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It's downright infe c tious, and his celebration of good vibes will leave you funking out in a big ol' way.

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It' s important to remember where you end and a partner begins. Even if you wanna be a hollaback girl. Scream the chorus, you won't regret it. Guess wh o wrote an entire album about how awesome and powerful it is to be a woman? And every track is empo werment gold. You don't need to be a teen to curl your lip and rock out to this teen rock classic. Be the cherry bomb you want to see in the world. Sometimes you've just got to fake it until you make it. This song, makes it a little bit easier.

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For years women have quietly put up with being cheated on and it's made us feel like trash. You don't have to be a Perry fan to like thi s one.


20 Happy Songs To Make You Smile — Best Feel-Good Songs

We can all relate with how important it is to break the mold and be ourselves. Feeling down? Put this in your ears the next time you're walking down a street. I defy you to feel anything other than totally powerful. Sometimes you just need to escape. Need to channel your inner queen?

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This is the track for you. Sometimes songs lift us up. If I know one thing, it's that we are each awesome individuals. Sometimes instead of despairing about the bad choices we make, we just need to revel in them. Nobody celebrates the beautiful mess of like quite like Art Brut. Your name may not be Keri, but that doe sn't mean you don't deserve to sing a song about your own hotness.

Take inspiration from this flirty romp. Nob ody grapples with the self in song the way Leonard Cohen did. Sometimes you can be so fortunate that you feel guilty for feeling less than confident. Even Ben Folds gets mad sometim es. You don't need a lot of green in your wallet to feel fresh as heck. Doubt me? You don't need to have a romantic partner to be complete.

Just look at Billy Idol! Or wait, listen to him. Y eah, that's it. This song is perfect because it's hopeful without ignoring the fact that things aren't always easy. Give me two even! Maybe seven? They should not be full of confidence. And they are. Sometimes to get out of a funk, you n eed to take a minute and remember just how powerful it is to be a woman. Don't ever let rumors, gossip, and spiteful small-minded people make you feel less than.

You know who was singing about empowerment and self-love long before it was popular? Listen and learn!

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Songs from many different genres celebrate individuality. Several good songs saying be yourself also tout the idea of embracing imperfections. What is your favorite song about being yourself? Vote up the best songs below! Born This Way Lady Gaga. Brave Sara Bareilles. Who You Are Jessie J. Be Yourself Audioslave. Come as You Are Nirvana.

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Follow Your Arrow Kacey Musgraves. Shake It Off Taylor Swift. The Middle Jimmy Eat World. My Way Frank Sinatra.