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Calling it a date doesn't mean that the woman isn't down for sex. I was a teenager in the 80's, graduated high school in Oddly enough even after Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, OC is still surviving wonderfully as a little sandbar on the Atlantic ocean--but this is for another story. We used to joke that kids from aforementioned areas would throw their morals out the window, dye their hair blonde, and buy a Bob Marley album once they drove over either bridges to OC for the summer. It was a great time to be a man or a woman.

No girls were raped at least in the summer local areas , no one was judged, and usually everyone ended up with a girlfriend or boyfriend at the end of the summer Anyway, my point is, these studies are ridiculous! Where do they come up with this stuff? They certainly are asking the wrong groups. I agree that the 70's's were a great time for sex. You could ask a woman if they wanted to go get naked, and many did.

There were a few girls in high school that would have sex with just about anyone, but we never thought of them as sluts, just someone who liked sex. I met a lady who owned a roadhouse, and she was very open about having sex with customers, and I certainly enjoyed some good times with her, as did many others.

None of us considered her a slut, and I never heard any other woman say a word against her. We dated for along period, and she continued having sex with other men with my full approval, as I wanted her to have as much cock as she pleased. She would openly talk to me about the size of various men's cocks, and if she considered them good at sex. She would also suggest other women for me to have sex with, including her adult daughter, who is also a sex enthusiast. She knew her daughter loved anal sex, while she didn't, to add to my sexual pleasure. Both were very skilled practitioners of oral sex, giving and receiving.

You can pay for a BJ. But you probably want it for free, and that reduces your odds significantly. You have probably been sucked by as many men, as women. I have sucked a lot of men at glory holes over the last fifty years. Please don't pin this on the whole species, tour the world instead. Such articles do serve an important purpose, though they piss off feminists whose worldview is shattered unless male and female sexuality are not mirror images of each other. That would be a tragic loss. However, it us curious how society has to police female sexuality. If it's nonexistent or males aren't intimidated by it why so many restrictions?

I got mine from Adam His medicine works perfectly,i got my full beard in 6 weeks. I have spent so much money trying other means and didn't work. I saw an ad of how Adam's herbal medicine worked for someone. I got in touch and i got my medicine in three day and used it,this is the 6th month and the medicine is finished but i don't have to order for another one cos i already have what i have been searching for. I'm feeling myself right now : get yours from him too,his email is adamfeigeles5 gmail. Schmitt, brilliantly stated and analyzed.

I refer to your research in my own talks and my book on dating, and like you, I find that there are some people including some PhD's who just won't believe science is real-- unless it's what they already thought. Thank you for presenting the mountain of evidence.

Hopefully, it will move some folks; but if not, at least it protects the rest of us from the gaslighting of the willfully ignorant. I'm what some would call a "player". I'm single, attractive, successful, confident and a good conversations. I have no problem pulling tail every weekend with total strangers. So, this blog was within my field of expertise. First, no where did it mention alcohol.

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If I approached an attractive lady in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street, yeah, I'd say the chance of me going home with her is close to 0. However, you take that same women, put her in a club, parting with her girlfriends, having had a couple drinks before she sees me and when we do start chatting, if she lets me buy her drinks, the deal is pretty much in the bag. I might add that it helps if she's seen me before in the club or her friends know me, even if I'm a bad boy. They at least know I'm not an ax murder. Bottomline: Alcohol changes everything.

My second point is you can also score if the girl feels scored. It took me 6 months to go from meeting her, to being her friend, to dating, to kissing, then sex. We actually dated for 3 months before having sex yeah me. Or so I thought.

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We broke up one time, for a week, she was mad so she went on the prowl. She saw a guy in a bar a bouncer, that was much younger than her , let him know she was interested and they had sex that night. Because that's what some girls do when they break up. Go figure. Apparently they deliberately avoided including escorts in the survey. Or even questions like, would you have sex with a man that you had a chance to talk to over dinner, and he paid for it and the movie, and he held your hand and gave you a beautiful kiss at your doorstep?

