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Chapitre 4. Acquittements v. Evolution acquittements v. La question se pose de savoir pourquoi une victime, ou son avocat67, entame une action en justice en absence de preuves. Une fille de 13 ans. Fille de 7 ans. Fille de 13 ans. Fille de 16 ans. Fille de 4 ans. Uvira, RP. Mbandaka, RED. Kindu, RP.

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Le nouvel article A , 1 juillet Ainsi, selon le TGI, RP. Or, ce moyen de preuve est aussi utile en dehors des circonstances de conflit. Ceci implique que le juge ne peut choisir de retenir ou non les circonstances aggravantes car elles font partie de la qualification. Leur application est obligatoire. Cette Les exemples ci-dessous ne sont pas exhaustifs. CM Mbandaka, R. Une autre circonstance aggravante avoir commis les faits en public - art.

Il la viole. TGI Kindu, R. CM Equateur, R. Parfois, le tribunal oublie de prononcer une peine additionnelle obligatoire. La plupart des juridictions appliquent cette disposition correctement. CA Kinshasa, RP , 21 septembre Speech Delivered By Otunba Dr. We know that Government alone cannot provide everything; we all have to contribute to the development of our Country. The balloting team was here ahead of us on 10th August, , to choose the 6 local Governments that will be the first beneficiary of our programme, in order not to cause rancor among our members.

Since we cannot afford to empower all the local Governments in Borno at the same time. Some of them are even planning to start a sewing institute to train other women as it is in other States Your Excellency Sir, you will agree with us that the group of women who are beneficiaries of our programme will now be economically strong; they would be able to cater for the need of their families and the community at large.

Your Excellency the sole administrator of Plateau state, members of Plateau State executive here presents, members of the press, good afternoon. We are here to commiserate with you over the ugly incident that led to the death of many citizens of the state.

The circumstances that led to the death and destruction of properties in Plateau are avoidable circumstances. We are not here to apportion blame but to condole and sympathize with our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters over this ugly incident. In a crisis like this we all know that the most hit are the women and children. That is the reason we are here to give a helping hand to our fellow women. It is our tradition to show concern in situations like this, to commiserate and sympathize with displaced people and those who are bereaved.

In other to render material assistance that we believe cannot replace the loss of their loved ones, but will reduce the suffering of the affected people. On August 19th , I personally paid a visit to commiserate with the people of Plateau state on the same unfortunate incident. We therefore plead with the people of Plateau state to live in peace and promote the virtues of living together in peaceful coexistence and harmony. We also most humbly present the under-listed as our token contribution to the people who are affected by the incident.

We in Nigeria cherish the common bond of friendship and close ties binding members and various branches of our great Organization. To assist African rural women to organize themselves and improve on their working methods. To organize and participate in local and international trade fairs. To work with government to promote initiatives on wealth creation and capital formation. To empower women economically and politically. To enhance their income by assisting them to acquire credit facilities and establish cottage industries for processing farm produce To encourage women to actively participate in politics and sustenance of democratic governance.

To mobilize and sensitize women to attain their political potentialities. The Organization is also committed to translating into realistic action the yearnings of African women across the continent who believes that women should participate more fully in the economic decision making and governance of our great continent Africa.

This action program will include capacity building workshops, women access to loan and credit, organizing trade fairs, political involvement and small scale industries. The struggle for the achievement of these laudable goals that will bring women into economic independence has already started in earnest in Nigeria. It is our believe that this struggle will be wide spread and all embracing to include all women of Africa wherever they may be. This empowerment as it relate to Nigeria has been carried out in all aspect of human endeavor.

We have also been able to empower our women who are into farming with empowerment equipment to boast their production Those that are into cassava processing could only produce two bags of cassava manually with hard labour in a week but after giving them the equipment, they can now produce twenty 20 bags daily. We are confident that the group of women who are beneficiaries of our program will now be economically strong and they would be able to cater for the needs of their family and the community at large.

Women of our great Organization, it is my firm belief that this decade of this new millennium signifies a critical aspect of our struggle for economic and leadership empowerment of African Women. I also believe that working together; we can achieve these goals that we have set for ourselves. More so with the growing support Africa is receiving from the international community in the promotion of women empowerment and their contribution to National development; we must therefore take full advantage of this renewed commitment to African Nations.

