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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 29, Miranda marked it as nope. I don't read books written by transphobic jerkfaces. View all 7 comments. Jun 13, Bluecreek rated it it was amazing Shelves: ir-bw. Far too often the books in that genre are too short or filled with language that just isn't my preference. Rock Star is a real jewel in the genre though.

The plot may be far-fetched, but the characters themselves feel as real as they could possibly be. I never read a book a second time immediately after having just finished it, and while I did't this time either, I came a whole lot closer than I have to just turning right back to page 1 and digging in again. Bryan takes the perfect approach to Callie and does such a subtle and perfect job of winning her.

Callie has a realistic view on what such a relationship would be like, so accepts the friendship willingly but keeps enough distance to keep it from growing beyond that. When they do get together, the steady build leads to such a great pay-off. They have to earn their relationship, but the path is genuine and well worth the ride.

But can their small town romance survive within the world of his big time career? The Good: The story is very compelling, and it was so nice to read an IR romance with a hero that leaned beta. Not every author can pull a beta off, but Holcomb does it well, and crafts a very attractive hero in Bryan Spencer.

It was also refreshing to see two characters bond over a mutual love of reading. Oh, and I love the cover! Her negative character traits never get fully resolved or explored. Although many people are indecisive in real life, this character trait is extremely hard to pull off in story. It becomes hard to root for Callie, because throughout the book one feels that Bryan wants and is fighting for the relationship while Callie is somewhat mulishly flip-flopping.

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The Naughty: Steamy heat level. Editing issues: Minor. I counted five typos. Apr 25, Demelza rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance. If only every book could reference Chris Cornell! How awesome would that be? I found this book during my search for a romance with a hot rock star, and I was only mildly disappointed.

Pros: The hero -- Bryan -- was well done and didn't end up being cheesy. It mentions Chris Cornell. I couldn't put it down, and felt very glowy at the end. Cons: Typos. The waiting game and indecision that Callie puts Bryan through would drive any regular guy to madness. It bothered me that she didn't give him the benefit If only every book could reference Chris Cornell! Her mantra seemed to be "I want my life to stay the same" rather than "how can you and I make it work together because I love you". She did come around in the end though. I didn't find the interracial romance aspect to be too overwhelming, although Callie's insistence that everyone would think she was "Bryan's whore" was a bit much.

Really, that could have been a danger with any woman he was dating, whether she was black or not. In this, I think Callie was very insecure. Even her own Mother, and Granny down the street didn't seem to see the problem, and they certainly came from an even more traditional generation. In any case, if you need a rock star fix, pick up this book! It gets bonus points for also mentioning: Kurt Cobain, left-handed guitarists and Alice in Chains. Complete DNF. The writing is not bad, but I just could not get with the lead.

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Who says "gosh gee wilikers"? That alone gave me enough for a "bye, Felicia". I am so confused how a woman in this day and age can still be hung up on so many things, including race. Dating out of your race is just like dating anyone else. Why harp on it in this day and age? It's not like we're talking dismantling systemic racism or oppression. It's just a love story. I dunno. Either way, I really wanted to like the heroine, but I do not abide silliness. View 1 comment. Jul 18, Shawnette rated it it was ok. Just An Okay Read Callie has worked fervently on her five year plan and it is now time to start a new five year plan.

Owning her own bookstore with her best friend in her small town home of Mapel Fork, Alabama has been her biggest challenge, but a rewarding one nonetheless. However, when Bryan Spencer, a rock star, comes into her book store, Callie will find a new focus to dwell on finding unconventional love.

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Initially Callie kept her friendship with Bryan platonic, but as they began to spend more time together and Bryan opened up emotionally, feelings could not be denied. As Callie became more comfortable with their relationship, she also got to experience the celebrity lifestyle. When Bryan went back on tour, Callie was able to join him and keep their budding romance alive. However, when the tabloids write an unflattering story about her relationship with Bryan things for the couple take a turn for the worse.

Now the couple must decide if their relationship is worth saving it when the people they most care about seem to be against them and whether Callie can weather the tabloid storm. It was an okay debut from Rosylyn Hardy Holcomb, but it just didn't thrill me like some of the other IR novels I've read. Based upon the reviews, I bought Rock Star and I had high hopes for it but, the story just didn't hold my attention. I found myself skipping over paragraphs and peeking ahead to see if it would get better. When I finally finished I was relieved it was over.

Strange, because I did enjoy Bryan's character and the depth of his feelings for Callie but, I just did not enjoy the entire ride. I couldn't even bring myself to care about the so called romance that was supposed to be blossoming between him and Callie. It's definitely not the worst romance I've ever read, but, in good consciousness couldn't give it a higher rating than 2 stars. Mar 06, Anna rated it liked it Shelves: romance. First thing I have to mention is the love I have for the way Holcomb dealt with the issue of an interracial relationship, which is actually the main reason this book wound up on my list in the first place.

It's a very real problem that just doesn't show up in fiction very often, and it was handled with an eye to realism, creating an effective stumbling block for Bryan and Callie without demonizing the people who raised the race issue. It wasn't something that was raised and then swept neatly und First thing I have to mention is the love I have for the way Holcomb dealt with the issue of an interracial relationship, which is actually the main reason this book wound up on my list in the first place. It wasn't something that was raised and then swept neatly under the carpet; it continued to be an issue the two of them had to come to terms with, not so much because they had problems with the interracialness, but because people close to them didn't approve.

I did wish, though, that Bryan would stand up for himself a little more. So much of the story focused on him patiently wooing Callie through her hesitation, proving himself worthy, and basically running around in circles to please her. For her part, Callie treated him with suspicion, even when he didn't deserve it, and essentially blamed him for the price of fame. I know there's generally a little wish fulfilment in romance, especially one that pairs an average girl with a rock star, but this veered into spineless territory.

