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Every song deserves its place. It was a process. Derryn Hinch and John Farnham back in Hinch starred in the video with Jacki Weaver. We had people on the payroll, people employed to look for songs. It was expensive because it took a long time to make.

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We all knew what he had. We just had to find the right songs for him. Ross Fraser would listen to up to 50 songs each day, sourced from all over the world. We passed it on to Ross. We got it fresh from England.

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Doris Tyler gave it to me. I was going out to see John in Bulleen where he was living. It was literally the last song we looked at for the album. I had to sell my house and my car. We were renting this place, I hated it, it was just not me but it had a basement. So we set up in the basement and did all the pre-production on Whispering Jack for 18 hours a day. It was make or break. It came in very late in the piece, the last two weeks of recording the album.

Farnham and Fraser had worked on a version in the Bulleen basement. As with nearly all of Whispering Jack , they relied heavily on technology over traditional instruments, including the brand new Fairlight synthesiser. The pair also got heavily into the new technique of sampling. They later upgraded to the sound of a Porsche door being slammed in a fancier garage. Can I borrow some of yours? John was really into sampling the drums. He was up for anything.

He thought he could sneak them onto that song and he did and it worked. They changed one note on the bass and put in this brilliant bagpipe solo. I can usually push through that. I finished the vocal, I thought it sounded a bit weak. I wanted to do it again. And to be honest it left me a little bit flat when I heard it. Sometimes you overproduce things. It was just a small thing but it was a big thing to me.

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He was mistaken. So I put it out on a white label without his name on it. We pretty much released the song in a bloody brown paper bag. We got a significant deal of resistance from, for want of a better word, hipper stations. That was unusual. They were a bit arrogant about pop in general.

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They thought there was too much of a Johnny Farnham stigma from his early days. Youre the Voice song meanings. Add your thoughts No Comments. No Comments.

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Capo on 1st fret.