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However, the Western Mediterranean route is still in full use to facilitate the growing number of illegal immigrants from Africa. Nigerians topped the list of illegal immigrants into Italy in , forming 16 percent of arrivals there. In February Italian government accepted to fund Libyan coastguard. Since then many migrants were forced to go back to Libya. In , approximately , persons acquired citizenship of a member state of the European Union, down from , in On 7 October at least 10 migrants are believed to have died in a boat off the coast of Morocco.

According to Eurostat , EU member states received , asylum applications in , the highest number since the , applications received in The main countries of origin of asylum seekers, accounting for almost half of the total, were Syria 20 percent , Afghanistan 7 percent , Kosovo 6 percent , Eritrea 6 percent and Albania [].

In , decisions on asylum applications in the EU made at the first instance resulted in more than , asylum seekers being granted protection status, while a further 23, received protection status on appeal. The rate of recognition of asylum applicants was 45 percent at the first instance and 18 percent on appeal. The main beneficiaries of protection status, accounting for more than half of the total, were Syrians 68, or 37 percent , Eritreans 14, or 8 percent and Afghans 14, or 8 percent. Four states — Germany, Sweden, Italy and France — received around two-thirds of the EU's asylum applications and granted almost two-thirds of protection status in Sweden, Hungary and Austria were among the top recipients of EU asylum applications per capita , when adjusted for their own populations, with 8.

In , EU member states received 1,, first time asylum applications, a number more than double that of the previous year. The highest number of first time applicants was registered in Germany with , applicants, or 35 percent of all applicants in EU states , followed by Hungary , or 14 percent , Sweden , or 12 percent , Austria 85, or 7 percent , Italy 83, or 7 percent and France 70, or 6 percent. Compared with the population, the highest number was registered in Hungary with The three main countries of citizenship of asylum applicants, accounting for more than half of the total, were Syria , or 29 percent , Afghanistan , or 14 percent and Iraq , or 10 percent , followed by Kosovo 5 percent , Albania 5 percent , Pakistan 4 percent , Eritrea 3 percent , Nigeria 2 percent and Iran 2 percent.

The main beneficiaries of protection status were citizens of Syria 50 percent of persons granted protection in the EU , Eritrea 8 percent , Iraq 7 percent , Afghanistan 5 percent , Iran 2 percent , Somalia 2 percent and Pakistan 2 percent. The EU countries who granted protection to the highest number of asylum seekers were Germany who granted protection to , people , Sweden 34, , Italy 29, and France 26, The rate of recognition, i.

The citizenships with the highest recognition rates at first instance were Syria In the first three months of , the number of new asylum applicants in the EU was ,, increasing by 86 percent if compared with the same quarter in the previous year but remaining stable if compared to the last quarter of More than half applied for asylum in Germany 40 percent or Hungary 18 percent. The main nationalities of the applicants were Kosovo 48, or 26 percent , Syria 29, or 16 percent and Afghanistan 12, or 7 percent. The main countries of citizenship of asylum seekers, accounting for more than half of the total, were Syria 21 percent , Afghanistan 13 percent , Albania 8 percent , Iraq 6 percent and Kosovo 5 percent.

Germany and Hungary were the top recipients, with 26 percent each of total applicants. One third of asylum seekers were Syrians 33 percent , followed by Afghans 14 percent and Iraqis 11 percent. The top recipients were Germany 38 percent , Sweden 21 percent and Austria 7 percent. In August , the German government announced that it expected to receive , asylum applications by the end of the year. In , Germany made , decisions on asylum applications; the overall asylum recognition rate was The most successful applicants were Syrians , positive decisions, with a 96 percent recognition rate , Eritreans 9, positive decisions; Sweden received , asylum applications in , mainly from Syrians 51, , Afghans 41, , Iraqis 20, , Eritreans 7, and Somalis 5, The main beneficiaries of protection were Syrians 18, positive decisions, with a percent recognition rate , Eritreans 6, positive decisions; percent recognition rate and Afghans 1, positive decisions; 74 percent recognition rate.

Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq together make 50 percent of the grand total. The second quarter of recorded a 54 percent decrease in the number of first time asylum applicants as compared to the second quarter of , and 11 percent fewer applicants than the first quarter of as well. The greatest number of applications were from Syria, Afghanistan and Nigeria, giving a clear indication of the current nodes of this crisis.

