy: Nerve injury and [ E-mail ] Contact: Ed regeneration Moorhouseejmoor camden. Critical illness polyneuropathy Medicine Paper shows mechanisms Increased expression of M er tyrosine Effect of a single high dose vitamin A kinase in circulating dendritic cells and supplementation on the hemoglobin monocytes of lupus patients: status of children aged months: correlations with plasma interferon propensity score matched activity and steroid therapy retrospective cohort study based on IntroductionThe requirement for the the data of Ethiopian Demographic and immunoregulatory Mer tyrosine kinase Mer for Health Survey optimal removal of apoptotic cells prompted Vitamin A deficiency can cause anemia as the nutrient is essential for hematopoiesis, mobilization of iron store and immunity I for re-invasion inhibition study just sat in my curb waiting for the rest of the world A flow cytometric method is proposed to study in to wake up.

Standard [3H]-hypoxanthine A Federal Court judge in Vancouver has granted a HealthDay —More and more Americans are being last-minute reprieve for medical marijuana users prescribed powerful narcotic drugs when they visit who say they need to be National spinal fusion, the rates of allogeneic blood Institutes of Health Pamela Anderson Conservationists say ranchers Determining the dynamics of influenza How do hospital professionals involved transmission by age in a randomised controlled trial PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf!

It is widely accepted that influenza transmission perceive the value of genotyping vs. Despite scientific advances in typing of C. Nicole Murphy, from Stourport, developed chickenpox in December Her father, Aaron, checked on her several times during Picture cervical Tomato Solanum lycopersicum establishes a beneficial symbiosis with arbuscular mycorrhizal AM fungi. The formation of Gastrointestinal specific anxiety in M otivation and planning as mediators irritable bowel syndrome: validation of of the relation between social support the Japanese version of the visceral and physical activity among U.

MACE in adult congenital The issue of ketchup vs. I am talking about The Florida Supreme, after more than a decade of challenges, has declared that caps on medical malpractice damages are unconstitutional Genetic factor contributes to Salivary biomarkers of gingivitis: forgetfulness Information important for personalized [ E-mail ] Contact: Dr. Sebastian decision-making Markettsebastian. Thomasithomas aadr. Professional midwives can now Highlights: N. The medication, is recognition A fashion line inspired by disease?

Leeds, has admitted The Other Woman actress was spotted run butt selfie on Instagram this week just check it skinny-dipping in the Caribbean Do you and your partner react very differently to Computer simulations of relatively simple models stressful situations? Turns out, it could be more provide clues to the complex physical mechanisms than just personalities Whittington Hospital in London The New study to focus on understanding Researchers identify susceptibility challenges of transgender children and locus for intracerebral hemorrhage their parents —Research led by a University of Cincinnati UC Amy Przeworski, assistant professor of psychology neurologist has identified and replicated a at Case Western Reserve University, and graduate genomic susceptibility locus Spring is here, but so are allergies 5 Health M yths Boomers Can Ignore Spring has finally arrived in Cincinnati, but soon to We hear so much noise nowadays on health follow will be the coughing, sneezing and wheezing issues, it can be difficult to tune out the hype and that comes with Computers see through faked Humans can distinguish at least 1 expressions of pain better than people trillion different odors [ E-mail ] Contact: Ioana [ E-mail ] Contact: Jim Keeleykeeleyj hhmi.

New quick peek inside a buzzed-about Employment and vacancies statistics When is a person declared dead? Obama uses M arch M adness to pitch Researchers develop computerized health law enrollment treadmill program to prevent falls in The president ties his NCAA picks to a campaign older adults aimed at enrolling young people in health Clive Pai believes people can be trained not to fall.

The professor of physical therapy at the University of Illinois at Study to compare brand-specific Study captures experiences of consumption of alcohol between transgender and gender variant PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf! On the inflammatory response in metal- Effects of campaign for postpartum on-metal implants vaccination on seronegative rate Metal-on-metal implants are a special form of hip against rubella among Japanese endoprostheses that despite many advantages women can entail serious complications Japan experienced two rubella outbreaks in the past decade and — , resulting in 10 and 20 infants with All are thought before deciding what At a part of aging—and life.

Planet Fitness location in Richmond, California, wrinkles as we get older, Explainer: what are cancer clusters? IRF-1 regulates alternative mRNA Most of us are living longer and we are all expected splicing of carcinoembryonic antigen- to be working longer. Because the likelihood of related cell adhesion molecule 1 cancer increases as Previously we have Validity of a questionnaire-based A new fusion protein platform for diagnosis of chronic obstructive quantitatively measuring activity of pulmonary disease in a general multiple proteases population-based study Recombinant proteins fused with specific cleavage The diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary sequences are widely used as substrate for disease COPD is based on airflow obstruction.

In quantitatively analyzing the Major Sports Events Please check the address and spelling in the Gazette today March 21 the Pharmacy and ensuring that it does Poisons Amendment Bill Older, active, confident stroke Combo of overweight, high sodium caregivers are happiest intake speeds cell aging in teens Stroke caregivers are happier when they continue Overweight or obese teenagers who eat lots of to enjoy their own hobbies and interests, according salty foods may show signs of faster cell aging, to new research in the At the end of our conversation, Declines in funding hamper kidney Impavido approved to treat tropical research and other areas of medical parasitic disease study HealthDay —Impavido miltefosine has been Medical research funding from public and private approved by the U.

Food and Drug Administration sources is at an all-time low. A new Journal of the to treat adults with leishmaniasis, American Society of Nunavut children to the hospital Should it be a crime to harm an unborn Researchers discover underlying child? M edicaid expansion may help prevent 3-D model links facial features and DNA kidney failure, improve access to DNA can already tell us the sex and ancestry of kidney-related care unknown individuals, but now an international team States with broader Medicaid coverage have lower of researchers is beginning Fred Phelps Sr.

LiveScience Children whose parents are controlling Preconception maternal nutrition: a Overexpression of stearoyl-CoA multi-site randomized controlled trial desaturase 1 in bone marrow Research directed to optimizing maternal nutrition mesenchymal stem cells enhance the commencing prior to conception remains very expression of induced endothelial cells limited, despite suggestive Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells BM-MSCs are capable of differentiating into endothelial cells in vitro and acquire major Analysis of gene network robustness M athematically optimized based on saturated fixed point cryoprotectant equilibration attractors procedures for cryopreservation of The analysis of gene network robustness to noise human oocytes and mutation is important for fundamental and Simple and effective cryopreservation of human practical reasons.

Who am I? Who do I want national household survey to become? These are questions The child mortality rate is a good indicator of development. High levels of infectious diseases and high child mortality Researchers find genetic clue to Interpreting neuroimages: The irritable bowel syndrome technology and its limits Is irritable bowel syndrome IBS caused by Neuroimages play a growing role in biomedical genetics, diet, past trauma, anxiety?

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All are thought research, medicine, and courtrooms, as well as in to play a role, but now, Not diagnosed within three to five years after the patient your kitchen, of My face is not what it In honor of the International Day of Happiness, was. I am changing before my eyes. By looking Canada seem to have a high rate of childhood eczema.

Anecdotally this problem seems Linac-based fractionated M olecular analysis of infant fecal Constitutive homologous expression of microbiota in an Asian at-risk cohort- phosphoglucomutase and correlates with infant and childhood transaldolase increases the metabolic eczema flux of Fusarium oxysporum Studies have suggested that selective microbial Fusarium oxysporum is among the few targets prevail in the fecal microbiota of infants with filamentous fungi that have been reported of being eczema.

Spring Equinox Are You Balanced? A teacher Mr. Goulding… Had us put to test the idea positive mindset begets positive end results. These popular tenets are The moody writer. The Indian researchers using flies Drosophila and angry young man. Now, new research suggests development specialists are uncovering evidence that people who develop Sometimes, the rat race can suffer from it, but also their family and loved ones, be all too much WebTalk24 is a Development of antimalarial drugs and Historical experience in the elimination their application in China: a historical of visceral leishmaniasis in the plain review region of Eastern and Central China This historical review covers antimalarials Visceral leishmaniasis VL kala-azar was most developed in China, which include artemisinin, seriously prevalent in the plain regions of eight artemether, artesunate, and dihydroartemisinin, The relationship between the environment and infection of cattle with trematodes was studied at Arumeru District, Arusha School hearing tests do not detect New data shows spike in smokeless noise exposure hearing loss tobacco sales School hearing tests cannot effectively detect The number of smokeless tobacco products sold adolescent high-frequency hearing loss, which is in Massachusetts is soaring, as are the levels of typically caused by loud Deaths from breast cancer fall in Obesity and diabetes have adverse Europe effects on cancer outcomes Improvements in treatment, as well as enhanced Both obesity and diabetes have adverse effects on access to care, underlie the sustained decreases outcomes in breast cancer patients who receive in breast cancer mortality Food and LONDON Reuters — Half a million people fell sick Drug Administration ordered a halt to new patient with dangerous superbug strains of tuberculosis enrollments in an early-stage TB in , but You know you were put cause no symptoms, but it may eventually become on this earth to contribute to the world in a big way.

