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Democrats now openly tout the need to pack the Supreme Court, a move that was once taught as out-of-bounds in civics class. If Court-packing is good, legitimate, and desirable, what is the principled argument against President Trump packing the court right now? They are merely tactical shifts in the name of the larger single principle: Our side should win, and their side should lose. The dilemma is that in this populist and romantic era, we no longer have any refs to appeal to enforce the rules.

I was in NYC with a detour to Wisconsin for a speech working on that other thing. It seems to be improving, but it comes and goes. Part of the problem is that once Springer Protocol Alpha is activated, Pippa basically goes numb to any physical restraints and can overdo it. But, as with year-old cigar-smoking pundits, when the exertions end, the aches and pains materialize. Jack is off to run in the Boston Marathon this weekend. Wish him luck. The latest GLoP. Turns out, its gets worse than just bees under your eye. The Swiss decide to stop stockpiling coffee.

A Florida man threatened to destroy everyone with a turtle army. Jar Jar Kinks and Grabba the Butt. Some real modern-day Han Solos. TSA confiscation highlights. Filipino customs officials seize tarantulas mailed from Poland. Poisonous frogs invade Florida town. Giant rainbow squirrels. Real life Mary Poppins. Apparently three-parent-babies are possible now. Service with a smile creates alcoholics. Bald eagles relocate trash to suburbs. I wrote my column today on Joe Biden and the effort to un-person him over the fact he has a long history of acting around human beings like a small child at a toy store; Oh, let me see!

I just want to touch it! Can I hold that? Oooooo soft! Now I want to be clear — not in the Scientologist sense, but in the expository sense. I dislike the entire suite of Biden mannerisms and affectations. He says interesting things, from time to time. I think he makes a fair point here and there. He was correct, for example, that Congress needed to have a real debate over the war. I think he has some obvious verbal intelligence. Listening to him speechify is like playing an intellectual game of whack-a-mole where every now and then the fuzzy head of a good point pops up from the tundra but before you can pin it down, he starts talking about how he went to the store and saw a squirrel on the way and it was brown which brings to mind Brown v.

He is a space invader, as in personal space, and I generally cannot stand close encounters with space invaders. Men, especially powerful men, should not take liberties touching anybody, but especially women. Progressives are quick to defend the customs and mores of non-Western peoples.

They celebrate women who wear the hijab. They defend non-traditional cultures at home and traditional cultures abroad. Indeed, in some cases I often find it admirable and wish more conservatives would do likewise. But what does bother me is how this tolerance tends to be selective. For many progressives, when the practices are usefully at odds with mainstream traditional culture, diversity is wonderful. But when the practices are consistent with or — shudder — reinforcing of traditional culture, progressives are often appalled.

What was he supposed to do? Denounce her for meekly accepting the traditional gender roles of the patriarchy? This is a good example of having such an open mind your brain falls out. The quintessential ugly American refuses to bend to — or even respect — the norms of foreign cultures, norms that can sometimes be ugly, nasty, or backward by a lot of Western standards.

Milo and Otis: Here comes the dog

The arguments in favor of deferring to foreign cultures ranges from Emily Post bromides about etiquette to swirling torrents of words about colonial this, patriarchal that, and imperial the other thing. But now imagine that someone comes from the past, which is a kind of foreign land as well. Forget Biden for a moment. Sure, sometimes they are. And there are few things they are more closed-minded about than the past. Today, people — at least the right people — are simply better people than those from earlier generations.

And his case is by no means the best illustration of my point. Rarely have I ever moved from the figurative to the literal in such a short period of time. I will spare you the details of throwing away all of those Paul Krugman columns during my Dark Night of the Bowl in preparation for the procedure. In a funk, she took a log of firewood off the pile and very ostentatiously made a scene about chewing on it with subdued rage. Meanwhile, out in the world , the girls are just loving the spring.

Why is the media covering for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Is Donald Trump pretending not to know how trade works, or does he actually not know? Trump is wrong about the border crisis, but Democrats are wrong that there is no crisis. Notes on nationalism. Corgis in the garden. Some long-lost Raiders of the Ark footage. Ridley Scott elbow-deep in sheep intestines. Cane-wielding grandma rescues her priest. This is how werewolf transformations should be done. Take notes, Hollywood. Not even cancer can take down the mighty Tasmanian Devil.

Anyone down to get drunk and shoot each other in bulletproof vests? No one? The running of the. Lemur yoga. My kind of championship. Skrillex protects you from mosquitoes. Lithuanian flying to Italy gets a Boeing all to himself. Elon Musk raps about dead gorillas. D ear Reader Including those of you under sealed indictment in Chicago ,. But before that, I have to get on my one millionth conference call in the last 72 hours someone check my math on that. Indeed, my days are a blur.

My nights, a blood-soaked terror. I have zero doubt I could do this a lot faster than 8 hours. I was no pro. Joey Chestnut or Matt Stonie could eat circles around me, particularly if the circles were made out of hot dog links. I was more like the guy at the bar who was only too eager to make a friendly wager on a game of pool, or an android happy to play stabberscotch with the Colonial Marines.

But we loaded a table with all manner of foodstuffs and opened the bidding. Among the highlights of my own endeavors that day: I ate a whole brick of uncooked Ramen noodles and, later, a stick of unsalted butter. It was awful. In college and my twenties, my reprobate friends and I would often issue challenges to eat very large quantities of food in short periods of time. The last time I did the bareknuckle boxing version of competitive eating was while I was still dating the Fair Jessica.

I came back late from a night out with my friends looking sweaty and guilty. I consumed an entire tray of baked chicken and a beer in ten minutes. If it makes you feel better, I won like fifty bucks. And as Rich would concede, there are many kinds of unbenign nationalism. You could look it up. My position is nuanced, too. While I can live with the formulation that there are good kinds of nationalism and bad kinds, I think more in terms of degrees of nationalism.

