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Please try your request again later. McCombs penned her first YA novel in response to a student's challenge for her to write 50 pages to share with her seventh grade reading class. That 50 word challenge grew into the first novel in a trilogy entitled Wow and Viola! A veteran teacher in the West Virginia school system, McCombs' passion for young adult fiction keeps her abreast of her students interests and concerns. Lisa McCombs writes about tolerance, diversity, Christianity, bullying, Multiple Sclerosis and how growing up just stinks. Are you an author?

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Coco smiled back before just sighing sadly. Mario and Applejack looked at Coco before exchanging smiles with each other. Could be the reason the map called me here! So I'm good for whatever you need help with the most! Three adult ponies should be able to do what three foals weren't able to.

However, when they reached the area of the park where the festival was going to take place, the three ponies were immediately left stunned and overwhelmed. The park was a complete mess. Weeds were growing everywhere, The Outdoor Theater was very run down and looked like it could collapse at any moment. The sitting benches were rusty and moldy. It looked like the area hadn't been touched in moons. You two go on and take care of the costumes.

Mario and I can handle this, right big brother? I've never turned my back in a tough challenge so let's do this! Applejack just gulped and winced nervously. I don't know why I said we could. I'm gonna let everypony down I just know it!

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Mario grabbed her fore-hooves with his own. Applejack then pushed a wheelbarrow in front of herself as she got to work pulling some weeds. Mario had his own wheelbarrow as he got to work.

It was a good hour or so when they had both filled up their wheelbarrows with pulled up weeds. Applejack went to wipe her brow when she noticed that they had barely cleared maybe a couple of square yards of weeds and there was still alot of ground to cover that were covered in lots of weeds.

Applejack just face-hooved herself as Mario groaned annoyingly. A little later, Mario continued on the weeds as Applejack used a push-powered lawnmower to trim the grass. Mario took noticed that Applejack was moving so quickly that she didn't notice that a low tree branch had knocked off her stenson hat. Mario tried to continue using both his fore-hooves and magic to pull more weeds and made his way toward the hat when he saw Applejack coming back.

Mario gasped when he saw that her hat was right in front in her path and she wasn't stopping! When this is all over, I'll try and fix it. Next, Applejack and Mario continued to try and clear out as many weeds as they could. Then Applejack found herself struggling to pull out a stubborn weed. Then the weed snapped, causing Applejack to roll backwards into a statue that began to wobble dangerously and started falling right at her. The statue was damaged from the impact and while Mario had saved Applejack, her stenson hat had fallen off and was underneath the damaged statue.

Applejack just looked more dejected. Mario looked at her sadly before he used his magic to lift the statue so he could salvage her hat and not damage it further. Applejack saw how sad he looked and gave him a small smile. However, despite his speed, Mario took a long time to return and was still gone as Applejack found herself feeling exhausted.

She went to sit down on a nearby dirty and moldy bench, but then it collapsed underneath her. Applejack was now feeling very depressed. Once she had recovered, she got to work trying to give the theater a new coat of paint. She was also looking rather dirty and had spots of paint on herself.

It was then Mario arrived. Every single one! Make it stop! I'll get to work on those renovation blue prints so I can start the repairs. It was then Rarity and Coco arrived with a rolling clothing rack that had the completed costumes on it. Mario then stepped over to Applejack and pulled the can off himself as he started scanning his newly made blueprints and took notes on the materials he would need. It was then the three ponies noticed two stallions and two mares standing nearby. Their leader was a stallion named On Stage. Mario then noticed a purple mare wearing a grape juice colored sweater and beret on her head.

Mario blinked when he recognized her. We're here for the dress rehearsal? I'm assuming public speaking doesn't make you pass out anymore, hmm? Mario and Applejack gasped. Applejack pushed her out of the way just as the entire stage collapsed. Raspberry Beret nodded as they all looked to see the stage had completely fallen apart. Mario groaned as he tossed his blue prints aside. He wouldn't be needing them anymore. Later that day, Coco was just observing the wreckage from her balcony window.

With the whole stage collapsing, the Method Mares had decided to just rehearse elsewhere and that included the dress rehearsal. But nothing was near ready for the Revival. But the park is still a mess, we haven't even thought about what refreshments to serve during the performance, and even if we had, we don't have a stage for the Method Mares to perform on! It's hopeless We're clearly found it, but why did it send the three of us?

Why not Twilight? I'm sure she could have used her magic to transform this park in an instant! Mario why didn't you use your magic? I was never gonna be able to finish a project this big. Even with Mario's help! WH- " Rarity was then cut off when Applejack shoved a fore-hoof over her mouth. It won't be anythin' big or fancy, but it'll be somethin'. And somethin's gotta be better than nothin' right? He was surprised to see Raspberry Beret at the door. Applejack has an idea to ensure that the Method Mares will be able to perform by tonight.

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  4. Prince | Cifra Club.

Plus I've seen you memorize entire books in just a couple of nights. I can handle my idea without ya, now go on. Mario sighed as Raspberry Beret pulled him away. Applejack and Rarity just snickered to each other and got to work. By the time the sun was setting in the sky, Applejack had managed to quickly put together a small and simple stage for the Method Mares, which now included Mario, to perform on. Coco was rather impressed at the simple stage when On Stage peaked out of the curtain. The curtain them opened as On Stage stood before a drawn prop desk and had a paper over his cutie mark as part of his costume.