So you slave away And with it comes a wide variety of toward becoming happier and peaceful human vegetables that we have been waiting for all winter. This is an ongoing process One of the early Last picture of model Sophie Jones How adding spice to your diet can killed by cervical cancer reduce your intake of salt Sophie Jones, 19, of Merseyside, died of cervical Research found people who had cooking lessons cancer on Saturday She suffered stomach cramps had less salt in their diet Spices and herbs are a and knew something was wrong Who follows that rule, therefore is a major factor in fungal biodiversity.

Analysis of genome sequences Secretome weaponries of Cochliobolus A first generation BAC-based physical lunatus interacting with potato leaf at map of the half-smooth tongue sole different temperature regimes reveal a Cynoglossus semilaevis genome CL[xxxx]LHM Half-smooth tongue sole Cynoglossus semilaevis Plant and animal pathogenic fungus Cochliobolus Gunther has been exploited as a commercially lunatus cause great economic damages important cultured marine flatfish, After five years of about three years before In this very short video, I time against Researchers uncover new connection Scientists to study memory and learning between allergy and cancer in patients with Parkinson disease While many are stocking up on allergy medicine in Kessler Foundation scientists collaborated with preparation for spring, a new study from colleagues in Spain to study memory and learning researchers at Virginia Commonwealth Women post selfies with no make-up to raise cancer awareness Mother of Maria Fowler bared all in a bid to give hope to sufferers Cancer How breast cancer deaths could be cut Diabetics diagnosed in middle age — by routine radiotherapy: Offering between ages 40 and 64 treatment after surgery if there are People in middle age with diabetes more prone to signs disease has spread could slash brain volume loss A loss in brain volume can rates by a fifth cause a loss of memory and Thousands of women should be given radiotherapy, new study found Routinely offering the treatment could cut death rates by Why You Need to Focus On Building The Food That Can Prevent Overeating Stronger M uscles Consider this your license to spice things up a bit: There are countless reasons why you should A new study from the journal Appetite found that abandon your purely cardio queen ways and putting red chili peppers New curricula is essential to train The stories behind the statistics internists to manage menopausal Too often, we fail to illustrate our research findings symptoms with descriptions of the circumstances of injury.

The number of menopausal women is projected to These details make With changing views on appropriate therapies to Government Chief Information Officer, in collaboration with its technology partners Diabetes in middle age may lead to Rush to prescribe: Study questions brain cell loss later in life speed in giving antidepressants to People who develop diabetes and high blood grieving parents pressure in middle age are more likely to have [ E-mail ] Contact: Jeffrey brain cell loss and other damage Lacassejlacasse fsu.

She was having a hard time Private insurance reliance means Implementation of single-breath-hold countries pay more for health care cone beam CT guided hypofraction Ahead of the May budget, health minister Peter radiotherapy for lung cancer PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf! ABC , the lung tumor reproducibility and the rationale for single-breath-hold Cohort protocol paper: The Pain and How do leaf anatomies and Opioids In Treatment POINT study photosynthesis of three Rhododendron Internationally, there is concern about the species relate to their natural increased prescribing of pharmaceutical opioids environments?

Rhododendron is one of the most well-known alpine flowers. General Practitioner prescribing of Prostate specific membrane antigen single and combination nicotine PSM A expression in primary gliomas replacement therapy in the UK: A and breast cancer brain metastases retrospective database study Primary and secondary brain cancers are highly Guidance in England and Wales recommends that treatment resistant, and their marked nicotine replacement therapies NRTs , varenicline angiogenesis attracts interest as a A depressive disorder Fraud?

A Phony? Choice of GP practice pilot most Where are we with breast cancer in popular with young commuters and ? One was to attend a prestigious York Times. The other was to have a Electronic M edia Use "Linked to Poorer Stress Often Undermines Empathy in Child Well-Being" M en and Increases It in Women For most children, watching television, using These are the main findings of a study carried out computers and playing video games is a part of with the collaboration of Giorgia Silani, from the day-to-day life.

But new research International School In his book, Click, online behaviour expert Bill Towards the end of January, Egyptian activists Tancer declared that social media was overtaking shared a picture on social media of some of their pornography as the To find out, I interviewed Science might be Books that have helped me Living with Extreme Sound Sensitivity When I was newly diagnosed I did what came If you feel disgusted to the point of rage when you naturally to me — I read. I read things on the Internet hear the sound of chewing, swallowing, breathing, — forums, articles, Please check the address and spelling connection between empathy and recovery from ensuring that it does For example, do you become irritated while collaboration.

Starting about The test was had New DNA test a non-invasive NIH grantees sharpen understanding of alternative to colonoscopy antibodies that may cut risk of HIV Colon cancer screening saves lives, and now there infection may be an effective non-invasive option for people [ E-mail ] Contact: Laura S. Finding Balance M edical marijuana users worried about This feels like an especially relevant topic for me at lack of commercial supply the moment. Nobody I familiar with the term Bipolar I, however, know. We want not to wait!

We are busy people. In the latest unpopular and completely unproven Sclerosis MS do not routinely come into contact celebrity opinion, Kristin Cavallari recently revealed with palliative care, Ardisia crispa roots inhibit Systematic review of chronic ankle cyclooxygenase and suppress instability in children angiogenesis Chronic ankle instability CAI is a disabling In our previous studies conducted on Ardisia crispa condition often encountered after ankle injury. Its OFCA in an article Critical illness increases risk of M ultidisciplinary research team led by psychological problems Tufts CTSI proposes new model for [ E-mail ] Contact: Christian Fynbo clinical trials Christiansencc dce.

Westawest tuftsmedicalcenter. Naval Academy midshipman, Lost sleep leads to lost brain cells, says Fried foods may cause more weight study gain for people with genetic risk for Missing out on sleep for consecutive nights may do obesity more than make you pour a larger coffee—it may A serving of French fries may have a more lead to irreversible Can treatment over the Internet help Early brain development implicated in chronic pain? New hope for tough-to-treat breast M aking diagnostic imaging possible for cancers patients with cardiac implants —Tufts researchers have identified a new target The University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular for treating particularly aggressive forms of breast Center is on the forefront of making diagnostic cancer that could Steve Jobs called most common cause Here are decrease in vision impairment some hidden signs of the May you savor every bite and give gratitude for the nourishment It was foods will lead us to an early grave.

The , and the world was OTCQB: PMCM , a fully Fried food causes more weight gain in people integrated multi-media entertainment and real genetically prone to obesity Findings prove cutting estate development company, today M en who have heart attacks get treated Shocking last picture of model Sophie faster than women at hospitals Jones killed by cervical cancer Study of more than 1, patients aged who Sophie Jones, 19, of Merseyside, died of cervical had heart attacks Found that after arriving in cancer on Saturday She suffered stomach cramps hospital, men were treated How a daily statin tablet could slow 4 Ways to Eat M ore Cocoa Powder march of M S Now this is some scientific research we can really British researchers randomly assigned get behind: Eating cocoa powder may produce an patients with secondary progressive MS to recieve anti-inflammatory response Maybe you lost yourself in your cycling Administrative Region Government Harris soton.

Sossamonsossamonj missouri. Watch out ladies! M en who have heart Shocking last picture of model, 19, attacks get treated faster than women killed by cervical cancer at hospitals Sophie Jones, 19, of Merseyside, died of cervical Study of more than 1, patients aged who cancer on Saturday She suffered stomach cramps had heart attacks Found that after arriving in and knew something was wrong Chemists devise a new way to Two men charged with wounding manufacture peptide drugs, which hold Hong Kong HKSAR — Police today March 19 promise for treating many diseases charged two men, both aged 37, jointly with one Small protein fragments, also called peptides, are count of wounding and one Urban Dictionary is on the Future Fuel Mix Define your world 7,, Study: Three-fold spike in heart attacks Regulator silent on safety of Indian- continued six years after Hurricane made generic drugs Katrina Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs Lingering stress from major disasters can damage whose patent has expired, allowing consumers health years later, according to a new Tulane and governments to buy a replica University study that found Secretary for Administration, Chief Secretary for Maltreatment, and Trauma Expression-analysis of the human Evaluation of the international forum on endogenous retrovirus HERV-K in evidence informed health policymaking: human astrocytic tumors Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The human endogenous retrovirus K HERV-K Meetings and conferences are often used as a tool has been acquired by the genome of human to disseminate information, network with ancestors million years ago.

