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A crane with superior movement pattern and the same technology as the big cranes. The terrain-friendly bogie, good ground clearance and a stable frame make the trailer easy to manoeuvre even in tough terrain. Hydraulic support legs for safe loading and unloading, protected hoses and hydraulics, fully rotating rotator with a Kellfri 08 grapple. Horizontally adjustable bogie for adaptation to different lengths of timber and therefore also to the pressure on the ball hitch of your ATV.

The trailers can be additionally equipped with a hydraulic winch, KW with remote control. Crane tower attachment can be adjusted 4 x fold-down bolsters. Remote control unit available as optional extra. Supplied with weld-on brackets for winch and diverter pulley, control box, receiver with electrical connections, valve block and hydraulic hoses. Swedish design. Robust protective cover fitted over the hydraulic couplings.

The wire has a sliding loop, and when it reaches the actual roller it opens and the wire is released. In this way, the skidder can automatically continue directly forwards, without you needing to go out and reattach it. Steel roller with ball bearing L x W x H x x mm Max. The valve block is not prepared for constant pressure systems such as the John Deere type. Delivered with clamp brackets for winch and diverter pulley, hydraulic hoses, valve block package and remote control unit.

A pulling force of 1, kg, a metre long 5 mm wire with fitted winch hook. Remotely controlling work with the winch makes it more effective and safer, stand at a safe distance from the timber. The winch can be mounted on an ATV, forestry trailer, boat trailer or elsewhere where extra pulling force may come in handy. The pulling force of kg and wire length of 9. Hand control for simple operation with 1. Delivered with mounting bracket, wire control, hook and operating control. Powerful tree jack with large stroke and high pressure capacity. Invaluable aid in forestry work in connection with felling trees in a headwind, trees that are leaning in the wrong direction or branches pointing in the opposite direction to the felling direction.

Power-coated in signal colour so you avoid having to search. A planting tube for rooted seedlings with a solid design. With double handles and depth adjustment in 5 positions between cm. Length Min. Lift capacity 1, kg Wire 6 mm Crank power rec. Manage your own forest or offer contract sawmilling services! Flexible band saw with bed sections that are simple to extend for the required length of timber, with clamps to hold the timber.

Water-cooled band saw blade for long service life and with roller blade guides, service-friendly with protected construction. Powerful motor with power transmission via belt, millimetre-adjustment of timber thickness. Make the bed completely level, adjusting with the adjustable feet, to give you a band saw with high dimensional accuracy and capacity to saw high-grade construction timber as required.

The band saw is available in two versions; petrol- or electric powered. Variable mechanical setting of splitting wedge. Electrical hydraulic operation. Large hydraulic tank and separate chain oil tank. Splitting force of 5 tonnes. Sturdy safety cages and switch. A flexible and mobile firewood processor, compact in size and a Kellfri powerhouse. Variable mechanical setting of the splitting wedge which can be used as a 2-way or 4-way splitting wedge depending on size and wood density. Electrical, hydraulic operation without a cog belt or other mechanical drives that can give trouble, large hydraulic tank and separate chain oil tank.

Hydraulic outlets for log transfer deck are available and the function is synchronised with the infeed lever on the machine, as well as a substantial conveyor belt for filling wheelbarrows or bags. Safe construction with substantial protective cages over the cutting and splitting area, with a switch for immediate shut-down when cages are opened. Thisalsoapplies to registration of trailers, that may differ from country to country.

Hydraulic log transfer deck connected to firewood processor with hydraulic outlet, star wheel rollers can be fitted to either side for safe feeding in to the firewood machine, or use as a manual transfer deck without hydraulic outlets. Greatly reduces the number of heavy lifts, and gives you better endurance and production capacity. Hydraulic timber grapple for frontloaders with very powerful design.

Rounded back in combination with a powerful claw and hydraulic cylinder ensure that the logs are rolled into the grapple without any problems. Makes it easier to handle timber for the firewood machine, sawmill or for stacking. A portable, high-capacity firewood machine. The electric chainsaw gives you a quieter, faster machine and the wood is split in 2 or 4 parts. Height adjustable, 2-way and 4-way splitting wedges included as standard. The firewood processor is equipped with three-phase outlet and phase inverter, wheel and hitch for 50 mm tow bar as standard.

It is operated using a motor installed in the top part of the conveyor. The conveyor belt has a fluted surface and cleats that pulls the wood up, providing increased operating safety. The firewood conveyor is built for easy operation, high capacity and long service life. With a large feed point and a generous motor it provides maximum capacity. Supplied with wheels as standard. Designed for easy and powerful firewood splitting in all conditions. The splitter has a two-hand control with adjustable splitting length up to 52 cm. Supplied with a full tank of hydraulic oil. Using this petrol-driven firewood splitter, you can cut wood anywhere you want, without being reliant on a power supply from an electric socket or tractor.

