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Humanity busily pounding outwards while… Societies ebb with human tides. No time for poetry as life becomes tied, to fulfilling orders. But that was this morning, already lost in the afternoon press. Tomorrow: I will dance with her Knowing we will be eclipsed Our motions moving us on to get lost in earthly shadows, leaving me to walk alone: yet fulfilled.

But tomorrow will be nothing, for those chained to consuming the earth now. In open face greeting The moon coming down to the lily. The moon is very important in the history of Taoism as a teacher. In dancing with Luna a person can discover how to fulfill the nature of emptiness. Mild and moist were the months of spring; Cool and clear is the white season of autumn.

Now the dew congeals, no longer drifting mists. The sky is high, the landscape sharp and clear. Soaring peaks rise from yonder mountain range Seen from here, their lofty beauty is unsurpassed. Fragrant chrysanthemums deck the woods with splendor; The green pines stand in rows above the cliff.

I admire their beauteous grandeur, Elegant and lofty under the frost. Holding my wine cup, I toast to the mystics Who once roamed along the pines. Searching for the essence I have not yet acquired, Reluctantly I await the rising moon. This way and that way I tried to keep the pail of water together, Hoping the weak bamboo would never break.

Suddenly the bottom fell out. No more water No more moon in the water emptiness in my hand. Clouds appear bringing to men a chance to rest from looking at the moon.

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Spiritual Seekers often get lost in definitions. Trying to nail down something which often seemingly is undefinable. So how do I resolve this? I provide a simple starting definition. That simple statement all of a sudden serves as a starting point anyone can use to make a spiritual path accessible.

Moon Poems and Poetry

You start moving. Yet for all: movement of their life, of how to embrace the search to be whole. This is actually a spiritual journey. To open up such a path, it can be as simple as accepting. Now from here, you can build upon that in any fashion you find best. A Taoist follows their smile as a guide, leads with the heart, frames interaction with kindness. People are often afraid to become spiritual, to explore the spiritual aspects of their life. Any motion. A spiritual path is limitless. To not over-focus on anyone destination that has gotten your focus in any given moment.

A month ago I talked about the poetry of release that a spiritual path represents. But often, spiritual journeys require the process of release to create room for motion in life. This can lead to a mistake: seekers can dive too deeply too fast, releasing more than they bargained for in the process. At midlife transformation, you find several common threads.

The most common one is that many people discover spirituality. It makes sense since in midlife transformation people release much of their old selves. This journey goes beyond words, leaving behind the poetry of life itself. Return to Taoism Teachings. A full moon is like you and me, one half for you the other for me A full moon is like moon cheese, nom nom nom I love moon cheese. Monstrous ball of grey marble Oh you spin and spin around our planet On and on you go growing and shrinking between your phases No more of you until it falls nighttime my grey ball of marble.

Up high the moon smiles, glow sticks on its face, the crystal ball that predicts the future, of the day to come. Well I am so happy after such a happy weekend to celebrate my 60th birthday. NZ poets made an amazing birthday gift for me that you can see here. I cried! Every time I choose a new poem to read I cry! I am so moved by it all. There are even poems by two children. Do you want to review a NZ book any genre or a poetry book from anywhere in the world? Go here. I love reading poems about the moon and I love writing poems about the moon.

There is something about the moon that is altogether mysterious and marvellous. It can be such a thing of beauty hanging in the sky. So this week your challenge is to write a moon poem. It can be a poem about the moon or a poem in which the moon makes an appearance. Try different endings. I did a post about the moon in poems and challenged you to write some.

Poems of the Moon

Here are my two favourites. Both made a picture of a moon balloon in my head.

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Great job! It is a wonderful novel in verse all about writing poetry and a dog!

To the Moon

I might see if I can find another copy to give away one day. This morning I woke up really early and I thought the light was on outside but it was a big bright moon. I looked on the internet and I read that poets like to write poems about the moon. It was too cold to count. I remembered Becky, an ex Arrowtown-Primary-School student, has a terrific moon poem in the book. I called my last book of poems Macaroni Moon.

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I have such a soft spot for moon poems so how special to make these with you all. The moon poems were all spectacular but here are a few for you to enjoy. Like this: Like Loading A number of classes sent a bundle of moon poems. Albatross Moon The moon is a big albatross on the lookout. The moon is red as blood. The moon sets the sky on fire.

It is a beaming flashlight flickering through the night. It is a memory dragging me back to my Loved Ones. I think of Lola, Looking up at the same moon. Miles and miles away. Across the ocean.