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We have to be quick and glossy at the same time. A project like 60seconds. Our main camera is the Sony a7S II, an extremely versatile and small camera that can literally see in the dark because of its magnificent high ISO performance. The built in stabilizer allows us to shoot quickly without a tripod.

It also enables us to save a lot on lenses. For our purposes we do not need to buy stabilized solutions anymore and can work with full frame Tamron lenses. On the subject of stabilization, we found a way to shoot breathtaking scenes on the go with the Zhiyun Crane. Filmmakers know about the quality boost that a proper gimbal adds to the result but the problem has always been portability.

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The Zhiyun Crane solves that issue by not being much bigger than a selfie stick. When it comes to transportation we really like the bags from Peak Design.

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Their quick access systems and durability are simply awesome. Their cool design also makes them easy on the eye. Portability is key and that also comes into play with aerial shots. Our Mavic Pro is a drone that literally fits into your pocket. To get cinematic results we work with ND filters and visors that can be attached to the gimbal.

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You want to tell your story in 60 seconds? You want to show your country, city, region or brand to a global, young and travel oriented audience? Just give us a call, reach us via our Social Media platforms or drop us an email. We can then provide you with all the information you need.

The Free State of Bavaria turned and asked us to produce a seconds portrait in our way, in cooperation with Bavaria's famous comedian Harry G as the German host. And of course we were very happy to spend 40 more seconds on our homeland. We always wanted to go to South Africa. They asked us to shoot 12 informative films for the German market.

The short videos answer tourists most frequently asked questions e. The world famous university of Munich asked us to introduce the campus to their freshmen. So we did. The lizard brain takes over and gets the entrepreneur powerfully focused. You can tap this type of motivation anytime, if you know how.

When you get left behind. All of this pain is actually a very good thing.

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These tactics are the mental equivalent of swigging an espresso when you need it most, but without any nasty jitters or side effects! Imagine if you could do that in mere seconds. Without taking any pills or putting anything physical in your body at all. And the hack is simple: Make a playlist of super motivating tunes and blast them when you find your focus drifting.

Scientists have been fascinated by the powerful effects music has on the brain. It is so powerful it literally changes our brain chemistry. When you listen to music, your a part of your brain called the nucleus accumbens is activated. A temporary drop in your motivation and focus is an emotional state change, where you move from a high energy state to a less energetic one.

You can effortlessly shift yourself back with one click on your computer or phone, by blasting the tunes that get your blood racing. Make this mega-powerful hack something you do several times a day and watch your productivity sky rocket! There are so many books that stir the heart and soul into action.

How to get massively motivated in less than 60 seconds

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you should keep these books within arms reach of your workspace. When you feel yourself drop into any kind of productivity blues, open one of these up and read a few passages. Fire and drive will follow. The War of Art — Steven Pressfield This is a manifesto written to inspire YOU to commit to producing your most creative work and sharing your gifts with the world. Great for reminding yourself of the huge opportunities you have sitting right in front of you.

Reach out and seize the day!

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Bold — Peter Diamandis This incredible book challenges you to step up and take advantage of the amazing opportunity and abundance in the world today. If you want to feel grateful for being alive and inspired to build something BIG with your time here, this is the book for you! Last but not least, our final hack comes from the great writer Raymond Chandler. You can perform some incredible judo on your own mind by allowing yourself to procrastinate, on the one condition that you do nothing at all. If you are really, really stuck in procrastination you might burn half an hour sitting in a meditative state.

Doing nothing. Instead, it focuses you on avoiding the activities that allow you to procrastinate. Add any of our five motivation hacks to these exercises to supercharge your mental state. Entrepreneurs who learn and use these principles achieve superhuman levels of success in life and business.

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