May God bless you all and may peace be with you till we meet again. This Press conference today not only seeks to acquaint the media of our projects at hand and to crave for your collaboration and support in the attainment of our set goals, but also to appraise our performances. Many dignitaries and some notable speakers will be in attendance from thirteen countries. The second day of the conference will be divided into two major sessions — the plenary and the Group sessions. Getrude I. Follow-up report of the Bamako Conference held in March Esther Nenadi Usman, Hon.

Minister of State for Finance. While looking forward to your support during and after this conference, please accept the assurance of my highest esteem. Empirical data show that, throughout Africa, women are experiencing unprecedented crises from health, economic, social and political issues that stem from cultural and institutional barriers. There are fewer women than men in decision-making positions. At the Beijing Fourth World Conference on Women , the international community of states and NGOs identified inequality between men and women in the sharing of power and decision-making as a critical area of concern.

Many factors, including social attitudes, discriminatory laws, gender-based inequalities in education, and control of incomes, contribute to the limited number of women in positions of authority and power. Studies also show that as the number of women in Parliament increases, legislative and policy agenda change significantly to include issues such as maternity, girl-child education and equal opportunity. Efforts to galvanize women to take political and economic leadership positions have shown very limited results.

In this regard, we were able to provide relief materials to women and children that suffered from ethno-religious crisis in Plateau State in the Northern part of Nigeria in July We have also been able to empower our women who are into farming by providing them essential equipment to boost their productions in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria. Indeed, those that are into Cassava processing could only produce two bags of cassava manually with hard labour in a week, but after giving them the equipment, they can now produce twenty 20 bags daily. Similarly, the women that are into Palm oil processing could only produce 20 litres in a week.

Similarly, 60 milling machines have also been given to Ondo State women on 18th June, , while Enugu State received a complete set of cassava processing machine, 15 sewing machines, 3 embroidery machines, 6 over locking machines and 10 milling machines.. We are confident that the group of women who are beneficiaries of our programmes will now be economically strong and they would be able to cater for the needs of their families and the community at large Presently, we are also working on empowering other African countries.

We hope to begin this exercise as soon as we conclude this conference. We shall work assiduously to make sure that we have more women in Parliament in African countries. In addition, we will work tirelessly to make sure that the economic empowerment of the African women becomes a reality. They have worked day and night to ensure the success of this conference.

I appeal to the entire executive not to rest on their oars. Great women of Africa, at the end of this conference let us leave Abuja feeling more challenged and focused on the goals and objectives of our great organization and the zeal to work towards making our continent a better place for women.

The balloting team was here ahead of us to choose the 6 local Governments that will be the first beneficiary of our programme, in order not to cause rancor among our members. Since we cannot afford to empower all the local Governments in Ondo at the same time. We are here today to present 60 sets of 8HP Milling Machine which will enable the women to look after their families.

Within the short period of its existence, it has undertaken a modest amount of achievements in Nigeria and other African countries. In our resolute effort to achieve the objectives of the Organization, the Board of Trustees has made provision in the constitution of the Organization for the establishment of structures through which we can channel programmes and activities that will ensure our effective participation not only in the struggle for women advancement but also in establishing a virile and committed Organization that will champion the economic and political empowerment of the African woman.

The Organization is also committed to translating into realistic action the yearnings of African women across the continent who believe that women should participate more in the economic decision making and governance of our great continent Africa. These action programmes which include capacity building workshops, women access to loan and credit, organizing trade fairs, political involvement and small scale industries. We have also been able to empower our women who are into farming with empowerment equipment to boast their productions.

Indeed, those that are into Cassava processing in Akwa Ibom could only produce two bags of Garri manually with hard labour in a week but after giving them equipment, they can now produce twenty 20 bags daily. Similarly, the women that are into palm oil production could only produce 20 litres in a week. It is my pleasure to let you know that with the economic empowerment equipment that our Organization gave to them, they can now produce litres in a day.

Furthermore, 60 milling machine were also presented to the women of Ondo State. We also hope to be in Enugu State soon. Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, the last two years have been quite challenging but we thank God Almighty for keeping us alive up till this moment. And to all our sponsors and friends, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. We pray to Almighty God that this organization will live even after us to continue championing and advancing the cause of the African Woman.