However, the number of Syrians and Afghans continued to be less than that of the same time in , suggesting that perhaps, the peak of this crisis has passed. Initially looking at the noticeably fewer number of both migrants and applications indicates that this crisis may be on the decline. But the increasing number of illegal immigrants from Africa simply suggests that the direction of the crisis is changing. While Germany recorded the highest number of first time applicants over 49, , Spain saw a 30 percent increase in the number of asylum seekers, along with Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Ascertaining motivation is complex, but, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees , most of the people arriving in Europe in were refugees , fleeing war and persecution [] in countries such as Syria , Afghanistan , Iraq and Eritrea : according to UNHCR data, 84 percent of Mediterranean Sea arrivals in came from the world's top ten refugee-producing countries.

Migrants of these nationalities accounted for 90 percent of the arrivals in Greece and 47 percent of the arrivals in Italy between January and August , according to UNHCR data. Refugees from Eritrea , one of the most repressive states in the world, flee from indefinite military conscription and forced labour. Migrants from the Western Balkans Kosovo , Albania , Serbia and parts of West Africa The Gambia , Nigeria are more likely to be economic migrants , fleeing poverty and lack of jobs, many of them hoping for a better lifestyle and job offers, without valid claims to refugee status.

According to UNHCR data, 58 percent of the refugees and migrants arriving in Europe by sea in were men, 17 percent were women and 25 percent were children. Younger refugees also have better chances of receiving asylum. Some argue that migrants have been seeking to settle preferentially in those national destinations offering more generous social welfare benefits and hosting more established Middle Eastern and African immigrant communities.

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Others argue that migrants are attracted to more tolerant societies with stronger economies, and that the chief motivation for leaving Turkey is that they are not permitted to leave camps or work. Refugees coming specifically from the Middle East have been attempting to seek asylum in Europe rather than in countries surrounding their own neighboring regions.

In September , Europol estimated there were 30 suspected migrant smugglers, which rose to 55 in and a further 10 more in Of the smugglers, 63 percent are from Europe of which 45 percent are from Balkan countries, 14 percent from the Middle East, 13 percent from Africa and 9 percent from Eastern Asia. As of May , Frontex the European border and coast guard agency identifies the following eight main routes on sea and on land used by irregular migrants to enter the EU: [].

Frontex tracks and publishes data on numbers of illegal crossings along the main six routes twice a year. The following table shows the data for the period up to and including the year On 27 August , 71 migrants were found dead in an unventilated food truck near Vienna. Late on 4 September , Chancellor Werner Faymann of Austria, in conjunction with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, announced that migrants would be allowed to cross the border from Hungary into Austria and onward to Germany, and early on 5 September , buses with migrants began crossing the Austro-Hungarian border.

On 14 September , Austria followed Germany's suit and instituted border controls of its own at the border with Hungary. On 19 September , Austria permitted entry to approximately 10, migrants from Slovenia and Hungary. On 20 January , Austria announced it would limit the number of asylum applicants to 37, in each of the next four years, compared to the 90, applications in The EU's migration commissioner said the cap was incompatible with Austria's obligations under EU and international law.

In February , Austrian authorities planned to stop providing food and accommodation to rejected asylum applicants. From April , Austrian authorities would confiscate mobile phones of migrants in order to use its geographical data to verify how the migrant arrived to the country. If migrants are found to have entered via a country covered by the Dublin regulation, they will be sent there. To cover the cost of handling the application, euro is demanded.

European migrant crisis - Wikipedia

Nearly 80 percent of the border consists of the Danube River , but there is a 70 kilometer-long segment of land border in Syrmia , in the forests and fields near Tovarnik. On 15 September , Croatia started to experience the first major waves of refugees, who carved out a new route through Europe after Hungary sealed its borders.

Several buses filled with migrants arrived on the Croatian border crossing of Tovarnik , where the Croatian Vukovar-Srijem County Care and Rescue teams as well as the Croatian Red Cross were on standby awaiting migrants. As of 6 October , , had entered Croatia in the space of three weeks. In late December , Slovenia put up a razor-wire fence on the border with western Croatian regions of Istria and Gorski kotar , of which the latter is a habitat of the lynx and the brown bear , which are both endangered and protected by law in Croatia.

Local hunters have found deer killed by the fence. The WWF and the inhabitants of the regions from both sides of the border have protested against the decision to put up the razor-wire fence. On 9 March , Croatia started implementing border restrictions on the border with Serbia, aiming to reinstate the Schengen rules. Starting on 6 September , large groups of migrants who declined to apply for asylum in Germany started passing the Danish borders with the majority heading for Sweden. On 9 September, Denmark suspended all rail and ferry links with Germany reopened the following day.

On the same day parts of the E45 motorway was closed for vehicles to avoid accidents as hundreds of migrants were walking along it in southern Jutland towards Sweden. After Sweden introduced ID checks on the Danish border to prevent undocumented migrants from coming to Sweden, Denmark also reintroduced border controls on the Danish-German border in January , wanting to avoid predicted accumulation of illegal migrants on their way to Sweden as one of the reasons for this decision.

