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No other plugin type is legal for this clause. The preceding example declares a single plugin in the library descriptor, but it is possible to declare multiple plugins.

How to Install MySql Server 5.1

Here is another valid way to write the descriptor. It uses constant variables to indicate the plugin name, author, and description:. However, the following descriptor is invalid. Each plugin declaration in the library descriptor points to a type-specific descriptor for the corresponding plugin.

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The general plugin descriptor in the library descriptor names the initialization and deinitialization functions that the server should invoke when it loads and unloads the plugin. Because those functions do not actually do anything, you could omit them and specify 0 for each of them in the plugin declaration. Here too, because those functions do nothing, you could omit them and specify 0 for each of them in the plugin descriptor.

The parsing function's first argument is a pointer to a structure that contains the parsing context. This structure has a doc member that points to the text to be parsed, and a length member that indicates how long the text is. The simple parsing done by the plugin considers nonempty runs of whitespace characters to be words, so it identifies words like this:.

Set up the status variables, if there are any. This convention means that you can easily display the variables for a plugin using its name:.

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Compile the plugin library as a shared library and install it in the plugin directory. The procedure for compiling shared objects varies from system to system. If you build your library using the GNU autotools, libtool should be able to generate the correct compilation commands for your system. If the library is named mypluglib , you should end up with a shared object file that has a name something like libmypluglib. The file name might have a different extension on your system.

To use the autotools, you'll need to make a few changes to the configuration files at this point to enable the plugin to be compiled and installed. Edit Makefile. Edit it to look like this:. Set up the files needed for the configure command, invoke it, and run make :.

The --prefix option to configure indicates the MySQL base directory under which the plugin should be installed.

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To install the plugin library, use make :. Verify that make install installed the plugin library in the proper directory. After installing it, make sure that the library permissions allow it to be executed by the server.

A Review of MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development by Golubchik and Hutchings

Insert some text into the table and try some searches. These should verify that the parser plugin treats all nonwhitespace characters as word characters:.

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Add your own comment. Working professionally with the MySQL sources he had a chance to get to know and extend almost every part of the server code - from the SQL core to the utility functions. He was one of the primary architects of the Plugin API. He works and lives in Germany, near Cologne, with his lovely wife and two kids. MySQL 5. Andrew Hutchings , Sergei Golubchik. But until now anyone wishing to develop a plugin would almost certainly need to dig into the MySQL source code and search the Web for missing bits of the information.

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Written together with one of the Plugin API primary architects, it contains all the details you need to build a plugin. It shows what a plugin should contain and how to compile, install, and package it. Every chapter illustrates the material with thoroughly explained source code examples.