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Issue status: closed on May 31, Hey Dad, I put you birthday present in the front yard as soon as we arrived in NJ.


I hope you like it, I had planned on getting it for you all year. The girls want to come see you on your birthday. Peanut really misses you too, he was mopping around the house today, I know they say dogs don't know time, but I think you being gone this long as finally gotten to him.

It's been 6 long months, I couldn't even tell you what I did during them, it's all a haze. I miss your smile, I miss being able to watch the birds with you when I come up. Sitting there is just not the same. You'll be happy to know you have a bunch of hummingbirds this year. I even showed mommy how to properly fill it, she had no idea about the water part :- oh and I'm sure you laughed about the cauking incident.

I told her to google it! I hope you are doing okay up there and your able to watch over us. I love you so very much and miss you even more. As Kelsye would say, I miss you until "google". It's really hard to go 29 years with someone in your life to only have them taken away so quickly. I really keep forgetting you are not with us, I seem to be living in another world. For me I feel like you are a phone call away and you are not anymore.

Loosing you has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do and I hate it. I wish I had one more day back for a hug and an I love you or a day to just sit on the couch and watch anything on TV with you, just to be with you again I wish you could have seen Hailey swim today dad, you would be so proud. You thought I was a fish in the water, she is a rocket. Breezes right through. She is a very strong little girl. We all miss you so much, the girls talk about you all the time and we all take turns using your favorite blanket. I love you This was a hard week not seeing you home. Walking by your favorite sofa and not sitting watching tv with you.

I miss you every single day, I love you daddy. Little guy arrived buddy. Even though im sure you were over my shoulder how i am gonna miss you not coming to see him here and holding him.

Gloria Gant from Pennsauken Township in Census District

He will never have the chance to hear pop pops whoo hoot. Miss you dad more than anyone knows. I am miserable without you Saw a mallard today and new you were with us. Hailey was showing me photos of you from Christmas on her DS.

Amy Grant - Baby, Baby

I just can't believe you are not with us. It's still a dream. Kelsye was crying for you today, it hurts me to know you can't watch them grow, I know you are with us somewhere but wish you were actually here. I haven't been home since Easter and I just know walking by your room is still going to be the hardest thing. I love you and miss you so very much fathers day, dont know how to say the words anymore, i love and miss you just so so much, did get a message that was sent to me "to tell gloria i am ok"..

Hey dad, what a day I'm still so mad you are gone. I keep wishing it was a dream. I miss you every second of every day. I like to believe you are sitting with me in the morning enjoying a cup of coffee with me and watching whatever marathon is on TBS or USA. Even after seeing most of the episodes I still forget what happens. Happy Father's Day in heaven, I sure hope your relaxing, have a beer on me. I feel like I just talked to you. It doesn't feel like 4 months have gone by. I still can't wrap it around my head that you are gone.

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I keep thinking you are going to pick up the phone when I call. I want you to come back Hey dad. Thinking of you everyday. Yesterday was a hard one. I really really miss you. Love you pop. Girls have their dance recital tomorrow I know you will be with us You were honored today at a cereamony for our military people. A special blessing out to those who served in Vietnam. Ofcourse I thought of you. It was beautiful, there were flags blowing in the wind as we sang God Bless America.

We all had tears in our eyes. I could sense you and my Jim looking down proudly. I started a new tradition for myself on Memorial Day. I'm going to miss you this weekend and so will the girls. It always made me super happy when you decided to come to the beach. I will cherish the photos of you digging in the sand with Kelsye or playing in the bubbles with Hailey. They miss you and so do I. I almost called you the other day to ask you a plumbing question I also made a new recipe that you would have loved yesterday, pork chops on the grill and not tough, they were enjoyable you would have liked the flavor.

I wish I had a time machine if only to be able to give you one more hug and kiss or here you say i love you one last time. I miss you daddy I just really miss you so much. It hurts to not hear you voice. I'm so mad your not with us Hey Dad, Girls and I were having a conversation about cactus today. It reminded me of all the times you took me with you to the hardware store and you would always buy me a cactus. I had a strange obsession with those things, and they always died, but you always got me one anyway. It's those little things that I always loved. You always made time for us and for my girls and I thank you for that everyday.

I'm so very happy they got to know you. Keep watching over us, I love you. I really think it's some sort of sunflower. Sometimes I forget your not here with us anymore and I want to call you. I made some of the best chocolate chip cookies yesterday you would have enjoyed them, perfectly cooked and not hard at all. Oh and fried chicken for dinner tonight. I have chickadee's nesting in my box again, they are super cute you would love them. I will have to get your bluebird box up for next year. I love you dad, I hope your okay up there. In no pain and that you'll never forget us.

I planted 2 hydrangeas that mom got me so I can think of you. To the Gant family, my sincere sorrow in learning of your loss this week. I came to know and enjoy Jim's easygoing manner and conversations over the fence. He always had a smile and a good word. After such a long winter, I was looking forward to seeing him in the spring working around your yard and pool. I will miss him. Just sitting in the garage thinking of you. Your on my mind everyday and i really miss you. Thanks for making that garage light turn on just now letting me know your here.

Now if you could give me a huge hug right now that would be great. I love you pal. I miss you so much dad, I keep wishing that I will wake up and you will be with us again. It's all just not fair. I just realized yesterday was April Fools. It reminded me of the time Joey wrapped black electrical tape around the sprayer on the sink.