The whole premise of the survey smacks so profoundly of the way we men think. It just doesn't feel like a survey a woman would come up with, except if she'd been talked into it by a man. Because the whole survey is about the "currency" that men consider in "short supply", and is in some sense a statement of frustration by men that women can't be so easily talked into bed in one split second, as a man supposedly can. Nothing wrong with the survey -- it's just what it didn't cover that is so revealing.

You can just smell the male agenda a mile away. And I say that as a man. Just boring male agenda -- I'm too familiar with it. I want to hear what matters to women, and all this survey seems to suggest is that this business of saying yes to going to be as the first sentence of with a stranger, doesn't matter much to them, period.

Which I already knew. You really believe in that conspiracy theory? I do agree that there are sex differences between men and women when it comes to sleeping with a stranger, but I feel like the methods that are used to come to this are flawed. He critiques one study where the women are allowed to date or have sex with the stranger. I feel like even if dating wasn't an option, you'd have a lot more woman agreeing. Women need to be aroused before having sex.

Even if they like to have sex with strangers, I would expect them to want conversation before hand. Whereas men are easily turned on. You ask a woman if she wants to have sex that night and she'd rather say no. Maybe she won't be in the mood later. But when she is in the mood she'd want to have sex with that stranger. I think sex differences in arousal is a glaring flaw in this article. So it's starting to be clear that women have a very important role in filtering genes to be passed to new generations.

Can we then see patriarchal control as a form that unattractive men have discovered to ensure they get to pass on their offspring? A cultural mechanism to offset losing out in the evolutionary race? Not really because women participate in evolution to patriarchy by frequently choosing men who are powerful. In most societies men are primarily building their social and economical status through their occupation, women are still though less today building them through their sexual relations.

Even women who have built significant social and economical status by themselves still mainly choose partners with more. In general, men are less discriminant when it comes to social and economical status of their partners and more so when it comes to their physical attractiveness relative only, not possible to say how much compared to women. For women this is typically opposite. When discussing short term casual sex, the economical and social status aspect is not relevant anymore, which does not affect men's choices much, but women's become more dependent on physical attractiveness, essentially they choose more like men.

On a societal level, women's social and economical climbing through sexual relations only works if short term casual sex is not too easily available, which explains the gap in how likely men and women are to agree. Whether this is due to something innate or cultural is difficult to judge.

It is also supported by that mainly women call out other women on their sexual relations and frequency. David P. Schmitt, Ph. Professor of Psychology at Bradley University. Disagreements and agreements on the origins of human sex differences. How and why sexual diversity scholars have an important place at universities. A response to claims psychological sex differences are "incorrect assumptions". Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Fallacy in "Evidence-Based" Treatment. Unintended Consequences and the Cerebral Cortex.

David P Schmitt Ph. Follow me on Twitter. You might not. But many people would, especially men. Men much more likely than women to be willing to do have sex with an opposite sex stranger. Source: From Helmers, B. Sexual willingness with same-and other-sex prospective partners. These type of Submitted by Anonymous on June 28, - pm. Don't you ever get tired Submitted by d;mklsm on June 28, - pm. Anonymous wrote:. These type of Submitted by Anonymous on June 29, - am.

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Actually this article is well Submitted by Anonymous on June 30, - am. This comment is spot on Submitted by Mary on June 28, - pm. Thank You Submitted by Nicole on June 29, - am. Its a monogamous world Submitted by Kim Cosmos on September 18, - pm. You're a hysterical idiot. Submitted by AD on June 29, - am. Submitted by Anonymous on June 30, - am. How does risk explain the Submitted by Anonymous on June 29, - am. You are completely right.

Submitted by studi30 on July 19, - pm. Believe it or not men are also worried about STDs. During the late 60s and early Submitted by gandolf on August 27, - am. During the late 60s and early Submitted by anonymous on August 27, - pm. Good Article Submitted by Quint on June 28, - pm. Submitted by Nicole on June 29, - am.

No, no, no. Amen Submitted by David on June 28, - pm. Again, why do gay men report Submitted by Anonymous on June 29, - am. Again, why do gay men report Submitted by AD on June 29, - pm. Submitted by Also David on June 30, - am. This all goes to the point Submitted by anonymous on June 30, - pm. And if a one-night stand isn't sex with a stranger, then what the hell is "sex with a stranger"?