We are also grateful for the opportunity given by your magnanimous invitation to brief you on the activities of our organization. The organization is structured to meet the yearnings of African women across the continent who believes that women should participate more fully in the economic decision making and governance of our great continent. Efforts to galvanize women to take political and economic leadership positions in Africa have shown very limited results. It is gratifying however, to note that the struggle for the achievement of these laudable goals that will bring women into leadership positions has already started in earnest in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Your Excellency Sir, our Organization has followed the activities of your government with keen interest. Since you became the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, we are very grateful for the honour and opportunity you have given so far to our Tanzania sisters to be part of a new Tanzania is a country under the leadership of a young and dynamic president with focus, new energy, new speed and above all gender friendly. In this wise, we commend Your Excellency for supporting and exposing the women of Tanzania to leadership positions both at home and in the international arena.

Two of this women who deserve special mention are Hon. Anna Tibaijuka, Executive Secretary United Nations Center for Human Settlement HABITAT to mention a few We have to also commend your Excellency for the sound work in fostering political stability and environmental development in the area of domestic water supply and energy for cooking as well as food production. We would like to use this opportunity to implore Your Excellency to further assist the women farmers by providing them with modern farming and food processing equipment to enable them process and preserve their farm produce. There will be an African Women Award night where recognition will be given to deserving sons and daughters of Africa, who have contributed immensely to the advancement and emancipation of the African woman.

Permit me Your Excellency Sir, to use this opportunity to inform you, that you have been nominated to be a recipient of our award; we therefore look forward to your honouring our invitation to Tripoli for the receipt of the award. Towards our 4th Continental Conference coming up in Dar-ess-salaam April , we are grateful for your commitment and readiness to assist in making the conference a success.

Protocols It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to this Summit which is intended to beam the deserved searchlight on how the nation can use the immense abilities, passion, intellect and commitment of the Nigerian Woman in nation building. A cursory look at our current political environment shows that Nigerian women, have not been treated fairly in spite of their hard work, commitment and support for nation building.

The scenario still shows the domineering role of men in positions of authority, in a country where its majority are women. The political language in Nigeria is male. The statistics of women elected into various offices from the Local Government Councils to the national level clearly shows that Nigerian Women need to be more involved in politics. It is no longer news that many well qualified women who have indicated interest to contest for certain elective posts have experienced brutal intimidation, and often rigged out in preference to unqualified male contestants.

This is so, because more often men constitute a larger percentage of Party executive and this affects women when it comes to selecting or nominating candidates for elections. Women constitute a smaller percentage of Political Party Leadership because of social, cultural and religious attitudes of different Nigerian societies which most often tend to relegate women to the background. As a result, only very few men even among the educated allow their wives to participate in Politics.

Another problem facing women is lack of adequate education. Women constitute a larger percentage of illiterate groups. This could be attributed to the fact that most parents prefer to send their sons to school while closing the door of that same opportunity permanently to their daughters. Lack of adequate finance is another crucial hindrance affecting female politicians. Large numbers of Nigerian female population is not as financially strong as their male counterparts.

The issue of security is another problem militating against female political aspirants which we would want the Inspector General of police to urgently look into. Women definitely enjoy our God given role as mothers and all we are asking for at this stage is another opportunity to mother, nurture and rear the nation as well. At this junction, we have to commend our illustrious President His Excellency, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and other state governors especially the executive governors of Ogun, Osun and Anambra States. For in our 46years as an independent nation, women have never had it so good politically.

For the first time women are leading the crucial sectors of finance, education, foreign affairs, stock exchange, NAFDAC and as deputy Governors in the three 3 states listed above. All these women have performed beyond expectations; what we are therefore asking for is to be given the chance to do more.

We are yet to see a consolidation of the letter and spirit of the UN convention on elimination of all forms of discrimination against women which Nigeria signed and ratified on the 13th of June By so doing, more women will be elected. This is what has happened in South Africa and Tanzania that is already being copied by Yobe state governor who has graciously reserved three local governments and a senatorial seat to be contested by women only in his party. I am convinced that the future prospects of Nigerian Women in Politics are bright, if only our leaders can emulate President Obasanjo and the governor of Yobe state.