The firewood splitter has large rubber balloon wheels and a tow bar, which mean you can move it using a garden tractor or ATV. To move the firewood splitter, you open out the stabilisers and connect the towing vehicle. Splitting length mm Lift capacity 8 tonnes Motor power 3 hp, V, 1-phase Operating height mm Weight 90 kg. Splitting length, adjustable max. The machines are generously dimensioned and have a splitting force of 7 tonnes. The oil tank is located above the oil pump, eliminating interruptions to operations. The log splitter requires two hands to operate.

The pressure plate runs on a slide rails in the frame beam. Supplied with the hydraulic oil tank filled.

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All models have a proven design based on long, extensive experience. The splitting length is seamlessly adjustable using an adjuster on the control rod. To prevent side forces from occurring in the splitting cylinder, the pressure plate runs on a rail in the frame beam. Manual infeed in deep infeed hopper for safe and flexible feeding, shreds sticks, branches, and saplings into compost and mulch coverage or smaller logs into fuel chippings.

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Rotatable discharge chute and ejection angle adjustment for even spreading or trailer filling. Adjustable discharge chute and ejection angle adjustment for even spreading or exact trailer filling. For maximum control, functionality and safety, infeed is done with a lever: stop, forwards, backwards and stop. CE labelled. Shreds pulpwood for fuel or saplings, sticks or branches for landscape maintenance, ground coverage and composting. The blade angle and position automatically draw the branches into the feed roller. You decide on the length yourself, up to 25 cm.

The firewood chopper can handle trunks 10 cm thick, and the power requirement varies according to the type of wood. L x W x H: x x mm 10 cm capacity Cutting length max. The sacks can be reused. The VS and VS models are equipped with four lifting eyes at the top and four lifting eyes at the bottom for emptying. All models have two sides made from white, breathable fabric and two mesh sides to promote drying. UV resistant. The stand is easy to unfold and its low weight makes it easy to move. Suits a range of firewood bulk bag sizes. Adjustable height.

Packing stand for quick and simple filling of firewood bulk bags. Suitable for 30, 35, 40 and 60 l firewood bulk bags. Height adjustable 65 - 95 cm. Designed for large grasslands! Sturdy square frame profile provides durability and strength even under tough conditions, giving you a dependable machine. A flexible and robust grassland topper with 4 or 6 bolted, specially shaped blades that fold out of the way of small and large stones. The highly efficient bevel gearbox with alloyed steel gears ensures sustainable and safe power transmission.

The machine is supplied with a PTO shaft as standard, 3-point linkage cat. Parts subject to wear: R The fast rotation speed ensures the forged hammer flails can easily hack and cut all types of material, and you obtain a dependable machine. The sturdy support rollers at the rear guarantee the correct cutting height. The machine is supplied with a PTO drive shaft and 3-point linkage. The machine is supplied with a PTO drive shaft equipped with hydraulic side shift adjustment. With a robust and powerful design, hydraulic side shift adjustment and forged flails, you get a dependable machine.

The sturdy support rollers at the rear guarantee the correct cutting height, the unit lifts when colliding with obstacles. Supplied with PTO shaft, 3-point linkage and transmission oil. Parts subject to wear: RSK The equipment can be adjusted to either work from the rear or variably to the side of the tractor, and the hydraulic side shift adjustment is supplied as standard.

Supplied with 24 durable hammer flails, support rollers, 3-point linkage and PTO drive shaft as standard. Transmission oil is included in the delivery. The verge flail mower requires two double-acting hydraulic outlets on the tractor. The powerful frame structure provides excellent operating safety even in difficult ground conditions. Supplied with PTO shaft. The chains make the machine more resistant to collisions with stones than machines with blades or flails. The machine is supplied with a PTO drive shaft. The machine has a balanced cutterbar which rests easily on the ground.

The low bar means that crops flows freely without stopping and the cutting height is adjustable. The machine is folded hydraulically for transport and the transport width is no wider than the tractor. Supplied with PTO shaft as standard. The pressure exerted on the obstacle is easy to adjust in order to avoid causing damage. No tools are required for replacement of trimmer wires. The support wheel can be adjusted to different working heights. Supplied with three-point linkage cat. With hydraulic side shift adjustment, as well as spring-loaded cutting disc for effective cutting under fences and close to buildings, railings and road verges.