The reports encompassed everything from adult Islamic State sympathisers celebrating terror attacks to violent children who dress up as IS fighters decapitating teddy bears. Asylum centres having detected radicalisation routinely report their findings to police. The 50 incidents were reported between 17 November until 14 September Migrants entering France illegally by train from Italy were returned to Italy by French police since border controls were introduced in July During the summer of , at least nine people died in attempts to reach Britain, including falling from, or being hit by trains, and drowning in a canal at the Eurotunnel entrance.

In response, a UK financed fence was built along the A highway in Calais. On 13 September , it was reported that the local authorities had estimated the flow of asylum seekers per day entering via the northern land border from Sweden into Tornio , which is the main route of migration flow into Finland.

In mid-October the number of asylum seekers entering Finland during reached 27,, which is, in relation to the country's size, the fourth-largest in Europe.

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More than 60 percent of asylum seekers who arrived during came from Iraq. In November, the Permanent Secretary of the Interior Ministry stated that approximately 60 to 65 percent of the recent applications for asylum will be denied. In September, the processing time of an asylum application was estimated to be extended from normal six months up to two years.

These centers would be inhabited by the asylum seekers whose applications were declined. While he stressed that these camps would not be prisons, he described the inhabitants would be under strict surveillance. In January , Yle , Finland's national public-broadcasting company, reported that a Russian border guard had admitted that the Federal Security Service was enabling migrants to enter Finland.

In , hundreds Muslim asylum seekers from Iraq and Afghanistan converted to Christianity after having had their first asylum application rejected by the Finnish Immigration Service Migri , in order to re-apply for asylum on the grounds of religious persecution. Germany has been the most sought-after final destination in the EU migrant and refugee crisis. Germany's asylum practice is to be based on article 16a of her Basic Law. The Interior Minister announced on 13 September the introduction of temporary controls on the southern border with Austria and explained the measure with reference to security concerns.

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On 5 October, the German tabloid Bild claimed to possess a secret document stating that the number of asylum seekers would increase to 1. This report was immediately disclaimed by the German ministry of the interior which restated its own estimate of , applicants "only". Between January and December , 1,, arrivals of asylum seekers were registered in Germany's "EASY" system for the first distribution of asylum seekers among Germany's federal states; however, asylum applications in were only ,, because many asylum seekers had not formally applied for asylum yet or did not stop in Germany and moved on to other EU states.

In February , the German government admitted that it had lost track of around 13 percent of the 1. The German government said that probably many of the missing asylum seekers simply went to other European countries, while others continued to live illegally in Germany. The diplomatic visit took place in order to discuss how their governments could improve conditions which cause people to flee those countries and how illegal migration through and from these countries could be reduced.

In November Germany security officials cracked down on the militant salafist organisation Die Wahre Religion as these preachers had targeted newly arrived migrants with their violent form of Islam. In January it was reported by Deutsche Welle that welfare authorities in Braunschweig had been targeted in cases of migrant fraud as individuals registered many identities in order to receive multiple welfare payouts.

Each case of migrant fraud averaged thousands of euros of loss, with the most prolific fraudster having registered 12 identities. The majority of the cases concerned Sudanese migrants. Authorities had at times been overwhelmed by registering migrants per day and normal checks like fingerprints are now retroactively required. A report by the German Federal Criminal Police Office on crime in the context of immigration found that immigrants were responsible for The migrant crisis has spurred right-wing electoral preferences across Germany with the Alternative for Germany AfD gaining significant electoral success in the German Federal Election.

These developments have prompted debates over the reasons for increased right-wing populism in Germany. Literature argues that the increased right-wing preferences are a result of the European migrant crisis which has brought thousands of people, predominantly from Muslim countries to Germany, and spurred a perception among a share of Germans that refugees constitute an ethnic and cultural threat to Germany.

As of June , , migrants had arrived into Greece, a percent increase from , mainly refugees stemming from the wars in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. In September , the photos of dead 3-year-old Alan Kurdi , who drowned when he and his family were in a small inflatable boat which capsized shortly after leaving Bodrum trying to reach the Greek island of Kos, made headlines around the world.

On 27 January , the European Commission accused Greece of neglecting its obligations under the Schengen agreement to carry out external border controls, saying that a visit by EU inspectors in November found that Greece was failing to identify and register arrivals properly, to fingerprint everyone and to check travel documents for authenticity and against security databases. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said the mission would not be about "stopping or pushing back refugee boats", but about intelligence gathering and sharing information with Turkey and Greece, both NATO allies.

