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You need to somehow sabotage the runaway growth of the Chinese economy, while pushing the brakes on the accelerating decline of the West. And that requires some thinking That way, you'll stop the Chinese from taking over the world, while simultaneously stopping the migrant invasion into the US, which gives some breathing room from the ongoing social collapse so you can attempt to revive the US economy. A lot of stuff needs to be done to change from one timeline with a lot of momentum behind it to a better one.

And Trump is doing a lot of stuff! Maybe even the BAD stuff he is doing is because he has to, in order to turn the ship around. Let's say he doesn't support 5g and GMO to kill us all, but out of a desperate need to get some real economic growth going. It's actually possible he's not doing it out of stupidity you know Putting HRC and friends in jail is a super tiny part of what needs to be done here, and I'm happy wiser and more patient people than myself are running this show.

I would have pulled the trigger long ago, and it would have been disastrous! Huawei's secret back doors An investigation of the telecommunications equipment produced by China's Huawei Technologies Ltd. The concern is that all data passing through mobile devices, smart homes and other internet-connected devices will become cyberattack vectors if Huawei equipment is used in 5g networks. Finite reviewed more than 1. The review found hard-coded backdoor credentials, unsafe use of cryptographic keys, indicators of insecure software development practices, and the presence of known and zero-day vulnerabilities.

A zero-day vulnerability is a hole in software that can be used for cyberattacks. One of the ways Huawei set up backdoor remote access is to code firmware of its products with a default username and password that can permit remote access unless changed by computer administrators. In other instances, a specific password was coded into the firmware that would provide easy backdoor access. A third method used a special encryption key coded into the software that would allow remote access to the key holder.

In January, the African Union reported that Huawei equipment at its headquarters was sending confidential information to China. Vodafone, a large European phone company, also has identified hidden back doors in software inside Huawei products that could provide unauthorized access to networks in Italy. Huawei and founder Ren Zhengfei, a People's Liberation Army veteran, deny the company engages in intelligence-gathering for the Chinese government and insist the company's products are secure.

However, the Finite investigation is the first public security assessment of Huawei products. Huawei is facing federal charges related to economic espionage of American cellphone technology and illegal financial dealings with Iran. Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou is facing extradition from Canada on charges of violating international sanctions on trading with Iran. The U. The government has banned use of its products, however. Michael Wessel, a member of the congressional U. Wessel said in a statement. Me Llamo Cory.

Puedo por favor chuparte la polla? We're tired of watching the country continue to slide just because we want to follow the null-and-void traitor laws to the letter and don't want to offend the obscene and the indifferent. Take a roll call someday and learn how many of the pro-Trump people on this board are ironically unemployed. Remember "the wall just got 10 feet higher"? Look at the wall today and tell me that's what you imagined. Look at the wall on the private land with the unlocked gate because some fat lady said so and nobody has the balls to walk up and shut it.

Look at the American troops who sit still on the border while armed cartel stroll past. It's nonsense and anarchy. Most new jobs are going to foreign-born. Nothing decisive is being done about H-1B while American tech workers get demographically replaced by eager and willing foreign subversives to this very day. Mind you, we're two and a half years into this shell game and the ball just got thrown to If that's victory, then it's time to live in the mountains until Jesus gets here.

We will still carry on because we have no choice but the information has to spread on its own. Few of us are going out on a limb to spread the Q message anymore because we're so sick and tired of being made to look like fucking idiots. Notice how the whole narrative of trump being our saviour depends on you believing that theres a ton of problems being fixed behind closed doors Which we have 0 actual proof of outside of higher than normal child porn arrests We do have actual proof of his admin doing bad things and enriching themselves Potus wants 5g Potus got netanyahu elected Potus does everything in his power to keep up the neocon narrative It looks like a duck It walks like a duck It quacks like a duck It is a duck Watch the replies to this post if theres anyone else stupid enough to still be here It will be a variation of calling me a faggot Some lame meme Or telling me to trust the plan Or someone telling me to trust the plan.

Huawei dominates global race to 5g despite pressure from Washington Chinese telecom giant Huawei has secured 50 5g contracts outside the domestic market, according to the company's senior executive Ding Yun. That's an almost 50 percent gain from the number of contracts reported in February, the executive told a summit on Tuesday ahead of the launch of MWC19 Shanghai the largest industry annual event in Asia. He added that, "Currently, two-thirds of global existing 5g networks are powered by Huawei technologies.

The Shenzhen-based firm has been accused by the United States of spying for the Chinese government. It was barred from doing business with American companies which supply Huawei with necessary parts and technology. Since last year, the Trump administration has been pressing allies to ban Huawei from 5g rollouts. Some countries like Australia and Japan have barred Huawei, while others, including India, are yet to take a decision on whether to permit its 5g rollouts.

The UK and Spain have already launched 5g commercial networks empowered by Huawei base stations.