The guard plate hits the posts and springs back out of the way to return to its starting position, ensuring a close cut around the post. Robust abradable blades that can cope with the toughest vegetation and robust guard plate at base prevents blades from hitting the ground. The grapple arms consist of tubular piping without joints, and the frame attachment is manufactured from strong, rigid, hot-rolled square profiles with rounded corners. This design means that the bale is exposed only to rounded material, which protects the bale from unnecessary damage.

Bale size Max. Kellfri Bale grapple BG, the bale grapple with functionality for professionals. BG belongs to the second generation of bale grapples, which work without parallel operation. The bale arms work entirely individually, which provides more careful and flexible bale handling. With their compact tubular structure and no sharp edges and round corners, the arms make very gentle contact with the bale. The bale grapple requires a double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor.

The frame is manufactured entirely using square profiles. The spike is 1 metre long and conically fastened to the central beam of the frame. Supplied with bracket suitable for Trima or Euro. A powerful bale grapple designed without any sharp edges for careful bale handling. Grapple arms with substantial tubular pipe dimensions and four contact surfaces on each arm distribute the pressure evenly over a large area.

The grapple arms are located on stable, gliding plates that move with the main frame, which is an advantage in tight spaces. Pallet fork frame width Pallet fork frame height Pallet fork width Pallet fork length Pallet fork thickness Lifting capacity Weight. The triangles rippers are manufactured from durable cast iron and the frame and 3-point linkage have a powerful design to withstand the strain from the substrate. The largest models fold up hydraulically and the hydraulic cylinders are included as standard. Width Weight Sections Hydraulics. The dam prevents stones from sliding off while collecting further stones.

Tines and rods in rear and bottom are 30 mm in diameter and the cc distance is mm. Supplied with boltable bracket suitable for Trima, Euro, or Three point linkage cat. The high rotor speed provides the machine with an even and nice result across its entire width. It has a robust tubular horizontal and tombstone railing all the way to bottom of the steel skirting. There is a reinforced tractor attachment for easy moving of the feeder. Can be filled from the top or the side by opening a side section. Extremely little feed waste.

For when you want to buy simpler products at a better price. Feeder with 9 feed openings, reinforced tombstone rails suitable for young cattle. Anti-corrosive design for a long service life. Easy to assemble, with sealed joints for minimal wastage. The entire feeder is galvanised for a long service life. The result is a stable feeder without spaces between the sections or sharp edges that the animals can hurt themselves on. When filling, you lift the feeder and place it over the bale.

The entire feeder is hot-dip galvanised for a long service life. The feeder is available in two versions; hot galvanized or in aluminum. The calf transport box is robustly designed and can take calves weighing up to 60 kg. The forklift insertion points make the calf transport box easy to move and can be opened on one of the short sides. The calf cart is height-adjustable for easy loading and unloading.

The closable door at the rear and locking headgate at the front hold the calf in place during the move. Large wheels make the trailer easy to move even on uneven surface. The feed hopper is filled by folding the roof inward. This allows you to easily pour in concentrated feed using a frontloader bucket or similar. The roof locks automatically when it is closed. The gate system can be folded against the feed hopper during transport. The height-adjustable legs also mean that the feed hopper can be used as a concentrated feed dispenser for larger animals.

Simply hang a feeder box on your gate system to make a calf creep feeder. Simply hook the hopper onto gate or similar and build as large a pen as you like, depending on the number of gates. The legs are height-adjustable for a height suited to the age of the animals. Easy to refill with feed from above. If you do not have a pen, but choose to feed adult livestock with the feed hopper alone, we recommend that you raise the hopper so that the animals do not stand and scratch against the roof.

Pallet fork insertion points for easy movement of feeder.

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L x W x H: x 80 x 85 cm Height-adjustable Easy to refill with feed from above Pallet fork insertion points Weight: kg. Consists of: - 3 Kellfri Gates product no. With a flexible front with partitions made of tube gates, the calves each have their own cubicle to stand in and can drink at their own speed with no stress. Easy-to-assemble calf feeder supplied with plywood front with openings for 3 buckets, 4 partitions made of tube gates and connecting tubes. Calves are social animals and like to be in a group. Allowing calves to drink frequently and together gives them better growth, energy and playfulness.

The metal base, which prevents cattle from pulling feed out onto the ground, is 61 cm high. The feed openings are 35 mm wide. Hot-dip galvanised. Feed can be replenished quickly and easily by opening any of the four gates, which open out to the side. The width of the opening is cm and all silage bale sizes fit in the feeder.

Three feed openings with robust tombstone railings on each side. The feed is well protected against the weather under the roof, and is thus always fresh and clean when the animals feed. The roof is height adjustable. Three base supports ensure that the feeder is stable and does not sink into the ground in wet conditions. The FHBN is suitable for horned animals. There is a protection arch on the roof gables to provide maximum safety for the animals, and the roof is height-adjustable so that you can adapt the height to the size of the animals.

