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But children of narcissists are rarely in a position to demand that their parents seek help. In fact, they may not even realize that their parents were narcissists until they seek professional help for their own struggles, said Behary, who specializes in treating people with NPD and their "survivors. In the points below, both she and psychologist Craig Malkin, author of the book Rethinking Narcissism: The Bad — And Surprising Good — About Feeling Special , break down the signs of a narcissistic parent, and what adult children should do to break the cycle of destructive decisions.

A narcissistic parent will trample all over their family to address their own desires without giving much thought to what anyone else needs. Because of this, some adult children of narcissists will actually overcorrect and bend over backwards to make sure no one could ever possibly perceive them this way. What you can do: Learn as much about narcissism as you can, in order to be able to identify the dysfunctional messages you grew up with and start working against them.

Not everyone overcorrects in reaction to seeing narcissism. Some children see that the only way to avoid ridicule and abuse is to be like the narcissistic parent, and over the years, this survival tactic turns into the way they genuinely see the world. Narcissists have trouble with personal boundaries and view other people as extensions of themselves. They get the most attention, praise and support, but are also under the most pressure to perform. They may also be blamed as the reason that a narcissistic parent is forced to act in an abusive way.

If you were the chosen child, you might resent your sibling for the fact that they were under a lot less pressure than you. But if you were the scapegoat, you might resent your sibling for soaking up all the praise and glory and leaving none for you. Scapegoating accomplishes much the same thing.

You never have to worry about expecting too much and being disappointed because none of us really expect anything from people we view as worthless. Not all narcissists command the spotlight with their bold, brash personalities.

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People with this kind of narcissistic parent may feel that they spend their entire childhood running to put one fire out after another, or trying to maintain the peace so that no one is hurt. There's not a lot of motivation for some of the things that happen, and the ending is too abrupt. I would have liked more closure.

Overall, though, it's definitely an interesting read, and worth the short time it takes to get through it. May 04, Lori marked it as to-read Shelves: teen. Webb sets out on a mysterious mission to the Northwest Territories, sent by his recently deceased grandfather as part of the will. Carrying only a few supplies, and his trusty guitar, he soon realizes that people are as unpredictable and dangerous as the wildlife around him. May 22, Mary Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: canclass , seattle. It is part of Seven - the series by different Canadian YA authors writing about the various tasks that a beloved grandfather leaves to his grandsons to accomplish.

Mar 24, wvreads rated it liked it. A great contribution to the Seven series with realistic characters and a captivating plot. Feb 28, Maximilian rated it really liked it. It was a nice book the part where Webb gets a call saying his step-dad is gone it felt like justice. After reading about what his step father has done terrible things to him. May 07, Raymond Gao rated it liked it. It is very funny how brent destroyed his own car in a fight with webb.

Mar 06, Marie Stark rated it it was amazing. Amazing, sad, and moving, everything a good book needs. Mar 13, Esraa G. I just finished reading 'Devil's Pass'. This book was truly amazing. Very well written, it never left me bored taking twists and ending the chapter at very well designed cliff hangers. The book featured flash backs and a lot of foreshadowing.

This kept me interested and very engaged in the book. I had to keep reading, barely pausing just to take my breath. Being one of the 'Seven Series' it made me crave reading all the other six books that were left. Once I read this book it made me understand how the whole 'Seven Series' relied on every single book.

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Even though each book is a stand alone, you understand pretty well that each of those books has a strong connection to the other. That is why I am dying to get my hands on the other six. Brouwer did not fail to bring feeling to his writing. When I was reading, it was as if I were beside the main character, Experiencing everything that the main character or really any character was going through. This book is packed with action, adventure, and mystery.

Full of great writing and meaningful morals that both the main character Webb and the readers will learn. In a thrilling hike you shall take along with Webb to unravel one big secret. Along you will learn many great things and witness many decisions both good and bad that change Webb's life as well as morals that you could apply to your life too. Very strong writing and powerful words, this book is both enjoyable and relevant.

That is why I have given 'Devil's Pass' a five star rating. Truly an amazing book. I would recommend this book to anybody who loves mystery and the feeling of anticipation when they are waiting to unravel a very big secret. Also recommended to those who love action and who have a passion for music and the wild. This book will not dissatisfy you. May 17, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: young-adult , mystery , adventure , family-story. When David McLean dies, he leaves mysterious tasks for each of his seven grandsons.