Last year, the world's leading telecommunications solution provider Huawei made the world's first 5g call and launched the first 5g terminal device. Yesterday, a liberal friend of mine asked me why I supported Trump. It's getting harder and harder to answer that question. Promoting 5g? Promoting vaccines? Getting government deeper into healthcare? Not building the border wall? Not addressing the middle-class-crushing cabal student loan scam? Not reigning in government spending?

Constantly bragging about Hispanic unemployment? Not sharing helpful classified info with Americans? I said, "The deep state is out of control and there's a chance Trump might be reigning them in". If I had to make a choice today between Trump and Sanders today, I would actually have to think about it. I made a mistake on education 20 years ago and took out a bad student loan. It's gone up in the last 20 years instead of down!

All that money is going to the Rothschilds and Goldman Sachs!!! Activist Post and many others have reported about their most recent efforts against telecom corruption. District Court in Washington, DC, seeking standing to appeal a Federal Communications Commission FCC decision that, in effect, has facilitated one of the largest accounting scandals in American history. And now some good news from Bruce: On June 3rd, , the FCC decided to not attempt to challenge or block our standing request and we are moving to the next round, the "merits" phase: the presentation of briefs and the identification of supporting evidence.

Ay carumba. Do they have supporting evidence! There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about this long-time corruption other than being ripped off. It has led Americans to a very dangerous time in history - the "Race for 5g. Navy Doctors and scientists see 1, 2, 3 Utility companies Even the Telecom Industry won't say they have evidence that 5g is safe. Platform will allow my campaign and other Republicans to compete with the Democrats money machine.

Marines: Getting through this week is gonna be a breeze! Anon's quick summation. It can only communicate with you by tracking you across the landscape in real time. Surveillance at every conceivable level. Take a careful look at China with its hundreds of thousands of cameras and AI face recognition, before you race to catch up. Take a look at this video, with Israeli researchers showing how they can literally watch when you start perspiring, using 5g frequencies.

It's mostly absorbed by the skin, resonates with the sweat glands. A far, far greater threat than "global warming". See also how your skin is going to be designated as a "limb", so they can radiate it more. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Your face is now a "limb", according to microwave engineers. Muh 5g!! You think I don't know? I've been trying to alert the citizens of Harlem to be on suicide watch, they are being used in an experiment.

The Nuremberg Code gives you the right not to be experimented upon. Let's see if the Israelis understand the Nuremberg Code. And the planet. If you've been listening to what I say. And I literally haven't started. Just the UK government's former top intelligence agent in microwave warfare. He has received several death threats for his revelations. He says nothing he cannot justify from the research. He says repeatedly that 5g is "genocide", a word he does not use lightly. That is more than enough sauce for me. I've met and travelled with Mr Trower, I'm telling you flatly, he is the real thing, and a very humble man, who is doing what he can.

The Deep State is coming to a lamp post outside your children's bedrooms, in their playgrounds, in every street. You want to fight the Deep State? Fight 5g. Or leave it to those of us who know the score. So now I will just wish you a long life in the literal or figurative cage you dwell in. You may want to consider trying the door, it's unlocked from the outside. Whoever thought a Bronfman would be facing jail time? Three top Clinton Global Initiative members have been deeply implicated in all this, two convicted and facing jail — Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman — with Sarah Bronfman also in the frame.

Their names were taken off the CGI site pretty damn quick, no trace of them to be seen. How much more of a "proof" do you want? The tide is turning very fast now. Nothing worries me less than Q not posting… hence this little quote for Q. Can you see how the shills are now flushing themselves out? They've never been more obvious. However: I am still waiting for Donald Trump to be "made aware" of the calamitous threat of 5g to the health and privacy of every single person on this planet.

I'm on another suicide watch: city by city, as 5g is rolled out, you are going to see suicides go up. Bristol University started trialling 5g in , and ten students have already killed themselves. My instinct: there's a Q drop coming. In chess, it's called "tempo".

Time for a move. If their brains are in idle most of the time, there is nothing to scramble or impede. Those of us who create and think critically are impacted in that, tight focus activities still work but require more effort. Diffuse focus or "Big Picture" thinking, including meditation and prayer, will be much more difficult than it already is, impacted in addition to the gooey miasma of all the NPC brains already resonating to the beat of the mind control drone entrancing frequencies.

The intelligent, the awakened and the sensitive are the canary in the mines and will drop inexplicably before the mass mind wakes up. Many of the symptoms of electronuc capture and entrainment have been "front run" in the media Matrix with all of the usual degeneration diseases attributed to simple aging. All the while the cattle's minds have been degraded, by many parallel causes, everyone simply and passively, lowers their expectations and trudges on through the dreariness The reference in Scripture to the people in the end times being under strong delusions implies more than just accumulated intellectual errors!

Without the armor of God, without spiritual protection, which directly transforms into physical insulation, only getting away from the clusterfuck of highly populated killboxes provides temporary relief. I've tried saying this before. Everyone crying thinking they're going to get cancer from 5g. If that was the case they would have been using it.