Reinforcements in the roof and floor make the feeder extremely stable, and three base supports ensure that it is stable and does not sink into the ground in wet conditions. For stable and safe transportation there are pallet fork insertion points. This feeder is most suitable for dehorned animals. All sides can be opened, and when filling with feed one of the sides can be opened to drop in the feed.

The roof is height-adjustable to offer the best feed protection, it is also fitted as standard with a protection arch all the way around the roof to prevent injury to the animals. The feeder is very stable due to the three base supports. It has fork lift insertion points to make it easy to move the feeder Feed openings 12 L x W x H 2, x 2, x 2, mm Tubular pipe dimension 43 mm Galvanised Weight kg.

Improved hygiene at the feeder. Less feed is required as it is not trampled on or not eaten by the animals. Using the feeder offers savings on feed, excellent hygiene and healthier animals! FEEDER The feeder consists of four sections and has sealed joints which are assembled with nuts and bolts along the entire joint.

Extremely easy to move — you just tip it over and roll it to the new location, or hang it over a pair of pallet forks. The circular feeder is most suitable for bales up to cm, for as little feed waste as possible. The feeder is circular and suitable for bale sizes up to cm. The feeding ring has three sections with sealed joints, which are easy to assemble with nuts and bolts. A small galvanised feeder with fine gauge mesh ensuring it takes the horse longer to eat its feed. The cover is kept in place by rings on the long edges, allowing it to drop with the feed as the horse eats.

The feeder is also easy to use without a cover. The feeder consists of four sections and 12 covered tombstone rails attached right down to the bottom. The tombstone rails lock the sections in place as the rail legs are fitted on either side of the joint. All parts are fitted with domed nuts, no sharp edges that the animals can scrape against.

FEEDER The grille gates, made of robust tubing with 50 mm of space between them, provide a high level of safety and ensure the roughage stays in the feeder. The roof is height-adjustable. There are in-built fork lift insertion points to safely and stably move the feeder.

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In designing this feeder, we have taken the greatest care with regard to safety and functionality. To prevent horses from injuring themselves on the roof edges, these have been equipped with a protection arch made from tubular pipes. The tombstone railings are covered and the gaps are adapted to minimise the risk of horses becoming stuck. Feeder for sheep, circular with 24 feed openings, 28 cm base frame and angled feeder bars making it also suitable for lambs.

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  • Light galvanised design, easy to assemble and move. Options: SFRB Adjustable central rail Reinforces the feeder and prevents lambs and smaller sheep from jumping into it. The side gates are adjustable to suit different bale sizes and to reduce the distance the animals have to reach to eat the feed.

    The roof is height adjustable to allow you to set the height that provides the best protection. The feeder can be moved using the three-point linkage on a tractor with a drawbar. In winter the gates can be used to construct rest sites or as fittings in a loose housing barn. The gates are robustly constructed and they offer substantial height. The gates can be connected together with ease. Suitable for cattle and horses. Flat oval tubular piping. U-bend on end pipes to prevent injury in case animals try to escape.

    The loop foot prevents the gate from sinking into the ground. Lock: chain with latch. At only 16,8 kg, the gate spares your shoulders and back.

    24 Hours Of Insanity At The Nürburgring

    Loop tubings at top and bottom. The gates are easily connected together with a lock chain. The gates are solidly constructed with flat oval tubular piping which provides an extra strong structure and enables the gate to withstand the pressure of even large and heavy animals. The loop design of the gate foot prevents the gate from sinking into the ground. The gates are easy to connect together with a lock chain. L x H 3, x 1, mm Galvanised Weight 38 kg. L x W 3, x 2, mm Tubular pipe dimension 50 x 30 mm Opening width 1, mm Opening height 2, mm Galvanised Weight 63 kg. Flat oval tubular piping and robust steel mesh.

    Pallet fork insertion points. Tubular pipes. Lock: combined latch and chain. Easy to lock opening. Smooth and rational control of openings to roads, pastures and various access points. Reassuringly durable. Adjustable mounting. Lock, hinge eyes and spring-loaded locking pins as standard. Robust and heavy duty tarpaulin custom-made for 3-metre gates. Suitable for use as wind shelter or divider, calving pen or similar. Sturdy eyelets along edges. Easy to attach using the rope supplied. W x H: 2, x 1, mm. The telescopic gates are suitable for passages that need to be opened and closed, both in livestock housing and outdoors.

