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And it is hard to fathom what the manufacturing world may look like in a decade. First, the concept of mass production is losing relevance as consumer demand for custom products grows. Technologies such as 3-D printing are also fueling this trend.

Ordinary Magic: Resilience in Development

Second, the concept of employing an off-shore manufacturer to make products and ship them across the globe no longer makes sense in many cases, Thalbauer explains. The catch, however, is that the reshoring trend is unlikely to lead to a surge in manufacturing employment. You have more maintenance workers than real manufacturing work. The final megatrend relates to the reinvention of automation, Thalbauer explains. Log in with your IoT World Today account.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get a firsthand account of how… twitter. Simulation will accelerate the autonomous revolution. Has your company achieved excellence in IoT? Enter and get… twitter. The price of IoTWorldAsia tickets is about to go up! An SAP executive says now is the time to prepare for the revolutions coming to logistics and manufacturing.

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Written by Brian Buntz 28th February The number of Internet of Things platforms may have surged in , but that volume may soon begin to shrink, according to an executive at a Silicon Valley-based IoT startup. Cumulocity, which Software AG acquired in March, will function as a separate business unit within the parent company starting in January, with agile development and business practices at its core. GE Power puts Predix-based Asset Performance Management software to use to better predict problems at the power plants the company monitors.

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With their six month anniversary ticking down to Halloween, she wonders if their time together is anything more than a casual fling. One magical holiday. Some assembly required….

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Police Chief Delaney Reed loves the holidays in Ordinary, Oregon, the beach town where gods vacation and monsters reside. But this year, she has a lot on her plate. But when a demon, a dragon, and a god bearing unusual gifts get thrown on top of her to-do list, Delaney decides to roll up her sleeves and make this holiday unforgettable. One disaster at a time.

A Nasrudin story.

Police officer Myra Reed prefers her life orderly, predictable, and logical. Unfortunately, she lives in the little beach town of Ordinary, Oregon where gods vacation and monsters cause all sorts of trouble. She wants him out of Ordinary. He wants…her. Rock Paper Scissors — Book 4 — April 14, collection of above 3 novellas.

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Three novellas now in one volume! Being a cop is great. Guarding the library of arcane secrets is great. Even dealing with the monsters and gods vacationing in the little beach town of Ordinary, Oregon is great.

Ordinary magic. Resilience processes in development.

So much for great. Step one: shut down the portals to hell popping up in town. Step two: get rid of the pink know-it-all unicorn. Press Kit.