It's not even about faster wireless for our phones and computers. It's about our infrastructure and security. Which is why Obama didn't launch it, the US had to be weak and vulnerable under Obama. It's why Trump took down Huawei. Multiple layers to everything. Do you choose 5g or 5D?

Got the whole picture? It's not about the 5g frequency, it's about tech enslavement. You're finally giving up, huh? Everyone needs to stop with the 5g fear mongering. You are forcing people to feed their fear energy to the black cube and inadvertently serving the cabal. The cabal knows this. They are letting you do their dirty work and getting every last drop of free energy from the ignorant beings who live in constant fear of this.

Luckily the cabal had built one for us! In North Korea! You know that weird looking hotel everyone claims is "bugged"? That was a super weapon built by the British Crown in order to protect their interests and push the world into submission through thought pattern manipulation onset by spinning electricity around the heavy metals in the brain.

We have the source. One who told you about the deep state, fake news, space programs, time travel, weather manipulation, vaccines and secret technologies. One who continues to fight for you with the full weight of the positive Galactic armies and multi Dimensional peacekeepers behind him. We will not let you down. The time to live without fear is now! Don't believe me? Tough shit! See for yourself. Romans ?

You couldn't help yourself, could you? You could've left Anons guessing if 5g was okay or not, but your dumbass kept pushing it until it became clear that you're a retarded shill. I honestly can't believe just how dumb you faggots are, took me 2 mins to look through your post to determine that 1 5g will benefit us 2 I would make a better shill than you if I was an evil piece of shit like you. What's the point of 5g again?

Oh right, "theoretical speeds". One more reminder: EyeTheSpy just came out as a telecommunications industry shill Microwaves are not fit for human use, why has Trump banned 5g at his places of residence indefinitely? I've not seen any mutant cockroaches or mutant mice around cell towers, nor significant decreases in their populations… have you? Eye the spy is good info.

Glowing much, 5g shill? It's for anons. It will be possible to use interferometry to map just about everything, and your phone pinging the cells will provide locations down to meters, not kilometers without GPS enabled even. It won't work. The real problem with 5g , IMO, is the ability to track people. This is way some talk about safe 5g versus harmful 5g. You know this. Just wait a few years for everyone else to get cancer before you decide 5g is no good! Just like Israel!

Thanks for conceding. Full stop. They are "not fit" at power levels used in your oven. Even towers only broadcast at a few watts. The refers to which generation the technology is, not the signal intensity, e. For that matter, 3G was primarily around 2 GHz, which is near actual microwave oven frequencies. Of course rats get cancer from RF when bombarded with levels s of times higher than normal exposure. That's how these studies work, and that's why they're all so badly broken that they are otherwise useless. The fact that you are posting this multiple times indicates an agenda….

Shilling on both with one post just makes you glow. See bioinitiative. EyeTheSpy just came out as a telecommunications industry shill Microwaves are not fit for human use, why has Trump banned 5g at his places of residence indefinitely? No microwaves. There is no version of 5g that uses Microwaves that is safe. Maybe 5g isn't the problem, but their 5g is? Anyway - agreed. This industry has pushed state and now federal legislation to remove local oversight for placement of cell towers stated to be "small cell" antenna. Although SB in California was vetoed by the governor, 13 other states have passed legislation in to alter or remove local control for placement and rent for cell towers on public utility poles and in rights of way see below.

The telecommunications industry argues they need to lower the cost of installations and move more quickly to serve the publics demand for more connection with 5g and Internet of Things. Others say we should be skeptical about the outcome of constraining public rights. Handcuffing Cities. The FCC passed their 5g "FAST" planSeptember which removes local authority on placement, permitting, fees and shot clocks for cell towers and defines a special class called "small cell" that can have increased densification. The due date for cities to comply with new ordinances is March 14, however dozens of cities are involved with a lawsuit asking the court for a stay of action for the FCC ruling.

See below. For many people - even anons here, their minds are already made up one way or the other, without having looked into it much.


Best wishes anon. IMO, this board is best for short posts with links to articles and research, instead of trying to drop 30 paragraphs of a manifesto in one thread. If I knew enough about the topic, like you probably do, I would start by making short posts, each with one verifiable point and a link to the source. Space out each post by a few hours each day so anons don't assume it's spam. Example 1: The same EMF waves used in new military weapons are the basis of the 5g network. The radiation penetrates human skin more aggressively than any other type of consumer electronics currently, affecting skin and eyes.

Believe me, really believe me, I also want to see her locked up, at the very least. But recognize what the true agenda of the Deep State is. Once 5g is rolled out, and the entire US population is subject to stealth radiation warfare, it's game over for you as human beings. I've been battling towers for 20 years now. It's a bitter, desperate, thankless war. But the entire human species depends on us stopping 5g. I choose to believe now, after studying this small throwaway statement, that Donald Trump — whatever his faults — is actually on the side of the human race.

