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Several signed tinsel paintings by Alice Knight have surfaced over the years; a glass negative of this tinsel painting exists as well as another almost identical work. The artist was born in Ludlow, England, and arrived in America in She maintained a studio and school in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, and was well known in her community for her reverse paintings on glass as well as landscapes and decorative painting on furniture and trays. Knight was engaged in artmaking up until a few years before she died. The portfolio was so popular that it was reprinted several times. Color highlighting on the African violets, leaves, and bowl are dramatic touches against the dark background, and the deft reflective highlights on the bowl particularly emphasize the glass.

Pipes Sign Artist unidentified United States c. Rufus Porter offered instructions for reverse painting on glass as early as in his manual Curious Arts. In this technique all lettering must be written in reverse so that it reads correctly when viewed from the front of the glass. Art Recreations devotes a chapter to sign painting in reverse painting on glass with foil or mother-of-pearl backing.

The Foiled Knight

Krolik, Installation view all. Tanya knows something is wrong, and she is determined to find the answer. Part of the story is missing, and she will find it. As she begins digging, she is led on a trail of deceit and treachery. Her own life is at stake as she finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together.

The attacks were foiled and the area was cleared off mercenaries | English

Can she get herself out of trouble before further damage happens to Stan, and his parents make a terrible mistake? Stipa has hit a home run on this heart wrenching story about friendship and loss. You fall in love with Stan from the beginning: he is such an amazing person, humorous, upstanding and kind. As he fades away on life support, you are there breathing with him, holding him to the present realm.

He cannot move on; he is the hero.

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Tanya gains your admiration and gratification as she fights to keep Stan alive, while at the same time fighting for his reputation. Oriental Dragon.

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Pompeii Mosaics. Red Dragon.

The Foiled Knight

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