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You can also send an e-mail to blabbermouthinbox gmail. One is called War and one is called Peace. They're being released simultaneously on the same day. Why are separate releases a better listening experience for this music rather than all together as one album? Well doing a pair of albums or kind of playing with the polarized styles that we do. Heavy and then kind of a super melodic "ballad" style songs that we do. It is something we have talked about doing for a long time actually. So now kind of rounding out our albums at No.

But in terms of not packaging them together as a double album. Honestly, the idea there was — I think double albums are too hard to digest. So I wanted this to almost be two autonomous things that are meant to be listened to. And I know coming out on the same day and everything they might as well be packaged together but the idea of them being separate is that they - it might not be so burdensome to consume.

Demon Hunter tends to credit songs to the entire band. What do you like most about a collaborative process that includes several people? Well I mean these days - I have been getting a lot of help from our guitar player Patrick. He has been in the band since But up until , after my brother quit in , I was pretty much handling all of the writing.

Both music, lyrics and melodies. The only real additions that I needed help with was things like guitar solos and lead things. Things that were beyond my playing ability and also just for some outside perspective in those regards but on the last two albums I kind of realized that I needed the help by virtue of time management and just kind of needing some fresh perspective on things. So it is great to have Patrick because not only is his playing ability like 10 times what mine is but writing songs is a newer thing for him than it is for me.

I have been writing and recording albums for something years. And so the well that I am pulling from is - I wouldn't say dry but it has gone to times. So getting someone that is young and hungry and where this is a newer experience for them, has been really beneficial for the last couple records. I think it really breathes new life into the sound.

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Havoc PvP. Balance PvP. Feral PvP.

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Restoration PvP. Beast Mastery PvP. Marksmanship PvP. Survival PvP. Arcane PvP. Fire PvP. Mistweaver PvP. Windwalker PvP. Holy PvP. Retribution PvP. Discipline PvP. Shadow PvP. Assassination PvP. Outlaw PvP. Subtlety PvP. Elemental PvP. Enhancement PvP. Affliction PvP. Demonology PvP. Destruction PvP. Arms PvP. Fury PvP. The Eternal Palace. Crucible of Storms. The Restless Cabal. Battle of Dazar'alor. Champion of the Light. Grong, the Revenant. Grong, the Jungle Lord. Jadefire Masters. Conclave of the Chosen. King Rastakhan. High Tinker Mekkatorque. Stormwall Blockade.

Jaina Proudmoore. Older Raids and Dungeons. Tomb of Sargeras. The Nighthold. Trial of Valor. The Emerald Nightmare. Hellfire Citadel. Blackrock Foundry.

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Siege of Orgrimmar. Throne of Thunder.

Demon Hunter - The Last One Alive

Terrace of Endless Spring. Heart of Fear.

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Mogu'shan Vaults. Dragon Soul. Baradin Hold. Blackwing Descent. Throne of the Four Winds. Bastion of Twilight. Pre-WoD Dungeons. Brawler's Guild Guide. Thog Hammerspace. Grandpa Grumplefloot. Phillip Carter Tracey. Johnny Awesome. Mama Stormstout. Farmer Xiang-Su. Warhammer Council. Millie Watt. Tidemistress Shellbreaker. Mingus Diggs.

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Robe-Robber Robert. Hyper Mega-Mecha Seagull. Legendary Rings. Breath of the Black Prince. Fangs of the Father. Elemental Bonds.