I've taken a decision to pitch in here and continue to support this board. I am speaking here to the silent Anons, who want to know the real score. Anyone who wastes their time attacking me, should be aware that we true tinfoil-hat cases are way, way beyond any insults you can heap on us. We've seen and heard and been subject to it all, for many years. Save your barbs for someone who cares. You need to fight 5g with everything you've got.

MITOS Y LEYENDAS 2: Los dioses de Egipto, la maldición de Tutankamón e influencias bíblicas

You need to empower your President with actionable information and irresistable public pressure. You are the Q Research forum. There have been 24 studies conducted worldwide on this subject, as of Every single study — every one — has found a consistent pattern of ill health, including drastically raised cancer rates. This is an outright lie, a lie being propagated using your tax dollars. Mr Barrie Trower held the world's most comprehensive list of pulsed microwave frequencies and their effects on body and brain, during the s, obtained from exhaustive interrogation of Soviet spies.

These frequencies were discovered through the irradiation and torture of thousands of psychiatric and political prisoners by the KGB. Donald Trump, I am now certain, is aware of this. All desperate appeals from the outside world, from thousands of petitioners and scientists, are just ignored by the powers that be. Only political pressure from within America will do anything. Anons claim to be awake, compared with "normies".

But it is clear to us 5g activists that most of you are also fast, fast asleep, waiting for Q to tell you what to do. Q said: you have more than you know. You need to act on your own volition now. The Plan you trust centrally involves masses of researchers showing that the mainstream media are shameless serial liars. They have lied about nothing so consistently as the dangers of cellphones, smart meters, 5g , AI, the whole microwave bang shoot. You need to activate all your resources and look into this issue.

I guarantee you, the more you look, the more terrified you will become. So: fuck it all. This 5g fag is staying put on this board, after a lot of soul-searching. Not because I believe in Q and the Plan, so much as I actually believe in this forum, there is real research going on here. Don't take my word for it. Research microwaves and health, the evidence stretches back nearly a century now. The more you look, the more you will find. I have been researching this frantically for 20 years and I haven't even scratched the surface.

Go read MicrowaveNews. Lies, lies, lies and more lies. What lies ahead — is more lies ahead. Then let your President know that you don't want 5g towers on your building, in your street, in your hospital corridors, in your children's playgrounds. China is winning the 5g war: they have hundreds of thousands of cameras with AI face recognition, making sure the Chinese smile at the right moment, or they suffer the consequences.

Is this a war you really want to win? Take a look at the health effects in countries that have microwaved their populations. In South Korea, A CBS 60 Minutes program reported preliminary details of a National Institutes of Health study that found that 9-year-old kids who had spent seven hours a day on "devices" showed premature thinning of their cerebral cortex. Repeat: 9-year-olds are showing the same signs of brain decay as senior citizens. You already have an entire generation of blinded and brain-damaged kids. Mr Barrie Trower, the UK government's former microwave warfare expert, warns that pregnant women exposed to microwaves will give birth to daughters whose eggs which develop while they're in the womb will already have suffered genetic damage.

Mr Trower who does not say one thing he cannot back up with extensive scientific evidence says that this is going to make Thalidomide look like a picnic. You have no time left at all, anons. The 5g network is being rolled out all around you, as we sit here. You need to rescue yourselves and rescue your President, as a matter of the most critical urgency. Far, far more. And until now, I've been able to form no idea at all as to what Trump really thinks about 5g.

I don't know that it's going to be better, maybe you're happy the way it is right now, but I can say technologically, it won't even be close. So Chairman Pai, thank you very much, please say a few words. We used to use tools; now the tools are going to use us. That's the evolution of the human species, Deep State style. I believe Donald Trump is revealing here that he is actually a hostage in this situation. He cannot buck the trend and deny the military their vast stealth weaponry over the entire population. You want to fight the Deep State, you say?

Donald Trump cannot act to save the American people and their brains and bodies from being fried, unless there is a huge groundswell of popular opposition to 5g. I've been fighting towers for over 20 years, it's a vicious and thankless war, but more and more people are now waking up. You need to join us. Remember when awan got immunity Remember when trump endorsed 5g The europeans wont even put it up lul This board is comped as fuck Q is a liar.

Future currency will be digital, hence 5g. According to Mark Steele, a 5 year old boy in Gateshead, UK died of a rare heart cancer only attributed to Radar operators. Steele tested the boy's bedroom for microwave radiation and the levels were consistently much higher than Council of Europe guidelines. We could write a long list of things not addressed by Q but we need to take the initiative and pick up the slack on such things which by all accounts is happening, think Q is going after the MSM nce they are out of the way imagine how easy it will be to address 5g chemtrails, food water poison etc….