Webb has not had an easy life, having suffered an abusive stepfather and spent a year homeless on his own, with his guitar his only refuge. His trip to the Territories is no easier, as immediately upon landing, his chivalrous attempt to save a young woman from an abusive boyfriend ends with Web When David McLean dies, he leaves mysterious tasks for each of his seven grandsons.

His trip to the Territories is no easier, as immediately upon landing, his chivalrous attempt to save a young woman from an abusive boyfriend ends with Webb in jail, and the abusive boyfriend determined on fatal vengeance. Webb is determined to finish his task, however, no matter what obstacles are placed in his path, from murderous bullies to murderous grizzlies, to the monster of his own rage.

But I thought the action was well spaced with the more descriptive passages, and I enjoyed the descriptions of the wilderness and the small towns. I thought all the settings were well done.

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Webb was a really interesting character; much more so than his cousin DJ, and this story was correspondingly more complex and less didactic. Learning to control the monster within is a more compelling message than stop being so arrogant, and is a poignant message for all kids who have suffered as Webb did.

Oct 15, Me rated it it was amazing Shelves: forest-of-reading , my-summer-reading. I loved this book. But I really loved this book. I'm slowly making my way through the Seven series, and I'm really glad that I read this one. Mostly I love this book for the character of Webb. The plot of the pass isn't bad, I don't mind it at all. I really like how the task is very Webb-specific, and how it fits perfectly with Webb's character. I loved getting an explanation of more of the will scene, I was definitely I loved this book. I loved getting an explanation of more of the will scene, I was definitely looking for that.

I also love the way that the backstory all fit together. Although I was a little iffy about the cuts between then and now, I think that if it was more comprehensive it wouldn't have been Webb. I can't see Webb just telling us everything that has happened in his life. Nor can I see him just telling us flat out what happened. Slowly we learned what happened to Webb, in both timelines, and I liked the way that worked out. The actual plot wasn't as important to me.

We weren't as focused on the climbing and all that, or the results of the journey. But the interactions with the people who have talked to Webb throughout the journey were so important. I also felt that a lot of things didn't have to be said. With the connections of the two timelines, a lot of stuff could just be carried, and it was all put together really well. To be continued Mar 08, Shonna Froebel rated it really liked it Shelves: canadian , teen-fiction.

Another book in Seven: the Series. This one features Jim Webb, who goes by Webb. Jim is seventeen and has been living on his own a few months. Jim's dad died when he was ten and a few months later Jim's mom remarried his stepfather Elliott Skinner. Jim's life changed radically after that as he learned to live the life he was expected to, rather than the one he really wanted to live. Jim task is given to him in steps. As he completes each leg of his journey he learns more about his grandfather, hi Another book in Seven: the Series.

As he completes each leg of his journey he learns more about his grandfather, himself, and the nature of monsters. Despite Jim's efforts at hiding what was going on in his life, his grandfather knew there was something wrong and looked for the causes. Jim learned to be tough and street smart, to be alert to danger and prepare himself for most situations. Jim's love of music grew within him despite his circumstances, and helped him to deal with what life threw at him. He developed a strong sense of injustice and doing what was right and David, his grandfather knew that.

That is what led him to choose this particular task for Jim. Jim travels from Toronto, to the Northwest Territories, and beyond to find the answer to the question David has tasked him with. And, in doing so, perhaps finds a way to go home again. This is a story about secrets, and about the different forms that monsters take in our lives, and about finding the truth behind the stories. A very interesting task for a very interesting character. View all 5 comments.

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Nov 08, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , family-relationships , canada , adventure , survival , j-fiction , alaska , journeys , travel , violence. He was about to embark on a cross-country journey to the Northwest Territory on a mission for his grandfather. Two weeks ago, his beloved grandfather passed away. At the funeral, the lawyer showed the family a video that grandfather had filmed when he knew he was dying. Each of his 7 grandsons were sent on a mission, fully funded, by grandfather.

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Webb's journey would take him to Devil's Pass in Alaska. It was a long trip and along the way, Webb had plenty of time to think about his life thus far, his relationship with his family and would learn more about his grandfather's past. He also learned that the most dangerous animal on earth isn't a grizzly bear Devil's Pass is one of seven books written by seven different authors all of which were released simultaneously in Oct.

