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This is an imaginative Afrofuturist horror story, a grisly, albeit tongue-in-cheek, urban monster tale that also lampoons the hollow racial and class-identity poseurs of the social media set. A creative collaboration between two indie comics stars, this new graphic novel directs its satirical barbs at both white and black hipsters and offers an inspired and comic literary response to the destructive impact of gentrification and racial displacement in blighted urban neighborhoods.

In New York, Lark hones her documentary filmmaking prowess and worries about Robin, who, despite going to Juilliard to study piano, continues to wander aimlessly, eventually leading their connection to sever. Each time Claret is painted, Blondel reveals more of his past.

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This irresistible novel flies by with gentle humor, but also poses complex questions about the meaning of art and sexuality. Once there, she forms a life-changing bond with two of her new siblings. Twelve six-year-old schoolchildren leave their parents for a weekend at camp with their teacher Frederic and two chaperones; readers know from the first page that none of them will return.

This wicked novel plumbs the darkest reaches of childhood fears and finds plenty to be afraid of. In the s, Elwood Curtis, a deeply principled, straight-A high school student from Tallahassee, Fla. Elwood finds that the staff is callous and corrupt, and the boys—especially the black boys—suffer from near-constant physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. This is a stunning novel of impeccable language and startling insight. Katherine, a noted mathematician who grew up believing herself the daughter of a white father and a Chinese mother, is stunned to learn the truth of her family history.

Chung persuasively blends myths and legends with the real-world stories of lesser-known woman mathematicians and of WWII on both the European and Asian fronts, making for a bold, poignant novel that illustrates how truth and beauty can reside even amid the messiest solutions. Gregory, a master of English historical fiction, moves from her typical milieu of royal courts to a portrait of a normal woman in the marshy landscape of the South of England.

In , Alinor, suspected of harboring dark secrets in a time of panic about witches, catches the attention of people in her village, leading her down a dangerous path. Three decades ago, I traveled to Siberia. I was hoping to sneak into the remote peninsula of Kamchatka but only made it as far as Irkutsk—but Phillips, in this beautifully written novel, takes me right there. Anna McDonald, a well-to-do Glasgow housewife, is obsessed with true crime podcasts. When one such podcast turns out to have a connection to her dark past, she and a former rock star wind up fleeing for their lives pursued by deadly enemies in this thriller from Edgar finalist Mina.

Her efforts to recreate them in time for a Paris show lead to trouble. When the teaching job that lures year-old Lily Bushwold from Boston to Bolivia falls through, she decides to venture into the Amazon jungle, where she finds dangerous animals, unfriendly natives, and worse. Armchair travelers seeking vicarious thrills will find lots to like. Big Brother meets Big Business in this near-future thriller. Paxton works for the Cloud, a giant tech company that has taken over much of the U.

Meanwhile, Zinnia goes undercover as an ordinary worker in the Cloud to learn its deepest secrets—and Paxton may just wind up an unwitting pawn in her game. A widower and his young son move to a small town where, 20 years earlier, a serial killer murdered five residents before he was caught. Moreno-Garcia crafts a magical novel of duality, tradition, and change, set in the late s as Mexico transitions from its post-Revolution period to the Jazz Age.

McGuire puts a genuinely innovative spin on the magical child horror novel in this mesmerizing story. James Reed is devoted to creating human incarnations of pure language and pure math, which will give him power over reality and time.

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Roger and Dodger, one of his pairs of avatars, begin exploring their telepathic connection and other powers— with terrifying results. Gomillion debuts with a gut-punch Afrofuturist novel that examines the incalculable damage systemic racism wreaks on individuals and societies, and the many forms liberation can take. This is an intellectually rich, emotional, and ruthlessly honest confrontation of racism. In this exquisitely crafted tale already being developed for television , two special agents from competing factions forge an unexpected relationship through messages left behind as they wage a secret war across space and time.

As taunts and challenges gradually give way to endearments and secrets, the two women must determine their true roles in the unending time war. This tapestry stretching across millennia is anchored with raw emotion and a genuine sense of wonder. This blockbuster apocalyptic novel confronts some of the darkest and most divisive aspects of present-day America with urgency, humanity, and hope.

Meanwhile, a supercomputer with an unclear agenda assigns a disgraced epidemiologist to treat a pandemic. Family loyalty is a recurring theme as Ayesha overcomes her prejudice against conservative Khalid and he learns to accommodate different viewpoints. With humor and abundant cultural references—both manifest in the all-seeing, all-criticizing aunty brigade—Jalaluddin cleverly illustrates the social pressures facing young Indian-Muslim adults. A switch to trilogies gave even more negative reviews, before low sales forced the series to be cancelled in Beginning in , Papercutz began issuing a new series of Nancy Drew graphic novels as an offshoot of the Girl Detective series.

The manga-style illustrations and technical allusions Nancy's hybrid car, George's tablet PC give Nancy and her friends a 21st-century spin. These new novels center around a River Heights that has become obsessed with vampire books. However, the series was cancelled not long after. In , the series began being re-released as an offshoot of the Nancy Drew Diaries series, with two volumes per issue. Starting in , Aladdin Paperbacks published a new series to replace the Nancy Drew Notebooks series for younger readers; it exists in the same universe as the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series.

