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Not only that, but he would get into trouble with Mr. Paine on account of the damage which it had received.

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Related: Troubled ; troubling. We are so glad to have some good options for dinner on Silver Spring.

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Excited to have another yummy pizza place nearby! Nice selection of wine and menu. Definitely will be back! Street will be closed.

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October 26, - Radio Milwaukee - Three new Milwaukee restaurants we're excited to try. A special thank you to Boutique Photographer for many of the beautful photos used on our website.

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Email Address. I should get it finished over the weekend without too much trouble. You'll only be storing up trouble for the future if you don't go to the dentist now. She thought her troubles would be over once she'd got divorced. His birthday is the least of my troubles at the moment - I don't even have enough money to pay the rent.

B1 [ U ] a situation in which you experience problems , usually because of something you have done wrong or badly : He's never been in trouble with his teachers before. She'll be in big trouble if she scratches Sam's car. He got into financial trouble after his divorce. I hope you won't get into trouble because of what I said to your dad.

The camp is a great way of getting kids off the street and keeping them out of trouble.

I hope I haven't landed you in trouble with your boss. The marriage ran into trouble because of her husband's heavy drinking. He's stayed out of trouble since he was released from jail last year. B2 [ U ] mainly UK a characteristic of someone or something that is considered a disadvantage or problem : The trouble with this carpet is that it gets dirty very easily.

It's a brilliant idea.

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The only trouble is that we don't know how much it will cost. Ron 's trouble is that he's too impatient. C2 [ U ] problems or difficulties caused by something failing to operate as it should: The plane developed engine trouble shortly after take-off. They have a good reputation for building reliable trouble - free cars. Her knee trouble is expected to keep her out of the game for the rest of the season. B2 [ U ] problems in the form of arguments , fighting , or violence : Listen, I don't want any trouble in here, so please just finish your drink and leave.

My parents said we had to leave at the first sign of trouble. More examples A woman in the street saw that he was in trouble and came to his aid. You wouldn't believe the amount of trouble I've had with this car.