A little nationalism is necessary for holding together a nation-state or a people. Countries without a sense of being a nation do not last and cannot get much done. Nothing arouses the nationalist spirit more than war and few things can arouse the spirit of war more than nationalism. Our success on the food chain derives only secondarily from our intelligence. Our primary advantage was our ability to cooperate. As Darwin noted in The Descent of Man , our capacity for altruism and cooperation was the key to the survival of our genes. This goes a long way toward explaining why nationalist movements inevitably find themselves using the language of war.

The language of war flips a switch in our brains that causes us to drop other concerns and considerations. But there are two caveats. The first is that emergencies do not last, and when the emergency is over, the old rules need to come back. Emergencies must be the exception to the rule, because if we make the spirit of emergency the rule, then we no longer live under the rule of law, but the rule of tyrants or mobs. The second problem is that real emergencies must be obvious to all — or at least nearly all.

There are moral equivalents to war. A girl down a mine shaft is one. A meteor heading to earth is another, as are various forms of natural disasters, zombie, vampire, and C. D apocalypses, etc. The problem is that there are people who are very attracted to the power that comes with emergencies. This leads people to declare emergencies when they do not exist or to exaggerate real challenges so they can do an end run around the conventional rules of democracy. My problem with nationalism is that, left unchecked, it devolves into the spirit of emergency.

It casts about for threats to justify a cult of unity. Benign simply means good. So of course, good nationalism is good in the same way that good violence is good. A policeman who uses violence to thwart a rapist is using good violence. A nation that uses nationalism to defeat Nazism is deploying good nationalism. A political philosophy that denies its claims is utopian at best and tyrannical at worst, but it has to be enlightened.

I have no quarrel with this. But think about that. Self-interest is not necessarily a personal, social, or abstract good. Serial killers act on their self-interest, as they define it. Not to go all Thomist, but my understanding of Christianity and Judaism and conservatism and the liberal arts is that we must use reason to inform and form the conscience to define self-interest in moral and productive ways.

Nationalism is only good when it is informed, tempered, and constrained by ideas outside of nationalism. In other words, for nationalism to be good it must be countered and constrained by the concept of the good. In its raw form, the only concept of the good contained within nationalism itself is the good for us. This is why nationalism is, like violence, at best an amoral concept. And like any amoral thing — violence, tools, fire, whatever — good or bad comes from what you do with it. So were Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, and de Gaulle.

What differentiated the heroes from the villains was how they deployed nationalist sentiments. My objection to the new nationalist fad is that many of its practitioners do not do what Rich and Ramesh do; they skip the part about nationalism needing to be tempered and constrained by things outside of nationalism. Championing nationalism qua nationalism is simply championing power. This is why, historically, nationalism and socialism are kindred phenomena. When we nationalize an industry, we socialize it.

And vice versa. He felt it necessary to promulgate his totalitarian encyclical because it turned out that lots of people liked the idea of socialism, they just also liked the idea of nationalism — hence national-socialist movements that were stealing Bolshevik market share. But in the real world, this is nonsense. Because once socialists take power, national interest and the self-interest of the ruling classes force the rulers to talk and govern in nationalistic ways. Edward Bellamy was, by any fair accounting, a socialist.

His utopian novel Looking Backward did more to popularize socialist collectivism in America than anything Karl Marx ever put to paper. When he died in , The American Fabian eulogized:. It is doubtful if any man, in his own lifetime, ever exerted so great an influence upon the social beliefs of his fellow-beings as did Edward Bellamy. Marx, at the time of his death, had won but slight recognition from the mass; and though his influence in the progressive struggle has become paramount, it is through his interpreters, and not in his own voice, that he speaks to the multitude.

But Bellamy spoke simply and directly; his imagination conceived, and his art pictured, the framework of the future in such clear and bold outlines that the commonest mind could understand and appreciate. The following year it started publishing the Nationalist magazine. Two years after the publication of the book, there were clubs in 27 states and the District of Columbia. In Chicago, the Collectivist League, which had been founded in April of , changed its name to the Nationalist Club of Illinois ten months later on February 12, Soon there were hundreds of such clubs.

Looking Backward offers an insight into how nationalism and socialism occupy the same part of our brains, even if some ideologies try to keep them separated. Socialism for Bellamy seemed too divisive a term. Nationalism was more inclusive. The nationalist movement died in labor while giving birth to the populist party. But the populist party gave way too much of the progressive movement which was very nationalistic. But contained within progressivism is a greater loyalty to power and the most important tool for exercising power: The state.

So I am writing this part after I did the panel with Rich. It went fine. Canine Update : The beasts are doing great. When I was writing this this morning, the girls were having a grand time, which was quite distracting. The important thing is they really do love each other. On Mueller vindication. The latest Remnant. On the never-ending collusion story. On Democrats and climate change. Your honor, I dismembered dad, but I did not kill him.

High school thespians do Alien. Behold: Hover-Owl. Squirrel flung into orbit. Why women live longer than men. The dreams of a man asleep for three weeks. Not even airports can frustrate Keanu Reeves. Lewdest town names in every state. Oh, Florida Man, how I love you. R2-D2 observatory. Priceless manuscript museum burns in St.

Poaching is forcing elephants to evolve without tusks. A seagull imitating competition? I take back everything negative I have ever said about Florida. Double the womb, triple the children. Uri Geller plans to stop Brexit through telepathy. Metal necrophagic Dead Sea microbes. Please get out of my car, Mr. Microscopic life is horrifying. A win for freedom.