It is the Researchers link body temperature to Swedish test may boost pancreatic relapsing-remitting M S and fatigue cancer survival rates Kessler Foundation researchers have Swedish researchers have developed a new demonstrated for the first time ever that body method for diagnosing pancreatic cancer at a temperature is elevated endogenously in Trends in food supplements differ from Risk of psychiatric diagnoses, country to country, new study finds medication use increases after critical A new study, published today in the journal in PLOS illness ONE, shows which plant food supplements are Critically ill patients receiving mechanical most popular across Europe, In a surveillance study of infection with the bacterium Haemophilus influenzae among women of reproductive age in England Destroying the Duffy, please call me back right away.

Researchers say inflammatory Pacific island M icroRNA is more highly expressed SAM URAI: Sensitivity analysis of a meta- in serum of early breast cancer patients analysis with unpublished but compared to healthy volunteers registered analytical investigations Previous studies have profiled breast cancer software compared to normal breast tissue and identified The non-availability of clinical trial results differentially expressed microRNAs However, other But chances are, the clip below from BuzzFeed will make True Story Drs.

Deirdre Barrett and Robert Stickgold discuss This is the story of a totally made-up place that the case of Dion McGregor, a sleep talker whose suddenly became real — and then, strangely, vivid and expansive somniloquies This study estimates the contribution of Canadian Press Posted Biologics, cardiovascular effects and Open questions in autoimmunity: cancer discussions from the Rheumatoid arthritis RA is associated with Controversies in Rheumatology and increased cardiovascular risk.

By now, many people are aware that symptoms can be difficult to spot In the early stages of colorectal cancer. And because It also The funding, comprised N-myc downstream-regulated gene 2 Assessment of stem cell carriers for expression is associated with glucose tendon tissue engineering in pre- transport and correlated with prognosis clinical models in breast carcinoma Tendon injuries are prevalent and problematic, IntroductionN-myc downstream-regulated gene 2 especially among young and otherwise healthy NDRG2 , a novel tumour suppressor and cell individuals.

The inherently slow A good Tau Kok Control Point on March Concern over tobacco packaging as New therapeutic target identified for kids say packs have more influence acute lung injury than celebrities A bacterial infection can throw off the equilibrium The power of packaging is twice as likely as between two key proteins in the lungs and put celebrities to influence children 40 per cent vs 20 patients at risk for a CHEST , a leader in advanced Follow the ant trail for drug design An end to animal testing for drug New drugs often fail because they cause discovery?

ETH researchers have As some countries and companies roll out new developed simulation software that Inhibition of G protein-coupled P2Y2 Levels of HOXB7 and miR in receptor induced analgesia in a rat pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma model of trigeminal neuropathic pain patients Backgrouds: ATP and P2X receptors play important Many studies have revealed that homeobox-B7 roles in the modulation of trigeminal neuropathic HOXB7 and miR play important roles in pain, while the role of Our eyes skeleton of a All senses communicate Autism signs can be identified earlier Research project aims at early than formerly thought diagnosis of memory disorders —Many characteristics of Autism Spectrum The PredictND project, started by European Disorders can be identified by the age of 2 and are research organisations, aims at developing and predictive of which children With my first your well-being — off Study finds high utilization of The frozen truth about glaciers, climate neuroimaging for headaches despite change and our future guidelines PDFmyURL converts any url to pdf!

Researchers devise new, stretchable Rice study: Simple changes to antenna for wearable health monitoring homework improved student learning [ E-mail ] Contact: Matt [ E-mail ] Contact: David Ruthdavid rice. The LAW only Hong Kong Monetary Authority If only you were as Last month, I wrote two posts about my favorite healthy, as wealthy, But now, ICE was undergoing Survival of patients with septic shock was the same regardless of whether they received treatment based on specific protocols Network Journals In critically ill The discovery was made Ocular Therapeutix, Inc.

Just because aches We did, boosts balance and flexibility, Operative versus conservative Recommendations from recent treatment for patellar dislocation: a graduates in medicine, nursing and meta-analysis of 7 randomized pharmacy on improving controlled trials interprofessional education in Purpose: Patellofemoral pathology is common, university programs: a qualitative study and patellofemoral dislocation mainly affects Interprofessional education IPE has been adolescents and young adults However, few studies have Now, an inventor The real truth is all around you.

But its nickname is taking on a whole Eat more, die young: Why eating a diet Health care sign-ups hit 5M mark very low in nutrients can extend The Obama administration says more than 5 lifespan million people have signed up for private health A new evolutionary theory in BioEssays claims that insurance under the new health Vitamin D receptor gene variant Always craving chocolate?

Coffee can cut risk of getting tinnitus: How Wii exercise can keep elderly Caffeine may have a protective effect moving and help those most prone to against constant ringing in the ears falling Researchers baffled because the stimulant was Using a Nintendo Wii Fit can help elderly people thought to make it worse Doctors warn further tests avoid falling over The games console simulates are needed before it can Associated Press Paris Bureau Chief own luck today?

Angela Charltan explains Want M edicare savings? Stop paying Some lots of Simply Lite brand dark for private hospitals chocolate recalled The polls this week suggest half of Australians For Immediate Release: March 17, Media think the Abbott government should reduce the cost Inquiries: Siobhan DeLancey, , of Medicare. My solution? Preferences It was am today when the bed started to Loosen your white-knuckle grip on your shake. I heard a picture frame hit the floor outside expectations. Kristen: Ever since I was a little girl, our bedroom door.

Our youngest Center have found that children who most prefer high levels of sweet tastes also A new study led by researchers at the Perelman Karen Johnson has reaction to preservative called School of Medicine at the University of Methylisothiazolinone It is routinely added to paint, Pennsylvania has found that the risk Could be the flu. In the tightly woven ecosystem Hong Kong HKSAR — In response to media of the human gut, trillions of bacteria compete with enquiries on the complaints against Television each other Broadcasts Limited TVB and What Are We Really… against illegal export of powdered The fear of rejection is one of our deepest human formula in Lok M a Chau fears.

March 17 , carried out a joint operation with Hong Kong Police and Immigration Confusing and enquiries on a number of issues raised by Hong depressing stories of health-care Kong Television Network Limited Ambulance watch: a day in the life The Relationship Building Power of 17 March Last updated at What Empathy: Four Intentions of… happens after you dial and ask for the Empathic listeners are relationship builders.

How ambulance service? Do you get sent an For humans, empathy may be one of the Influenza viruses shed by your Combine Twister, paint-by-numbers and the fellow rider are expelled California, has found that Need a Little Push? The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson Ages 13—up Queen Elisa 17 fears there is a possible traitor in her palace and is being pressured by her council to either marry or give up her power to a regent.

Evading assassination and kidnapping, Elisa is guided by the mysterious Godstone embedded in her navel to search for the zafira — the soul of the world and the source of all magic. This gripping romantic novel is the sequel to The Girl of Fire and Thorns. The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson Ages 13—up Queen Elisa 17 heads off to enemy territory with her companions to rescue the man she loves. Meanwhile, a traitor at home plots to overthrow her. The journey takes the young sorcerer queen through the bitterly cold land of Invierne, where she she hopes to destroy the source of their magic and win peace, and to the Basajuan desert where peace will be even more difficult to attain.

Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson Ages 13—up Leah 15 lives in an isolated part of Georgia with her ailing parents in the early s. Leah has the ability to know when gold is near, and uses her talent to support her parents. When a gold rush hits Dahlonega, her parents are murdered, and Leah flees her uncle who wants to utilize her talents.

Disguised as a boy, Leah joins a wagon train headed to California with her friend Jefferson, who is half-white and half-Cherokee. This exciting adventure is the first in the Gold Seer trilogy. Graceling by Kristin Cashore Ages 14—up People with special talents, called Gracelings, are identified by their unusual eyes. Katsa has one green and one blue eye, but it is not until she is eight that her special talent is discovered—killing.

By age 18 she is henchwoman to the king. Hating her job, Katsa creates a secret council to work against corrupt power. Teens and adults struggling to put their own talents to good use will enjoy this riveting novel. Fire by Kristin Cashore Ages 14—up Fire, an orphan with hair as red as her name, can control the minds of everyone around her.

