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I know that he is a legend and he was a very, very tough opponent, as I had a very tough first round with him. However, we trained for every situation and I feel like that training paid off in the fight. There were no surprises, actually. My plan was not to get taken down in the first round, although that happened. But we were prepared for that. We knew that he has a great takedown technique and a great ground game so that was something that we definitely did not look past. At 20 years of age and having a track record of , do you see yourself becoming the target while helming the division?

I definitely see myself staying the champion for a very long time and my plan is just to take out anybody that wants to fight for the title. I knew that there was no way I was going to tap to that armbar. We trained very hard for every situation. Was there anything that set apart getting in the ring with someone you are familiar with from the same fight club, as compared to someone from a different club? Thank you!

Yuchun Lee's journey from card counter to IBM's social media guru

Not really. It was just about seeing who the better man was that night, and I was able to come up on top. Nothing much really goes through my mind during a fight. I try to keep a very clear headspace. I just block everything out, focus on the person standing in front of me and what I need to do to beat him.

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In terms of fighters that I look up to, I would say that the only one would be my sister, Angela Lee. That brings me to my next question; now that you have conquered the lightweight title, are you looking to be a double belt holder? Any plans to move up or down in weight class?

Absolutely, I definitely plan on becoming a double champ. When I took up the recent fight, I was still the number one contender in the featherweight division, so I feel that my place still holds there. There is a very strong chance that my next fight will be to challenge Martin Nguyen for his featherweight belt so I can become a double champ.

Looking forward to that!

What do you wish to hone in preparation for future fights? Although I won my last fight with Aoki, I saw that there were many areas of my game that I still have to work on and improve. Though it was a victory, I still feel that this is just the beginning for me and that this is just the start of my journey so I will be working harder than ever to improve on every area of my game; from striking, to wrestling, to grappling.

Ever since your win last Friday, fans are eager to see you fight three-time lightweight champion Eduard Folayang. Do you see that happening in the future? I definitely see that happening, actually, if One Championship offered me a fight with Eduard Folayang right now, I would take it up.

As of now, my options are open and I will fight anyone that One Championship and the fans want to see me fight. Do you have any advice for aspiring fighters who dream to be in the same position as you one day? For anyone that is dreaming of becoming a fighter or a world champion in any area, the number one thing is just to stay focused on your goal. There will be many things that will try to knock you down along your journey, but as long as you persevere and keep getting up each time you get knocked down, you will be a champion one day.

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Unexplained Anovulatory Cycles: Sosina and Lee’s journey to adoption

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Bruce Lee's Journey From Street Tough to Cinema Legend

Add To List. In , year-old Fu Lee lives with his grandparents in a small village in China. He lives with his grandparents because his parents are dead. It is a difficult life but made easier by the love Lee shares with his grandparents. But now Lee must leave all that he knows. Before his parents died, they spent all of their money buying a "paper son slot" for Lee to go to America. Being a "paper son" means pretending to be the son of a family already in America.

If he goes, he will have the chance for a better life. Only then will he be allowed to live with his new family. If Lee makes even a single mistake, he could be sent back to China.

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  • Lee knows his grandparents want a better life for him. He can't let them down. Also in This Series. More Like This.