After watching American politics from outside the fishbowl for the last couple weeks, I feel a bit like a bartender or bouncer who works at a whorehouse and now has to return to the job after a brief respite away. The whole fetid, depraved spectacle of it, glimpsed through the distorted fisheye lens that is the steamed-up peephole of Twitter, has left me feeling a bit despondent for America. And even if she is, she is worth salvaging. America is still the last best hope for mankind — and it has pretty great Tex-Mex food, which I miss terribly.

Where to begin? I can certainly understand why people are critical of him. Anyway, at the end of the show, when the actors come out to take their bow, something strange happened. Or at least it was strange to my wife and me. When the performers who played the conniving Thenardiers and also the actor who played Javert came out to a mostly thunderous standing ovation, a smattering of people in the audience booed. Both my wife and I got the distinct impression that the boos were intended for the characters , not the actors themselves the Fair Jessica was almost certain.

Maybe the booers were tourist from a land where this is common. Maybe they were just joking around. But, at least figuratively, it felt like this was part of what I am getting at. The guy who mocked Bolling was mocking the character in his mind, not the actual person. These kinds of category errors virtually define our politics now. Your brain changes when you watch entertainment. Or, rather, it unchanges ; it reverts back to something closer to its original design.

The real change to your brain is the one that takes place outside the theater; the one that makes it possible for you to get along with strangers and not hit them over the head with a rock when you want their Toostie Pop. When you watch entertainment — movies, plays, video games, etc. What happens in the movie theater stays in the movie theater. Of course, politics — as in the stuff politicians say and do — has always had less reality than straight news because so much of politics is performative. When a politician visits the ashes and vows to hold so-and-so responsible, there may indeed be some acting going on.

Even so, politicians may be full of fakery, but that fakery is the tribute rhetoric pays to reality. Even the infotainment-y bilge flung at the audience between ads for adult diapers and gold coins like a monkey tossing feces through the bars of his cage on a nightly basis is supposed to be more real than pure entertainment. When Mark Antony waved the bloody tunic, he was performing, but the desire was to incite the mob for a political goal, not to put on a rousing show.

Much of political commentary is intended for little more than getting people to tune or click in tomorrow, by telling the audience that the enemy is even worse — and we are even more victimized — than you thought! What Shall We Believe? In other words, the line between rhetoric and entertainment is blurring. Every time I looked through the Twitter peephole or listened at the doors of the brothel bedrooms, the president was saying something outrageous or heroic depending on where you sit.

Dead men often are I can out-debate any corpse in the world. The rhetorical gibbeting of McCain was grotesque. And when I do, I always get a nice pat on the head from liberals for it. But the same liberals seem blind to or celebratory of the rot on their own side. But the simple fact is that the Democrats are behaving horridly too.

Is there moral equivalence? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. This is a personal peeve of mine. But forget about me. And, yes, on both sides. Notes from The Peephole According to Democrats today, the Constitution — which we are supposed to revere, but only when Trump defiles it — is a relic of white supremacy and tyranny when it proves modestly inconvenient to Democrats. Indeed, in the politics as-the-crow-flies that defines so much of progressivism — and a great deal of Trumpism — inconvenience is the divining rod for discovering what your actual principles are. For Trump, inconvenience is defined entirely egocentrically.

Ideas, individuals, institutions, even marriages that lay between him and where he wants to go are, at least rhetorically, flowerbeds to be trampled in order to cut the path of least resistance. For progressives, inconvenience, too, marks the boundaries of principle. Because inconvenience is like the gravel on the road to personal liberation, and the moment you feel the smooth ride give way to unpaved road, it is time for the government to come clear the path ahead. Even the convenience of restrictions on verrrrrry -late-term abortions is the very definition of tyranny now.

But inconvenience defines Beto, too. Rhetorically, this makes him the defining candidate of our age. While Trump loves to play his greatest hits at rallies, Beto is taking requests for new material. After I get the full story from Kirsten, I will have a more fulsome canine debrief next week.

Oh, one last thing, my thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. It was very much appreciated. Part one of my AZSU podcast. Part two. The latest Remnant, on the opioid crisis. Look in my eyes, what do you see? The cult of personality…. Cher calls into C-Span. Meet the Flintstones while you still can. The hunt for the U.

Hula hoops are— were good fun. Run free, sweet wallaby. Eat mor chikin. The last of a dying breed. I always knew modern art reminded me of a pig sty. The best of NASA. Tell your kids to wash their hands. Greetings from Barcelona. Long story short, the Gileadites beat the stuffing out of the Ephraimites.

Do More With Your Dog - Do More With Your Dog

When the surviving Ephraimites wanted to get past the River Jordan incognito, the Gileadites had a test to tell them apart from other travelers. They first asked the strangers if they were Ephraimites. By the way, lest you indulge your desire to condemn the ancient Hebraic penchant for smiting and wrath, similar stories were common across Christian Europe. In , the Flemish massacred every Frenchman they could find in Bruges. They identified them by asking them to pronounce the phrase schilt ende vriend shield and friend. When American soldiers asked potential Nazi spies who won the World Series, they were using a shibboleth.

Of the many things I inherited from my Dad, a love of walking around cities and looking at stuff is one of the most obvious — other than my chin, my love for cured meats, and a few other things. My Dad loved museums more than I do, but we loved people watching and stuff-looking equally he was the guy who spotted the Hop Bird , after all. Almost every building has at least one. There are other shibboleths all over the place. In the U. Twelve years ago, I wrote a column on this. For the first time, Belgium has managed to be interesting without getting invaded by Germany or abusing an African colony.

Dutch-speaking Flemings and French-speaking Walloons were squabbling like siblings in the backseat at the end of a long car ride. Rather it was the fact that Belgium — itself a kind of mini-EU — was coming apart at the seams because the Belgian national project was being dissolved by the Belgium-led national project. As the EU assumes more of the responsibilities of states — regulations, the economy, currency, possibly even defense — the cost of independence becomes lower.