This series ended in to be replaced by the Nancy Drew Clue Book series.

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Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew features Nancy Drew, George Fayne, and Bess Marvin as eight-year-olds in the third grade at River Heights Elementary School, and solving kid sized mysteries, from finding a stolen ice cream formula entry to the culprit who cut the cake before the bride. This series also sets George's mother working her own catering company, and reveals George's real name to be Georgia. The stories are told in first person, alternating chapters, between Frank's, Joe's, and Nancy's perspective.

The first title in the series acts as an introduction between the characters in their new universes. This series published one title per year until the end of the Girl Detective and Undercover Brothers series in This series, that began in , is a reboot of the Nancy Drew: Girl Detective series.

The series continues to follow Nancy and her friends' cases, with first-person narration by Nancy. The series was created to move away from the trilogy format of Girl Detective besides for the first two books, all titles are now individual mysteries , make books longer than its predecessor, and have a cover artist.

The new series also attempted to fix some of the more criticized aspects of Girl Detective , with arguable success. This is the first series to be available in three different formats; paperback, hardcover with dust jacket , and eBooks. When the series was first launched, three new titles were expected to come out per year with the exception of and , which produced four new titles , but was later reduced to two titles per year in The first four titles had an initial printing of 25, copies in paperback and 2, copies in hardcover; books five through seven had an initial print run of 25, in paperback and 5, in hardcover; and books eight through eleven had an initial print run of 10, in paperback and 5, in hardcover.

Though Simon and Schuster does not release sales information for these properties, on-line sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble indicate their sales are lack-luster to poor. Books were released in a box set in November , and a boxed set of the first ten books was released in August In addition, the first three titles were packaged in a single book in June Also available are unabridged audio books for CD or downloads, read by Jorjeana Marie.

This is an interactive series, as readers may write down their clues and predictions. A page before the final chapter has questions the reader can answer regarding suspects, clues, and solutions. The first two titles were published July 7, , in paperback, hardcover, and eBook editions written by Carolyn Keene with covers and internal illustrations by Peter Francis.

The first three titles have had an initial print run of 35, in paperback and 5, in hardcover. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Main article: Nancy Drew Notebooks. Main article: Nancy Drew Files.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Secret of the Old Clock. The Hidden Staircase. The Bungalow Mystery. The Mystery at Lilac Inn. The Secret Of Shadow Ranch. The Secret of Red Gate Farm. The Clue in the Diary. Nancy's Mysterious Letter. The Sign of the Twisted Candles.

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The Password to Larkspur Lane. The Clue of the Broken Locket. The Message in the Hollow Oak. The Mystery of the Ivory Charm. The Whispering Statue. The Clue of the Tapping Heels. The Mystery of the Brass-Bound Trunk. The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion. The Quest of the Missing Map. The Clue in the Jewel Box. The Secret in the Old Attic. The Clue in the Crumbling Wall. The Mystery of the Tolling Bell. The Clue in the Old Album. The Ghost of Blackwood Hall.

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The Clue of the Leaning Chimney. The Secret of the Wooden Lady. The Clue of the Black Keys. The Mystery at the Ski Jump. Nishi, tells her the statue's name is Baron Humbert von Jikkingen. He also shows her a recently restored grandfather clock, that tells a tale of the King of the Dwarves and a Fairy Queen. Shizuku is in awe, considering the shop a place where stories begin.

Shizuku notices that it is noon and rushes off to take lunch to her father, but forgets the lunchbox in the shop. Just outside the library, the boy she had met the previous day returns the lunchbox. He comments on how much food is in the box and rides away, singing her song, leaving Shizuku in another foul mood.

Later, Shizuku goes to visit the antique shop again and finds it closed. The boy shows up and lets her in to see The Baron. Downstairs, she sees his workshop, where he is making a violin. She asks him to play, and he complies on the condition that she will sing along. Midway through the song, Mr. Nishi and two friends arrive and play an accompaniment, and Shizuku learns that the boy is in fact Seiji Amasawa, the same person who had checked out all the library books. On the way home, he tells her his dream is to become a master Luthier.

He is fighting with his parents for the chance to go to Cremona , Italy to study with a master. He compliments her on her lyrics and tells her she is talented. The next morning at school, Seiji tells Shizuku his parents will allow him to go to Cremona for two months to study with a master to see if he shows potential. The two confess that they have feelings for each other, and Seiji admits that he checked out all those library books hoping it would get her attention.

That evening, Shizuku tells Yuko she worries she is not good enough for Seiji, since he seems to know what he wants to do in life. She decides to test her talent, too; she will write a book to see if her skills are good enough. She asks Mr. Nishi's permission to write about The Baron in her story. He agrees, provided he is allowed to be the first to read it.

Shizuku begins to devote all her time to working on her book, and her grades start to slip. Her parents are concerned but decide to trust her. When it is finished, Mr. Nishi reads it and tells her it is very good but not yet perfect. Shizuku decides that attending high school is the best way to learn more about writing. Early the next morning, Shizuku looks out her window and sees Seiji below.

He tells her to get on the back of his bike, and they ride to a steep hill, which he says he wants to ride up carrying her. But she hops off to help push, saying she wants to help him, not be a burden to him.