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CNA Floor elevated burning cave radiant heating system. CNA Antistatic rubber floor. CNA Plastic material barb type lock floor. CNA Method for manufacturing composite floor with upper surface made of bamboo qualitative laminated wood slices. CNA Novel assembly device of floor heating module. CNB Cement-based decoration material, decoration plate and production method thereof. CAC Sub-flooring assembly and method.

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CAC Portable floor panel and portable floor system comprising a plurality of such panels. WOA3 Soundproofing and insulating panel unit and wall and floor structure using same. WOA3 Panel, covering composed of such panels, method for installing panels and method for manufacturing panels.

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EPA2 Sound insulation element and method for producing same. EPA1 Method for producing a pre-fabricated floor. EPA2 Covering consisting of elements that can be mechanically interconnected and method for producing elements.

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EPA1 Supporting profile and method for supporting and connecting a plank element. CNU Non-slip strip device. CNU Splice type solid wood floor for shower room.

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CNU Grid surface shower room solid wood notch floor. CNU Dense wood board used for floor boards. CNU Base material for mortising frame structure floor with stepped mortises. CNU Circular catenated slotted wood floor. CNU Wood floor with diamond connected crossed grooves. CNU Wood floor slotted in a curved intersection manner. CNU Wood floor slotted in linear crossed and staggered mode. CNU Solid wood floor capable of being used for geothermal environment. CNU Sound insulation floor. CNU Environment-friendly ceramic tile with massage function.

CNB Method of making multipurpose of aluminium foil air layer in building by aluminium-plated plate with supports. CNA Floor board rack and cabinet installing method for computer room. CNA Heating-core floor board and conductive heating board used for same.

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CNA Floor made of elastic braided fabric sheets. CNA Multifunctional solid-wood composite floor board and production method thereof. CNA Wood floor capable of adjusting installing height. CNA Manual multi-layer solid wood floor and production process thereof.

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CNA Wear-resisting anti-flaming poplar solid flooring and preparation method thereof. CNA Water cooling-heating rubber floor.

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  • CNA Floor panel and method for manufacturing a floor panel. CNA Method for producing self-adhesive floor tiles. CNA Production jig for self-adhering floor tiles and production method. CNA Floor tile and manufacturing method thereof.

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    CNA Resin floor material and process for constructing circular arc angle of floor on scene. Installation methods. Double Stick Installation Underlay is adhered to the sub-floor using a release type adhesive. Apply tackifier to sub-floor using a roller, tackifier trowel or brush and allow to dry. Apply carpet adhesive to the backing using a Durafit, or B2, notched trowel. Lay the carpet into the wet adhesive and smooth out any fullness or air bubbles with a Glider.

    Stretch fit installation Carpet is held in position using carpet gripper which is nailed to the subfloor. Fix gripper to the floor leaving a gap between the skirting and the gripper. Lay the underlay backing side up and secure the seams with tape. Rough cut the carpet into place Stretch over the grippers using a knee-kicker. Advantages Carpet can be up-lifted and replaced Gripper system does not require smooth clean Disadvantages Stretching a carpet weakens the backing Delamination can occur when secondary backed carpets are stretched over too soft an underlay Periodic restretching may be necessary in high traffic areas Fixing gripper is noisy and can damage subfloor.

    Any loose floorboards must be nailed down and any protruding nails hammered down.