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Since the sandstone at the right was a distinctly different red sandstone, I tried using a 25A red filter to hopefully boost its level of exposure in relation to the rest of the scene. I'm not sure how effective the filter actually was, but in the end I am pleased to have retained as much detail in each feature as I did.


It has taken me nearly two years to post this because I have always had limited access to a scanner for my large format photographs. I have a hard time judging the viability of a black and white negative by simply looking at it, so this was always a lower priority piece of film to scan - I just assumed it hadn't turned out well. After finally scanning it this evening I am very pleased with how it turned out and decided to share it. Our Privacy Policy has been updated.

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You can then pull up the Crafting menu by facing the table and right-clicking or pressing the X button. Make a Furnace. You will need a Furnace to create Bricks.

Great White Throne

Make a Pickaxe. The Pickaxe will be used to mine the various stones you might need for your throne. Once selected, you can either left-click or press the Right Trigger button on your desired patch of stone to mine it. Decide the materials to use on the throne.

"Fluid-Flow Architecture of Sandstone Reservoirs in the Covenant Field," by Emily E. Hartwick

A throne is supposed to be proof of your greatness, so first you must decide on what material to use. First, you'll be needing two blocks, four stairs, two fences or walls, and a slab.

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While the latter two are late-game acquisitions, the rest can be easily gathered and crafted early on in the game. You can create the walls using Cobblestone and the fences with Wood or Nether Brick. The next few steps will explain how to get the different materials you might want to make your throne out of; it is not necessary to gather each and every kind, just select one or two, or even three, that you want to use on your throne.

Get Wood and Cobblestone. Wood and Cobblestone are the easiest to acquire, since they are the most abundant of the resources. You can immediately gather wood from nearby trees by left-clicking or pressing the Right Trigger button. Stone can be mined for cobblestone and is usually found by digging into the dirt or exposed on cliffs and hills, and can easily be mined with a pickaxe. Gather Sandstone. Sandstone can be found while digging in the Desert or Beach, and Red Sandstone can be found in Mesas; both can be mined with a pickaxe.

Stone Bricks can be created in the same method as Sandstone blocks; simply pull out your inventory and lay Cobblestone in all four slots of the crafting grid. Create Bricks. Bricks can be made by gathering Clay, which are smooth, soft grayish blocks found underwater, and smelting them with a furnace. Open the furnace by pressing the right mouse button or the X button. Place Clay on the top slot of the furnace, and then place a piece of fuel flammable materials such as wood, planks, coal, saplings, or even a bucket of lava on the bottom slot.

Shop with confidence

Then simply wait for the item to be smelted on the result slot to the right. Do note that you might need to replenish your fuel often before you get enough Bricks. You can tell how much fuel there is left by looking at the fire symbol between the fuel and item slot. You can then make Brick Blocks the same method as Sandstone—place the individual bricks on all the four slots of the inventory crafting grid and take the ensuing Brick Block.

Gather Quartz blocks and Nether Bricks. Quartz blocks and Nether Brick are near-endgame items found in the Nether, which you can access through a Nether portal.