Young King Nash is barely holding on to his throne, while rebel lords in the north and south build armies in hopes of taking over the throne. This suspenseful and romantic companion volume prequel to Graceling , shares one pivotal character. The house is build into a green hillside, and has a yew tree as one wall. Clare discovers that the tree has a door, and Finn, a sort-of-human boy, lives on the other side.

This luminous fantasy is often quite scary. She is invisible and helpless. Then Anke makes the volleyball team at school and her confidence builds until she begins to hope that her voice will soon be loud enough to rescue everyone at home, including herself. This powerful novel in poems is devastating yet offers empowerment and hope. Narrated by the nameless elderly author, this engaging examination of love and the art of storytelling is intricately told. The Testing is an intensive mental and physical trials to choose the best and the brightest youth to attend the university and work to repair the damage to their world by the Seven Stages of War.

Fat Angie by E. Charlton-Trujillo Ages 14—up Angie, a high school freshman, is bullied at school and belittled by her mother and adopted brother. When KC Romance, a beautiful new transfer student dressed in bad girl clothes arrives in Dryfalls, Ohio, the unlikely pair bonds over shared broken homes, troubled pasts, and love for classic TV shows. The friendship blooms into romance between the two girls who have learned to look beneath the surface to the true person hidden inside. When We Was Fierce by E.

Charlton-Trujillo Ages 14—up Theo 15 lives in a bad neighborhood full of drugs and rival gangs. When he witnesses the brutal attack on a mentally-impaired young man he tries to help and is badly beaten up. Along with his friends, T is in the spotlight of both the police and the gangs.

This unflinching novel of survival is narrated mainly in street dialect. When Sefia is 15, Nin is kidnapped, leaving her completely alone. None of her survival skills help her discover where Nin has been taken. The only clue is the strange rectangular object her father left behind. She learns that the strange object, bound paper covered with symbols, is called a book.

Reading and writing are unheard of in the land of Kelanna, but Sefia is determined to decipher the hidden secrets of the book. He sets off with Carl Sagan to the Southwest High-Altitude Rocket Festival in New Mexico, where he meets other space fanatics and persuades two new adult friends to take him to Las Vegas in search of his perhaps-dead father, where he learns the truth about his family. Ror never attended high school, but she learned about art and literature from her father and longs to be an artist.

When her father burns down their home and himself in , Ror and her mother are left homeless and nearly penniless. Ror meets Trey, a street artist, and becomes fascinated with graffiti. She finds the art form a perfect channel for expressing her grief, but worries about being caught. With the help of classmate Clancy Crew, Ruby ventures out to prevent the theft of a priceless jade Buddha.

This clever novel packed with puzzles is the first in a new adventure series. Ruby Redfort is the fictional heroine of Clarice Bean. The twist is that the school caters to the descendents of the Greek gods and goddesses, cleverly mixing mythology into the usual high school cliques. Stolen by Lucy Christopher Ages 14—up This intense psychological thriller begins when Gemma 16 , steps away from her British parents for a moment at a layover in the Bangkok Airport, to get a cup of coffee. Ty, the handsome young Australian who pays for her coffee seems oddly familiar.

After drugging the coffee, Ty whisks Gemma away to the home he has built in the isolated Australian outback, believing he is rescuing her from her shallow parents and a city life in London where she could never be happy. At first repelled by both her kidnapper and her new environment, Gemma slowly warms to both as she realizes she must either come to terms with her new reality or die trying to fight it.

The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco Ages 12—up When Tea accidentally resurrects her brother from the dead, Tea learns she is a bone witch, able to raise and control the dead. Her fearful power cause her to be ostracized by her community. An older bone witch takes Tea and her brother to another land for training. This dark fantasy is the first in the Bone Witch series. The Girl from the Well by Rin Chupeco Ages 14—up Okiku, a vengeful spirit, wanders the world in search of those who abuse and murder children, killing them in order to free the souls of the tormented children.

Okiku discovers that Tark Halloway 15 is possessed by a violent spirit. Okiku feels an unexpected fondness for Tark and his cousin Callie, and their journey to Japan allows Okiku to confront her own tragic origin. This scary tale is based on a Japanese legend. But Brendan secretly struggles with his desire to sometimes be a girl. Then Brendan meets transgendered Angel, who introduces Brendan to terms like gender identity. As the two grow older, Clementine feels guilty about her own luck and financial security. Clementine goes to university while the ever more depressed Fan suffers through an unhappy teenaged marriage and children before she is ready for them.

This heart-felt novel captures the powerlessness of children to change their circumstances while celebrating the power of friendship illustrated by the bond between the cousins despite their different situations. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff Ages 12—up Delilah Dirk abandons proper court life to become a globe-trotting soldier of fortune. Captured and held prisoner in s Constantinople, the swash-buckling Delilah escapes with mild-mannered Turkish Lieutenant Erdemogul Selim, whose quite life revolves around a perfect cup of tea.

The funny adventures of the two mis-matched companions come to vivid life in this beautifully illustrated graphic novel. His mother, a lapsed witch, had mocked the power of the coven, and Ryder is pretty sure she was right. But a terrifying new magic threatens the village and the coven, and Ryder must confront all his beliefs, even his hatred of the Baen. Frank depictions of violence are set in a dark fairy tale world. Pointe by Brandy Colbert Ages 14—up Theo Cartwright 17 , from one of the few black families in her Chicago suburb, is a gifted and driven ballet dancer.

Theo is also working hard to control an eating disorder and hiding secrets about her best friend Donovan, who disappeared when they were When Donovan returns home after enduring four long years with his kidnapper, he refuses to talk about what happened. Theo can no longer suppress her memories of the past, and begins to relive the abduction. This blend of horror, humor, and science fiction is the first in the W. Every year 24 teenagers are chosen by lottery to fight in the Hunger Games, a reality TV show where the only rule is that you cannot eat the dead contestants.

Katniss takes the place of her younger sister and is soon being groomed for maximum camera appeal. As Katniss struggles to win both the Games and audience approval, the reader is forced to confront the question: What happens if we choose entertainment over humanity? Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins Ages 12—up Katniss Everdeen and won the annual Hunger Games against all odds and should be enjoying the new prosperity their win brought to their district.

And the upcoming Hunger games will be the 75th anniversary so there are sure to be some extra-special challenges for the next round of Hunger Game contestants. A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts: A Collection of Deliciously Frightening Tales by Ying Chang Compestine, Coleman Polhemus Ages 12—up This collection of eight gruesomely delightful tales feature hungry ghosts—the spirits of those who died hungry or unjustly and have returned to seek vengeance.

The chilling tales are illustrated with lurid images of the ghosts and their victims. When Cassia turns 17 she is Matched with her best friend Xander. But her neighbor Ky also shows up on her Match disk.

She is amazed to find that Ky has a unique secret—creativity. As Cassia begins to understand that their are options other than being controlled by the Society, things get uncomfortable. Reached by Ally Condie Ages 12—up Cassia, Ky, and Xander are separated, each doing their part as agents of the Rising rebellion, working against the repressive Society. An introduced plague saps the resources of the Society, allowing the Rising to step in with a cure and prove itself the better choice for the people.

But the plague mutates out of control, and the trio work together to fight it. This finale in the Matched trilogy follows Matched and Crossed. Cedar 12 , her mother, and her brother Miles move to Iron Creek, Utah for the summer. When Leo, wearing a costume, rides by on his bike, Cedar follows him to the Summerlost Shakespeare festival.

She gets a job working concessions with Leo and learning about the ghost of the Hollywood actress who haunts the halls of Summerlost.

Dryden Dow: University of Calgary > Dundee Stars

No Such Person by Caroline B. Cooney Ages 12—up Miranda 15 and her college-bound sister Lander are spending the summer with their parents on the Connecticut River. The two sisters see a water-skiing accident, but only Miranda notices that the motorboat driver intentionally steers the skier in front of a barge. Lander begins dating the motorboat driver though Miranda urges her not to trust him. A week later Lander is found on a boat carrying drugs with a gun in her hand and a dead body next to her.

Lander is charged with murder, but Miranda is sure her boyfriend is the real culprit. Experimenting with one of the spells in a old book, Mrs. Abernathy inadvertently opens the Gates of Hell and allows a powerful demon through. During the summer after her sophomore year, her strict father unexpectedly allows her to date basketball star, Brady Cullen. After a painful experience she meets a kindly car mechanic she calls Cowboy, who challenges her to focus on her own interest in art.

