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Do they always end up in betrayal? Poetic story about conflicts between weal and evil, love and betrayal, senility and youth.

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It's a discussion on emotions, senses but also on values that constitute us as people. This is a story about what poisons us, spoils us, rots us inside but also about searching for an intimate, inner answer of how to prevent it This is a story about becoming someone else.

El desengaño en un sueño (Teatro) (Spanish Edition)

About the inability to see what is really meaningful. JULY How to support us Our sponsorships Friends of the Festival.

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Cast Joanna Osyda. I had to sleep in a car for 28 days, that is, I had a hard story. It was this experience that would mark his first years as an immigrant in the United States and that, at first, made him feel alone in the vicissitudes of the foreigner.

With the emergence of new media, this new play features video mapping as a scenography resource, a band of 10 musicians, a dance corps of 12 dancers and a casting of 13 actors of different nationalities. However, the focus of all those on the stage is "to empower and enhance what Latinos are in this country, and the power that we are acquiring every day in all areas.

The team is planning a tour to visit the main cities of the United States during the next months.

Ensayos ANASTASIA - "Lo soñé" (Madrid, 2018)

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