My point was that your sauce proves little. Showing antenna radiation patterns to prove your point proves nothing at all. The bluetooth on my watch has a radiation pattern. So does a military radar. That doesn't mean my watch is as dangerous as the military radar if I stand 10 feet in front of the sweep as it transmits. That was my point. You could be spot on about cell towers, I don't have the research nor do I care to go find it. It doesn't interest me. What you didn't have was the sauce to back up what you were saying, thus my comment.

I had a lot of words and they had a point which you missed. What is troubling is that you made an argument and supported it with something that didn't support what you were saying in the least. I for one cant wait until 5g goes up Then donald can just use cell towers to torture me to death. They CAN have the same effect. Don't have to but they can. Also, capable of targeting individuals and frying them at will while leaving others alone.

I'm so sorry Sam The only way I'll ever take you is if you love me as much as I want to love Henry How cruel would life be if Henry actually turned out to be straight not crooked? If I can't have Henry, I don't want anyone else to have him. I want him to live his life like Mattis. So Sam, I'll take you But only if Henry remains celibate for the rest of his life lmao And only if you love me as much and as well as I want to love Henry.

I think Trump is a high stakes gambler. He keeps letting the enemy push us to the brink of civil war, because it raises the stakes! He fully intends to win, but he intends to win bigly, so raking in a small win early isn't enough for him, he wants the enemy to unmask itself completely before he strikes.

When the fascists are going for broke there's no longer any doubt who they are, and their fall will be that much greater. AOC, Bernie, etc. The meeting provided an opportunity for both sides to take stock of their long-standing cooperation in this area and to reaffirm their partnership in addressing common security threats.

Attorney General William P. Pekoske represented the United States. Maria Ohisalo and the Minister of Justice Ms. The United States and the European Union reaffirmed that fighting terrorism is among their top priorities and committed to enhance their joint efforts, including by expanding the sharing of information gathered in zones of combat for use in investigations and prosecutions. Participants welcomed results already achieved in this domain, including in cooperation with Europol and Eurojust, and looked forward to the outcome of the meeting to be held on this subject that will bring together U.

With regard to other critical areas of US-EU information sharing, participants of the meeting reiterated the importance of the US-EU Passenger Name Record agreement and committed to begin a joint evaluation to assess its implementation.

See a Problem?

The United States and the European Union also discussed current threats to aviation security, including unmanned aircraft systems; combatting the use of the internet for terrorist purposes; and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. The United States and the European Union also discussed the priority area of security in cyberspace. Participants committed to further joint efforts to maintain a safe, open, and secure cyberspace, and exchanged views on how to best address growing cyber threats. Participants recognized that the deployment of 5g network infrastructure needs to be addressed as a matter of priority, as it might pose significant security risks and impact the ability of law enforcement agencies to take effective action against crime.

The United States and the European Union are committed to further pursue their exchanges on assessing and managing 5g and supply chain security risks through existing channels, including the Justice and Home Affairs meetings. The United States and the European Union also recognized the importance of swift cross-border access to electronic evidence, and discussed the implications of recent legislation enacted in the United States and legislation under examination in the European Union.

Participants acknowledged the recent approval by the Council of the European Union of a mandate authorizing the Commission to negotiate on behalf of the EU an agreement with the United States facilitating access to e-evidence for the purpose of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, as well as the steps being taken by the United States towards opening negotiations of such an agreement, in a manner consistent with their respective legislations.

The United States and the European Union also reviewed the unprecedented challenges faced by electoral systems in democratic states, which call for exchanges of best practices to overcome those challenges. Participants confirmed their commitment to further discuss an expert level dialogue. In all, 55 parties were qualified to bid for a total of 5, licences on offer, which included participation from regional players and cable companies.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile would now be able to add mmWave coverage through 24GHz licences secured, adding to its investment in low- and mid-band 5g spectrum. Most are quick to run away since stepping out of range of the beam causes immediate relief from what one tester described as being "on fire. I for one love 5g and gmos fast tracked into my food I also love that the trump fsa made it so food companies can put even less cherries in "cherry" pie Trust the plan Wilbur ross is a good guy Trump was never bailed out by the roths Ivanka never dated nat rothschild.

Nothing is for YOUR benefit. You are the answer to their means and you are blind to it. You are witnessing a power struggle. Why were letters really handed out at 41st state funeral? What was the real message? A big event is coming and time is running out. Fail to do anything and you and your families are ill-fated. I warned you of previous events but it had fallen on deaf ears. Next week. Don't continue to be deceived. Leaders around the world are making way for their God.

Trump is a high stakes gambler. Telcos' pending upgrades to 5g mobile networks were apparently a topic of particular concern as the agency heads supped on lobster bisque. In the months that followed that July 17 dinner, an unprecedented campaign has been waged by those present - Australia, the US, Canada, New Zealand and the UK - to block Chinese tech giant Huawei from supplying equipment for their next-generation wireless networks, the paper says. While security agencies have been wary about publicly discussing Huawei, international security expert Paul Buchanan says it's noticeable that earlier this year, the alliance was fractured, with the US and Australia taking a hard line on Huawei, banning it from mobile networks, fibre rollouts and international cable projects, while the UK, Canada and New Zealand where happy to allow business or in NZ's case, even encourage it with the Chinese company.