Nigerian Women have proven to be more than mere bench warmers in the challenging fields of even male dominated professions, as could be buttressed by happenings in the Nigeria Medical, Engineering Associations and the Institute of Chartered Accountants which have all been led in recent times by Female Presidents. As we move towards ELECTIONS, I will like at this stage, to use this opportunity to call on women elites, particularly the rich women among us to participate fully and actively in politics by sponsoring campaigns and supporting women aspirants rather than complaining of bad leadership after election.

Nigerian women should register en-mass during the voter registration, because our registration card is our bargaining power. We also want to assure our husbands, our brothers, our fathers, that this summit is not a crusade against them but an action plan from us. We feel the pain they feel as they battle to move the nation forward and all we ask is for them to partner with us, for in us you have a caring help mate that will reduce the burden on you and in the process lift our great nation to greater height.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is doing a wonderful job as president of Liberia. Great women of Nigeria, the era of clapping and dancing is over. Let us be aware that from the number one position of the President to that of the head of service, that is: eight positions none is a Female. Our Country as a leading light in the continent should not be left behind.

Let women be our prime constituency. Let us forge our political, cultural, ethnic and religious platforms to create meaningful synergy for the overall progress and development of our beloved fatherland. Let us harness and deploy our rich socio-political diversities in the light of our numerical strength to march together as a team towards the attainment of our noble goals and political objectives. Finally, let us remember that united we stand, divided we fall. Thank you and God Bless. Col Muammar Al-Gaddhafi to the development, empowerment and advancement of African women.

You have always wished that the voice of African women be heard strongly and forcefully, you have called for the establishment of the United States of Africa similar to the United States of America and the European Union. We pray that your effort in unifying Africa will not go in vain. Once more we welcome you to Nigeria. This trend is replicated in Nigeria. Unfortunately though, women are everywhere on the globe disregarded, disrespected, marginalised, and hence impoverished.

This is outright criminality. Since women practically sustain the African economy, clear programmes must be designed or articulated to empower them with a view to bringing them into the centre of power. Against the backdrop of their antecedent outlined in this address, there is abundant evidence that their optimum productivity, creativity, energy, vision and patriotism are still open for positive exploitation for the benefits of Africans specifically and the entire humanity in general.

However, their participation as catalyst in development cannot be divorced from their role as producers, reproducers and community managers in all sectors of women endeavours. In spite of their contribution, women have often been discriminated against. This necessitated advocacy for programmes and projects meant to target women as main beneficiaries.

It is common knowledge that every household is made up of males and females. The individuals that make up any household are the father, mother, and children and these are either male or female. Each of the sexes play defined roles in the household and in the society where they belong. In most cases, males are involved in the production of the means of livelihood. Traditionally, the males perform the role of the bread winner whose responsibility it is to provide for his household while the female is the secondary labour to supplement what the males are able to provide for household consumption.

Women are essentially the managers of the social services at the household level. They care for sick members of the household, teach the children the norms, values, cultures and crafts as well as prepare family members for the roles they will be performing in the future. Women ensure that food is prepared and served to family members and see to the general well being of the husband, children and other dependants. In spite of the laudable contributions of women to the survival and prosperity of the home and community, their role and place have not been adequately empowered to contribute to both human and economic development.

Philosophie, politique, actualité, littérature, arts

This has been achieved singularly or in groups in the community and through networking activities. Women lead hundreds of community development organisations in all sectors of the country. Even in professions that have been designated traditional as male profession, women have made inroad into them. They make significant contributions to housing projects, road construction, trade and market organisations, and a myriad of difficult situations within and outside the household some of which are settlement of age long quarrels, maintenance of peace and stability, mediation in crisis situation by appealing to warring parties.

Women are very prominent in getting residents of their communities, Political leaders, established institutions and the like to uphold and nurture the views and political opinions that are in the interest of the community and the nation at large. Historically, women play triple roles in every society which are the reproductive, productive and the community socio- political responsibilities and roles.