This process can be seen all around Europe. The more the Scots can rely on the EU for state functions, the less they need — or want — to be with the English. This creates powerful incentives for old shibboleths to take on renewed significance. The Welsh are trying to bring it back. Similar stories are unfolding across Europe, from the Basques and Catalans to the Irish. Modern nationalism was born as a rebellion against French cultural and political imperialism. The German tongue was pure, it had defied the corruption of the Roman Empire and its Latin taint.

If you perish in your essentiality, then all the hopes of the entire human race for salvation from the depths of its misery perish with you. Indeed, one of the things that fascinate me about the biological racism at the heart of Hitlerism was that the structure and framing of it was established a century earlier around mere language. The EU seems to understand the phenomenon, which is why it takes such a hard line against regional separatism. There are distinct regions within the EU, and if even a fraction of them go down, the secession route the EU is doomed, because if membership in the EU means dissolution of nation states, it is a political suicide pact for national governments.

What fascinates me about all of this is how the need for identity creates a need for shibboleths, in part because shibboleths, broadly understood, are what define the contours of identity. The rabbi gave a fascinating little story about how Jews used to put flowers on graves but stopped millennia ago as a way to distinguish Jewish customs from non-Jewish ones. Since then, a whole Talmudic tradition has evolved around the Jewish customs of putting stones instead of flowers on graves. One explanation is that there should not be distinctions of class in such matters. One of the best Jewish burial customs — with which I have too much experience — is that everyone should be buried in a simple wood casket, because everyone is equal in death.

I find the idea that loved ones should go into extra debt to inter their beloved in gaudy coffins very off-putting. The tradition of putting stones instead of flowers on graves is understood in part because stones are eternal. The coalition instinct — that topic of endless fascination for me — is amorphous in that it can attach identifiers of identity which I suppose is a redundant phrase to anything. Gang colors, inside jokes, idiosyncratic pronunciations, knowledge of sports statistics, subtle distinctions in religious doctrine, fondness for podcasts that indulge in Dune trivia — the list is endless.

But the concept is basically the same. Like just about everyone, I am mesmerized by the college scam story. I write about it in my column today. My favorite tweet actually came from someone owning — if only in jest — his privileged status:. Still, I will join the ranks of the outraged by disclosing my own bona fides. As I often like to say, my freshman year Goucher had odd men and more than a thousand women — and I do mean 30 odd men. Before being an affirmative-action success story, I was rejected from every other college I applied to. My high school record was, at best, a Rorschach test.

On the other hand, when I was interested in a subject, I did very well, winning various awards for papers and whatnot. My SATs were fine thanks mostly to the verbal section , but most admissions officials looked at the Rorschach blots on my transcript and saw a train wreck rather than a diamond in the rough. At Dwight, I saw firsthand how some of the most middlebrow kids at my New York private school organized their whole lives — or let their parents organize it for them — around the box-checking quest to get into an elite college.

Since I indulged my interests — social, nerdy, intellectual alike — to the detriment of my grades, this bred a good deal of resentment in me. When I was in my twenties, that resentment carried over. I had something to prove, which is why when I started out at AEI, I threw myself into learning stuff I either felt I missed in college or thought my mostly Ivy League policy-wonk peers already knew. He got his college degree by mail from Thomas Edison State College.

Anyway, this story has brought back a lot of that resentment. As I write in my book , higher education is like a training academy for the New Class. It is a giant shibboleth factory for a new caste and class system. Even if it were working properly, the meritocracy industry would have a lot to answer for, as people like David Brooks, Charles Murray, and Ross Douthat have chronicled for years. For the children of the affluent, particularly those outside the STEM fields, higher education is both a kind of Game of Thrones citadel where the Maesters get their chains conferring special status and a four-year Rumspringa for crapulent social strivers.

Kids are taught to be hostile to, and ungrateful for, the very civilization that lets them live like princelings. I understand why. But keep in mind, the rich and famous parents ensnared in this scandal may go to jail for what they did. The implied remedies some people are touting would make the system less, not more, fair because it would give even more arbitrary power to the clerisy running higher ed. The assumption seems to be that since the wealthy have so many advantages true , the bureaucrats need to substitute their own judgment even more in the name of social justice.

But we are getting some excellent proof of life updates from home. That probably explains some of her misbehavior. The cast for the Summit is amazingly, almost ridiculously stacked. If none of this can convince you to come, then surely the karaoke sessions afterward will. Note: They may or may not be happening. Sign up here. My column on the college conundrum. Robots are coming for dog jobs. Own a piece of the Great Escape.

Noir Spider-Man. How to catch a pig. Michigander loses it. Ohioan does Lent right. German town celebrates fat rat rescue. The only good thing a phone has ever done. By being the most flexible service around, we can do what it takes to satisfy you. It does not matter where you live, as we will ship anyvYhere. We will ship as often or seldom as you like. You can even arrange a payment in the manner that is most convenient to you. Other non-comic items will be discounted as well.

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Of course, every generation wiii have a Hemingway, twain, Sheiiy, Shakespeare; but this represents a minie- mjr cule portion of all of the writers in the world. And wlien you iseSytWrtkSbout it. At laaat flltyiMrcard of the credtt rnust go to the artisis. And Batrnan has had a ton of goorl artials. These an our picfc of the top ten, haned on style arto ianovatlQn. Batman was treated like a cartoon; they were still doing stories similar to that of the Batman TV show. So I started by asking editor [Murray Boltinoff] if, instead of having a sequence take place in the daytime, having it take place at night.