It was then Raspberry Beret appeared on stage dressed in her costume. I'm here about the open design position. I brought some samples of my work. I'm sorry I'm late. I had the hardest time finding my way here. The colt, named Cloudy Daze, noticed the performance. Please, can we, can we? Send him in," On Stage replied before turning to Raspberry Beret, "I'm sorry, but based on these samples, I just don't think this is the place for you. Have you considered costume design? I have a contact on Bridleway! If you are interested, I can put you in touch with him And scene. Applejack, Rarity, and Coco turned around to see that several ponies were not muttering and taking seats to watch the play.

The three ponies exchanged smiles with each other as the curtain opened for the next act.

Prince | Cifra Club

Coco blinked and smiled when she saw the scene. Hit is rather busy Applejack and Rarity had to bite their tongues not to cheer loudly when they saw him in his costume. Kindheart, I am not an easy stallion to impress," said Mario snooty, "I've invested alot of bits into being a successful producer and I don't want just anypony to be our costume designer.

They've must have charisma, talent, and share my vision of making my productions touch the hearts and souls of the ponies who watch them. These costumes must serve more than just allowing ponies to identify with my characters, but bring those characters to life! Kindheart," said Mario bluntly, "I'm not easily impressed.

Kerry Washington and Viola Davis go head-to-head at NAACP Image Awards 2016

Applejack and Rarity clapped lightly. I'm sorry I couldn't get enough tickets for everypony in the neighborhood. I hope Mr. Pearblossom wasn't too disappointed. I know Trotter on the Roof is one of his favorites. We shall be with you in spirit! I just wish I could share this experience with you and the others! My pop used to bring me. By the time the sun was setting, the play was coming to an end.

See a Problem?

The street was now filled with a large crowd of ponies watching the play. On stage, Raspberry Beret was pretending to sew as Stardom was with her. A small filly ran about as she held onto a balloon. Then an elderly mare named Pearly Stitch appeared looking for a place to watch the play. A young stallion scooted over so she could have a place to sit. Haven't seen the neighborhood this friendly since Charity moved away! Applejack and Rarity then exchanged a hoof bump as the play ended and the crowd cheered and applauded.

The four Method Mares ponies as well as Mario, stood on stage and bowed for the audience. She then found herself lifted into the air and carried gently over to the stage. Once Coco was back on all four hooves, she turned to face the crowd. I really can't take all the credit, though. My dear friends Rarity, Applejack, and Prince Mario helped me ever so much. The former was able to keep her composure while the latter felt a little shy and just blushed and waved at the audience.

When those fell through, we decided to simplify. This here was the result. Applejack just smiled and winked back. Soon everypony was just chatting with each other and having a good time. Rarity, Applejack, were just watching all the friendly chatter when Raspberry Beret appeared and wasted no time giving Mario a hug.

I hope we can keep in touch. It was then a mare named Viola and Uptown Clover appeared. And let's face it - in this day in and age, who has the time for such a commitment? But here, you did something as simple as building a stage and putting on a play and, heh, look at how it's brought everypony together. I also want to extend an apology to Prince Mario. I didn't mean to sound so insulting before.

Alot of us here in Manehattan could never imagine that a pony of such high royal standing would ever be interested in the community and welfare of ponies like us. I imagine if you look around, you'll find there's lots of little ways for you to get involved in changin' this place for the better. The three ponies then flinched when they looked to see that their cutie marks were now ringing.

Applejack and Rarity looked up as three Flower Sprites floated down above their heads. The three smiled and jumped up to grab them. The Flower Sprites floated down as the three ponies stood on their hind legs. Then each pony grabbed their Flower Sprite, twirled once and then held it above their heads. Applejack was then taken aback when Rarity used her magic to grab Applejack's tattered stenson hat and dumped it into a nearby waste basket. Rarity then found Stinky Bottom and gave him a bit for an exact copy of Applejack's hat, but now brand new, and put it on the orange pony's head.

But by building that stage and making sure the play went on, you showed them that just by doing something small, you can make a big difference! All you gotta do is at least try. I want to check in with Apple Bloom and find out how the Sisterhooves Social turned out, especially since Shenran said he was going to be lookin' out for both my sister and Sweetie Belle.

You're making a terrible mistake! Applejack just sighed and smirked as she watched Rarity and Mario run off. It had been a long and busy day. Despite the fact the orange pony agreed with what Rarity had told her. Bet none of you expected Mario to actually be in the play. Hope you enjoyed his small role. As I said before, don't worry too much about keeping track of the Flower Sprites. The inconsistent numbers just imply that there have been friendship missions and Flower Sprites that were never seen during the season.

Plus the hat hopping move Mario used is based on an advanced parkour move from Super Mario Odyssey. Only expert players can pull it off perfectly. I liked Raspberry Beret, especially her outfit and later her personality when she came back in season 8. After all, with Mario having such bad stage fright, there had to be somepony to keep him calm and relaxed and get him on stage when he couldn't move in his younger days. Besides, there's only one other one-time pony that Mario is going to claim to know this season, but that won't be til much later.

Next chapter actually takes place back in Ponyville during the same time this chapter was going on. Since Mario can't be part of the plot, Shenran will take center stage as he helps Big Mac Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons My Little Pony. It serves as the controller that bounds the power if the six elements together. But nobody, not even the royal sisters, have ever uncovered this Seventh Element And possibly win the heart of Twilight Sparkle Made in Manehattan Pony's Log Number While it can be more difficult, even ponies in the big cities can share a sense of community and friendship each other