    Wall brackets and locking hardware included. Galvanised for a long service life. Comes with adjustable hinge eyelets and double, spring-loaded locking hardware as standard. Tube dimension, female part 60 mm. Tube dimension, male part 48 mm. Fitted with sturdy zips and mount for adjusting height to size of livestock. Weight in lower edge of door to minimise flapping and facilitate closing. Use as wind shelter or weather-proof storage area. Extension section with smart alternate joins, making the extension weather-proof. Weight kg. The fabric covers the roof and 3 sides.

    The wind shelter is anchored using the supplied ground pegs. The wind shelter is supplied unassembled in a complete package, including hardware, rope, screws, nuts and 12 galvanised ground pegs. The structure is available in two designs, with or without loop leg gates. A basic and affordable wind shelter for smaller livestock or why not use it for small machines that are stored outdoors.

    The wind shelter is supplied unassembled in a complete package, including brackets, rope, screws, nuts and galvanised ground pegs and fabric that covers three sides. Metal rings for easy connection, no loose parts. Pipe dimension 20 mm. The height to the upper tube is cm. Feed barrier for sheep. Four feeding places with 45 cm spacing. Length cm Height cm Spacing between feeding places 45 cm Feeding place opening 11 cm Weight 15 kg. The riot barriers are easy to join together to make a secure barrier. No traffic can get through, while the flat feet enhance safety for pedestrians by reducing the risk of tripping.

    The feet are easy to remove, thus minimising storage space. Made of galvanised steel. Supplied with reflector as standard. Available in 1-pack and pack. The riot barrier is made of aluminium tubing with excellent anti-corrosion properties. The advantage of the riot barrier is that it is very light and stable. The riot barrier is supplied with a red and yellow reflector which is of the highest quality. The barrier can be locked using the padlock and the lock is resistant to impact and weather.

    All parts have been manufactured using galvanised steel and fitted reflectors come as standard. Length 3, - 5, mm Height , mm Telescopic barrier 3, x 60 mm Tubular pipe size 2, x 50 mm Tubular pipe attachments for barrier x 70 mm Post 1, mm Galvanised Weight 40 kg. Length 2, mm Height 1, mm Barrier in aluminium Galvanised feet Weight 12 kg A Y-foot is available as an accessory. The wire diameter is 2 mm with thicker wire at the top and bottom.

    Height of the mesh from bottom approx. Galvanised sheep netting m x 1. Twisted joint type. The fencing is a flexed hinged mesh with a smaller mesh at the bottom to prevent small animals from passing through. Length m Height 2, mm Height of the mesh from the base of the fence; 11x mm, 2x mm and 3x mm Width of the mesh 15 cm. Drill diameter mm Drill length mm Motor size 52 cc Power 2. An excellent tool for fencing with posts. Easy to start and simple to operate.

    The vibration-resistant handles ensure a good working environment. With a large transparent tank and an extra handle on the top making it easy to move the machine. Diameter max. An attractively constructed hen house for about 2 to 10 hens. Hen house with large enclosure. Made of European spruce, FSC certified. One of our most popular hen houses, with an attractive design and practical functions. Suitable for 2 to 10 hens. An attractive and practically constructed hen house for about 2 to 11 hens. Large hen house for you if you have large broods, around 2 to 13, and want to give them a cosy home.

    A popular hen house for large broods of hens offering a safe, cosy and spacious home. The house is made of solid spruce with resin-coated roof. Enclosed run also protects the hens from passing road vehicles. L x W x H: 3, x 2, x 2, mm. The temperature in the hen house remains around degrees above zero when it is cold outside. Suitable for 2 to 5 hens. Galvanised chicken wire with 50 mm gauge size. Galvanised chicken wire, hexagonal netting with 25 mm gauge size. A dog run with a very stable construction and with panels that stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

    Its substantial height of cm makes the dog run suitable for most dogs. The panels are fitted together with nuts and bolts. Panel for dog runs x cm in size. Fully galvanised metal, 25 x 25 mm profile frame, mesh wire with 60 x 65 x 4 mm gauge size. Excellent stability and safety with 80 x 80 mm corner posts and stable ladder, slidable seat bench. A tower not only gives you a better view but also ensures safety when shots are fired, as the angle toward the ground makes for safer shooting. Incredibly stable and with a completely creak-free design.

    Constructed as a ladder to make the tower very easy to erect and use, very flexible for many years of use. Adjustable, moveable ground supports for increased lateral stability with large opening between tower legs cm making the tower easy to position, stable and steady. Total height 3,45 m Floor height 2,2 m Floor area 70 x 75 cm Weight 55 kg. The fixtures are easy to install and can be combined in accordance with your needs. We also have a wide range of hardware, posts, tubular piping and wall brackets. Tube gates for herding paths, stalls or barriers.