The Republic of Macedonia closed its border with Greece on 9 March where 12, to 13, migrants were stuck at Idomeni on the Greek side, while the total number of migrants throughout Greece are estimated to be more than 50, At Athens officials voiced worries that Turkish monitors overseeing the deal in Greece had been abruptly pulled out after the failed coup with little sign of them being replaced. The Greek team was rewarded for their "heroic actions" and their effort to save human lives while risking their own during the migrant and refugee crisis.

In June , Hungary said it was contemplating countermeasures against the influx of illegal immigrants from Serbia, a non-EU and non-Schengen state.

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The migrants refused to cooperate and remained on the train, which did not travel further west. On 14 September , it was reported that the Hungarian police were blocking the route from Serbia, and that the regular entry point was heavily manned with officers, soldiers and helicopters hovering above, [] sealing this border with a razor wire [] [] and detaining migrants crossing the border illegally with the threat of arrest and criminal charges.

Several hundred migrants broke the fence between Hungary and Serbia twice on Wednesday, 16 September, and threw chunks of concrete and water bottles over the fence. Belgrade protested these actions. On 16 October , Hungary announced that it would close its green border with Croatia to migrants, [] and since 17 October onward, thousands of migrants daily were diverted to Slovenia instead. In addition, Hungary has conducted wholesale deportations of refugees, who are generally considered to be allied with ISIL.

On 9 March Hungary declared a state of emergency for the whole of the country, and was deploying soldiers to the borders. Since , thousands of migrants have been trying every month to cross the Central Mediterranean to Italy, risking their lives on unsafe boats including fishing trawlers. In , , migrants arrived in Italy by sea, a percent increase compared to Most of the migrants had come from Syria , Eritrea and various countries in West Africa. From January to April , about migrants died on the route from Libya to Lampedusa, making it the deadliest migrant route in the world.

More than 13, migrants had been rescued from the sea in the course of the operation as of April There were , Mediterranean sea arrivals to Italy in , 9 percent less than the previous year; most of the refugees and migrants came from Eritrea , Nigeria and Somalia , whereas the number of Syrian refugees sharply decreased, as most of them took the Eastern Mediterranean route from Turkey to Greece.

The first three months of saw an increase in the number of migrants rescued at sea being brought to southern Italian ports. In , , migrants arrived in Italy by sea. In June , 10, asylum seekers were picked up in the Mediterranean sea by the Italian coastguard and other naval vessels in just a couple of days. EU ambassador Maurizio Massari has expressed concern about the recent uptake of refugee arrivals on Italian's coastline, which would reach , in As a result, foreign aid vessels docking in Italian ports may no longer be able to do so because of stricter admission policies and exceeded limits in Italian asylum centers.

These rules include. Italian authorities feared that rather than saving lives, the NGO operations encouraged more people to try the very dangerous passage facilitated by human traffickers. After the entry into force of the NGO code, in July arrivals decreased by From January to November , some , migrants arrived in Italy by sea. Since , the country took in over , migrants, [] mainly from sub-Saharan Africa. Between and , Malta received on average the highest number of asylum seekers compared to its national population: Because it is located close to north Africa, it has now become a gateway for migrants seeking entry to Europe.

In , very few migrants arrived in Malta compared to previous years, since most of those rescued were taken to Italy. Melilla and Ceuta , two autonomous Spanish cities on the north coast of Africa bordering Morocco , are the only EU territories to share a land border with an African country.

In a report published on 17 November , Amnesty International called on Spain to cease cooperation with Morocco on immigration matters because of alleged human rights abuses on the Melilla and Ceuta borders. Amnesty said it has "photographs, images and evidence" of "blows with sticks, feet and stones" on migrants attempting to get to Spain. The Spanish Government said that it has now banned its border guards from using rubber bullets to repel migrants. Migrants have been found trying to smuggle themselves into Ceuta and Melillia in cars and suitcases, including in March , when migrants were discovered hiding in "impossibly small spaces" in a car at the Melilla border crossing, with some in the dashboard area and some under the back seat.

According to the authorities, people are found hiding in cars almost every day. The number of migrants crossing from Russia into Norway increased from a handful in the first half of to asylum seekers crossing by bicycle in September alone. The number of migrants returned from Europe to Afghanistan between nearly tripled from to In , Statistics Norway reported that of recently arrived migrants from Syria there was a high proportion 67 percent with only basic education Norwegian: Grunnskole.