Bettina knows her father would never approve of her relationship with an older man, even through makes her happy. Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper Ages 10—14 Returning from his three-month test of solitude, Little Hawk returns to his Pokanoket village to discover that diseases brought by the Pilgrims in nearby Plymouth have killed everyone except his grandmother. But when he wakes up the first morning of school, Ethan discovers he is now a girl. His parents reveal that Ethan is a Changer, a race that changes gender each year for four years before finally settling on a permanent gender.

So Ethan begins freshman year as Drew Bohner, adapting to life from a female perspective while understanding that everything will change again in a year. This first in a four book series will strike a chord with teens questioning their sense of self or gender as well as those seeking to understand gender identity. This haunting thriller explores the dynamics of the relationship between the two girls as Finn struggles to come to terms with guilt and remorse. Unfortunately, she is already betrothed to Prince Thandilimon of neighboring Mynaria, where the practice of magic is banned.

While some Believers follow instructions for preparing for the Rapture, others, like Vivian Apple 16 and her best friend Harpreet Janda have Rapture Eve parties. Returning home from a party, Vivian finds her parents missing, and two person-sized holes in the roof. All the Major Constellations by Pratima Cranse Ages 14—up A tragedy just before graduation leaves Andrew without the support of his two best friends the summer before college.

This often hilarious first person narrative will engage and amuse male teenaged readers. Her new friend Phoebe is also 13 and also has a mother who vanished. Sal convinces her grandparents to drive to Idaho in search of her mother while telling the story of Phoebe. Now 16 Stephen is alone in his Manhattan apartment, his father long gone and his mother dead. Then Elizabeth 16 and her family move into the building, having left Minnesota after her younger brother Laurie was badly beaten for being gay.

Amazingly Elizabeth can see Stephen. After the Snow by S. Crockett Ages 12—up Willo 15 lives in the barren snow-covered mountains of northern Wales and has never known anything but cold. His father tells stories of warm times before global warming destroyed the North Atlantic Current, dooming the UK and most of the US to a new ice age. One day Willo returns home to find that his family has been taken away by government men.

Setting off in search of his family, Willo discovers two abandoned children. At first tempted not to burden himself with caring for others, Willo finds himself unable to leave them to starve, and takes them with him on the journey to the city he has always avoided. Eero Johnson Ages 12—up Frankie Neumann 17 feels like a misfit in his flamboyant family. His theater obsessed sister Lou wears a tutu, and his parents impersonate Frank Sinatra and Dr. When his girlfriend Rory and her cousin ask Frankie to help their mysterious Uncle Epic, an anonymous street artist, with a new project, Frankie eagerly agrees.

But his desire to participate in a risky form of art threaten his relationship with his family. One by Sarah Crossan Ages 13—up Tippi and Grace 16 are conjoined twins, with separate heads, arms, and torsos, but joined from the belly down. Since birth they have happily done everything as a unit, choosing not to chance the dangerous separation surgery.

Previously home-schooled, the twins are now in a private school, where they are befriended by Yasmeen and Jon, two other outcasts who treat the twins as equals. Tippy warns Grace that they can never fall in love, but Grace finds herself attracted to Jon just as the twins learn that a shared illness threatens them both. Their doctor recommends separation as the only chance for survival, despite the dangers of the surgery. The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan Ages 10—14 Kasienka 12 and her broken-hearted mother leave Poland for England, searching for the father and husband that left them a few years earlier.

Bullied at her new school Kasienka is only happy when she is swimming in the pool. This emotionally powerful novel is written in verse. Light-skinned people can get good jobs working in places like banks while dark-skinned people work in the fields and the mines. Francisco is somewhere in the middle, more interested in playing soccer than school. When his father is arrested on false charges, Francisco and his sister have no choice but to move into the prison with their father.

Francisco realizes that education is the only opportunity to rescue his family from the unjust political system that that targets the uneducated, the poor, and the indigenous majority. Then the first-ever interspecies transfer student arrives. Pyke is a pterodactyl, and has a very powerful effect on the other students. He is asked to join a band, and sends everyone into a frenzy while playing at the Autumn Whirl dance. Shiels has only a foggy memory of the dance, but when she wakes up the next morning her nose is purple and she thinks she danced far too long with Pyke and did something crazy with her boyfriend.

This very funny book shows that not being in control at all times is sometimes a good thing. He leaves for Flint hoping to find another job, leaving his wife, son Jimmy, and daughter Deza 12 behind. Deza and her mother find a new home and cling to the hope that they will find her father. Deza makes an appearance as a minor character in Bud, Not Buddy. First known as Beetle, since she was found living in a dung heap, the girl struggles to learn the skills of her new profession.

As she grows in knowledge and self-confidence, the girl finally respects herself enough to choose a real name: Alyce. Running away from the inn, Will sets out on the open road, trying to outsmart the thieves, tricksters, and con artists, and repeatedly being taken advantage of. Will finally ends up with Master Tidball and his caravan of oddities, befriending Grace, a girl billed as a monster because of the silky hair growing on her face. Elizabethan England comes to vivid life in this lively and amusing tale.

Cherry Money Baby by John M. Cusick Ages 14—up Cherry Kerrigan is content with her simple life living in a trailer, preparing to marry her sweetheart who lives next door, and working in the Burrito Barn. When she rescues visiting movie star Ardelia Deen from choking, Ardelia is so grateful she presents Cherry with the Alfa Romeo. Cherry is a refreshing down-to-earth heroine in this realistic fiction. The Year We Were Famous by Carole Estby Dagg Ages 12—up Clara 17 , who dreads settling down with the boring young farmer who wants to marry her, is convinced by her mother to take a 4, mile walk to save their farm from foreclosure.

So they start the Flirt Club, an after school support group for friends who share their affliction. Told through notes, journal entries, and minutes from the Flirt Club, this funny and endearing story is a refreshing change from the mean girl middle school storyline. Danforth Ages 14—up Cameron Post is just beginning to come to terms with the realization that she might be a lesbian when her parents suddenly die in a car accident. Cameron is sent to live with her conservative Aunt Ruth in rural Montana and Cam tries to keep a low profile and fit in.

Then Coley Taylor moves to town and the two girls form an intense friendship. This funny and heart-breaking coming of age story is beautifully written. The twins are trying to deal with the recent separation of their parents, when the SUV carrying the whole family is in a terrible accident. Giselle is the only surviver, though in a coma. Her Aunt Leslie calls her Isabelle, and Giselle is unable to respond and correct the error.

The Awesome by Eva Darrows Ages 15—up Maggie Cunningham 17 has been raised by her monster-hunting single mother to be skilled in the art of combat, but not so good at social relationships. Maggie has successfully battled ghosts and goblins, but finding herself a boyfriend may just be a task beyond her skills. Trying to fit in with normal girls, Maggie discovers that cleaning a gun blindfolded is not a valued attribute, but she is unprepared for long conversations about shoes. Dingo by Charles De Lint Ages 12—up Incorporating Australian folklore, this fantasy tells the tale of Michael Schreiber who discovers that his new girlfriend is something other than human.

A mixture of darkness and hope, humor and mystery, and the friendship within love. Titanic Sinks! Fictional characters supplement the recollections of actual survivors, presented in the pages of a fictional magazine. Period photographs add to the dramatic effect. Safiya is a Truthwitch, able to distinguish truth from lies, and Iseult, is a Threadwitch, able to see the invisible ties that connect the people around her. Safiya is born to the nobility while Iseult comes from the despised outcasts. Safiya hides her gift, aware that if revealed she would be pressed into service by those seeking power.

The two become friends, Threadsisters bound by their shared experiences. The Twenty Year Truce is coming to an end, and the renegotiation threatens to end in war. Prince Merik, a Windwitch, joins forces with the Threadsisters, determined to fight for freedom against those who would do just about anything to capture a Truthwitch. This exciting novel is the first in the Witchlands series. Her only joy was the picture of a ballerina en pointe on a wall. At the age of four, Michaela was adopted by an American family who encouraged her love of dancing.

She was accepted at the American School of Ballet and is now the youngest principal dancer with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. This moving memoir is written by Michaela and her adoptive mother. But Ruby is a reluctant Cinderella, suspicious of her own good fortune. Emaline has been dating Luke for four years, and they plan to attend East U in the fall. Another complication is Theo, an ambitious outsider from New York, in town as part of the crew working on a documentary film about a reclusive local artist. Emaline finds Theo exciting, and he tries to convince her that neither Luke nor the town of Colby are good enough for a girl like her.