Each book follows one of David McLean's teenaged grandsons as they embark on missions all over the world, sent by their grandfather. The authors are well-known, recognized children's or YA book authors. Devil's Pass, written by Sigmund Brouwer, is exciting, with plenty of danger and adventure experienced by the teenage protagonist.

The books will appeal especially to boys in grades Jan 13, Lisa Su rated it liked it Shelves: feb Webb's stepfather is an abusive man, leading him to live on the streets; working as a dishwasher. His grandfather gave him a task before he died with all the things he needs to complete it including money. He sets off to Canol Trail in the north of Canada and discovers shocking secrets. He learned many great stuff but most importantly, he learned "That which does not kill us makes us stronger. I picked this book up mainly because it was a Red Maple book.

The book was probably not near the climax A. The reason I finished this book was because I told myself that I would finish it even though it was bad because I knew there was something about this book! It would make me feel excited at one point, then make me feel bored. I'm glad I did finish this book though! I love the ending the most because I felt really happy because Webb finally talked with his mom again.

I would recommend this book to Sandy. I don't really know her really well but I think she's the type who likes adventure and mystery. Dec 12, Tyler Jing rated it liked it Shelves: teen-fiction , Webb, like his other 6 cousins, has a unique task to complete for his passed grandfather.

He must hike the Canol Trail and the Devil's Pass in the Northwest Territories but is proven much scarier when he faces a ferocious grizzly and a giant man who seeks revenge against Webb, revenge using murder. He also faces the painful memories collapsed family,the memories of his extremely abusive stepfather, the death of his father and his now terrified and lonely mother. I picked the book up because of th Webb, like his other 6 cousins, has a unique task to complete for his passed grandfather. I picked the book up because of the ideas of the suspense that would be in the story.

Because the Northwest Territories has extremely harsh weather and wildlife, I thought it was a good, adventurous book. I continued all the way to the end because I thought it was very interesting to read all the situations he was going through and the clever things that his grandfather did in the past with the letters, addresses, names and clues, where they all piece together like a puzzle. The author uses a good strategy where he stops where most of the exciting things would happen and suddenly jumps back into the past or present , forcing you to continue. The last sentence of the book made me smile, unlike other books, where I thought the endings were a little strange.

I recommend this book to Alexa because I think she would like the adventure of the wild. Oct 07, Julie rated it really liked it. A happy surprise! Well, not the story itself, but the fact that I was kind of thinking Devil's Pass might end up being poorly written, with flat characters and a re-hashed, formulaic story. In fact, it was none of these things. Devil's Pass is one of the books in "The Seven Series", which is based around seven grandson's who are given individual and unique tasks and rewards as provisioned in their grandfather's will. He was a year-old in It was the Germans.

Many Lithuanians were moving into the new free houses. He was too good for that. As Aunt Aldona pieced together the events for the first time, putting them side by side the way I had during my trip, she shook her head and cried. Maybe he had no choice.

He had to maintain order. The headquarters had been the Nazi command center. The house also stood next to the synagogue, where Jews were sequestered before they were marched into the woods and shot. Is this why my grandmother asked me not to write the book? Back in Chicago, feeling a mix of rage and anxiety, I continued to work on the book during summers. Two months ago, my project led me to Grant Gochin, a Jewish man of Lithuanian descent now living in California, who has spent decades investigating his own family history.

He learned about his cousin Sonia Beder, a Holocaust survivor who testified that armed Lithuanians prevented 6, Jews in her village from escaping to the Soviet Union three days before the Germans arrived. Sonia saw eighth-grade boys from the local school being recruited to help shoot these Jewish victims.

Sonia managed to escape from certain death. She survived a ghetto that had been created under orders from my grandfather, and later, she survived Dachau.

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Gochin has identified more than relatives killed in the Lithuanian Holocaust. We decided to join forces. While I had been focused exclusively on my grandfather over the past two decades, Gochin had launched a movement in Lithuania to expose multiple men lauded as heroes by the Genocide Museum who played a role in the Holocaust.

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Despite wide media coverage and a petition signed by 19 prominent Lithuanian politicians, writers, and historians, the government refused to remove the plaque. In the face of tremendous resistance by the Lithuanian government, the effort to convince it to acknowledge its role in the Holocaust will be long and hard.

The souls of , Jews buried in Lithuanian soil demand such a reckoning. Buy Now, Pay Later. Already a Subscriber? Log In Here. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? Log Out. Related Pentagon: Nothing to see in Afghanistan. Trump pardons soldier for war crime.