You turned the sink on that morning to make coffee all dressed and ready for work and got soaking wet. You were always such a champ about stuff like that. Miss you Hey pop miss you everyday. I guess my text 2 days ago got lost in cyber space. Think of you daily. Happy Easter up in heaven Dad So we were watching this spoof show yesterday that made fun of commercials for inventions, you would have loved it. But anyway it was about a traveling pot for bringing dinners to friends.

He made me remember last year at this time going over Aunt Cheryl's with you to meet up with mom and the cabbage spilled onto my carpet. You tried your best to get it out the next few weeks and it still stink :- I wish we could do it all again, miss you Daddy Dear Gant Family, My heart is broken for you. I know how horrible it is too lose someone you love so much. But I can say we will see your dad and Uncle Jim and those we love again in heaven. Have faith it is Gods promise to us to together aqain and than there will be no more tears only joy. I love you all and if there anything I can do Im here for you.

P Krupa. Im not sure what we are gonna do once this page runs out but i was remembering all the times i gave you a big hug i would nearly take the breath out of you id squeeze you so hard. How special they will always be to me knowing i never cheated you out of a hug. Miss you dad. Oh Daddy its been a month, I miss you Hi Huey, please accept my deepest sympathy to you and your entire family at the loss of your dear brother Jim. Its been many years since I have seen you my dear friend, hope you are well. Send me an email!

Are you living in the same house off of Drumpoint Rd? Would love to see you. Huey my deepest sympathy to you and your entire family at the loss of your brother. Its been so long since ive seen you, hope you are doing ok my old friend. I'm making fried chicken tonight and thinking of you. May he be at peace and may you all be blessed by his memories and eternal love. You're all in our prayers. I can't find the words to say how sorry I am that Jim is gone. You and your family are in our prayers.

With much love, Peggy Kovacs. We never got to meet Jim, but after reading everyones remarks he sounds like a wonderful man. Sorry we couldn't make it Gloria, but I'm leaving for Georgia this afternoon. Gloria I'm sorry we can't make it but I have to leave for Georgia this afternoon. I'm sure his loving ways were passed on to make you as close as you all are. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. To all the Gant family, we were very sorry to hear of your sudden loss and we hope you will be able to find some comfort among your family and friends nearby, and knowing your distance friends are thinking of you.

When I look at the strength in your family I know the James Gant must have played a part in this and perhaps that strength will help you now. We are sorry we cannot be with you now. Karen and John Sweeney. Dad you were the greatest dad in all the world. The nicest person. Caring, Loving, patient and understanding. You were a great husband, the greatest father and an awesome pop pop. I will miss you always. You were my buddy and I will always miss you. I love you dad.

3012 Avon Cir, Tallahassee Report

Jim, you will be so missed, my dear brother-in-law, by myself, and heather. To the Gant family, so sorry for your loss! The world lost a great man. Pop would want everyone to celebrate his life then mourn. Someday you will all be able to breathe again but in the meantime many prayers are being sent your way! Michelle and family, I am so sorry for your loss. May your Dad rest in peace.

Gloria I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Jim. I will keep you in my prayers and hope the Lord gives you strength in your time of sorrow. Please feel free to call me anytime I will be up in March and we can sit and talk. Again my deepest sympathy. Love Karen Steidel Klinger. Myia and Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers in your time of sorrow, please accept our deepest sympathy for the loss of your brother.

You spoke of him often with love and pride. I am soo sorry for your loss. My heart bleeds for your family and you are in my prayers. I wish I could say I can only imagine your pain, but I can't because I've been there. And it sucks. I can promise you that it will get better, and hurt less. And one day you'll notice you've stopped crying when you think of him, and only smile instead. RIP Uncle Jim. Jim was a wonderful man and will be missed by so many people.

It was an honor to know him, and I am glad for the years of happiness and love he brought to my cousin, Gloria, and their family, He was a very talented man and his carved ducks were amazing. The world is dimmer with him gone. Memories James Lee Gant. August 11, Happy Birthday Dad. June 18, Happy Father's Day Pop. Miss you so much Michelle. Michelle December 28, Hope you had the most relaxing Christmas Dad. Michelle August 11, Happy Birthday Dad.

Michelle February 10, Miss and love you dad. October 28, time is not healing.. Michelle June 20, Hey Daddy. I love you and miss you so very much. April 14, easter came fast this year, all the grandchildren were here.

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February 8, love you. December 31, hey james its new years eve , the days just seem to float together. Merry Christmas in heaven. Michelle November 1, Hey Dad, well we finally have a back fence. Love you so much.

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Michelle October 13, So I thought you would find this interesting. Thanks Daddy, love you. Michelle September 26, Hey Dad. Michelle September 18, Hey Dad! September 6, Hey pop. Michelle August 11, Hey dad. August 11, happy birthday to you today, never in a million years did i think we wont be celebrating together July 27, Hey pop. Michelle July 26, Miss you Dad. Michelle May 25, Thank you Dad for serving our country. I miss you, I miss our talks about all the silly shows you got me addicted to : I love you and miss you. May 2, my dearest jim, todays our 33rd anniversary or would have been, remember we were pushing for April 21, well another holiday has passed, all the children were here over the weekend..

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