It includes not only biological reproduction but also the care and maintenance of the workforce. Women work as agricultural labourers, independent farmers, and wage or salary earners in other sectors of the economy. According to Andrew Natsios, USAID Administrator, it is the contributions that women make to the economic, social and political lives of their nation, communities, and families and the next generation that constitute the key factors in effective development. More than million women, according to him are economically active worldwide in agriculture, small and micro enterprise and, increasingly, in the export processing industries that drive mobilization.

In addition, over 70 percent of these women are said to be living in the developing regions of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Hence, women constitute 60 percent of the rural poor Natsios, There is still wide spread limitations faced by women in the performance of their roles worldwide and particularly in developing economies.

Women are still not accorded equal opportunities to contribute toward development since political leadership positions are still largely occupied by men. It is often regarded as the voluntary unpaid work done during free time. Community managing is provided free of charge by woman and usually do not increase their visibility Soetan, Women have been noted for their ability to mobilize to meet not only the individual consumption needs at the household level but also those of a collective nature at the neighbourhood or community level.

For instance, women mobilize and organize at community levels to carryout environmental sanitation during sanitation days declared by government. They are easily observed carrying the trash to designated areas. Women consider community participation an important responsibility. The sense of personal commitment of women leaders in the community makes them not to place barriers between their personal lives and their community work.

Most women reinforce their willingness to serve in community works with their spirituality and religiosity. Their spirituality gives them the impetus to serve as peaceful adherent of their beliefs and they use it to create social change that improves the quality of life of their communities. Women, as catalyst of development, use their God-given intuition to perceive and address societal problems. While men see and address what is above the line of visibility, women see the whole thing, above and below the surface through their God-given intuition.

Women act as political pressure groups and lobbyists who press for rights at the home, community and national levels. They are also the custodian of traditional laws, norms and values. The woman tries to safeguard them and teach her children and other members of her household to comply with all the rules and regulations of the community where they live. Unlike catalyst in chemistry which refers to a substance that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed or unchanged in the process, the women are often affected, adversely by some of the decisions taken.

Most often, this is due to lack of education and information about better options. Women have been catalyst in Nigeria at both the traditional and modern sectors of the economy. Specifically, this country has been blessed with some dynastic and influential women leaders. There were those who dared to oppose the colonial policies like Mrs.

Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti who led the women of Abeokuta to challenge negative policies, Mrs. The Omu Nwagboke of Onitsha signed a treaty with the queen of England in to regulate the activities of Onitsha market. Madam Catherine Ujim mobilized over 10, women that executed the famous Aba Riot of Princess Moremi of Ile-Ife in Yoruba land controlled an army to win a famous war.

Madam Tinubu was a strong king maker who brokered peace between King Akitoye and King Dosumu over the leadership of Lagos. Women also constituted themselves into powerful organizations such as the Ibang Isong of the Ibibio women, which was very potent relating to matters of using political, economic and social privileges for women organizations. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti of Abeokuta and a member of the then Western House of Chiefs in the early 50s who led Egba women in a demonstration that forced the Alake Ademola to abdicate his throne in July In the political arena, women like Iyalode Wurola Esan became the first woman senator on the ticket of the defunct Action Group AG during the first Republic up to In addition, Ladi Shehu got involved in politics but not without paying high prices for daring where angels feared to tread.

The involvement of women in politics saw to the appointment of Mrs. Elizabeth Iwase as first Northern female minister in Chief Mrs. Margaret Ekpo directed the affairs of women from Aba in the Eastern Nigeria and was instrumental to women joining the police force as a member of the then Eastern House of Chiefs. This single action gives credence to the fact that women contributed immensely to fundamental policy changes before dependence. Which brought women to a more visible position in Nigeria during her Husband Tenure? Gambo Laraba of the University of Abuja. Some women like Kudirat Abiola have paid the supreme sacrifice for protesting the annulment of the June 12 election of in which her late husband, Alhaji M.

Abiola, was the widely acclaimed or the presumed winner.

Guerre des sexes à Abidjan. Masculin, féminin, CFA.

A notable woman whose name rings bell at the national and international scenes is Dr Mrs. She has won both national and international laurels in appreciation of her distinguished services. Unimpressive as it may appear, Nigeria occupied the 28th position in terms of share of women in National parliament as at January, in the sub-Saharan African region. This was out of a total of 43 countries sampled for the study. South African led with See details in Appendix 1. No doubt, many women have served as pilots, engineers, medical doctors and other professions in male dominated areas.