I said Batman is supposed to be a creature of the night. To have a guy in that outfit walking around during the day, to me, seemed siUy. He'd okay that. After awhile, I got to the point where I didn't feel close to [writer] Bob Haney's stuff, and I asked the editor if I could make changes. He i assisted Howard Nostrand on the Bat Masterson newspaper strip same year. He illustrated the Ben Casey syndicated newspaper strip from beginning to end Nov. Joining DC in , he illustrated numerous covers throughout approximately four years. He also did many of the stories. Adams rendered at least one issue during the run completely sans ink, using only highly detailed pencils.

Continuity now publishes comics as well. Generally, his efforts paid off and the industry has become a friendlier place to work. Charlton Comics. He illustrated crime comics at Lev Gleason as well as some material at Marvel and for Treasure Chest Giordano became Charlton's Managing Editor in where he worked on various titles.

He was a fan of comics and of Batman from an early age. Giordano once recalled that he "had been drawing ever since 1 could remember," and at age 13, decided to become a cartoonist. He graduated from Manhattan's School of Industrial Arts, then apprenticed for nine months at Jerry Iger's studio beginning in March He inked backgrounds and did cleanup on Fiction House's Sheena and Wings Comics at 75 cents per hour.

The Cutthroat: An Isaac Bell Adventure

Giordano left DC in late November , freelanced for about one year, and then linked up with Neal Adams to form Continuity Associates, a commercial advertising group, in He did some work for Archie and Marvel and worked on the Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man team-up among other projects. One of his favorite efforts was the penciling, inking and tone work he did for Marvel's Dracula Lives! He officially left Continuity in and formed his own commercial art company, Dik-Art Inc.

Illustrations for Mego toys, art for Peter Pan records including Batman as well as other commercial work followed. Giordano returned to DC in October However, he resigned his position this past June. I "It's weird, but the ones I'm best! Adam Strange didn't thrill me. Flash was a tough one and I never liked westerns. They were tough but they were fun. Iirfantino then worked in the Binder Shop from and the Baily Shop circa John and I Ziff-Davis.

Infantino ghosted one Phantom Sunday Sept. He scripted a "young Tor" sequence for a potential newspaper strip around , but apparently the strip was not picked up. He also illustrated an issue of Charlie Chan for Dell in Some of Infantino's most famous work occurred throughout the s. He drew the first Deadman story in Strange Adventures This material was often inked by either Joe Giella or Sid Greene. Infantino worked on the Sunday version of the s Batman newspaper strip from Sept. This included a series of six Batman and Robin posters, ads for tires, packaging for licensed products, etc.

Infantino also helped found the Academy of Comic Book Arts. He got around that alley somehow and he knew the entire layout of the sewer system of Gotham City — somehow. He knew when to be quiet and sneaky and not just crash through the window.

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I love that. So to screw up Batmem, you have to go a long way. You have to think of him as a superhero. Like Captain America with a cape, and he's not. So as long as I keep that in my head, he's a blast to draw. His first professional work appeared anonymously in The Defenders February where he inked five pages. Other assignments followed, although his career took off following his work on Deadman. His cover for Detective Comics led to his recent work on Knightfall the design originally was Jones' imused cover to Red Rain. Subsequently, what was planned to be just three covers turned into a series of Batman and Detective Comics covers.

Jones is currently working on a project for Dark Horse. He will also do a sequel to Red Rain and then undertake an Elseworlds monthly with Batman in near future. I did one with all these rats on his head. I thought, well, you know, you see that all the time. Hey, I just want to get people to look at the book. There're books coming out a month. Even if they don't buy it, I want people to look at it and register the word Batman in their head, whether they read it or see it.

That way he becomes a player. My second agenda is it's got to register as my drawing, as it's my spirit on the book. If I've done that, then I've satisfied the commercial end of it and the critical end of it. I made a transition during the first six months [of Batman]. Their most famous effort. Batman, first appeared in Detective Comics 27 May Throughout the earliest adventures of the Gotham Guardian, Kane was penciling stories and covers as well as doing significant amounts of inking.

Beginning in , Kane halted his regular drawing of comic books to concentrate on penciling the daily Batman and Robin newspaper strip. After the strip's demise, Kane returned to illustrating Batman's comic book adventures, and with the help of several ghosts, including Lew Sayre Schwartz and Sheldon Moldoff, he remained involved with comics until retiring in This animated series consisted of five-minute episodes. Cool McCool, his second animated show, premiered Sept. A half-hour parody of secret agents, it utilized 20 six-minute episodes, recycling them until In , the popularity of the Batman television series offered Kane and his art worldwide recognition.

He released a series of five limited-edition lithographs in and another group in He served as a consultant on the Batman movie and an autobiography. Batman and Me, was published in by Eclipse Books and is currently in print. Batman only makes sense as a response to the world being a basically screwed-up place, where all the wrong people are in charge and justice is not served.

I decided Batman would clearly be a vigilante, that he would clearly be breaking the law in every single thing he does and that there would be real malice in his actions. He moved from Vermont to Manhattan at age 22 and began penciling Daredevil for Marvel. He was soon writing for the series as well. In , he wrote and illustrated Ronin, a six-part series for DC Comics about samurai honor and a decaying future society.

However his best- known work to date for the Gotham Guardian was writing and penciling Batman: The Dark Knight, a four-part graphic novel first published in March The story was inked by Klaus Janson and colored by Lynn Varley. Set in a bleak near-future with an essentially retired year- old Bruce Wayne, this critically acclaimed series established fashionably darker tones for Batman which still remain in vogue today. The story saw several printings in its original form as well as in a softcover with eight printings and hardcover. Batman was never funny," Miller wrote in Batman: Year One.

The artwork on one story looked good and scary. He wrote Elektra: Assassin, an eight- part series for Marvel from He also worked on the screenplay for the theatrical release RoboCop 2 and the upcoming RoboCop 3. Then he dropped the others to concentrate on Batman. But by , an unprecedented realism and fluidity was seen more frequently on Batman, thanks to Robinson's increased solo efforts and his facile brush of particular note: covers to Detective Comics 71, Robinson's early work is steadily being made more accessible by DC Comics as they reprint the material in their Archives series.