I loved that Bryan and Callie spoke differently, and snorted in a good way; it was a gigglesnort when Bryan had to ask her about her father's terminology, not being familiar with the expressions. This made perfect sense to me.

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They're from different worlds, they would speak differently. Unfortunately, this didn't translate to standout dialogue for the entire book. There was a lot of exposition, both through dialogue and narration, more than I think there needed to be. Habitually, there would be one scene between Bryan and Callie, leading up to some event, and then the event in question would be summarized as the characters reflected on it after the fact. I felt like I'd missed half the book, that a lot had happened off stage so to speak where I couldn't see it. Constant headhopping was the other issue I had.

In the space of a conversation, we'd jump around to four or five different perspectives, usually with no warning. I found it distracting, especially when the perspective would jump from one of the protagonists to a smaller character. For all that, though, Rock Star managed to have fun with itself while it touched on some significant social issues, and I've gotta give serious kudos for that. It had a message without stooping to preachiness, and stands out for throwing at least a little bit of the real world at the characters. Jul 15, Tisha rated it liked it.

All in all, it was a pretty good book. I liked the fact that the characters were seemingly polar opposites. Callie is a bookstore owner and Bryan is duh! They really had some sweet and intimate moments and I could see how and why they fell in love. The writing was also really good,I had an insight on the characters's past but I was sometimes tired of read All in all, it was a pretty good book. I could relate to Callie's doubts on the relationship and I realy sympathized with the hardships she had to go through The ending was very satisfying, but the only question that remains is "what did bryan do with the crunchy peanut butter??

Dec 21, Faithc rated it really liked it. Good read. Jul 05, Anino rated it really liked it. I liked this Interracial Romance novel, however there were a few lags in the story. Hint, Hint. Apr 09, AmiNickris rated it really liked it. Finally And I mean finally in two ways Finally I read this book, it took me forever to and finally she made a darn decision. Loved the book but her uncertainty started to wear very very thin. Nov 10, Tamara Evans rated it it was amazing Shelves: interracial-relationships. This is a refreshing book which not only deals with interracial relationships but also explores the emotions and problems that can occur when a woman gets romantically involved with a celebrity.

Although Callie is intrigued by Bryan, she feels that he pro This is a refreshing book which not only deals with interracial relationships but also explores the emotions and problems that can occur when a woman gets romantically involved with a celebrity. Although Callie is intrigued by Bryan, she feels that he probably isn't interested in her since he is white and she is black. As time passes, Bryan starts coming by the bookstore more often and they start to become close.

It is during that time that Callie finds out that Bryan was sent to stay at his manager's cabin to deal with the grief of his best friend and band mate Brodie's untimely death by a drug overdose. Bryan blames himself for Brodie's death and Callie helps him to get through his grief.

While Bryan enjoys Callie's company and want to pursue a romantic relationship with her, Callie still views their relationship as just being friends. After a heated kiss in her parent's kitchen at a family gathering,Callie begins to view Bryan as a romantic prospect. While Callie sisters are excited at the idea of the their big sister dating a famous rock star, her parents are worried about not only the type of job he does but also the fact that he's a white man that they feel may be only trying to use her until he goes back to California.

When the time comes for Bryan to return to California, his and Callie's bond is so strong, he can't bare to leave her in Alabama so he asks he to go with him to California. Callie is excited to go to California with Bryan yet, she is worried that Bryan will expect for their relationship to become sexual which is something she isn't ready for. During her time in California, Callie and Bryan grow even close and eventually, they take their relationship to the next level.

Callie and Bryan become inseparatable which makes it even harder when Callie has to return to Maple Fork and Bryan has to resume his tour which Storm Crow. In the course of their time apart, they both realize how much they love and need each other. Throughout the novel, the reader gets to know the characters so intimately, you really want to know if Callie and Bryan will be together or will they let others pull them apart?

There are so many reasons why I liked this book. I really enjoyed this book because I like the realistic dialogue between the characters. I was also impressed by how quick a read it was. I was drawn into the story from the first paragraph and was addicted.

I also liked that the author chose to make the story about more than their racial difference; she chose to focus on how fame can effect a relationship. In addition, I was happy to see that that in reading the book, you can tell that the author has done her background work on life in the south in the way she writes about interactions in southern towns. This was truly a wonderful book that I could read again and again.

Bryan and Callie were so sweet. The rock star and southern belle make an interesting pair. Pretty much from they met, they were attracted to each other, and both of them are people who strive for what they want and can be really stubborn which worked for Bryan's advantage. Although it was clear there was chemistry between them, Callie was in forced denial making excuses and reasoning that they're just friends and that's all they can be.

Bryan sure showed her because through patience, endurance, Bryan and Callie were so sweet. Bryan sure showed her because through patience, endurance, and determination he finally convinced her they should be together. Yet his career got between them when he had to resume his bands tour and not only that but a tabloid magazine wrote a slanderous article about Callie that almost broke up the couple. Bryan still didn't give up and with the help of his manager-who was partly to blame for the whole mess, a string of talk shows, and a song written just for Callie, he was able to win her back although she was reluctant at first to countiune their relationship.

I'm glad she didn't throw away her love and everything worked out in the end. Jul 12, stephabo rated it liked it. Unfortunately I'm just going to give this book 3 stars. Callie's mind set was in the 50s. And I know what she was going through in terms of her family and southern life. I grew up in a strict, bible belt community. Callie irked me to death though. To the nth. She cared too much about what people thought about her and a "white man".

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