Women are known to possess the ability to network and create social, cultural, economic and even spiritual resources which development managers need to harness for development purposes. In spite of these catalytic roles in development, women have constantly faced a lot of discrimination, which have constrained them in many ways. Some of these constraints are known to all of us.

Finally, Distinguish ladies and gentle men, our leaders should pay more attention on Women Development because Nigerian women are tired of tokenism and the trivialisation of women issues.

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We are here today to commiserate with the people of republic of Chad over the ugly incident that led to the death and displacement of innocent citizens. That is the reason we are here to give a helping hand to our fellow African women. Members of Women Advancement for Economic and Leadership Empowerment in Africa will always rise up to the needs of women all over Africa. We shall continue to identify ourselves with African women, especially in the advancement of their personal welfare and economic empowerment.

We plead with the Government and Rebels of Republic of Chad to stop the war and promote the virtues of living together in peace and harmony. We also most humbly present our token contribution to the people who were affected by the war. Speech Delivered By Dr. Gertrude Mongella, the current President of Pan African Parliament led the Tanzanian delegation and delivered the keynote address. Indeed, those that are into Cassava processing could only produce two bags of Cassava manually with hard labour in a week, but after giving them the equipment, they can now produce twenty 20 bags daily.

The organization will be going to Dar-Es-Salaam to teach them how to use the equipment to process their farm produce very soon. The organization will also teach them how to use and maintain the equipment. Our concerns are over the crisis in the Darfur Region of Sudan. As women, we are worried at the huge loss of lives and casualties amongst women and children; we are also worried at the hunger and poverty that has befallen the people of that Region as a result of the conflict.

The people of Darfur have been living in peace and harmony among themselves for centuries. We understand that it was actually difficult to distinguish between Arab and Non-Arab citizens of that Region in the past, because of intermarriages among different tribes. So, what is the cause of this crisis? We therefore believe that the crisis is externally induced to destabilize Sudan. The effects of droughts over the years further worsened these relationships.

Government organs that attempted to intervene and settle the crisis ended up being branded as partisan and therefore became targets for attacks. Research also shows that 13 major armed tribal conflicts happened in Darfur from independence till Six of these conflicts were fought between Arab nomadic communities; four of the conflicts were between tribal partners who were both Non-Arabs.

All of these were serious armed conflicts, sometimes involving thousands of tribesmen. Most of the conflicts were over disputed territories, grazing land and livestock theft. In between, some tribal warlords and clan heads seized the crisis opportunity to accuse the Central Government of marginalization and thereafter created a platform and reason for rebellion as well as insurgency against the Central Government. Over the years, the Government of Sudan has treated the rebellion with human dignity and has even participated in attempts by the African Union and the United Nations to tackle the problem through peaceful negotiations.

In , through the meditation of Chad, the Government of Sudan and the rebels signed a ceasefire agreement in Abache. The African Union has been in the fore front of trying to restore peace to the Region and to actualize the ceasefire agreements through which an African Union peacekeeping force of soldiers was put in place in However, over the coming months, the International community through the UN felt the AU did not have enough resources, men and material; to do proper peace-keeping in the region. The United Nations then took over the peace keeping mission. Recognizing the recent successes achieved in the conflicts resolution of post- election crisis in Kenya and in Zimbabwe, it has become instructive to know and to acknowledge that African Leaders have the capacity and capability to resolve any Internal as well as National crisis within the African Continent.

Kofi Annan who championed the peaceful resolution of the post election crises in Kenya. And of recent, former President of South Africa Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe to sign an agreement to work together for the benefit of their Country. If the various tribal groups and militias, who are being funded by external forces, are attacking each other, why would anybody including the ICC accuse President Omer Al-Bashir of genocide? Based on the scenarios painted, it is difficult for the Sudanese Army to patrol or regulate the activities of these tribal groups and warlords.