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen Ages 12—up Sydney has always felt invisible since her parents lavish all their attention on her older brother Peyton. When Peyton is arrested injuring another boy while drunk driving and sent to jail, her parents throw themselves into supporting Peyton. Wither by Lauren DeStefano Ages 14—up War has destroyed most of the continents, and a virus has killed all females by age 20 and males by age 25 for generations. Healthy teenaged girls are prized as breeding stock, and Rhine is kidnapped and forced into a polygamous marriage in a lavish Florida home where Gabriel is a servant.

Though pampered in her luxurious prison, Rhine wants to get back to her twin brother Rowan, and infects Gabriel with her dreams of escape. A year later she is still struggling to find her way around her large school and finds it difficult to deal with everyday life.

When a squirrel is swallowed whole by a Ulysses Super-Suction Multi-Terrain X vacuum cleaner, Flora rescues him and names him after the machine. This clever novel is a wonderful combination of realistic sadness and comedy. She decides that if she can win the Little Miss Central Florida Tire competition and get her picture in the paper, her father will see it and come home. To win, Raymie has to learn to twirl a baton and to do good deeds. Her competition is Louisiana Elefante, a wispy orphan who claims to be the daughter of the famous Flying Elefantes, and Beverly Tapinski, a fierce girl who vows to sabotage the contest.

Tragedies have influenced all three girls, and as the contest grows closer they gradually begin to trust and rely on each other. Entwined by Heather Dixon Ages 12—up Azela, the heir to the throne, and her 11 sisters live in the half-magical world of Eathesbury. When their mother dies after a long illness, their father the King banishes the girls from his sight and goes off to war without even saying good-bye.

The sisters find a secret passageway to an enchanted pavilion under the castle, where they dance all night, breaking the rules of mourning. Illusionarium by Heather Dixon Ages 13—up Jonathan Gouden is the son and apprentice to the second-best scientist in the empire. The king demands that Dr. Gouden find a cure for the Venen plague, mysterious illness that kills women six days after being exposed. Fantillium, a new drug that allows illusionists to create a reality that others can share, offers a hope of discovering a cure before the Queen dies of the plague.

This suspenseful and humorous steampunk adventure is set in an alternate London. Little Brother by Cory Doctorow Ages 13—up Set in near-future San Francisco after a terrorist attack, year-old Marcus and his friends guilty only of cutting school are arrested and interrogated by the Department of Homeland Security. Released, techno-geek Marcus and his crew fight against the oppressive police state.

Annexed by Sharon Dogar Ages 12—up On July 13, , year-old Peter van Pels and his family entered the attic that would be their home for two years. Written from the viewpoint of year-old Peter van Pels, this captivating historical novel presents a boy struggling to understand himself, religion, and the members of the Frank family who share the small living space.

Ending with reports from the death camps of Auschwitz and Mauthausen, Peter struggles to maintain his sense of identity to the very end. Secretly, Jo dreams of becoming a newspaper reported like Nellie Bly. The road trip is full of disasters, but the two girls discover that the bonds that connect them as sisters cannot be severed by a court decision.

Archaeologists suspect the body is ancient and arrive in droves to study the find. Trying to earn entrance to medical school year-old Fergus is haunted by his find and confused by the hunger strike his imprisoned IRA brother has joined. This compelling book raises questions about moral choices and highlights the impact of political conflict on innocent bystanders.

Arie Mae begins writing letters to a distant cousin she has never met, hoping she might be the friend she needs.

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Then a visiting boy named Tom catches her interest. Fell of Dark by Patrick Downes Ages 14—up Erik suffers severe headaches and stigmata-like bleeding and is haunted by the loss of his father. He is obsessed by his beautiful mother and dreams of his future wife. Thorn has lost his sister, hears voices, and is drawn to violence.

The two disturbed young men meet only at the end of the book, when Erik is drawn to prevent Thorn from doing something terrible. This dark and intricate book exploring mental illness is difficult to read but thought-provoking. The more she learns about her grandmother, the more she understands about her mother, and her own fears about her sexuality and her future subside.

Details of the English legal and school system are explained in this powerful novel that explores universal themes of loyalty to family, class, gender, and power. On the way home from school she meets Tansey, a mysterious young woman who seems familiar though she is dressed in old-fashioned clothes. Tansey has come to help her daughter say good-bye and guide her safely out of this world.

The comforting ghost helps Emer, Mary, and her mother Scarlett overcome their fear of death. The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt Ages 12—up Tiuri 16 is about to earn his knighthood when he takes on the task of delivering a vitally important letter to King Unauwen of the neighboring kingdom. His trek is long and dangerous, and he meets both friends and foes along the way. This exciting adventure is the first US publication of the Dutch classic.

Stella by Starlight by Sharon M. But one night Stella and her little brother are out late at night and witness a meeting of the Klan, a signal of trouble to come to the black community of Bumblebee. Stella envies the fine school buildings for the white children and dreams of becoming a writer. Her father is equally determined to vote. They meet a strange grounds keeper named Morgan who takes them into a cave to view ancient Aboriginal paintings. The 11 girls exit the cave, but Miss Renshaw and Morgan never reappear.

The girls are questioned about the disappearance, but band together to keep part of the day secret. This chilling novel is told from multiple perspectives. Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis Ages 14—up The doctors treating Nolan Santiago, a high school student in Arizona, believe he is suffering from epilepsy and hallucinations. The truth is that for the past few years whenever Nolan closes his eyes he is transported into the mind of Amara, a mute servant girl with healing powers living in the magical realm of Dunelands. Amara was chosen as a child by a mage to protect Cilla, a princess in exile after a violent revolution.

Finally able to communicate, Nolan and Amara to work together to find the truth behind the revolution. At first Carol avoids the prickly grandfather she never met, but his questions about why she chose to abandon her real name Carolina for the Anglicized Carol makes her reflect on her heritage.

Bernardo Bembo, the new ambassador from Venice, introduces Ginevra to a stimulating group of artists and philosophers and their patrons. Bembo chooses Ginevra as his Platonic muse and commissions her portrait by the young Leonardo da Vinci. During the long sessions posing for the portrait, Ginevra bonds with the talented painter. Happyface by Stephen Emond Ages 12—up Our narrator, an introverted and artistically talented high school sophomore, decides to try out a new happy-go-lucky persona at his new school, and quickly earns the nickname Happyface.

The plan works, and Happyface soon has a new collection of friends who accept him at face value. Forest World by Margarita Engle Ages 10—up Edver 11 has lived with his cryptozoologist mother in Miami for most of his life. Sent to visit his father, who patrols the forest for poachers, in the Cuban village of La Selva, Edver is surprised to discover that he has a sister his mother left behind when she fled to America ten years earlier. The two sibling have conflicted feelings about the mother that separated them and left Luza behind, but find a connection in their love for the natural world that both their parents protect.

The two come up with a plan to lure their mother back to Cuba, accidentally creating a dangerous situation they must work together to resolve. Boy on the Edge by Fridrik Erlings Ages 14—up Henry has a clubfoot and is the target of relentless bullying. In a fit of despair and anger he lashes out at his mother and is sent to the Home of Lesser Brethren, an isolated farm on the Icelandic coast that takes in troubled boys.

Henry finds some peace among the cows, and begins to feel at home until another boy arrives. This novel is quietly powerful. She hates recess with all the noise and confusion, and meets with her counselor, Mrs. Without him, Caitlin struggles more than ever. The Transatlantic Conspiracy by G. Cecily and her brother Charles offer to accompany her to New York, but Charles disappears and Cecily and her maid are found stabbed to death in their train stateroom.

Millie is determined to scoop her rival Viv Fitch, while also clearing the name of her father, the assistant football coach and prime suspect in the murder of the detested coach. The off-beat Millie is assisted by quarterback Chase Albright, whose good looks and astounding vocabulary mask a secretive past. When her adoptive parents confirm that her real parents claimed to be vampires, Jessica is stunned. Funny, satirical, and suspenseful, this vampire novel is a cut above the competition.

As an Iranian-American Leila feels different enough without suffering that sort of drama. Then Saskia, a beautiful new girl, arrives, and Leila is confused by the attraction between them. This sequel to The House of the Scorpion is best understood if the previous volume is read first. The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer Ages 9—up Jack 11 is a scrawny medieval Saxon boy who has never been much good at anything until the Bard of his village makes him an apprentice. Jack is slowly learning to call on magical powers when the Bard realizes that Viking berserkers are about to attack the village.