    The tube gates are stable and flexible. Frame made from 60 x 3. A feed barrier for horned animals with free access to feed. The design results in minimal feed waste as the animals do not need to move backwards if they are forced out by other animals and can simply lift their head and move to the side. The entire front is constructed using 60 x 3. Diagonal barriers for animals with free access to feed. Diagonal barriers are a good alternative for animals with free access to feed. Not suitable for horned animals. Horizontal tube 60 x 3. Fixed barriers for loose animals in loose housing or stalls are one of the most common barrier constructions.

    Horizontal tubes 60 x 3. Fronts with self locking headgates for free range animals in loose housing or stalls. Being able to lock animals in loose housing or stalls eases handling when there is a need to inspect the animals, e. Fully galvanised solid design with multiple assembly options.

    Feed trough 40 l for feed concentrate For mounting on gates with max. Feed trough for hay or silage For mounting on gates with max. We have a wide range of hardware, posts, tubing and wall brackets. Tubing 48 x 3. Box height 2, mm Length 3, mm Panel height partition 1, mm Available with pine or plastic panelling. Now we have developed a lockable saddle rack which enables you to lock your saddle securely to the rack itself. Simply an inexpensive form of insurance, in which you take a further step towards making things harder for burglars. L x W x H x x mm Height unfolded mm Chain length mm.

    The rack has three hooks to hang bridles and other equipment on.

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    • The rack arms are separated from each other, so the top two can be rotated to where you want the saddles to hang. A smart, practical blanket rack with room for 6 really thick, wet blankets at the same time. The frame is sturdy, 2. The arms rotate so that when the blankets are wet, the arms fold out so that air circulates round each blanket. When the blankets are dry, you push the arms down to the side so they take up minimal space.

      Insect trap for damp environments, but not rain or flowing water. Can usefully be laid on pastures, at entrances and exits and around feeders, where the ground is subject to additional pressure and therefore becomes particularly trampled and muddy. STABLE MAT Stable mat, 1 x 1 m, rubber, reduces bedding costs, offers sound and heating insulation and above all provides a soft and insulating bed which is comfortable for sinews and joints.

      The mats dry quickly and dampen the smell of ammonia. The mat is easy to lay and remains in place thanks to the interlocking jigsaw pattern, 16 mm.

      Hammer Of Gods: The HMS H63 RS - Speedhunters

      It is easy to adapt the size of the mat by cutting it with a knife to leave a small gap along the box walls. L x W x cm Thickness 16 mm Jigsaw pattern on all four sides. Place the bale on the platform and twist off layer by layer, there is no need to pull and tear. Simple and sturdy construction for long service life.

      L x W x H 1, x 1, x mm Weight 49 kg. This is easy to do using a wash arm fitted in the wash box. The wash arm is fitted on the wall and can be rotated to enable you to wash down the horse from all angles. L x W x H x 42 x mm Length - mm Weight 7,2 kg. The jump post has a sturdy base and holes for pole cups on two sides of the post. Sold in pairs and four pole cups are included. Height 1, mm Base width x mm Stolpe dimension 50 x 50 mm Weight 10 kg Galvanised. Cracks may occur. L x W x H x x mm Galvanised Weight 5 kg. The trailer has substantial rubber balloon wheels and the tow bar has a handle and hitch for a 50 mm ball coupling allowing it to be pulled both by towing vehicles or by hand.

      There is a 50 mm ball coupling at the back of the trailer to connect more trailers if and when the need arises. If you want to use the trailer for more than carrying jump equipment, a gate holder can be fitted to the rack to allow you to use the trailer to also transport moveable gates.

      The pole rack can also be removed to give the trailer a load area of x cm. The floor is made of galvanised mesh pattern so that material does not get caught on the floor. The rack can be floor mounted and also be used as a permanent pole holder. You get either a degree or degree angle of attack on the tines or a smooth mat for levelling. Suitable for paddocks, training courses and farm gravel, but also very suitable for levelling topsoil and also, with a lighter load, as a grassland harrow for levelling droppings and molehills.

      Floor dimensions 2, x 1, mm Floor height from the ground mm Wheels 16x6, Height pole rack 1, mm with mm long arms L x W x H 4, x 1, x 2, mm Total height 2, mm Weight kg. Plus side scraper with support wheel to collect material pushed out from the track. The crossboard and roller use the same attachment so the crossboard can be positioned at the very back if the substrate requires this type of levelling. The different equipment can be adjusted individually with manual crank handles.