The word "date" Submitted by David on June 28, - pm. According to this article men Submitted by Anonymous on June 28, - pm. According to this article men are the actual sluts.


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I was a teenager in the 80's, Submitted by Musashi on June 28, - pm. I agree that the 70's's Submitted by Ric on May 29, - pm. What about putting you're Submitted by Jim on June 28, - pm. What about putting you're schlong in a glory hole? Submitted by jsz on June 29, - am. But I don't wanna have Submitted by Jim on June 29, - am.

But I don't wanna have dinner. Just want a bj.

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Get off the coin Submitted by Mary on June 29, - am. Golly who'd have thought Submitted by Paper on June 29, - am. Learn how to spell Submitted by Jim on June 29, - pm. Learn how to spell. Thank you Submitted by Duana Welch on June 29, - pm. Apparently they deliberately Submitted by anonymous on June 30, - pm. Hey, little boys, scroll Submitted by Anonymous on July 2, - pm. Hey, little boys, scroll through the comments. It's a wonder you pathetic fools ever get laid. I do agree that there are sex Submitted by Karla on July 15, - am.

Can we then see patriarchal Submitted by Anonymous on July 17, - am. An African American Panty Addiction. It shocked her at first.. While I've been with my girlfriend for over a year now, It wasn't a month or so into our relationship that I told her of my love for her used panties. She laughed and told me that I had to be joking with her. When I told her that I was as serious as I could be, she laughed again and asked me to Catching my Housemate.

Sarah was pretty hung over and I didn't pursue it. She Made Us Cum. When I was 15 I was hanging out with my friend Jay and his girlfriend Steph, they were We were all just hanging out in his room his parents were out, it was a Saturday. Jay and I were both skater types, with baggy clothes. Steph was like a hot tomboy type. We were just watching tv and soon they were making out, s Rope Climbing. Long time reader of Solo Touch. First story here.

My first orgasm happened by accident. Back then, I attended a grade school, but once a week for gym class we'd walk down the street to the other school to use their gym which would house an obstacle course that day. This obstacle course was like no other that I've seen A bus Ride to see my Aunt has wonderful surprises for me Fun Bus Ride, unexpected Surprise Masturbation I had been invited to spend a couple of weeks with a favorite Aunt and Uncle, and I was looking forward to the visit.

I was on summer break from College and they had offered to pay for the bus ticket for t Taught by My Best Friend. I was 13 years old and had been best friends with Luke not his real name since we were babies. It's a sex-positive space for women to reclaim the narrative around female sexuality and establish a higher standard for what sex is and should be. A young woman juggles her internet celebrity with her real life and finds the juxtaposition confronting at times. In a dystopian future a woman is controlled by some kind of robot via wires.

She is lonely and dreams of escape - but who can she trust? Suddenly, their reflections on the mirror come to life and form a new couple, not noticed by the first one. A whimsical look at fish getting it on in a variety of increasingly kinky ways, accompanied by strangely-translated captions. Skip to content. Gratified, Grateful A short erotic film celebrating intimacy, connection and passion. Sock Puppet An ode to an ex girlfriend and to five fingered love. Dear Jiz Genderqueer icon and genre-busting porn star Jiz Lee shares some of the many fan letters they have received while masturbating in the bath.

Handcuffs Things are a little slow moving in this bar — until a couple enters. Welcome Sexy Short Films features high quality erotic shorts from all over the world. Trinity A couple invite a third partner into their bed for an afternoon of experimentation but not all is as it seems. Porn Scene Goes Horribly Wrong Things were hotting up between Summer and Dean in their sexy porn scene when things went horribly wrong Tactile Their lips meet, their bodies meld, their fingers trace trails of sensation across flesh, they give in to pleasure.

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Nevada A young couple's romantic weekend getaway is interrupted by a birth control mishap in this stop motion animated comedy. Slash Sam likes Harry Potter fan fiction so much, he decides to write his own. Define Beauty: Nipples A spoken word poem confronts the censorship of nipples in contemporary culture, especially within the realm of social media. Rituel Terre 6 A nude woman sensually discovers a lump of clay and reveals something special inside. Bikini An animated musical starring an young man who is afraid to come out…who is afraid to come out of the locker.

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