Robinson's credits are lengthy and diverse. He has written several books, including The Comics and a biography, Percy Crosby and Skippy, while illustrating over 30 others. He was co-writer and art director of the film. Stereotypes, in Moscow and was co-author and lyricist for the musical, Astra. He maintains a full schedule with a syndicated political cartoon. Robinson has also curated major museum and gallery exhibitions of cartoon art in the U. I always tried to work off of the base, initial design and make the character more bat than human.

He was always my favorite DC character and so when the assignment came my way, I was extremely thrilled. He spent two years in college at Kent State, Ohio, studying architecture. After about one year, he visited DC and met with art director Vince Colletta. The plates were colored by Lyrm Varley.

Although the latter was not a commercial success, Rogers feels it was a creative high point in his career. He also worked on Doctor Strange for Marvel during this period. Joe, A Real Hero. Even though his association with Batman lasted only for about two years, Rogers' unique interpretation of the character was well received and is stiU often viewed as definitive. Rogers' stories also appeared in The Batman Family. In those years the moviemakers realized that the camera was a heck of a versatile device. There was no better means of telling a story than with a movie camera.

But a comic artist works in a static medium. What I tried to do was get into my work a dramatic highlight, to isolate peak action in what moviemakers call the frozen frame, the equivalent of a comic page panel. At age 15, Sprang began to paint signs, billboards, and lobby posters. In , he was hired by the Toledo News Bee. Independently, Sprang began writing and illustrating pulp stories. By this time, intending to increase his output, his editors were assigning him only to penciling duties. During the late s and early s, he penciled many of the Superman-Batman team-up stories and received several art assigiunents for Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, and Superman.

Even though his last story appeared in , Sprang's following was not to be confined to readers from previous decades. We had somebody design le backgrounds, and then Eric actu- ly painted all the backgroimds him- If. We timed it and sent it off to a tie studio in Canada called fhtbox Animation id they animated it. We did sound here in Los Angeles. There's no dialog in it, just grunts and oofs and stuff, so basically it's Eric and 1. We did full sound effects. The music was just library music from the Batman film.

After we finished the promo, we basically got the job to do Batman right away. I think it was September of when we actually started doing preproduction on the series and by January we were up and running. His animation career began in with his duties as a layout artist Filmation on Blackstar and The Lone Ranger. He freelanced briefly at Mattel Toys where he illustrated six or seven He-Man comics which were packaged with figures.

The Beany and Cecil Show followed the next year, and he directed some of these episodes only one aired before the series was canceled. Timm joined Warner Bros. Animation in , working as a storyboard artist and character designer on Tiny Toon Adventures. Timm has storyboarded episodes and approves all character designs.

The final look of some others was actually a collaborative effort Joker, Poison Ivy, and Summer Gleeson. Riddler and Mr. Freeze were based on Mike Mignola designs. Timm is currently involved with post-production on Batman: The Animated movie which is due to be released this Christmas. He is also working on 20 new series episodes for the second season.

F ew heroes in our society, comic book or otherwise, conjure such distinct images as Batman: the familiar logo, the dark brooding character, the unmistakable silhouette. The series began development when Warner Bros. Inspired by the unusual amount of freedom, Timm, Radomski, producer Alan Burnett, story editor Paul Dini, and a growing creative team began developing the series. I was only six and I didn't realize it was a spoof. I took it seriously and was a Batman fan from then on. I had the Batman lunchbox, a thermos and all that.

As I grew older and started reading comics I learned who Batman really was. The comic books are our biggest influence on which version of Batman we consider to be the definitive Batman. My biggest probiem is that they're just not much fun. Bat Technique In an attempt to combine classic eiements of the Fleischer cartoons with a cutting edge Japanese anime styie, the team fused techniques from seemingly opposite ends of the animation spectrum.

After seeing it, we knew the series was going to work. Everything i we laid out, they did. To create a heavier mood, the basic design for the series caiied for iarge patches of black in aimost every frame. But Incorporating a dazzling array of tricks does not necessarily mean a desired effect will work. Batman: TAS has a much more deliberate pace.

They try to give our series a real-time, live action pace. The Emmy awards won by the writers for the Heart of Ice episode vindicate that statement. Of course. Batman himself is the most important good guy. Obsessed with this mission, he can never truly rest. Batman has no personal desire to inflict harm, even on his enemies. Bound by a code which forbids killing, his sole desire is to thv crime and protect innocents. Young Dick Grayson a. The Flying Graysons, fell to their death in a trapeze accident.

Soon thereafter, the boy became the ward of Bruce Wayne who provided him with a home and solid financial support, and also allowed him to enter the secret world of Batman. As the boy grew. Batman taught Robin excellent new skills which sup- I plemented his gymnastic abilities. Alfred covers for his millionaire boss in many ways, deflecting every possible suspicion that Wayne might actually be the Dark Knight.

Gordon is loved by the law- abiding citizens of Gotham City and hated by its criminal elements. Crass, scruffy and genuinely obnoxious, toothpick-chewing Harry Bullock is a rogue detective who, like Batman, gets results. Bullock feels threatened by the unsanctioned presence of Batman in police affairs.

The attractive, red-haired daughter of the Police Commissioner, Barbara Gordon, is a high-school student who has taken her idol worship of Batman a step too far. Other characters who occasionally appear in the series on the side of fighting for truth, justice, and the Animated way are stylish attorney Harvey Dent, cynical cop Rene Montoya, weak-willed Mayor Hamilton Hill, and sensationalistic TV anchor Summer Gleeson. Well known for her large donations to animal rights organizations, Selina Kyle leads a double life. There is an undeniable attraction between Batman and Catwoman, and the Dark Knight sometimes finds himself torn between his feelings for her and seeing justice done.