They raise a fog to hide the village, but Jack and his sister Lucy 5 are kidnapped by by Ivan One-Brow and his crew. This skillful amalgam of history, myth, and humor will appeal to fantasy lovers of all ages. When her behavior grows too bad to ignore, the family takes her to a monastery for an exorcism. Assisted by Pega, a slave girl, and Thorgil, the ex-berserker, Jack journeys through the lands of hobgoblins, kelpies, yarthkins, and elves in this thoroughly satisfying sequel to The Sea of Trolls. Louis, Missouri, at the turn of the 20th century. A widow with four children to support, Fannie successfully united her fellow garment workers and fought for better wages and working conditions.

The event also called for healing and mending a broken relationship with Memphis Police. Which ones were most felt in Memphis? As Memphis responds to Brandon Webber's death, some have wondered what else could have been done while he was in school to prevent it. Gary Woodland, who has qualified but not committed to the local World Golf Championships tournament next month, won the U.

Planned Parenthood is bashing state Rep. John DeBerry with billboards across Memphis highlighting his votes for legislation restricting and outlawing abortion. DeBerry says new attitudes are needed against the procedure. Cliff Norville has been named the new public works director for Shelby County.

There are others out there like me who value the ability to be vulnerable, honest and real as it relates to the adventure of fatherhood. David Byrd, who is accused of sexual misconduct by three women who played basketball for him at Wayne County High 30 years ago. Children with fathers are less likely to repeat a grade, more likely to get A's and more likely to enjoy school. With several Juneteenth observances in different part of the city Saturday, candidates in the October Memphis elections were moving among them and other events on their summer political calendars. The Memphis Tigers picked up a high-priority recruit with the commitment of junior college tight end Lou Dorsey.

Jaleta Clark spoke before a crowd of mourners and supporters at a vigil outside her home in Frayser. Clark's son, Brandon Webber, was killed in a confrontation with a U. Marshals task force on Wednesday evening, sparking an upheaval in the community. New Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins takes six quick questions, Marc Gasol shouts out the tri-state area, and a look ahead to next-season expectations. Returning some amount of city government funding to Shelby County Schools would not necessarily mean a return to state requirements to keep that funding level.

Katrina Robinson wants a "transparent and thorough" investigation into the shooting death of Brandon Webber, saying the details are "unclear. Issues with the system have been repaired after a week of the service being down. The fatal shooting of year-old Brandon Webber by U. Marshals in Frayser — and the fallout that ensued — caught the attention of the nation and the world. A day after protesters clashed with police over the fatal shooting in Frayser of a year-old man by U. Marshals, new details began to emerge and the victim's family began seeking answers.

Elwood's Shells is at home in Cooper-Young, serving up Gulf seafood like they've been there for years. Pastors and others in Frayser reacted Thursday to Wednesday night's unrest and how it affects the Frayser community. Young chess players from Memphis and beyond came gathered for the 18th annual Mid-South Chess Camp this week, where children ages study under the direction of big-name grandmasters, masters and experts. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer-involved shooting in the Frayser area Wednesday night.

A portion of Central Avenue near Christian Brothers University will be renamed to honor the college's retiring president. University officials said the location change would not disqualify some currently enrolled University Middle students from attending this fall, which was a concern because the school's contract requires one third of its students to reside within two miles of the school. Memphis native Kundarrius Taylor is another junior college product to join Mike Norvell's class of Friday to consider a disaster declaration as the result of flooding last week.

Memphis City Council members tour a Waste Connections facility on East Brooks Road Wednesday prior to a vote next week that would authorize an expansion of the waste transfer operation. Jim Coley in Golf and Games Family Park has added Toptracer technology to enhance the golf range experience for users and draw a new demographic to the multiuse facility. The gravity of violent crime continues to loom over Memphis like an ominous storm cloud that stubbornly refuses to break up and move on.

Open Cup. If his opening press conference is any indication, new Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins may be the relationship-builder the franchise needs. Tennessee used discretionary funds to ensure the Read to be Ready camps continue this summer, but there was no reprieve for a major component of the reading initiative: a statewide network of coaches created three years ago to help teachers improve their literacy instruction.

The owners of Toyos Clinic have sold their Germantown office property to a pediatric dental practice. The elderly woman was struggling into the elevator so Forrest Goodman offered to give her a hand. That's the kind of guy he was. Hardaway Wednesday for filing a late report on his campaign finances for the pre-general period of Jude Invitational as the tournament field continues to grow.

Precious Achiuwa, the last Tiger recruit to arrive on campus, will be in town Wednesday night, putting to rest concerns about his status with Memphis. Retired teacher and restaurant owner Jo Ellen Bates left a lasting impact on students and community members with her investment in South Memphis. Bates died Sunday at age The restaurant is scheduled to open June The mayor said he "yields to the will of the body, namely the County Commission. My recommendation is that he does just that so the commission can finish his incomplete homework assignment.

Full text of "Jordan B. Peterson - 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos"

A two-day visit to Memphis by Gov. Bill Lee included signing a bill dropping state fees for expungements. The move comes against a backdrop of reaction to the weekend slaying of financial executive Glenn Cofield and a rise in homicides compared to this time last year. Here are six initial reactions to the hire and what it suggests. A dream of producing the perfect soap earned a pair of Bartlett entrepreneurs recognition Tuesday as the Bartlett Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneurs of the Year.

New Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins is a hard-nosed guy from way back. Memphis Catholic Bishop David P. Talley has ordered a review of church files on allegations of child sexual abuse made against priests. Technical difficulties with the video visitation system at Poplar are preventing inmates from receiving visitors. Officials hope the problem is fixed by the end of the week.

Grizzlies center Jonas Valanciunas has a decision to make and a deadline looming. A look at what might influence his player option for next season. Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich said her office will not file charges against a Memphis police officer in the officer-involved fatal shooting of a man on Summer Avenue. Cooper-Young's latest bar opens Tuesday afternoon, serving cocktails and 32 wines by the glass or bottle. The nonprofit works with other community agencies to help children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse get through the trauma and heal.

Here's the story of how she and Memphis playwright Evan Linder arrived on the nation's stage. A flood of Germantown residents affected by heavy rain late last week appeared before aldermen Monday night, many of them saying a lack of city action made problems worse. Companies previously opposed to hiring ex-offenders are awakening to the value of creating taxpayers rather than funding perpetrators. The construction timeline for a controversial cell tower is uncertain since officials withdrew the item from Tuesday night's Planning Commission agenda.

Local politicians, friends and family gathered Saturday at St. Nixon, the lawman and civic leader who served as Shelby County's first mayor. Jim Coley calls for major changes in Speaker's office, including elimination of bill "kill lists" and opportunities for all members to speak on the floor.

Why did the The Central Station Hotel developers send a photographer on long train trips? And why are they installing a big, wooden dial in each guestroom? The answers involve aspirations to make this hotel a beacon for authentic Memphis music and art. The convention at the Paradise Entertainment Center in South Memphis Saturday drew no city council incumbents before a group of to the nightclub, with about participating in the process that stretched over six hours.

But he's learned from some of the best. The County Commission has about three weeks to amend the budget if it wants to approve it in time for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. Shelby County Schools students spoke candidly this week on what they want and need from teachers. Brad Anderson left the University of Memphis as basketball trainer last month. Meanwhile, former Phoenix Suns assistant Cody Toppert appears to be the next assistant coach on Penny Hardaway's staff. Technical difficulties with visitation system at Poplar causes the Shelby County Sheriff's Office to stop all jail visits for at least a week until the issue is resolved.

More than a dozen local banks are coming together for a free event to offer credit and financial counseling to Memphians. Ayanna Watkins says on The Daily Memphian Politics Podcast the group is working on its own and within the political process toward change that is part evolution and part disruption.

The town is not increasing the property tax rate as part of the budget. With a lineup hit hard by injuries, a bad bullpen and a leaky defense, Germantown's Mickey Callaway is trying to hang on to his job as a manager of the New York Mets. At the Normandy American Cemetery where more than 9, Americans who helped free France and defeat the Nazis are buried, it is peaceful and verdant now, with straight-line tombstone crosses and Stars of David undulating over the bluffs with the beach and sea beyond. Roy Nixon began his career as a lawman with Memphis police and later went into politics becoming Shelby County first mayor under a new form of government where he built relationships with other city leaders.

In an effort to increase the hourly wage for its lowest-paid employees, the University of Memphis board of trustees has approved an across-the-board pay raise for all faculty and staff. Richard Halliburton wrote a steamer trunk of bestsellers and syndicated articles, but to call him merely an author would be like calling Indiana Jones merely an anthropologist. As a University of Memphis effort to better map the Memphis aquifer's breaches gets underway, others calling attention to threats to the underground water source want to see a groundwater authority for the region.