      If the substrate requires more weight when levelling, there are two load boxes measuring 37 x 37 cm. Manual winch for changing between transport and work modes. The Amicus Collection is a limited, numbered edition release of only units. To celebrate the momentous reintroduction of these classics, a special Amicus Bundle will be available from the Severin webstore, which includes a set of four Amicus enamel pins designed by Pseudo Ludo , a T-Shirt and framed picture featuring brand new Amicus artwork, and "Amicus: The Friendly Face of Fear" book.

      For more information, click HERE. Paul Steiner and Dr. Christopher Mitchell have created a projection device that can transmit any object within a few miles of their new device. The device works well on inanimate objects, but using it on a living device causes death. When Steiner is accidentally projected, he becomes a disfigured monster who has the ability to kill by electrification. This first-time-on-home-video release features a new 2K scan of the film's interpositive.

      Extras are still in progress and will be announced at a later date. National street date is January 30th. However, you can pre-order now directly through Shout! Factory HERE to have it shipped two weeks early! Shortly after settling into the spooky abode, the reporter meets the beautiful Elisabeth Blackwood Michele Mercier, BLACK SABBATH , and begins to witness ghostly phenomena and visitations from beyond the grave, as an assortment of specters relive the last moments before their ghastly murders. Soon, Foster realizes that the damned spirits require human blood to continue their unnatural existence!

      Previously only available in the US in a cropped television master, Garagehouse Pictures is pleased to finally offer this Euro-horror classic in HD for the first time ever, fully restored and mastered from an uncut, domestic theatrical negative in its original 2. More than forty years later, it remains one of the most chilling horror films of all time. With the primitive's capacity for reason gone, however, Dexter concluded that a brain transplant would be a proper fix His quest leads to the sleazy local speakeasy run by dapper, world-weary oldster Webb Fallon John Abbott , who's got stranger-and more unholy-secrets than your average barkeep.

      Both titles are slated for release on October The final extras and specs are in progress and will be announced sometime in October, but you can already pre-order it on the Shout! The Blu-ray will be transferred from a new HD master and include an audio commentary by writer and filmmaker Chris Alexander as well as a trailer gallery. The release will include an audio commentary by Videodrome Gideon Kennedy, Matt Owensby and John Robinson — opened in , Videodrome is now Atlanta, Georgia's only video rental store — as well as a trailer gallery.

      American reporter Larry Stanford is assigned to a story on evolutionary theorist Dr. Suzuki and visits his secluded laboratory high in the mountains for Japan. Unwittingly injected with an experimental drug, Stanford becomes increasingly bitter and irritable towards his boss and his wife. Then one day, the appearance of a third eye on his shoulder hurls the reporter into a state of terror. The eye soon develops into a second head setting in motion a rampage of mayhem, madness and murder! Official street date is August 29th but you can get it shipped two weeks early if you order directly from the Shout!

      Factory website. Not only did a group of 19th century tunnel workers survive a cave-in, but they lived for years in a secret underground enclave by consuming the flesh of their own dead. Now the lone descendant of this grisly tribe has surfaced, prowling the streets for fresh victims… and a new mate.

      On May 30th, Severin Films, in association with Xenon Pictures and Vinegar Syndrome, invites you to experience Mary Shelley's horror classic through a Vietnam-shattered, micro-budget, entrail-smothered lens. The home video version has been the most widely seen version over the past few decades. Saletri wrote and produced this grindhouse hit about a Black soldier mortally wounded in Vietnam transformed into a rampaging monster by an L. Almost a decade later, Saletri himself would be murdered gangland-style in a crime that remains debated — and unsolved — to this day.

      Levey, now with all-new Special Features that spotlight the entire twisted saga! After a daring jewel heist, a trio of thieves hold up in an old dark house inhabited by a motley bunch of restless ghosts that only want to dispatch their new guests in the most horrible manner possible — that is if they can get to them before the spirits of an unruly group of dismembered corpses from the nearby cemetery!

      Directed by Ralph S. The Blu-ray will be available April 25th from Garagehouse Pictures. Fans of vintage Spanish horror will be delighted to hear that Scream Factory has a new Blu-ray double-feature coming on July 18 featuring two films from the director of The Blind Dead Series, Amando de Ossorio! All is tranquil until night falls and distant drumming draws one of the female members of the group to investigate the jungle. From there, a nightmare will be awakened … a nightmare of zombie natives and scantily-clad vampire women who prowl the moonlight jungle in search of fresh blood and more victims to sacrifice.

      Concerned that whatever beast is doing these horrible murders will end up attacking the female students, a nearby school for women hires a hunter to find and kill the creature. The hunter will soon find out that this is no ordinary beast that craves human hearts, but rather a deceptive, alluring and mysterious being — The Loreley — who is already looking for another heart to use in a gruesome ancient ritual.