Because we all know those supplying the rebels with ammunitions. The Ship load of ammunitions which was hijacked by Somalia pirates was obviously meant for the Sudanese Rebels. Africans are no fools, some Countries refused to sign the treaty that established ICC, and refused to subject any of their citizen to the jurisdiction of ICC.

Sudan however, is not a signatory to ICC and has not ratified the treaty, it is wrong for some of these Countries to push for indictment of a sitting African head of state by ICC.

Anthologie des poètes français contemporains/Tome troisième

This is nothing but double standard. Not doing so will only cause more problems in Darfur Region and Sudan, because President Omer Al-Bashir is the only person that can solve the problem in Darfur for now, therefore arresting him will only jeopardize the peace agreement. As mothers, we sympathize with the thousands of homeless and displaced victims of the Region. Qui va craquer en premier? Il va falloir remettre de l'ordre en terre de France. Les valeurs? En France Gala fayotte.

Et eux ils votent Macron au second tour! S'habiller comme les "jeuns" ne fait rajeunir personne Bon W. Wauquiez, Calmels, Pecresse refusent la main tendue du FN. Tant pis pour eux. Ils disent qu'il n'y aura jamais d'alliance avec le FN? Cette aversion pavlovienne contre le FN est louche, c'est une fatwa. La France , empire sur les cinq continents et tous les atouts maritimes??? VOUI certes, mais Le pire est qu'il a l'intention de "durer" La droite a la sauce LR est une tromperie.

Elle est complice, il suffit de voir les votes lors des sujets importants, ils sont tous sur d'accord. Pour tromper le peuple, ils se chamaillent sur des petits sujets sans grande importance. Mais tout cela ne saurait modifier le chemin pris, il fallait y songer en glissant son bulletin dans l'urne. Je ne comprends pas cette cabale anti-Brigitte sur son style, son look, ses tenues.

Elle a fini par se suicider. Ils ont eu un fils, Nicolas, un an plus tard. C'est effrayant. Pourtant quelques uns font exception :"T. Mariani , R. Ainsi suis -je!!!! Pourquoi la Droite rejette toute alliance avec le F. Parce qu'elle juge que M. En , M. No limits? La France pour ma gamelle? La vague populiste qui traverse l'UE, venue des USA, sera-t-elle suffisante pour stopper ces destructeurs? J'ai des doutes Nilpferd merdkel. Smile and Sing. De quoi on ne sait trop.

Allez donc savoir! A dire tout et son contraire. Tiens FR! Au passage Wauquiez, essayant de culpabiliser la ligne dure des LR. Ce choix, de Yassine bellatar , est il une erreur , une maladresse ou une provocation? Un journaliste? Un individu capable de choquer Malika Sorel???? Bonjour Marie Lato. C'est parce qu'elle est revenue d'inde. Il y en a une dans le Poitou qui va glousser de jalousie! Mais le FN ne peut plus ou pas se permettre des alliances foireuses. Il refuse d'avoir des ennemis communs avec l'ex-FN et pourtant il en a; ce qui me fait penser que Wauquiez fait son Philippot ,son Hamon Le turbocapitalisme se fout des espingouins qu'ils viennent de Sodome ou Babylone.

Objection votre honneur! Il n'est pas question de s'accoquiner avec des traitres ou des collabos.

[L'entraînement des jeunes gymnastes chinoises]

Bonjour sartene. Chaque parti garde ses candidats et son programme propre. La loi asile-immigration est la plus grande fumisterie du moment. Une trahison. Les gesticulations de Collomb en Afrique ne sont que du pipeau. Combien en ? D'ailleurs elles n'existent pas! Merci d'avance. Ou que vous seriez un sous-marin de la gauche?

Vous comprenez, on ne peut pas rester dans le non-dit. Le citoyen du monde devenant un consommateur faisant fi de l'Histoire des civilisations construites ". Il faut lui adresser El Andalus de Serafin Fanjul. Quel c..! Celui qui ruina la nation. Je ne pense pas que Brigitte M. Elle n'est vraiment pas en position de faire difficile. Mais on peut raisonnablement supposer que lui il a le pouvoir absolu sur elle. Et elle, elle n'a aucun choix. Aucune Turquie n'agresse nulle part le territoire souverain syrien, en se livrant au nettoyage ethnique des Kurdes.