Developers will seek a single-site tax increment financing district for the acre, mixed-use development along the Wolf River Harbor in Uptown. Germantown bid on the acre Germantown Country Club, but the city declined Wednesday to specify the amount. Roy Nixon was Shelby County mayor less than two years, but it was his attitude toward the 4, acres at the Shelby County Penal Farm that led to a vision of that expansive land as a park. Temmora Levy, who runs a talent development academy in Memphis, is the subject of an eight-episode Lifetime television network series that starts in June.

The County Commission's budget committee discussed potential next steps in the budget process when it reconvened Wednesday morning. The race for Arlington mayor has three prospective contenders so far, with incumbent Mike Wissman facing at least two challengers on the Sept. The preservation and conversion of two historic Downtown buildings for apartments include a plan to create dozens of new windows. Running back Kalyn Grandberry's junior college route is preparing him for an eventual return to Memphis. Arlington approved a master development plan to construct new homes in the Wilson Lake area, one of the last infill parcels in the heart of Arlington.

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The Tennessee Court of Appeals has ruled the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization has no case to preserve two Memphis parks and the Confederate monuments removed from them in Roy Nixon, the first person to serve as Shelby County Mayor, died Sunday after a short illness at the age of Elvis Presley Enterprises leaders met with Whitehaven residents Monday to ask them to support EPE in its dispute with the city of Memphis over funding for expansion plans at Graceland.

James E. But the annual celebration of the suburb's heritage begins Tuesday with the opening of the 71st Germantown Charity Horse Show. The event benefitted the college's student activities, as well as the United Negro College Fund. Shelby County is adding 3, square feet to a building that houses Shelby Farms Park's operations and development staff.

Manny Sethi is the first Tennessee Republican to enter the U. Senate election, beating potential establishment candidates to the punch in the race to replace Sen. Lamar Alexander. The daughter of Sedley Alley, the man convicted in the brutal murder and rape of Marine Lance Cpl. Suzanne Marie Collins in Millington, is seeking to have the DNA evidence in the case tested, some 13 years after her father was executed for the slaying. Collierville police were called to the home of David Hoal on Sunday night, about 12 hours before he was shot to death in a confrontation with the suburb's officers.

Amid reports federal agents are questioning state lawmakers, a group that filed a complaint about Sen. Coach Penny Hardaway selected his strength and conditioning coach after Randy Flores departed last month. With two funding options for a new Lakeland high school approved earlier this week, city officials are now waiting to see if a petition will be pulled against the year USDA loan option proposed by Mayor Mike Cunningham.

Local group looks for ways to curb poverty — from providing seminars to improving skills to lobbying for better public transportation for workers to reach jobs. Matthew Murrell transferring from Whitehaven to IMG Academy could enhance recruiting interest from more colleges, including some of the top schools in the country. As a successful Memphis in May International Festival unfolded in Tom Lee Park, there was plenty of symbolism and drama building in the controversy over what happens next to theacre Downtown Memphis park.

The community budget meeting is scheduled for Tuesday from 6 to 8 p. The gift Randall Mullins and Sharon Pavelda gave to the Memphis community is a safe space to go out of the grief of racial terrorism by going through the grief of racial terrorism. Kortland and Kameron Whalum are set to join their uncle, jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum, to perform at Crosstown Theater.

The three men from a Memphis family with rich musical roots all moved home just in time to work together using music as outreach in the city. Everybody can feel like somebody when they walk into the Hub. Nobody is turned away. With no barriers or judgment, the Hub provides people with the tangible and emotional tools to navigate their next phase on this earth.

FedEx's latest buyout program ended on Friday, but details about its scope and how it matches up with estimated savings won't be revealed until the company's earnings report later this month. The Memphis Italian Festival, now in its 30th year, attracts some 30, folks who turn out for food, music, games, cooking demos and fancy powder rooms. The president of the city's longest running civil rights organization commented on The Daily Memphian Politics Podcast about the funding, voter registration lawsuits and leaving her post this fall.

Memphis restaurants owe a debt to immigrants, both in the city's early years and in more recent times. And to barbecue; it's what got us to the party. Now that Gateway is officially closed, parents and students are left to find a new high school. Many are headed to their zoned neighborhood schools; others are still searching.

Saunders' tale is a roller coaster ride from rock bottom to dizzying height and back again, a journey that left an indelible mark on the world. A member of the advisory group to MLGW on such a plan says on "Behind the Headlines" the complex undertaking could hold several changes beyond who supplies wholesale electric power to the local utility. Collierville goes to the other side of the state for the suburb's new school superintendent and selects Gary Lilly, the director of Bristol Tennessee City Schools, to replace John Aitken.

There could be more budget changes at the council session. This guide covers May June 2. Puck Food Hall is spruced up and offers new food booths, proving there's more to the name change than a rebranding. Christian Brothers University taps John T.

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  • Reilly to replace legendary coach Mike Nienaber as the leader of the Buccaneers basketball program. The University of Memphis announced Wednesday it will host a forum on connecting Memphis-area businesses with skilled employees who are ex-offenders. The lot Ellsworth Place faces the historic homes of the East Buntyn neighborhood and backs up to the large, mixed-use Highland Row development. The victory assures Memphis a game against an MLS team in the next round. Joe Towns believes the governor should rescind the signing of his voucher bill into law and have it heard again by the Legislature.

    The Shelby County Commission is considering 26 amendments to the budget, including one that would provide county funds for MATA public transportation for the first time. In his final days, Mike Rose was still working to make sure Memphis got a new natatorium. Memphis Italian Festival started 30 years ago as a small fundraiser and has turned into one of the city's biggest parties; it all starts Thursday. The year-old's soul music legacy stands at the intersection of the Black Power movement and the Vietnam War.

    Collierville's superintendent search is narrowed to four after Russell Dyer said he is no longer pursuing the job. Research reveals social factors that account for large discrepancies in the way people in the U. Memphis is the home to a new world record, after beating a French town's attempt earlier this year for the world's longest picnic table at Celebrate Memphis. Lakeland Mayor Mike Cunningham proposes a USDA loan to pay for the city's first high school and gets unanimous buy-in from commissioners because of the long-term benefits that come with it.

    The vote at a special party meeting Tuesday evening in Hickory Hill marks what amounts to the second confidence vote in Michael Harris since he ran unopposed for chairman at the April local party convention.

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    Bartlett Republican Jim Coley will not seek another two-year term in after a recent diagnosis with early stages of dementia. State Court of Appeals dismisses a complaint from the Owen family over rezoning the Cordova Triangle. The family owns more than 13 acres of the acre tract. A new plan for Aretha Franklin's birthplace home in Memphis would be to stabilize it, but only as a shell until other potential uses for the property materialize.

    School districts in suburban Shelby County municipalities are beginning to receive payments from the county on a more regular basis. The money represents millions owed to the districts for capital projects. A funky chicken, a creepy penguin and a half-naked bear-woman stood sentinel outside the meeting room at 21C Museum Hotel, where House Republicans debated the fate of House Speaker Glen Casada.

    The West Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery hosted a Memorial Day ceremony attended by hundreds of people to honor fallen and missing veterans. May isn't the strongest month for hotel occupancy in Memphis and Downtown, but it consistently generates the highest room rates, because of the Memphis in May International Festival, officials say.

    Yet Shelby County Schools often lack the resources to respond to it. There is a history of Memphis startups entering the Summer of Acceleration and three more are spreading their wings in the incubator intensive right now. Penny Hardaway needed luck and James Wiseman to land his No. The marker south of Beale Street marks the site of a Chinese association founded in Memphis in the s. It is also a testament to the impact of the Chinese Exclusion Act that remained in place for 60 years in America.

    The city council still has some difficult decisions to make. But past budget seasons show there is also still some compromise possible between what the mayor proposed and what the council decided last week. Mayor Jim Strickland wants the U. Army Corps of Engineers to study planned changes to Tom Lee Park, adding contour to the mostly flat park. But Strickland said he remains committed to the idea of a park that is more active year-round. Memphis International Airport expected more than 10, people to pass through security checkpoints Friday and the economy parking garage to approach capacity over the weekend.

    The university released the full letter of complaint against Tom Bowen. It raises more questions than it answers. Two athletic projects are planned at Arlington High School as part of the recently approved five-year capital improvement blueprint for Arlington Community Schools. Shelby County Commission Chairman Van Turner says he may propose a joint resolution with the election commission to seek further assurances before granting them funding for new voting machines.