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I can only admire their temerity and their skill in generalising on great questions. I expect I suffer together with many others in the world, whose characters have been mis-generalised in some way. A Chinese Childhood details not only a personal history but a way of life that died out when modern social reforms were introduced to China.

It is illustrated throughout with sketches and drawings, which accompany anecdotes and stories about life in China; from festivals and school life to food, clothes and hairstyles of the time. In , he accepted a short contract at the Wellcome Museum of medical history to work on displays of Chinese medicine, which he did on a part-time basis until During this time he curated several new displays on East Asian medical practice, and created instructive illustrations to accompany the objects.

In his letter of acceptance for the post Chiang wrote:. I have been thinking of coming to do something for you as you suggested. I suppose you would like to make a proper show of Chinese exhibits in your museum, as you said yours is the first and best medical museum in the world, so it must be adequately arranged for the world appeal. We Chinese have suffered sometimes from the inadequate and not proper arrangement of our things in some museums in Europe. In the Wellcome Museum was hit by German bombs and the new displays that Chiang had created were sadly destroyed.


Observant and articulate, Chiang Yee built a career on his knowledge of Chinese art and culture as well as his experiences as a Chinese exile in Britain. His books and lectures on Chinese art and culture gave much needed explanation and context to this then little understood subject, and signalled the beginning of a new era in which Chinese people were, for the first time able to represent their culture directly to western audiences. The Silent Traveller books, with their alternative presentation of Britain were an innovative attempt to synthesize two very diverse cultures at a time when the Orientalist model, characterised by a fictitious dichotomy between Occident and Orient, persisted as a dominant influence in the collective British consciousness.

The body of work that Chiang produced whilst living in Britain provides further interest when considered in the context of the emergence of the field of Chinese studies and Chinese art in particular; when imperialist frameworks established in the preceding century began, gradually, to be dismantled by more rigorous academic studies and presentations of China and Chinese culture, resulting in a noticeable shift in public attitudes towards China.

Through his activities as an artist, writer and educator Chiang played an active role in establishing a new era of cultural exchange between Britain and China, driven by the desire for improved scholarship and representation of Chinese art and culture as well as new commercial opportunities. Chiang was just one of a group of influential actors who contributed to this growing field of cultural interaction, but one who stands out for his unique approach to both literary and artistic projects.

Chiang elucidates his thoughts on this practise of scholarly retreat in: Chiang Yee. London: Methuen, In adopting this pen name Chiang clearly identified himself with this tradition, further enhancing the image that he cultivated for himself, as a modern literatus. He moved from China to America in where he established himself as an eminent writer and essayist on the subject of modern China. Greenwood Press, ; Janoff, Ronald. Chinese in Britain.

Series of essays, Broadcast on Radio 3 in One episode is devoted to a discussion of Chiang and his work. Memoirs of a Chinese Childhood.

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Ltd, ; Chiang, Yee. China Revisited. New York: Norton, He fondly reminisces about his hometown in many of his Silent Traveller books as well as in his memoirs. Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China. Chinese Diaspora in Britain. Accessed January 25, The musical premiered in but its popularity saw it return to the London stage in and it continued to be performed throughout the war years.

The Silent Traveller in London. London: Country Life, He was instrumental in introducing western artistic practices not only into his own work but to that of his students in China; including life drawing and drawing from nature, which for many traditionalists at the time was seen as radical and controversial. London: Mrs Betty Joel Gallery, Postions east asia culture critique 2.

In Chiang, Yee. London: Country Life, ix. Oxford; New York: Peter Lang, Burlington Magazine Monographs. London: B. Batsford Ltd. This fostered a more balanced reading of Chinese art compared beyond the more Euro centric surveys to the preceding centuries. Bushell, Percival David, Arthur Waley and Osvald Siren all translated and published Chinese texts on art and art collecting in English during the early 20th century. See Pierson, Stacey. He taught himself Chinese and Japanese and later devoted himself entirely to the study of Chinese and Japanese literature producing many translations throughout his life.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Third Series, Vol. London: Royal Academy of Arts, The Burlington Magazine , Vol. Quoted byPierson, Stacey. Oxford and New York: Peter Lang, In Chinese Art , edited by Leigh Ashton. Ltd, London: Country Life, Preface. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society No. On which he talked about particular qualities of Chinese poetry and recited some works in Chinese November A discussion of landscape around Lakes with a local farmer.

He also supported several fundraising events organised by charitable organisations sending aid to China with lectures and painting demonstrations, including, The Artists Aid China Exhibition, March May 25, and various charitable events organised by Lady Cripps British United Aid to China fund throughout the late s and s. The Far Eastern Quarterly Vol. London: Country Life, 3. London: Country Life, xvi. London: Phaidon, London: Country Life, x-xi. Construction Worker. The Herald Angels Sing" - uncredited. TV Series performer - 2 episodes - Episode Show all 16 episodes.

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