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Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 02, Thibault Collart rated it liked it. Jul 05, Kahlan rated it really liked it. Aude-R rated it really liked it May 23, Mimie rated it it was ok Jun 18, Noni rated it it was ok Nov 06, Alex rated it did not like it Aug 26, Guillaume rated it it was ok Aug 15, Chrichrilecture marked it as to-read Mar 30, Croteau Alexandre added it Nov 23, Martin Dupuis marked it as to-read Jan 04, Dahlia marked it as to-read Aug 27, Kevin Dio marked it as to-read Sep 10, Aelfa added it May 18, Sandra Girard-Demontigny marked it as to-read May 18, He broke the glass of water on his night stand.

He knocked it crazily against the opposite wall and shattered it. Yet it shattered slowly. This would have surprised him if he had been fully awake, for he had only reached out weakly for it. Nor had he wakened regularly to his alarm; he had wakened to a weird, slow, low booming, yet the clock said six, time for the alarm. And the low boom, when it came again, seemed to come from the clock. He reached out and touched it gently, but it floated off the stand at his touch and bounced around slowly on the floor. And when he picked it up again it had stopped, nor would shaking start it.

He checked the electric clock in the kitchen. This also said six o'clock, but the sweep hand did not move. In his living room the radio clock said six, but the second hand seemed stationary. Are the receptacles on a separate circuit? It also said six; and its sweep hand did not sweep. What is it that would stop both mechanical and electrical clocks? It said six o'clock, and the second hand did not move. I heard once the fanciful theory that a cold shower will clear the mind.

For me it never has, but I will try it. I can always use cleanliness for an excuse. Yes, it did: the water came now, but not like water; like very slow syrup that hung in the air. He reached up to touch it hanging down there and stretching. And it shattered like glass when he touched it, and drifted in fantastic slow globs across the room.

But it had the feel of water. It was wet and pleasantly cool. And in a quarter of a minute or so it was down over his shoulders and back, and he luxuriated in it. He let it soak on his noggin, and it cleared his wits at once. I am fine. It is not my fault that the water is slow this morning and other things are awry. He now became very careful in the way he handled things. Slow1y, tenderly and deftly he took them so that they would not break. He shaved himself without mishap in spite of the slow water in the lavatory also. Then he dressed himself with the greatest caution and cunning, breaking nothing except his shoe laces, and that is likely to happen at any time.

The dawn was fairly along when I looked out, as it should have been. Approximately twenty minutes have passed; it is a clear morning: the sun should now have hit the top several stories of the Insurance Building. But it had not. It was still a clear morning, but the dawn had not brightened at all in the twenty minutes. And that big clock still said six. It had not changed. Yet it had changed, and he knew it with a queer feeling.

He pictured it as it had been before. But the sweep second hand had moved. It had swept a third of the dial. So he pulled up a chair at the window and watched it.

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He realized that, though he could not see it move, yet it did make progress. He watched it for perhaps five minutes. It moved through a space of perhaps five seconds.

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It is that of the clock maker, either a terrestrial or a celestial one. How did he know that it was early since there was something wrong with the time? Well, it was early at least according to the sun and according to the clocks, neither of which institutions seemed to be working properly.

He left without a good breakfast because the coffee would not make and the bacon would not fry. And in plain point of fact the fire would not heat. The gas flame sprung up from the pilot like a slowly spreading stream or an unfolding flower. Then it burned far too steadily. The skillet remained cold when placed over it; nor would water even heat. It had taken at least five minutes to get the water out of the faucet in the first place. He ate a few pieces of leftover bread and some scraps of meat.

In the street there was no motion, no real motion. A truck, first seeming at rest, moved very slowly. There was no gear in which it could move so slowly. And there was a taxi which crept along, but Charles Vincent had to look at it carefully for some time to be sure that it was in motion.

Then he received a shock. He realized by the early morning light that the driver of it was dead. Dead with his eyes wide open! Slow as it was going, and by whatever means it was moving, it should really be stopped. Vincent walked over to it, opened the door, and pulled on the brake, Then he looked into the eyes of that dead man.

Toxic - episode 2: Site-B

Was he really dead? It was hard to be sure. He felt warm. But, even as Vincent looked, the eyes of the dead man had begun to close. And close they did and open again in a matter of about twenty seconds.

This was weird. The slowly closing and opening eyes sent a chill through Vincent.

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And the dead man had begun to lean forward in his seat. Vincent put a hand in the middle of the man's chest to hold him upright, but he found the forward pressure to be as relentless as it was slow. He was unable to keep the dead man up. So he let him go, watching curiously; and in a few seconds the driver's face was against the wheel. But it was almost as if it had no intention of stopping there. It pressed into the wheel with dogged force. The man would surely break his face.

Vincent took several holds on the dead man and counteracted the pressure somewhat. Yet the face was being damaged, and if things were normal blood would have flowed. The man had been dead so long however, that though he was still warm his blood must have congealed, for it was fully two minutes before it began to ooze.

See a Problem?

I had better leave it alone. Yet whatever vehicles he saw now were moving with an incredible slowness as though driven by some fantastic gear reduction. And there were people here and there frozen solid. It was a chilly morning, but it was not that cold. They were immobile in positions of motion, as though they were playing the children's game of Statues. But, no.

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She is not dead. Or if so she died with a very alert expression. And, oh my God, she's doing it too! Also, and this was even stranger, she had moved, moved forward in full stride. He would have timed her if he could. How could he time her when all the clocks in the world were crazy? Yet she must have been taking about two steps a minute. Vincent went into the cafeteria. The early morning crowd that he had often watched through the window was there.

The girl who made flapjacks in the window had just flipped one and it hung in the air. Then it floated over as though caught by a slight breeze, and sank slowly down as if settling in water. The early morning breakfasters, like the people in the street, were all dead in this new way, moving with almost imperceptible motion. And all had apparently died in the act of drinking coffee, eating eggs, or munching toast. And if there was only time enough, there was an even chance that they would get the drinking, eating, and munching done with, for there was a shadow of movement in them all.

The cashier had the register drawer open and money in her hand, and the hand of the customer was out-stretched for it. In time, somewhere in the new leisurely time, the hands would come together and the change be given. And so it happened. It may have been a minute and a half, or two minutes, or two and a half. It is always hard to judge time, and now it had become all but impossible. Should I help myself?

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They would not mind if they are dead. And, if they are not dead, in any case it seems that I am invisible to them. He opened a bottle of milk and held it upside-down over his glass while he ate another roll. Liquids had all become so perversely slow. But he felt better for his erratic breakfast. He would have paid for it, but how?

Grimm, Jacob - Teutonic Mythology Vol 3

He left the cafeteria and walked about the town as it seemed still to be quite early, though one could depend on neither sun nor clock for the time any more. The traffic lights were unchanging. He sat for a long time in a 1ittle park and watched the town and the big clock in the Commerce Building tower; but like all the clocks it was either stopped or the hand would creep too slowly to be seen.