Now, "All of the Five Eyes partners are coming into line", Buchanan says. British Telecom said on December 5 that it would not use Huawei for core elements of its 5g upgrade and, more strikingly, confirmed an FT report that it would strip Huawei gear from its 4G and 3G networks on security agency advice.

Meng was granted bail earlier this week. Meng is charged with sanctions-busting rather than espionage, but accusations persist of Huawei co-operating with the Chinese Government on illicit surveillance. He now runs a consultancy. Your shit that Trump "support 5g and GMO to kill us all…out of a desperate need to get some real economic growth going.

That glows. You didn't have sauce to back up this assertion before. You've got another chance to bring it, but I'll let you in on a little secret: When Anons aren't researching sauce, they're researching your tactics. This is a tactic. Most of the things in here get you going, "yeah, yeah! Then there's some little claim, couched in double negatives, in this case "[Trump supports] 5g and GMO to kill us all…out of a desperate need to get some real economic growth going. Or did a red alert go off in your head?

I'm not going to quibble with baker's decision to add it to notables. I never claimed to know that 5g and GMO is bad, I simply pointed out that even if it is which many claim , Trump might actually have good reason for endorsing them anyway. The entire push of my post was to promote the idea that Trump actually knows wtf he's doing, so the context should have made it clear enough.

Then I clarified this in a second post, in case the meaning of my statement still wasn't perfectly clear to everyone. This is the last I'll say about it. Many point at Trump's endorsement of 5g and GMO's and say "look, he's just as bad as the rest! My personal opinion in whether these things are actually harmful or not was thus not relevant to the point I was trying to make. But I haven't looked into it very deeply. So sick of this unfounded talking point. Yet it gets pushed so hard around here.

It's almost like someone had an agenda…. You're going to need to sauce the claims that either of these things are going to "kill us all. It's actually possible he's not doing it out of stupidity you know… Putting HRC and friends in jail is a super tiny part of what needs to be done here, and I'm happy wiser and more patient people than myself are running this show. Gift to all fat earthers. All 5g technology travels through undersea cables.

Trump's Decadent Lifestyle There's no question that Donald Trump's decadent lifestyle - to this very day - has contributed majorly to his failed presidency. And yet this is the least of his bad habits. For the uninitiated, you become like the company you keep. If you hang with thieves you become a thief; conversely, if you congregate with saints you will eventually become a saint. In Trump's case, it's clear from the foul characters he has surrounded himself with in the Executive branch that he really likes the bad actors. Just look at the list of warmongers posted above. When the entire administration is comprised of murderers, thieves, torturers and other maniacal sociopaths, what can the body politic expect?!

The crux of the matter is that they all reflect the highly flawed character of President Trump. And, the resulting mayhem and strife prove it. The many dramas associated with three marriages and his ownership of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant further demonstrate both a lack of restraint and bold recklessness. How he was able to successfully con the Christian Right of his rectitude provides a serious study into the perilous nexus of sociopathic criminality and institutional ponerization.

Perhaps his greatest Achilles's heel was exposed in Trump's preoccupation with his gambling casinos. This business can turn even a saint into a sinner in a Vegas moment. His kissing the ring of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson right before his election is just one case of the unsavory characters he is beholden to What's of paramount importance to comprehend is that Trump is really not in his right mind. He refused to release his medical records because of the powerful prescription drugs that he regularly takes for years.

Between his unusually bad diet and the toxic meds, Donald Trump has clearly been pushed into an early-onset dementia profile of which he may be totally unaware. His famous lack of proper sleep only further exacerbates this situation as seen by his AM tweets that send the stock market shooting up or crashing down. One last essential point is that Trump is no friend of the environment or good health practice. His shocking disregard for the Earth is displayed by his obsessive desire to sell LNG around the globe while tearing up the American landscape with fracking and other highly destructive shale gas extraction methods.

He then forces other countries to buy our expensive natural gas when they can acquire it much cheaper from sources much closer than the USA. Trump also recently deregulated GMO agriculture for Big Agra and even he speaks about the need to receive regular vaccinations in spite of his Barron showing signs of vaccine-induced autism.

His serial flip-flopping on so many similar issues indicates no commitment to health or a clean environment which will ultimately be his undoing.

His corrupt EPA Administrators have been anything but protective of the fragile environment. But, hey, don't even think of upsetting the posh atmosphere at Mar-a-lago. Even Palm Beach, Florida is conveniently exempt from 5g wireless law while Trump fervently hard-sells 5g everywhere else. Javanka, the Fric and Frac of the Trump Administration There is perhaps no more graphic illustration of Trump's shocking betrayal of his base than the appointment of his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared to key White House advisory positions.

