e-book But Hope is Longer: Navigating the Country of Breast Cancer

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But Hope is Longer: Navigating the Country of Breast Cancer.

A study , however, found that the five-year survival rate for women with TNBC was similar to the survival rates for women with other cancers of similar stages. The study only included women, so the study size was a lot smaller than the study group. A separate study released in found that five years after their diagnosis, women with TNBC no longer had a higher risk of death. Your doctor will be able to give you a more precise outlook based on the stage of your TNBC, your age, and your overall health. How well the cancer responds to treatment will also determine your outlook.

Breast Cancer Healthline is a free app for people that have faced a breast cancer diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: A Global Perspective - Global Cancer Institute

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. Download here. Knowing if your cancer responds to certain hormones will help direct your treatment, and it can offer insight about your outlook.

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Hormone receptors tell your cells how to behave. Some cancer cells have receptors for the hormones estrogen and progesterone, as well as an overexpression of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 HER2 gene. If your cells have hormone receptors, the hormones they receive will actually support the growth of your cancer cells. Not all breast cancer cells have these receptors, and not all cancers overexpress the gene HER2. TNBC represents 15 to 20 percent of all breast cancers. Hormone therapy stops hormones from causing cancer growth. Instead of hormone therapy, treating TNBC often involves chemotherapy , radiation , and surgery.

But in general, survival rates tend to be lower with TNBC compared to other forms of breast cancer. The stage of breast cancer is based on the size and location of the tumor, as well as whether the cancer has spread beyond the part of the breast in which it originated. To determine the stage of breast cancer, doctors use a scale of stage 0 to stage 4.

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Stage 0 breast cancers are isolated in one part of the breast, such as a duct or lobule, and show no sign of spreading into other tissue. Stage 1 is typically localized, although further local spread may cause the cancer to move into stage 2. Stage 4 cancer is the most serious. Stage 4 cancer has spread beyond the breast and nearby lymph nodes, and into other organs and tissues of the body. In addition to stages, breast cancers are given grades based on the size, shape, and activity of the cells in the tumor. A higher-grade cancer means a greater percentage of cells look and act unhealthy, or they no longer resemble normal, healthy cells.

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Finding a better treatment for TNBC is a major focus of breast cancer research. A blog on the extensive Komen website carries patient perspectives, which the organisation aims to weave into everything it does, she says. Komen works at an international level too, as Anna Cabanes, global programmes director, comments. It has a particular focus on low-income countries, where it supports education and cancer control projects to increase capacity to address breast cancer.

Cabanes says the issues she sees are women left unprotected by welfare systems and cumbersome bureaucracy, and lack of access to some standard treatments, even in countries with universal healthcare systems. Part of the problem about breast cancer communication and awareness is terminology. While with optimal treatment stage III has a much better relative survival rate than stage IV, there are also significant unmet needs and complexity among these patients that warrant inclusion in the consensus.


Both Cabanes and Sabelko are involved in the Global Alliance. One country where Komen works is neighbouring Mexico. Aguilar is a patient advocate and advisor for MILC milc. There is a negative attitude expressed around the world, she adds, with people questioning why women who are going to die should receive costly treatment. Building public understanding of breast cancer and issues such as workplace rights is crucial and very much the domain of the Global Alliance, Aguilar adds.

Advocacy must, however, be tailored to local conditions, as Aguilar and colleagues found out at another advocacy group, Cimab Foundation, which won a grant from the UICC and Pfizer to develop Internet resources for the metastatic population, in So we are also working with hospitals to train people as patient navigators, who can help fill information gaps and create care plans.

Online resources do work well in other settings, however.

Breast Cancer: 2015

Europa Donna, the coalition of European breast cancer advocacy groups, ran its first metastatic advocacy conference in June , and has launched an mBC website, with resources including an advocacy toolkit and patient videos. That Declaration made specific demands for patients with mBC, calling on member states to ensure they have access to a specialist breast unit that coordinates care and psychosocial needs.

The ABC Global Alliance is for people and organisations who are committed to developing, promoting and supporting tangible improvements that will ultimately create awareness and actions that will improve and extend the lives of patients living with ABC worldwide. Facebook Twitter. Home Featured Advanced breast cancer advocacy goes global The advanced breast cancer community has spent many years defining the treatment, care and support patients need to help them live longer and feel and function better.

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Double median overall survival for patients with ABC to at least four years by Survival rates and treatment for men with breast cancer are very similar to those for women. Early detection of breast cancer increases treatment options and often reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer. Although treatment outcomes are very similar to women at the same stage of detection, a man diagnosed with breast cancer should also consider seeing a genetics counselor for a consultation. In addition:. About Breast Cancer Back. Male Breast Cancer.