Slovenia established temporary controls on the otherwise unsupervised border with Hungary in the north east on 17 September , following Germany and Austria's similar actions. On the evening of 18 September, the Slovenian riot police were forced to use pepper spray on a bridge at the Harmica border to prevent migrants and activists from illegally crossing the border from Croatia. By midday of 19 September, the country had registered around migrants, with all of them being accommodated in temporary reception camps or asylum centres.

There were also various humanitarian and non-governmental organisations aiding the migrants on the border, coming mostly from Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. On 18 October , Slovenia began restricting admission to 2, migrants per day, stranding migrants in Croatia as well as Serbia and Macedonia. From 18 October, the country began receiving large numbers of refugees, which soon exceeded the upper admission limit of 2, On 22 October, the police reported 12, migrant arrivals in 24 hours, reportedly a record, and more than Hungary had received in any one day.

The Slovenian government also passed a law giving the army more powers and asked the EU for aid. The latter responded by sending the commissioner for migration to Slovenia, and announcing a "mini EU summit". By 24 October, Slovenia had reported more than 56, total migrant arrivals. On 10 November, Prime Minister Cerar announced that Slovenia would impose temporary technical hurdles to control migrants, but that the country would not close border crossings.

On 23 February , German press noted that Slovenia decided to deploy army on the border facing Croatia, to assist the police. It was noted, that the bill did not approve military action, however noting that the army was still authorized to use force in the case of emergency. From until at least , dealing with irregularly arriving migrants on the Spanish Canary Islands , Spain developed a purportedly efficient plan to manage that inflow, consisting in four aspects:. In , Spain saw a huge increase in the number of asylum applicants, fast catching up to Italy and Greece in terms of popularity as a destination country, with nearly people trying to enter in the first half of this year itself.

The International Organization for Migration recorded a percent increase in the first seven months of compared with the same period in , when more than 8, arrived throughout the year. Reports of women and children being kept in inhumane conditions have surfaced, pushing governments and organizations to devise short-term policies to help curb the pressure. During all of , migration authorities reported cases of suspected terrorism links or war criminals to Swedish Security Service. This did not have so much effect on the inflow of asylum seekers, since they had the right to apply for asylum once they were on Swedish ground.

In December , Sweden passed a temporary law that allows the government to oblige all transport companies to check that their passengers carry valid photographic identification before border crossing. The new law came into effect on 21 December and is valid until 21 December The new law led to the mandatory train change and passage through border control at Copenhagen Airport station for travellers between Copenhagen and Sweden, and with a reduction in service frequency.

On the first day of border controls this led to a reduction in the number of migrants arriving to southern Sweden from the previous hundreds to some dozens. According to the National Board of Health and Welfare in , an estimated 20 to 30 percent of asylum seekers suffered from mental disorders. Of the who migrated to Sweden in , by May only had found employment, where employment constituted more than 1 hour of work per week or state-subsidised schemes. In late June the Swedish parliament voted for more restrictive policy with a large majority in favour.

As a result, residence permits will be temporary and immigration of family members will be curtailed, along with higher demands of proof to be able to support immigrating relatives. These measures are to be valid for three years. These measures puts Sweden in line with the minimum line of requirements mandated by the EU. They pamper a pooch who also joined them for the trip, seemingly oblivious to the scene playing out a few footsteps away from the car park: hundreds of migrants, the majority from war-torn Sudan, camped out among bags of rubbish beneath an underpass along the banks of the Roia river.

They are part of a growing and increasingly desperate army of migrants who have risked the perils of the Mediterranean, heading north as they flee war and poverty in Africa and the Middle East in search of security in Europe. Ventimiglia has been a perennial waiting room since for migrants hoping to cross the border — just like the market shoppers. The town is gearing up for the holiday season as well as anticipating a new increase in migrant arrivals as Italy grapples with a sudden summer surge on its southern shores.

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Some of the estimated people sleeping rough along the Roia had only landed in Sicily a few days earlier. Much like the rest of Italy, Ventimiglia has been left alone to deal with a humanitarian crisis that is growing dramatically and that now threatens to undermine the fragile unity of the EU , which is appearing to ignore the problems faced by its members in the south.

There was a time when French police would judiciously patrol the border while on the prowl for shoppers unwittingly transporting counterfeit purchases from the market. But since early , when the migration crisis began in earnest as the Arab spring turned north African societies upside down, they have made the passage impenetrable to those desperately trying to join relatives or seeking a better life in northern Europe. The patrols were stepped up after 84 people were killed in a terror attack in Nice, the French Riviera city just 39km along the coast, last July.

It only takes a few minutes to crawl into France by train from Italy, with the railway track crossing above the migrant camp along the river beneath. Didn't receive the code? Don't have your phone? Please contact support. Create a new Playlist. Please enter the required information. Add Tag.

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