      On Blu-ray! All the films will be remastered in HD and include both English and Spanish tracks. These will be new HD transfers of the films with the elements coming from the Spanish licensor the street dates on these TBA. The disc will boast a new p HD remaster in the original 1. This first-ever restoration of the depraved Canadian shocker is being hailed as the genre rediscovery of the year.

      Every slash, cut and hack is now rendered in beautiful high-definition, ready to splatter blood across the screens of eager genre fiends. Pre-orders through the Severin site will come signed by director Stu Segall! John F. The film will be remastered in p from a new HD remaster and will be presented in its original 1. The great news is that this will be the full minute International Theatrical release version which contains all the nudity and violence missing from the U. G-rated version. Ballard Crash. Victoria Vetri stars as Sanna, rescued from ritual sacrifice by Tara Robin Hawdon , a member of a rival tribe.

      Their shared adventures loom as large as the giants who once ruled the earth! With over trailers including many red band favorites and a running time of nearly 7. Including enlightening commentary from fans, filmmakers, journalists, authors, and cult cinema experts, this collection serves as a means of critiquing and educating about the most apocryphal and mind-blowing era of horror movie madness.

      The Hammer Films classic is known for its stellar special effects by the great Ray Harryhausen. The Living Dead are a delinquent biker gang, fond of causing havoc on British roadways and making out in graveyards. With a sudden slash of an axe, a woman named Joan is decapitated on the desolate beach at midnight. Durea aka Dr. Count Dracula craves the serum and offers the doctor the hulking body of the original Frankenstein monster in exchange. With a blast of spine-tingling electricity they shock the monster to life and send him on a bloody spree for fresh victims.

      Spencer Spencer Crilly. Combining softcore sexploitation and horror elements, THE SATANIST tells the story of a writer recovering from a nervous breakdown who moves to the country with his wife for a rest cure that turns into a nightmare when the two become unwilling participants in an ancient Satanic ritual and a wild bacchanal of the flesh.

      The Blu-ray debuts on October 31, , and is currently available for pre-order from Diabolikdvd. Oscar winner Mercedes McCambridge and Herbert Lom co-star as the sadistic wardens of an island prison where abused yet luscious young lovelies surrender to their own depraved desires. In the guise of being a distant relative on vacation, The Count takes up residence at the home of the Mayberry family in sunny California. Scream Factory has just announced an amazing new slate of upcoming Blu-ray titles, including ones which readers of this site have been eagerly awaiting for a very long time.

      List of every PC game checked by System Requirements Lab

      Scream Factory has stated that these titles will start to see release in November. In the meantime, dig these terrific covers! The film, never released theatrically in the U. Olive Films has just announced their slate of September Blu-ray releases, and they include a few cult gems they will also be available on DVD.

      It will be the English language version with optional English subtitles and presented in a 1. It will be presented in a 1. Here's a peek at the cover art, featuring a new original painting on the front and the theatrical poster art on the reverse. A drive-in and late night television schlock favorite if there ever was one, the film stars Robert Walker Jr.

      A Brand New HD master will be used for the transfer, and special features include an audio commentary by film historian Richard Harland Smith, an alternate title sequence and trailers. Severin Films now presents both films fully restored for the first time ever from original vault elements discovered in Manhattan and Rome, and loaded with all-new Bonus Features that finally reveal the unbelievable truth behind its bizarre history, infamous marketing andstill-deviant legacy.

      Bonus features and the street date will be announced soon. Here Fulci stars in this blood-soaked epic as a director being driven insane by his own movies. Fulci is thrust into an ultra-violent nightmare of death and depravity where murder and madness consume his sanity in a vortex of violence. Available for pre-order at Diabolik DVD. Mill Creek Entertainment has just announced to William Castle Blu-ray double features that will both be released on July 5, Join in on the conversation HERE. You can pre-order your copy HERE. Extras will include a brand new audio commentary by film historians Tom Weaver and Dr.

      Robert J. When a jewel heist goes awry, Jack Surnett Naschy and his fellow thieves take shelter at the home of a scientist experimenting in brain replacement. This edition will include both the English dubbed version as well as the extended international version French with optional English subtitles , which features additional sexually provocative footage. Special Features: mastered in HD from the original 35mm film elements, standard minute version and the complete, more sexually explicit minute version, and an audio commentary by horror film historian Richard Harland Smith.

      Pre-sales through DiabolikDVD. Kino Lorber Blu-ray Updates! The release will include an audio commentary by film historian Derek Botello and a science fiction trailer gallery. Above is a sneak peek of the Double Feature Blu-ray artwork!