Nigma, a. Tiring of the challenge, Nigma began masterminding crimes on a grand scale.

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Harvey Dent has another face. Dent fell victim to an explosion which scarred half his face and twisted his psyche in the process. Vowing revenge, Pamela used her botanical skills to devise a love potion extracted from rare plants to bend evil men to her will. Adopting the name Poison Ivy, she began a life of crime, and subsequently leaves her victims screaming for calamine lotion. During a fight, a freeze tank exploded, covering Mr. Freeze with cryogenic chemicals. After nearly freezing to death. It becomes a game after a while.

Rubicon Publishing

If we were allowed to go crazy, we might make some kids out there psychotic or something. They've never taken the guts out of a show so com- pleteiy that it ruined the episode. There's no wheelchair, no Azrael, no angst. They do market research and survey kids and pass it on to us. Less of Batman being tortured by the death of his parents. Fox definitely wants more super villains.

Apparently kids would rather see Batman fighting the Joker rather than some thug with a trench coat and a big hat. During the course of the first 65 episodes, we kind of fell into a sort of formula such as: Batman does this, then he fires his grappling hook, then he flies away. Other villains include the lanky Scarecrow, the deceptively dangerous Ventriloquist, the shape-shifting Clayface, the warped Dr.

Paul Dini and I did create a new character called Baby Doll. There will be one more Batgirl show in the second season. So when she became Batgirl, it was almost logical. The map itself is a technological triumph. An upcoming feature film, it will eventually be used for the series.

All we have to do is tell the computer where we want to start and where we want to end and we can zoom anywhere. Stacey Keach does a voice in the movie. Petty crimes ate being committedall over 6odiam. As the romance heats up, Selirra teams that the plot of land she was interested in has been bought by a mysterious cartel that turns out to be a front lor an intematkmalterroristgroupledbyRedClaw. Ayearlaterfries returns as Hr. Freeze seeking revenge on the CEO who ruined his lite. Although Batman is sympathetic, he must slop Hr.

During the same period, a fortune in valuables has vanished from a precious gem expositkm at which Bruce Wayne is arnong the patrons. Abner Carrows. According to Carrows assistant a portion of the material used to create the cloak carne up missing from the lab. Evidence points to Lloyd Ventris, who pillered the material during his time as a janitor at the lab. Ventris, in a scheme to kid- naphtsowndaughterbeforehis ex-wife lakes her where he'll never see her again, has sinrx created an rnvisihle suit and plabrrg for his car. Howdidhe hnd out about his ex-wife's plans? Its up to Batman to stop the abduction by defeating a foe he cannot see.

Teamwork prevails as the Cat and the Bat destroy the virus and preverd the terrorists from escape from authorities. Though Batman is falling for Selina, he's obligaled to uphold the law and turns her hr. Meanwhile, Thorne issues a two-million dollar contract on Two-Face and abducted his former fiancee, Gnice, to use as hail Concerned for his best friend. Batman sets out to find Two-Face before Thome does. Just as Two-Face is about to Thonre. When TwoTace flips his coin to decide how to deal with Thorne.

Batman dumps a box of silver dollars, burying the coin. Strange proceeds to use tbe machine on Bruce and rbscoveis tu Joker. In fact, ttfurns out Hat the reaches her kitiine. It attacks him. Vovriog revenge, returns years later to exact his revenge as the Ridilef. WfiiN Mapping his former boss, tta The prospect of feeling younger lures Alfred and Maggie Paige to a spa vrbich features a natural rejuvenation potion. The poM is actually a new lorm of chlorophyll used Iv Poison Ivy to turn people into trees.

It is up to Dr. Emile Dorian kidnaps Selina Kyle and injects her witb a serum ridiich erally turns her into a cat-woman. IMien Bahnan tries to rescue Selna. With help bom the devious Prolessor Mik , who obliged with a concoction that Romuhis must do Milo's bidding as the wolf creatum. WaynsiU Kyodai Ken, has been kidnapped by his evii former pupil. Batman resrnres the gM, batKen gets the scroll Bullock sees their conference and attacks, only to be revealed as a robot. Kirk Landstrom is up to his old tricks again when a man-sized bat wreaks havoc on Gotham Harbor.

After a DNA test proves Langstrom's innocence. Batman discovers that was Francine who was accidentally Wected with the Man-Bat serum. Tracking Vertigo, Batman reencounters the mys- tenous woman and learns that she is Talia, the real head of the Society of Shadows-and Vertigo's enemy, sent by her lather to stop Vertigo from acquiring the dnil.

It seems that after the initial accolades for his accompHstmeot, he has become the man to beat throughout the criminal Batman before he did. Thorne too had heard the rumors and decided he'd better whack the bum before he got too big for his britches and started muscling his way up through the mob ranks. Just then. Batman appears to save Debris. To keep his clay-like body from further disintegrating, he has solicited the help of a woman scientist he's known since his movie star days.

Unable to hold his shape for extended periods of time, the doctor created an exoskeleton for her patient to maneuver. During his final treatment Batman arrives, and after a deadly fight Clayface is washed away into the ocean. Leslie Thompkins has been abducted by Rupert Thorne's men to assist Thorne's brother in delicate surgery on the crimolord. If it hadn't been lor Joker contirnies to brag that he did pot one over on Bafrnan by spirhing Catwoman away during the conhision.

Killer Croc then unmasks himself as Batman, takescareofthecrooks. During the process of convincing him 1e come, Veronica takes aftriig to the corpulent little guy, and the Penguin ' begins to fah In krve wBh her. Instead of allowing a friendship to develop, Veronica's cohort Pierce, keeps her focused on simply using the criminal to create a stir. IMiiguin discovers the mobve behind his invitation at the patty FoBowingt burglary. Batman and Robin spot the Penguin's iimo and begin a Batman contacts his special mechanic, Earl Cooper, to repair the vehicle, one of Earl's men nodfies the Penguin.