Both of them have stealthily undermined any attempt by Trump to implement a conservative plan to take back the USA. First of all, what is Ivanaka doing anywhere near the West Wing?! This girl has only one interest and that is the enrichment of her family and their investment portfolio over any other goal or concern. Her casual yet ardent support of the 5g roll-out clearly showed she's just another Trump airhead who doesn't know the difference between 4G and 5g.

These two bad actors - Jared and Ivanka - even weighed in heavily to ensure Trump maintained taxpayer payments for the outrageous transgendering of American servicemen. What else needs to be said about these two covert agents of Cultural Marxism? Javanka represents all that is seriously wrong with America today, as well as what is likely to bring about this nation's downfall unless they are both frogmarched out of the West Wing post-haste. By the way, her relationship with her father is quite likely something out of the annals of the CIA's MK-Ultra Monarch mind-control program.

And the many photos of Trump with his daughter tells the story that no one can deny. Do YOU want them having control of that? If you're an American. I really don't think the idea of excluding certain "playas" from the game is an absurd thing; it is much more preferable if US companies would step up. This typical Trumpian tactic has kept everyone off-balance and guessing what he will do next when in fact he has known exactly what Israel's plans for Syria have been and are to this day.

The Neocon warmongers now bomb that country at will, using Israel's US-protected impunity to slowly degrade Syria's defensive military positions. The sheer number of Israel Firsters strategically positioned throughout his administration cannot be denied. In addition to those Neocon Zionists listed above, there are many others who have been stealthily placed to carry out Israel's nefarious agenda against the American people including the military deployment of 5g. This also explains why 5g is not even permitted in Israel. That the POTUS would take such a dramatic initiative to foist the extremely dangerous 5g paradigm on these United States of America is as treacherous as it is treasonous.

His conduct in this matter - both presidential and personal - is way beyond contempt and deeply disturbing. What Trump has done - through his own words and actions - is profoundly violate the public trust and irreparably break the social contract.

By voiding the sacred covenant that exists between the governed and the government, he has made himself totally irrelevant going forward. In other words, his aspirations are toast. This was the moment when he took in so many across the nation into his web of premeditated deception and extraordinary perfidy. Presidential History". It's why he was installed by his Neocon Zionist masters-he will lie through his teeth about anything, to anyone, at anytime, to further his own political goals. In short, Donald Trump has become dangerous to the extreme to the Republic and to the American people.

A second term for him will totally ruin the American Republic just as his approved financial terrorism and economic sabotage against nations large and small have made the USA - BY FAR - the most hated country on Earth. And that's the 'good news'! The bad news is that Donald Trump was specifically chosen to ensure that 5g technology was deployed across America as quickly and efficiently and improperly as possible. And do you know he's doing just that?!?! In spite of the hard scientific evidence that proves this about the 5g Super-Hotspots: You better know where the "kill zones" are located.

Essentially, The Donald was used as a puppet to corral the entire Right into the pen of compliance with regard to blindly accepting 5g. Just go along to get along with the rest of your Qtard and Trumptard compatriots while the extremely dangerous radio-frequency levels and microwave radiation necessary for 5g activation fry your brains as they cook your insides. What you will hear is our President even singing the praises of the ultra-dangerous 6G technology, while he is surrounded by a perfectly stage-crafted set designed to convince and deceive every American watching this highly deceitful production.

Even Ivanka comes on stage to do her own duplicitous dog and pony show. The Chud Edition. Brexit is a very big deal. I would say that the trip was a success and the bonds between both countries are now stronger," was how a British royal summed it up.

This means there is a split between the Anglo-Americans and the European fascist Nazi aristocrats behind the Bilderberg Group. A semi-official report from a Bilderberg participant confirms that there is a major split between the German-led EU faction and the Anglos, as well as the Italians. They point to articles which accurately announced the results of the elections that appeared before the elections took place.

Similar authors to follow

The battle to liberate France continues, the sources say. Pentagon sources are telling us "the domino-like, sudden collapse of 26 telephone poles right along the main thoroughfare servicing Boeing's many Seattle facilities along East Marginal Way" last week was "no coincidence. There are also now more signs that a major financial event, likely bigger than the Lehman shock, is being prepared to finish off the Federal Reserve Board and the EU-central-bank-owning Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia.

This means that the fiat "trading platforms," created by Bilderberger Henry Kissinger for the Rockefeller family after the U. The remainder of this article is only available to members of BenjaminFulford. Crowdbake and Crowdstrike Edition.

Gordon Dahlquist (born ), American novelist, screenwriter, writer | Prabook

Huawei holds 56, active patents on telecommunications, networking and other high-tech inventions worldwide, according to Anaqua's AcclaimIP. And it's stepping up pursuit of royalties and licensing fees as its access to American markets and suppliers is being restricted. The company is in protracted licensing talks with phone-services provider Verizon Communications Inc. Huawei also lodged claims against Harris Corp.

