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European ChemSex Forum. April DOI: Partying with a purpose: Finding meaning in an online "party 'n' play" subculture [Masters thesis]. California State University, Long Beach.


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Deviant Behavior. Retrieved 7 July Various men have told me that consent is given up upon using drugs. Addict Behav. Chelseau West. Retrieved 24 February Archived from the original on February 6, Party Animals: The significance of drug practices in the materialization of urban gay identity.

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It'll be a cool hobby, i just wanna make my "own". I'll probably leave the rattle out, i figure the jacks could careless when their feeding or in a bait ball. Thanks guys. About litigation concerning copyright etc. I could imagine that if the head you are trying to duplicate is of a commercial variety, you can almost assume that should your duplicate creation becomes a success, that you will be notified legally to cease all manufacturing of it.

What makes this situation worse is that it is in print, in this thread, that specifically states that the Tsunami popper will be duplicated. I can tell you from experience that when we heard that one of our 7" heads were being duplicated dunked directly into rubber we sought legal advice.

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  • One of the ways to get around this is to change the duplicate by a certain amount of percentage different from the "master. Hope this helps! Gaji Lures , Oct 15, The legal issues of cloning kick in when lures move beyond "own use". We have discussed this issue a number of times.

    That said It's not at all cool to 'clone' Using a commercial lure as a master is a quick way to develop your mold making skills. Once you have developed your mold making technique the personal 'buzz' in making a lure that works is much more satisfying if the lure is one of your own design. Its also more ethical. I can assure you that the thrill of catching a fish on a lure you have designed from 'scratch' is times more than from one you have merely cloned. Poppers are not a particularly complex design problem.

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