Merhasaritwhenhehears about what hte torrner girifriend is up to and sets oulto get her back. Batman is aiso in lari pursuit of the femme fatale's and M he and the. In the course of solving the riddles. Batman learns that he is able to manipulate the VR landscape just like the Riddler does. Questioning the value of his exisfence.

Batman rescues a street hid, nicknamed Wizard, from two thugs. Wizard is less than Batman as planned. Blaming himself for not being there on hme, he abandons his Dark Knight side before any more of his friends are hurt, and neither Alfred nor Robin can dissuade him. Meanwhile, the Jazzman has escaped from jail and plans on finishing die job of killing Commissioner Gordon.

He uncovers their plan to hijack a freight train carrying a digging tool called the "sonic drill. Batman falls prey to Vertigo's special weapon, the vertigo device. It has the power to distort the senses and create feelings of floabng upside-down or standing on walls. As Batman comes to Matches Malone, infiltrates the headquarters of the one responsible for the set-up and discovers it to be Two-Face. Before he can escape, Bafman is knocked unconscious and Barbara discovers the Mason is in on the framing.

But when the Penguin begins blowing up Gotham landmarks, it's up to Batman to stop him. Using a special helmet develeped using Raven technology. Batman is able to function by feeding the Raven's sonar and radar signals directly into his brain. With trap in place and the Penguin about to be shang-haied. Batman's device malfunctions, leaving the near-helpless Dark Knight to battle the Penguin, armed with his deadly into the pit. The Demon emerges with the strength of ten men and insanely enraged at being spurned, looking for revenge, even if he must destroy his own daughter to get it.

Knight flies to her defense. Confused, he returns to Wayne Manor where Alfred accuses him of being one of Karl Rossum's duplicates. Fleeing to the Batcave and trying to incapacitate the Bat-robot, it knocks the butler out and learns from the Batcomputer of Rossum's whereabouts. Meanwhile, the real Dark Knight learns that a robot version of himself has been fighbng crime on the streets, and confronts Rossum in his greenhouse. Rossum, denies the implication, and Batman leaves. The ro-bat then arrives, and sDII believing it is the real Batman, explains to Rossum that his mind has been implanted into a robotic body.

The real Batman returns, and a battle of the bats ensues. HARDAC assumes control of fhe robot in order to continue his plan to replace humanity with robots, and returns to the Batcave. The real Batman shows up and the battle of the hats is renewed, with the real hero falling into a chasm. Believing he has just taken a life, the robat is filled with remorse and destroys the Batcomputer and himself in the process. Each learns of a meebng belween Mason and the ringleader, and with no love lost between Robin and Batgiri part ways, each arriving at the meeting separately.

Mason joins Two-Face, who has decided to execute Matches Malone. Batgiri realizes that it is up to her to save her father and heads for Bayshore Wharf. Following an explosive escape, the dynamic duo also reach the wharf in time to tackle the crooks and save Gordon. When an unsuspected drive-by shooting reveals that it was a woman in the Batman suit, the next edibons Batman must withstand a series of Herculean challenges before confronting Maxie for control of the deadly weapon.

Closing in. Ra's plans to launch a satellite weapon lilel. The duo encounter several traps en route, one of which Ra's Al Ghul is apparently killed, and Batman Is left on the quest alone. The trail ends in a mountain fortress where Batman discovers Robin held captive-alone. Batman rejects the proposition and Ra's suddenly collapses and is rushed hed and taken prison. He awakens to find himself dangling by the feet turned traitor. The personalities collide and the paranoid Scarface tries to kill the Ventriloquist before being reduced fo splinfers in a bursf of gunfire.

Who controls the dolls? None other than the Mad Hatter. Afiaari lizabeth Taylor and Aerosmith guest star on The Simpsons, and suddenly every actor in Tinseltown is iining up for animation voice-overs. The hottest ticket for willing windpipes belongs to Batman: The Animated Series. The popularity of the Batman myth has prompted dozens of stars to guest on the show, not to mention the stars who have recurring roles, like Mark Hamiii, Efram Zimbalist, Adrienne Barbeau, Richard Moil, Paul Williams, and the dynamic duo Kevin Conroy and Loren Lester.

What do you think that would sound like? It became almost like a secret, like a man who lives in the shadows. And it also makes the drama of the show more pronounced if Bruce is as different as possible from Batman. So for the voices , Bruce Is very much a confident, socially easy-going guy, and Batman is a shadow. He has to sound to me like a shadow. Our show goes back to the original concept of the Dark Knight.

They made a three year commitment to Warner Brothers when they renewed. Not only young people, but people of all age groups really enjoy this show and relate to it and get into it. So that made it very easy. If it was on the market, my parents went out and got it for me. For what they were trying to achieve I think they achieved it very well. In that light, his first reaction to Batman: The Animated Series comes as no surprise.

We can come at it just funky, and sit down and do it. Part of the joy of it, too, is having a really great director, Andrea is terrific. If they had called and said they wanted me to read for it, I would have said no. When I think of the Penguin, I think of Meredith. But had he been exposed to the comic books at all? You totow. There are some fine actors who show up to do parts occasionally. Richard Moll was excellent. Efram Zimbalist is terrific to work with. Ifs kind of interesting to watch Mark Hamill, work because my exposure to Mark is as your basic hero type.

To watch him dig into the Joker is great. Jekyll and Mr. The story steams across the county and over the ocean, and squeezes the most out of every bit of technology available to the modern age of Toggle navigation. Browse our magazines Submit your novel for review. All articles Browse by Tag Browse Guides. Browse all members Become a member Search Members.