In some circles Huawei's outsized role as a supplier to next generation, or 5g networks makes it a potential threat either as an espionage agent or network disruption tool. Huawei has not only become a flashpoint in the middle of a 5g arms race, it's also one of several companies targeted in U. President Donald Trump's ongoing trade dispute with China. Trump signed an order in May that's expected to restrict Huawei from selling equipment in the United States.

Shortly after, the Department of Commerce said it had put Huawei on a blacklist that could forbid it from doing business with American companies. For its part, the Asian nation sees Huawei as a potent symbol of its evolution from the world's factory to a technology powerhouse, while the U. Traditional players like Ericsson AB and Nokia Oyj are ramping up efforts to get more money from their patents. Qualcomm is appealing a ruling in a lawsuit by the U. Federal Trade Commission that threatens the licensing program that accounts for the bulk of its profits.

Huawei and Samsung Electronics Co. Qualcomm and Huawei are seen as two of the biggest players developing 5g that could bring not only faster speeds but bring new capabilities including remote surgery via robots and self-driving cars that talk to each other. Been a Q follower since Day One. I started being skeptical with the 5g frenzy. But the glyphosate EO sends me into full concern fag zone. That's just plain old fucked up. Critical thinking is necessary. We are in the time of the Apocalypse - great unveiling and the wheat and tares are being separated.

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I was on the Trump train until the fires in California and the 5g rollout. My concerns were then confirmed when I began investigating baphomet cabalist cult gender inversion among the elites and public players hollywood etc. They believe they are gods and they have reunited male and female separated after the fall — they consider it alchemy to reunite and be like their baphomet goat god — aka lucifer.

And they consider us slaves to be used and tossed out. But God has other plans for them and he is smashing our idols — entertainment, media, politics, royalty, CEOs etc. Anons… legit question. If Q is a "don't worry guys, the good guys got this" psyop to keep us from acting while the end game weapons go up… what is the game plan then? I'm really starting to worry. I ask this for the following reasons; Trump USMCA, when you read, sets up the North America trade deal using the "sustainable development" language and other identical language to Agenda 21 from the UN.

The bullshit with Iran. Only silly watch markers and chasing news articles as "proofs" from Q. Every day I think about this stuff. If I was the evil POS elite and I wanted to put all of my end game weapons in place without anyone paying attention, what would be the easiest way to do it? Q and Trump. Make the citizens believe someone is fighting for them. Use the distraction at the southern border that seems to never end and give Trump something to fight. Create a fake "Russia investigation" to make it look like the Democrats are evil and the Republicans are good but the argument never seems to end 2 years of Mueller, then the report comes, and still nothing.

Wait for Huber and IG that always seems to be almost here. Promise high level arrests we still haven't seen and it's almost the end of Trump's first term. Meanwhile… burn California conveniently in the same area the high speed rail is going to go, maybe to test your microwave weapon satellites in orbit. Massively push 5g which includes tons of low orbiting satellites… coincidence? I could go on… but I'm pressed for time at the moment. I'll leave you with this… If Q isn't for real, and no one is fighting the "deep state", when is the time to act? Are we going to wait until 5g is fully operational and it does turn out to really be bad?

My AR15 won't shoot down a satellite… what's the game plan here anons? I get the really horrible feeling we are quickly running out of time. By the way… not a shill. Just an anon speaking my mind. I've been on the Q boat since the beginning praying that it is for real. Wake up people we are being played by the elites. No high level arrests. He is not stupid, he could have horrific advisors, and it is entirely possible he does not really give a shit about us. I admit to hoping this time was different. I really really hope it is just a case of bad advisors.

But it is his signature on that EO. Abe was IN Iran it is illogical that Iran would attack his ship and incredibly stupid of the DS and Israel to try it but then again they have their deep fake video and CNN shilling for war now. They are not going to stop trying to get into Iran. Fix it Trump. IF he wins again and goes unchallenged by a viable dem…. That is unconscionable. Determined to find out why, Miss Temple takes the first step in a journey that will propel her into a dizzyingly seductive, utterly shocking world beyond her imagining—and set her on a collision course with a killer and a spy—in a bodice-ripping, action-packed roller-coaster ride of suspense, betrayal, and richly fevered dreams.

Will be shipped from US. He is an alumnus of New Dramatists. Dahlquist's debut novel The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, a hybrid of fantasy and science fiction set in a period similar to the Victorian era, was published on August 1, , to notable critical acclaim. A third volume, The Chemickal Marriage was published in July A young adult novel, The Different Girl was published in Back to Profile. Photos Works. Main Photo Add photo. School period Add photo. Career Add photo. Achievements Add photo. Membership Add photo. Awards Add photo. Other Photos Add photo.

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