Quo vadis, Eurabia? Pourriez-vous nous donner le lien de cet article tessinois? A votre tour d'assumer. Marx adore la France. Cela fait 30 ans que la Droite rejette toute alliance avec le F. N, ne venait pas nous dire que ce sont les chances de victoire du FN qui influe son jugement Ce sont les grandes multinationales et les grandes banques. Tout le monde y trouvera son compte:les habitants de Mayotte puisqu'il n' y aura plus de raison qu'ils soient envahies. Et nous! Parce que franchement Mais, pour moi, aucune surprise.

Ils sont complices comme Bonnie Parker et Clyde Barrow Soyez pragmatique, on se fout des termes, nous sommes d'accord sur le but, c'est le principal. Votre ego, mettez le dans votre poche si vous voulez aider la France et son peuple. Mais cela ne suffira pas il faudra aller plus loin. Donc voter pour le LR serait contreproductif pour moi, c'est ma logique. Que l'on cesse d'utiliser le terme "centriste" pour qualifier ce gouvernement. Ce sont des socialistes pur jus. The background music is sublime. Did you recognise the Requiem Mass by Mozart? How appropriate! Ni Chirac, ni Sarkozy n'ont eu besoin d'alliance avec le F.

Les voix du F. Si vous avez raison, c'est encore pire que j'imaginais. C'est le moins qu'on puisse dire. Ou ne vaut-il pas mieux suspendre la raison? Inimaginable en France. La CMU n'existe plus. La lutte contre l'immigration c'est en France qu'on la perd. En France et pas ailleurs. Pas de stress,c'est Martin,fais du sport,mais abstiens toi de faire de la politique.

Oui et alors? En revanche doit on avoir du respect pour ceux qui profitent de sa gloire pour lui arracher des sentiments politiques? Lorsque vous voyez FN dans une intervention,c'est plus fort que vous,vous plongez pour sortir des c Vous avez absolument raison.

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Marine le Pen en est un bel exemple. Mais puisqu'on nous dit que l'immigration rapporte C'est faux. Qui enseigne la haine? La suite? Vous en avez de bonnes!! Leur devise : "avec toujours moins on fait toujours plus" Adieu alors vieux monde des humains, et en route vers l'inconnu Euthanasier les sans dents qui ne rapportent rien? Pas d'autre alternative pour lui qu'une alliance de toutes les droites Tous ensemble pour l'Europe, l'immigration "choisie" Absolument de votre avis! C'est le second cas de figure possible de ce genre de cohabitation impossible. Elle s'est crue en Arabie saoudite.

Ou venant d'un internaute ayant pour femme un sosie de Tati Danielle ou de l'adjointe de Philippot. Le Rn est en marche? Avec des gens comme vous? Il a raison. On n'entend parler que des les PEN! Il s'appelle Majid Rafizadeh. Il parle des Iraniens et de l'Iran. Les liens que vous donnez me laissent sans voix.

Il se peut qu'elle croie avoir de belles jambes. J'en ai connu quelques unes. Mais si tout cela a un fondement, on est avec ce couple dans le plein virtuel, en 3D, dans l'univers des lunettes roses? Mais oui nous pourrons en sortir Ce monsieur n'est pas iranien. Les autres sont en attente et certains en profitent pour faire des affaires. Cela n'a semble-t-il avoir aucune importance pour vous car vous avez avis sur tout. Parce qu'ils ne connaissent pas l'optimisation fiscale? Je crains que personne ne puisse faire quelque chose pour vous.

Le mal me semble profond. Soignez vous. La liste devient longue : gaminemacronientheobald. Par flagornerie? Je crois, comme vous l'a dit barakat,que vous ignorez tout, absolument tout des sujets que vous osez aborder avec un toupet qui vous ridiculise. Tant que nous les laissons faire ils feront ce qu'ils veulent de nous. Si l'oligarchie sent que le peuple gronde elle va soit le museler davantage soit s'adoucir. Si le peuple gronde vraiment il est probable qu'une partie s'en ira et que l'autre suivra le peuple autant que faire se peut. Ce fut le cas de la Yougoslavie de Tito ,dont l'UE gribouille a cru pouvoir faire autre chose.

On a vu et nous subissons encore.